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Metrobank ATM Maximum Withdrawal Limit

Using your Metrobank ATM Card, there are times that you want to withdraw more than P50,000 in a Metrobank ATM machine. But Metrobank limits the transaction of every withdrawal. Here's the maximum amount of money you can withdraw in a Metrobank ATM machine:
  • Maximum Withdrawal in Every Transaction: P10,000
  • Maximum Withdrawal Per Day: P30,000
So, you can't withdraw over P30,000 in a day. Withdrawal in Metrobank ATM's is free of charge.
Metrobank ATM Maximum Withdrawal Limit
A typical Metrobank ATM Card
Why does Metrobank limit the ATM maximum withdrawal? This is for security reasons. For example, in case your ATM card has been stolen or lost and the one who carried or stole your ATM card knows the ATM PIN and withdraws in the ATM, his withdrawal will be limited and that prevents your money (a lot of money) on greater risks. You will have a chance and time to report to the bank and block your ATM account, thus saving the rest of your money on your ATM account.
Are you satisfied with Metrobank's P30,000 per day withdrawal limit? Or do you want Metrobank to extend to more than P30,000 withdrawal limit?

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Macy   (21 April 2018 5:30 PM)

Share ko lang. sa BDO kasi pwede mag withdraw beyond daily max limit. Itawag lang sa hotline ng bank. Baka pwede din sa Metrobank. I havent tried it tho.

asha   (10 November 2017 1:34 AM)

wag nyong husgahan si Tom, may pera siya.
may point din kasi minsan may mga transactions na more than 30,000.
hassle na mag withdraw pa kung madalian.
i understand na para macontrol ang spending and to protect the user.
i just wish may option to increase that limit for people na mataas ang spending.

Kemerut   (01 June 2017 11:48 AM)

I completely agree that Tom is such a braggart!

Mike   (05 December 2016 5:11 PM)

yabang naman ni Tom! ikaw na ang madaming pera kasi ang lousy ng 30,000 sayo.

Joel Durias   (26 October 2016 2:38 AM)

Hi Good Day!

My Account type is PHP ET savings OFW, can i use my ATM card to purchase in any department store? and how much is the limit of withdrawal per day?

Thank You,

Tom   (12 February 2016 3:54 AM)

There should be no limit. Or something around 500,000 pisly pesos
What are you going to do with a lousy 30,000 ?
And anyone who is stupid enough to lose his card AND his pin shouldn't have any money anyway

Carpio, Rietschle O.   (13 January 2016 11:31 AM)

Hi. I'd just like to ask what if I've already withdrawn 30k and can I still use my debit card directly on mall transactions?

Teofisto Aguilar   (23 October 2015 5:59 AM)

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw per transaction from Metrobank ATMs?

Loredelle   (14 September 2015 10:31 AM)

Good day!

I'd like to make an inquiry. What if, for some instance, I lost my ATM card. Can I withdraw my money using MetroBank Direct only?

Thank you!

Ronah   (12 September 2015 4:15 AM)

I withdraw almost 270,000pesos for this month for thet payment of my visa via managers check and now they have blocked my atm and I can't widraw anymore. I don't know why and they don't know why.-_-
How much would be the maximum widrawal per month?

Camille garing   (24 May 2015 7:26 AM)

I wanted to ask how can i widraw more than 30k because i need the cash of 100k or more ...
Do i have to go to metrobank and get the cash in the bank?

Jena Monge   (09 December 2014 9:14 AM)

Extend up to 50,000 please.

ademar pescos jr   (11 October 2013 1:13 PM)

how can I withdraw the maximum or all amount money in my ATM

admin   (24 April 2015 1:00 PM)

ademar pescos jr., you can withdraw all the money over-the-counter.