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BPI ATM Maximum Withdrawal Limit

Basically, banks limit the daily atm withdrawal of their customers. The reason is for security against fraud, robbery or to avoid financial catastrophe. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) on the other hand also limits the daily ATM withdrawal capacity of each client. So, if you're a BPI accountholder, you must know the maximum ATM withdrawal limit per day of BPI in order to avoid inconvenience.

There are times when you need to withdraw more than Php 40,000 from a BPI atm (machine) in a day. But you cannot do so because BPI limits the ATM withdrawal per day. How much is the maximum withdrawal limit per day in BPI ATM?

BPI atm withdrawal limit

According to BPI, you can only withdraw using your BPI ATM card (e.g. Express Teller) up to Php 20,000 per day.

So, you cannot withdraw above Php 20,000. But you can request to increase this limit if you want to. Let's say, increase it to Php 50,000. Just ask your branch of account. There is a certain deposit requirement in order to be allowed to increase your withdrawal limit.

If you want to withdraw more than Php 20,000, you must go over-the-counter.

Withdrawal in a BPI atm machine is free of charge. You can shop up to Php 100,000 using your BPI Express Teller ATM to Express Net, Bancnet and Megalink affiliated establishments.

Like any other banks, BPI implements withdrawal daily limit to minimize the risk of fraudulent atm transactions.

  • Be aware of the charges if you withdraw all the money from your BPI atm account. You will be charged with below maintaining balance fee if your balance will fall below the required maintaining balance.
  • Apply for BPI's online banking service for easy monitoring of your BPI accounts.

If you are a BPI accountholder, do you find it too small for Php 20,000 as daily atm withdrawal limit? Do you want BPI to increase its withdrawal limit of their ATM transaction?

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Total comments : 6
Chauvie   (12 October 2017 8:07 PM)
Hi! If i already withdraw 20,000php today, what time tomorrow can i withdraw the other 20,000php?

Kelly Brown   (26 April 2017 11:36 PM)
The claim of any Philippine bank about having a P10,000 per transaction is due to security issues to prevent fraudulent transactions is BOGUS. The sole purpose is to impose transaction fees to non BPI account ATM users repeatedly. P200 per P10,00 transaction. I.e. sanctioned extortion by the Central Bank of the Philippines.

Ayeesha Eregero   (09 February 2017 9:33 PM)
I wish for check encashment.There is no check technicalities, but the teller return it, what are the possible reasons?

Roquelito Mancao   (15 August 2016 2:20 PM)
Hello, Just want to ask, if I have withdrawn over the counter of 30,000 for instance, Could I still withdraw money from the ATM on the same day? How much is the limit if I can withdraw? Thanks.

admin   (16 August 2016 2:49 PM)
Roquelito Mancao, yes you can withdraw over Php 30,000 over-the-counter. And you can still withdraw from the ATM (up to Php 30,000) in one day. ATM withdrawal and over-the-counter withdrawal are different. Php 30,000-limit on ATM (machine) withdrawal is for the accountholder's protection for unauthorized access.

Quirino Tacata Jr.   (08 July 2015 8:57 AM)
can you raise my atm withdrawal limit?i need to withdraw more than 20,000php because of personal reason thank you