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What to do for Lost/Forgotten BPI ATM PIN number?

If case you forget or lost your BPI ATM card PIN number, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) advises you that you need to request for a replacement of your card. You cannot recover your ATM card PIN. BPI also doesn't implement ATM Card PIN recovery for security reasons and to maintain the confidentiality of the account. You may request for ATM card replacement thru any of the following options:
1. By logging on to BPI website ( http://www.bpiexpressonline.com/ )with your nominated User ID and password and following these steps:
  • Go to Other Services > ATM Card Services > Replacement
  • Fill-out the required fields
  • Hit the Submit button
2. By visiting the nearest BPI/BPI Family Bank Branch. Bring at least two (2) valid id's.

3. By calling BPI 24-hour Phonebanking Service:
  • 89-100 for Metro Manila
  • Access Code + 63 + 2 + 89-10000 for mobile phone users or international calls. Applicable fees or charges imposed by the service provider are for the caller's account. Once you are connected, just dial "0" twice then, 1 for "Express Teller". Your call will be transferred to a Phonebanker who will assist you after positive identification has been conducted.
If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to send post them in the comment below.

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charine   (12 June 2018 8:58 AM)
pleased help.i forgot my atm pin #..what should i do?

ceferino guerrero geografo   (14 May 2018 9:51 AM)
please help i forgot my mobile number account in bpi banko

Denise   (28 January 2018 10:06 PM)
i forgot my pin number

Denise   (28 January 2018 10:05 PM)
i forgot may atm pin

Hidy D. Purisima   (08 January 2017 8:19 AM)
I forgot my pin number..

Hidy D. Purisima   (08 January 2017 8:16 AM)
How to overcome forgot pin code

Rey A. Lubaton   (26 December 2016 1:01 AM)
I forgot my pin number and would like to request for a new one. I haven't used my ATM card for a long time. Thank you.

Tristan Jay R. Catapusan   (12 December 2016 11:46 AM)
i forgot my pin

dexter carmona   (30 November 2016 2:55 PM)
i forgot my pin number please reset and inform me a new pin no.

Kris Ann Tortosa   (11 October 2016 7:16 PM)
Hi, I forgot my BPI atm pin no. what shout i do?is there are way to reset my pin?

Judy Ann Pangantihon   (24 August 2016 10:06 PM)
Hello, I forgot my BPI atm pin no. and it says that I need to replace my atm card so my question is do I need to pay for replacing my bpi atm card? thank you.

Mariette R. Abaygar   (10 June 2016 1:20 PM)
I forgot my password pin of my card... please help me with this

jhon a polaguir   (26 April 2016 3:41 PM)
i forget my bpi pin code

Bryle Mosquera   (27 March 2016 7:13 AM)
I forgot my pin # of my ATM Card.. what are the steps to retrieve it?

marie ann silastre   (29 September 2015 2:26 PM)
i used wrong pin code to my bpi atm card what can i do

marie ann silastre   (29 September 2015 2:24 PM)
i insert the wrong pincode on my bpi atm card what can i do

christianne   (29 July 2015 11:54 AM)
good day! i would like to ask' on what to do with my ATM card since i forget my password and the ATM card i'm using is my sister's she is not here in the country she lives in TEXAS is there any possible way i can REQUEST FOR A REPLACEMENT of my card??/Do i need an authority letter and a photo copy of my sisters valid id???

Hoping for your immediate response..

Thank you very much

maricris serrano   (18 July 2015 3:37 PM)
Hi.. I opended ATM account last year and I forget my pin number.how can I retrieve without change my account number?

Rowena Sacopla   (25 May 2015 11:58 AM)
I open an atm easy saver account for my son. I would like to use it again to save money for his future but we already forgot his pin, what will i do? Is it possible to deposit money in different branch? Please tell me what to do? Kindly send your message thru my email. Thank you.

rocelle asia   (25 April 2015 7:12 PM)
Im trying to call your bpi hotline. It's always busy..

rocelle asia   (25 April 2015 7:11 PM)
I pinned my number wrong. Is it possible to retrieve it within this day?

kia   (19 April 2015 6:09 PM)
Good Day! I forgot my pin. Could BPI replace it? I did not use my card for how many months.

dyanilan   (27 May 2014 4:05 PM)
I think something wasn't mentioned here. Is there any replacement fee?

Darence Joy Mateo   (05 May 2014 11:36 AM)
Good day! my problem is I forgot my pin number for my atm easy saver. I want to continue my account however, I cant go to bpi outlet personally to ask for replacement because im out of the country. is there anyway that you can help me with this matter. pleas email me on my email address. thank you