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What to do if you lost/forgot your LandBank ATM PIN (number)?

Due to your busy lifestyle, you may forgot or lost the PIN (number) of your Landbank ATM card. That's why you cannot transact to any LandBank ATM (machines) anymore. So, you want to retrieve or recover your ATM PIN. What to do?
What to do if you forgot or lost your LandBank ATM Pin

You must go to your depository branch or to the Landbank branch where you opened the ATM account and request for a new PIN.

As stated in the LandBank's Terms and Conditions for ATM Card:

In case I/we forget my/our PIN, I/we may request for a replacement from the LandBank branch where my/our Account is maintained. If, however, I/we believe that my/our PIN has been compromised, I/we should immediately report to the LandBank branch where my/our Account is maintained for further investigation and change my/our PIN at once.

Any requirements to bring?

Don't forget to bring at least two (2) valid id's and the account number of your ATM card. The id's will be used for identity verification of the owner.

Can I retrieve my ATM PIN online? Or thru LandBank iAccess Online Banking?

As of this writing, you cannot retrieve or recover your ATM PIN through online.
Have you forgotten or lost your Landbank ATM PIN?

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ma carmela d balein   (02 May 2021 9:27 AM) [Entry]

i forgot my PIN number atm card landbank
Michelle S. De Guzman   (29 April 2021 7:17 PM) [Entry]

There was an error on my pin . It was blocked
Leila Fontanilla   (17 April 2021 10:29 AM) [Entry]

I forgot my pin number on my Land Bank ATM, please help me what should I do
Herwin Pandes   (23 March 2021 9:50 AM) [Entry]

Im not recall my pin
Nikka Mae Aldaya   (05 April 2020 11:30 AM) [Entry]

I forgot my pin :((
Mayjen baucas   (11 August 2019 4:47 PM) [Entry]

I forgot my pin and my account was locked. Can I go to ANY Landbank branch to retrieve my pin?.

SHERLITA TATOY   (21 September 2018 1:26 PM) [Entry]

pls help me i forgot out PIN..
Joel p macasaet   (20 September 2018 2:11 PM) [Entry]

I forgot my atm pin password visa debit card. What should I do I’m here at Bahrain right now, I left my atm on my wife. Please help me asap.
ronel deguzman   (12 July 2018 12:20 PM) [Entry]

i forgot my pin in ATM cash card landbank what should i do?
Edwin   (21 June 2018 11:10 AM) [Entry]

i forgot my pin in ATM landbank what should i do?
Catherine   (11 April 2018 9:20 PM) [Entry]

Good evening.
Can I request force pin to any land bank branches?
Thank you.
Hope you understand because i need it as soon as possible.Even if i already change my pin I cannot transact in atm machine.

Your client
Catherine M.Calibara
Paul prendon   (26 March 2018 6:16 PM) [Entry]

Nakalimutan ko poh ung pin # ng atm ko sa landbank.panu ko po mapalitan ng bago.slmt poh
VENUS   (04 August 2017 9:26 AM) [Entry]

i forgot my cash card pin code.do i retrieve?
Gener   (02 August 2017 9:11 AM) [Entry]

Dala lang kayo ng 2 Valid IDs at siyempre ung LANDBANK ATM nyo
Gener   (02 August 2017 9:09 AM) [Entry]

If nakalimutan/nalocked ung password nyo sa ATM, punta lang kayo sa mismong branch ng pinagkuhaan nyo ng ATM, then request lang kayo ng retrieve/change password. If galing sa PAG-IBIG yan, usually sa Kapitolyo, punta lang kayo sa LANDBANK Kapitolyo branch lapit lang yun sa YNARES CENTER Kapitolyo. Free lang..wala akong binayaran kakakarequest ko lang, God Bless! :) Hope it helps
Paulene kaye   (16 July 2017 5:26 PM) [Entry]

Sir artemio same scenrario po sa husband ko nakalimutan nya din po pin nya . ano po ginawa nyo para ma retrieve pin ng atm nyo ? Reply po asap salamat .
Artemio Bulahao Jr.   (23 May 2017 9:06 AM) [Entry]

I already filed for salary loan to PAGIBIG, what should I do I already forgotten my atm card pin number?thank you.
Nhiz   (10 March 2017 6:28 AM) [Entry]

I already filed for salary loan to PAGIBIG, what should I do if I forgot my atm card pin number?
arnel terrado   (25 February 2017 1:52 AM) [Entry]

good day,

mam/sir i forgot my atm pin of my Landbank Cash Card
what should i do,as of now i've already file for a salary loan to pag-ibig
Norlene Bauso   (19 September 2016 9:59 PM) [Entry]

Good day ! Can I go any Landbank branches to reset my pin code that I forgot? Thank you )
vanesa santos   (20 August 2016 8:40 AM) [Entry]

i forgot my atm password /pin in landbank..how can i retrieve?
patrick linley noblejas   (26 June 2016 10:41 PM) [Entry]

I forget for my atm pin of LandBank of the Philippines.
antonino e. tabay   (07 June 2016 4:24 PM) [Entry]

i forgot my cash card pin code.do i retrieve?
joseph garab   (02 June 2016 6:17 AM) [Entry]

lost pin
ANNA LEAH NALUIS PASTOR   (19 May 2016 2:40 PM) [Entry]

I forgot my password of my ATM im 3 times to try and my atm become blocked. what will i do ?
what requirements to bring ?
Jake Sevilla   (06 May 2016 1:02 PM) [Entry]

i forgot to change my system generated pin on my account now i cant change my pin because the pin that once written on the paper is now gone. now what will i do
reymart s. liberato   (21 April 2016 2:09 PM) [Entry]

last, march 29,2016, i sent already a request letter for my new pin, until now the branch said that i don't still have a new pin came from your main office. i just want to know if how long is the process for a new pin?. Thank You/
jonard jamilano   (15 March 2016 6:00 AM) [Entry]

hi good morning mam/sir,my account does not access when i follow this pin number,then the result is wrong pin number how i wonder cannot access,then i decide to request new pin number.But before that what are the requirements to request change new pin number?Thank you..
Stefanie Fabros   (26 November 2015 8:42 PM) [Entry]

I cannot go to landbank depository,,can you help me to change my pin because i forgot it.thanks
jane ganado   (22 September 2015 10:05 AM) [Entry]


My wallet was stolen and along with it was my cashcard ATM, can I still have it replaced though I don't know the account number? If yes, what are the documents needed? Thanks!
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