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Two BPI ATM Cards with the Same Account Number

One of our site visitors is asking this question,

"Is it allowed by BPI to use two ATM cards with the same account number? I want to use one for me and one for my mother. Both atm card should have the same account number or one account number."

Two BPI atm cards with the same account number


You may choose to open a BPI joint ATM-based account so you and your mother will be issued ATM cards that are linked to the same account number. Kindly note that when you open a joint account, both accountholders should be present at the branch upon account opening. You may visit any of BPI/BPI Family bank branches and bring the following requirements:
  • at least 1 valid ID per accountholder (ie. passport, SSS ID, driver's license, etc)
  • Php 500 Initial Deposit Requirement for a regular ATM Savings account
  • two 1x1 ID picture per accountholder
  • contact numbers
Please note that the maintaining balance for the joint-account is Php 3,000 for BPI and Php 1,000 for BPI Family Savings Bank.

  • Joint-accounts can be very useful for OFWs in sending money from abroad to the Philippines. Joint-accounts can be enrolled to BPI's online banking facility called BPI Express Online. With just a click of a mouse, you can transfer money to your love ones anytime and anywhere.
  • You can pay your bills (e.g. electric bills, phone/internet bills, etc.) online with your joint account.

If you need further assistance or have other concerns, please do not hesitate to post them in the comment below.

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Total comments : 6
yuki   (01 January 2018 8:34 PM)
Just like what Icca Santos ask kasi gusto ng boyfriend ko na mag-ipon and hindi siya familiar sa mga savings so i suggest na magjoint account kami. kelangan ba na same address kami para makapagbukas ng account?

Trixie   (07 June 2017 2:12 PM)
Kapag mag open ng joint account dapat ba pamilya mo o mag asawa talaga? Salamat

Rowel cabato   (14 December 2016 6:53 PM)
Maam,ask ko lng parti sa remaining balance yong 3 thousand ba , diba pwede kobrahin yan sa atm mo need ba talaga may 3000 sa atm mo di pwede maubusan?

Icca Santos   (03 June 2016 1:48 PM)
Hi good afternoon i would just like to ask if me and my boyfriend will avail the join account do we need to live in the same address or no? And do we need to pay 500 each or 500 for the two of us already and 3k plust the 1k each or its already for the two of us? and can it be atm only without passbook? Thanks!

Dennis   (14 January 2016 6:34 PM)
Hi i just would like to ask. Me and my wife had already two separate accounts on BPI . Is it still possible to open a joint account with another two separate atm cards with the same account number?

Maria rosario reyes   (05 May 2015 2:22 PM)
hi, i would like to ask if joint account enrollment can be made availing the savings account of bpi? The one without maintaining balance? Nd what is the difference with the account without maintaning balance and the one with maintaning balance if used in joint accounts or even in individual account, thanks