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BDO Cash Card Withdrawal Limit (Maximum and Minimum)

Using your Banco de Oro (BDO) Cash Card has a limit such as withdrawal limit. You cannot withdraw money that exceeds the maximum withdrawal limit. At the same time, you cannot withdraw money that is lesser than the minimum withdrawal limit. Below is the table of withdrawal limits of BDO Cash Card.
BDO Cash Card
BDO Cash Card (photo)

BDO Cash Card Withdrawal Limits

Maximum withdrawal amount per transactionPhp 25,000
Maximum withdrawal amount per dayPhp 50,000
Minimum withdrawal amount per transactionPhp 200
Maximum withdrawal frequency per day5 times

Do you have any problem withdrawing your money with your BDO Cash Card?

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Celeste   (06 May 2017 1:36 AM)
I withdraw a money at 11:45 PM. and reached my limit. Can i withdraw again at 1AM. Though its just 2 hours ago but it is different date.

Raymond   (02 January 2017 1:36 AM)
Why may banco de oro atm maximum withdrawal amouy per transaction coming,when can i withdraw again?

jenalyne driza   (13 October 2016 4:20 PM)
hello,may i ask i try to withdraw some amount on my bdo account but they say its a limit exceeded how can i do to withdraw it again am in malaysia

mark yedra   (13 May 2015 8:25 AM)
May I ask what might be the problem if whenever I tried to check my balances using BDO Cash Card, a message like "withdrawal limit exceeded" appears? I just only wanted to check my balance if my salary is already there. Thank you in advance for answering.

jhrs   (21 January 2014 8:57 AM)
May I ask what might be the problem if whenever I tried to check my balances using BDO Cash Card, a message like "Your card is not allowed to do any transaction." appears?