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Where to find the Security Code or CVV of BDO ATM Card?

CVV stands for Card Verification Value. It is a security code used to prevent or reduce credit/debit card fraud. It is a very important feature needed in money transfer or when purchasing products/services online. If you are confused where to find the CVV or security code of BDO ATM card, here's your guide below:

How to find the CVV or Security Code of BDO ATM Card?
  • It can be found at the back of your BDO ATM card. Look for the last 3 digits. That's the CVV or security code.
CVV or Security Code of BDO ATM Card
Rear-view of BDO ATM Card

Card Verification Value (CVV) is also called by the following names:
  • Card Verification Data
  • Card Verification Number
  • Card Verfication Value Code
  • Card Verification Code (CVC)
  • Verification Code (V-Code)
  • Card Code Verification
  • Signature Panel Code (SPC)
  • Card Identification Number (CID)
  • Unique Card Code (UCC)
  • Card Validation Code (CVC2)
  • Elo Verification Code (CVE)
  • Card Validation Number 2 (CVN2)
  • Card Verification Value 2 (CVV2)

Are you still having a problem finding the CVV of your BDO ATM Card?

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jake cabornay   (05 September 2020 8:21 AM) [Entry]

how can i activate my cvv on my debit bdo card?
Jasmine   (16 January 2018 3:56 PM) [Entry]

I have my BDO atm debit card but its not written visa or mastercard. Where I can find my cvv number?
Marites macrae   (04 November 2017 8:55 PM) [Entry]

Where i can find my cvc number to my card?
I had 6 digit number at the back of my card, i can’t order online.
jon alex trinidad   (26 August 2017 6:59 PM) [Entry]

ung cvv bkit ayaw ma-input sa registration?
wapaksi   (05 March 2017 10:37 AM) [Entry]

Hello, can I ask if there is a CVV in BDO cash card? Thank You.