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Ball mill for cement mill India...

The existing globe consumption of cement is about 1.5 billion tonnes per annum and it is actually rising at about 1% per annum. The XSM ball mill is developed for grinding of clinker, gypsum and dry or moist additives to any sort of cement. The mill could operate in either open or closed circuit and with or devoid of a pre-grinder to attain maximum all round grinding efficiency and high flexibility when it comes to item good quality. As a ball mill supplier, XSM can give the Ball mill for cement mill in India. 
Cement ball mill:

The mill has large through-flow places, which allows it to operate with significant volumes of venting air along with a low pressure drop across the mill. Therefore the power consumption on the mill ventilation fan is low. The mill consists of typical modules and can be adapted to certain requirements with regards to plant layout, mill drive, lining types and end item specifications, as necessary.

In two-compartment cement mills, the first, coarse grinding compartment is offered with a step lining which is appropriate for big grinding media and guarantees optimum lifting from the mill charge. The shell lining within the second compartment or in a one-compartment cement mill is actually a corrugated lining created to obtain maximum energy absorption and grinding efficiency. For specific applications a classifying shell lining could be supplied for fine grinding in the mill.

The ball charge mill consists of grinding media in numerous sizes to ensure optimum grinding efficiency and easy upkeep. The size distribution in the grinding media inside the coarse grinding compartment is designed to just crush the coarsest particles within the mill feed material and to make sure sufficient fineness of the material passing the diaphragm. For fine grinding, the charge consists of compact balls, which guarantees the most effective feasible grinding efficiency with no obstructing the material flow via the ball charge.

If the supplies to be ground contain much more water than might be dried off inside the initial compartment, the mill is going to be fitted having a bolted-on drying compartment with lifters. Mill efficiency is monitored by continuous measurements in the material and air temperatures as well as the pressure at the mill exit. The venting in the mill is adjusted by a damper within the inlet for the mill fan. The amount of material within the mill is monitored by an electronic device ("electric ear”) that measures the noise emission from the mill. For ball mills operating in closed circuit, the circulation load is monitored by weighing the flow of reject material from the separator.

Grinding approach:

The grinding approach in ball mills and vertical roller mills differ fundamentally. Within a ball mill the comminution will take place by influence and attrition. The comminution inside the vertical roller mill requires spot by exposing a bed of material to a pressure sufficiently high to trigger fracture of your person particles in the bed, while the majority of the particles within the bed are significantly smaller than the thickness from the bed. It is actually hence needed that a stable and constant grinding bed is formed in between the rollers along with the table with the vertical roller mill, capable to sustain such a pressure without having the material being squeezed away from the pressure zone. A stable grinding bed is normally very easily obtained in raw material grinding in a vertical roller mill using a high efficiency separator. Even so, in cement grinding it becomes extra complicated to type a stable grinding bed as:
  • Cement is ground substantially finer than raw meal
  • The feed to a cement mill is often absolutely dry and is considerably additional challenging to grind than raw supplies.
Requirements to the particle size distribution with the completed product are significantly much more strict when grinding cement than when grinding raw supplies.

These differences among cement grinding and grinding of raw supplies created it a serious challenge to obtain a very good efficiency of a vertical roller mill in cement grinding. At this time, nonetheless, the XSM mill has turn into a great instance of a mill design and style that has overcome the difficult grinding conditions associated with finish grinding of cement clinker and related solutions.

Cement ball mill for sale:

Being an expert and renowned ball mill supplier, XSM presents the high quality ball mill for cement mill in India. The advanced machine guarantees that they are welcomed by the world wide buyers. Considerate service helps us win high reputation from our customers. For those who want the cement ball mill, you can contact us.

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