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The Godlessness of Nations and the Folly of Money

The Godlessness of Nations and the Folly of Money
"""Leaders who claim to be working on behalf of the people are actually filling their own wallets and rising to positions of power that suit their egos. This is how the world operates, and democracy contributes to it. I am astonished at the extreme depravity and depth of misconceptions that have permeated the globe since my reincarnation and have turned it into the domain of 666. People are amazing because they can't test things, which is also why they succeed.

The recriminations of politicians towards their opposition are appalling now that the Australian elections are finished and a bigger parliament is expected. The Prime Minister attacked the other parties' campaigns and accused them of fabricating facts in order to deflect attention from their bad performance as leaders.

With the blame game already in full swing, the elections in the USA are shaping up to be similar in nature. While the root of the world's issues is money, these politicians likewise make money their aim. Who can manage money well and who can generate wealth for the populace appear to be significant considerations for many voters.

But they fail to realize that money is a creation, heavily influenced by economists who acquire the necessary knowledge through tertiary education programs. On the other hand, spiritual strength is something we are born with and cannot be acquired. This implies that the Spirit is the only source of guidance and that everything takes place under its supervision.

Money has no place in the Old Testament prophesies and is never referenced because Constantine, the Emperor, was responsible for establishing the economy. He is identified as the person who founded the Catholic Church and created Jesus Christ in Revelation 13:13–18. He gave his image the power by appropriating the old name for ""spirit,"" which is ""Jesus,"" and giving it to it.

He forced everyone to worship his new deity and restored Mary, the Babylonian Mother God, to her rightful place as the world's supreme deity and the Mother of God. It is the sun, and the sun-star of Islam is the image that presides over all other religions. They originated in Babylon, and Constantine is represented by the number 666. (Revelation 13:18).

People are unable to comprehend or understand their own foolishness because they are obsessed with money and fantasize of an eternal life in the heavens. Everyone who has ever lived is currently reincarnated (Isaiah 26:19), which disproves the existence of paradise and hell. According to Isaiah 45:4–8, the universe's Spirit, who is the only true God, is currently judging the world and purging it of evil.

The Internet is the ""Mountain of God"" that Micah 4:1 predicted would appear in the final days, and it is helping to spread the truth over the globe. It is available to everyone, and according to God, who is speaking to them (Jeremiah 25:31–33), this is why there is a dispute with the other nations. As the rest will swallow the lies and stick with them, only the spiritual have the ability to listen and grow from it."""

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