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Gold Inside My CPU Processor!

Last few weeks, my computer CPU running with Intel Core 2 Quad Processor was experiencing overheating. That's why it didn't turn on or start. So, I fixed the processor by cleaning it, changing its thermal paste, and changing its processor fan. After this, my CPU is running good again. But after another week. The symptoms occurred again such as CPU didn't start and it created a buzzer sound like an alarm (tooot, tooot, tooot).

So, I fixed the processor again and again but unfortunately, the CPU still didn't start. I was desperate. And due to my curiosity, I decided to slice the metal case of the processor (Intel Core 2 Quad). Here's what I found out inside my processor:
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor (2.33 gHz)
At the back of the processor are small circular terminals and small IC's at the center. These terminals are plated with real gold.
Intel Processor Core 2 Quad Board Pins
I used a cutter knife to sliced the metal casing sticked to the processor.
Slicing Damaged Intel Processor
Then after I finally sliced the metal case of the processor, taaadaaaaa. I opened the processor and saw the metal casing rich of gold. Those small thin colorful glass plates you see are the cores of the processsor.
Gold Inside Computer Processor Intel Core 2 Quad
Extracting the gold from this type of processor is very dangerous. You will be using hazardous chemicals to separate the gold from the other elements.
Do you have damage many computer processors at your home or office? We'll you can get a lot of gold from them if you know how to extract that gold.
Note: If you have CPU that doesn't start or run and you want to fix the processor by slicing it, please don't do it unless if you know what you're doing.
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