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How to tune-up your slow PC...

There could be a big list of reasons why your PC or laptop is running slow. It could be due to problems associated with low memory in the RAM or it may be due to harmful foreign intruding substances in the form of virus.
A computer slowing down over time is pretty much a fact of life and it is not just a normal PC problem, Mac’s have the same issue but often not usually as bad or as quickly. There are many, many reasons this happens ranging from simple clutter to real physical problems such as a failing hard drive. There is also the issue of perception too. I remember when I first got my new motorcycle.

Wow what acceleration… What speed… but after a few weeks, it just did not seem so fast anymore. Why? Was it getting slower? No, of course not, I was just getting use to it. The very same thing happens with a new computer, it always seems so fast when you first get it and starts to feel slow as you get accustom to it. A computer can never be too fast … Putting perception aside, there are also many real reasons for a computer to slow down.

One of the most frequent problems which cause a computer to go slow is that of computer virus.
What exactly is computer virus? A computer virus is a program, code, or programming script which runs without the user's knowledge and performs destructive or otherwise unwanted actions to a computer such as disabling or over-riding security features and making it slow and easily prone to malfunctions. Computer viruses range from annoying and harmless, to extremely dangerous and destructive. Viruses normally replicate themselves by propagating throughout files. The most common mode for spreading of viruses are via email, through a computer network, via floppy disks, or via the.

Some popular virus names are:
  • Encrypted Viruses 
  • Secret Viruses 
  • Time Delay Viruses 
  • The Anti-Virus Virus 
  • The Multi-Headed Virus 
  • The Misdirection Virus 
  • A Cloning Virus 
  • The Author Virus 
  • The Bad Penny Virus 
  • Rewriting Virus 
  • The Melissa Virus 
Another most bothering problem is that of spam mails. Unsolicited Commercial Email, One may not be weary of this term, but this is what we encounter frequently and is known as SPAM, Unsolicited Bulk Email or UBE has become an increasingly serious concern to anyone who provides or uses email services. Most spam is a form of commercial advertising, which is economically viable because email is the most easiest and simple form of sending information.

Spammers can obtain recipient addresses from publicly accessible sources, use programs to collect addresses on the web, and simply use dictionaries to make automated guesses at common usernames at a given domain.
However spamming is politically debated in several countries, and has been legislated some places with varying result. This can be largely eliminated with anti-spam tools.

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