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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number

Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:
Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?

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Giecel Ann Canon   (14 December 2018 7:12 AM)

Can i ask how much is the cancellation fee and rebooking fee flight on Dec. 29, 2018 under the Booking reference no. CDC9XZ and it change to Dec 18, 2018 please i need a response.

RANIEL CLEMENTE AQUINO   (08 December 2018 6:20 PM)

I am here in Davao, I want to book my flight on December 11, 2018 - Afternoon. Cebu to Davao using my travel voucher from my previous flight, booking reference number is VG8W4Q

However, to book this myself online is inaccessible only thru Call Center. But you don't have toll free hotline from Davao

Please reach me at my mobile phone numbers 09988467724 or 09177702342

Thank you very much,


Janice Capa   (07 December 2018 6:16 PM)

please help me to get my official receipt of my payment at cebu pac my reference number is YF83RJ

Divina   (01 December 2018 11:51 AM)

Hi! My friend's family name has "ñ" to it. But when I try to encode it, it says "field contains invalid character." Should I simply put "N" instead?

Mr. Joey Abrigo   (29 November 2018 1:17 PM)

My daughter, niece and grandson are, ANGELICA ABRIGO, MICAELA BASAYSAY and KINICHI ETHAN RESURRECCION booked on Dec. 1 under Booking Reference WCMGNP. Inquiring how much is the CANCELLATION FEE and RE-BOOKING FEE from Dec. 1 to March 3?

Richel Paniergo   (27 November 2018 10:07 PM)

Good evening, ng book ako ng ticket tonight di po prin m recieve sa email ko ang confirmation number ang iterinary ko pero n charge n sa credit card.pls help me
Pls send to my email paniergorichel@gmail.com.
Thank you

Araceli macquinto   (27 November 2018 12:18 PM)

Hi i had already my reference number 28111800108850 but when im in the bank..the teller said there was no reference number excess ...txt me asap 09754144305

Necia Guanga   (21 November 2018 7:41 AM)

Hello cebu pacific
Just want to clarify i book a ticket by using get go points thats why i pay less everytime i want to check my ticket in my get go account i cant find it and i cant web in check i used two way get go account to used web in check in the other way but its state they cant find my booking reference number here is my booking reference number H9BHNI pls email me or necia guanga@yahoo.com

Karl Marc Cercado   (14 November 2018 8:37 PM)

ref number 14111804158638 nyeta walang confirmation nagbayad na ako sa metrobank..it's been two days na..please help.. text me or call me please..09491297344

marrites   (11 November 2018 8:54 PM)

Hello Cebu Pacific team,

how can I correct the name of the person on the ticket which I booked

Beverly   (06 November 2018 11:57 AM)

Hello, just to ask how to correct the name in flight that was paid already, your site do not accept special character like Ñ, so I use N. Thank you.

Raul Bonifacio   (27 October 2018 3:51 PM)

Just made a booking mnl-zambo run and was debited twice but have not received any booking confirmation...

Fremros Datungputi   (27 October 2018 10:35 AM)

We booked a ticket and charged us twice. Text me 09063590296

paul capanzana   (22 October 2018 9:12 AM)

hi I paid today for my flight in CDO but I didn't receive any confirmation email,my ref number is 23101800056480...or txt me at 09158541097

Marie Ana ogalesco   (09 October 2018 11:29 AM)

Please o need to talk to customer service I got 2 ticket
But I’m only one and you charge me double please contact me. 09177777026

Marie Ana ogalesco   (09 October 2018 11:24 AM)

I’m calling your hotline since morning but no one’s answer. I need to cancel May flyt because I got 2 bookings in the flyt you charge me
Can I talk to customer service please please

Shaira Mae Vargas   (02 October 2018 2:37 PM)

Hello, why we don't get our itinerary receipt, I book my flight and my sister flight last August 19 2018 w/ reference # OHHGYA and ZFQVWW from Manila to Iloilo this October 29 2018 3:45 am. What happened? Please write me back. Thanks

jundril dela cruz   (01 October 2018 1:34 PM)

Good day Cebu Pacific Team,

I just have one question, i booked a ticket from Tagbilaran, Bohol to Manila date of January 01, 2019.
You send me a message to confirm my booking flights is successful through my gmail account but when i downloading an Official Receipt in my itinerary, there's an error in downloading this file.
Please help me and send me another copy of my OR.

Thank You and god bless

geralden avenido   (29 September 2018 1:05 PM)

Hi Cebu Pacific team,

Good day! I just have one question, I booked a ticket going to manila date of Dec 24,2018 one way
now I want to change the date earlier let say November 22 till Dec 7,2018.i just need to do medication which cannot wait till Dec.
Hope you can help me.

Thanks and more power,

Geralden P.Avenido

Rikka   (13 September 2018 10:37 AM)

How can i correct my surname on my filght bookings ?..unfortunately there is a typo error.

Lynn   (12 September 2018 9:10 PM)

Good day! I have 5 bookings made this morning between 1AM to 2AM, but 1 booking did not push through meaning I didnt get any confirmation from you during the booking and also in my email, but my credit card was charged, my request is that pls reverse or cancel that transaction. Thank you. I hope to hear from you asap.

nestor cayanan   (06 September 2018 10:34 AM)

I have booked our flights manila singapore manila with booking number 7144431260 thru skyscanner and trip.com. I paid thru my credit card and our flights have been confirmed using your airlines (cebu pacific). Now I would like to verify from your end if my booking is authentic and if we can travel on the date we indicated on our booking application?
Your immediate reply would erase my doubt and have a peace of mind.
Thank you
Nestor Cayanan

Babylou Fernandez   (01 September 2018 10:49 AM)

Hi, I just want to ask if it is allowed to hand-carry make-ups? how about hair straightener? Im just worried...thanks

annaliza murillo   (30 August 2018 4:10 AM)

i want to check if my booking going to manila-legazpi and vice versa this sept 1-3,2018 has been booked..i use credit card and there is no confirmation of my booking but the payment was successful.
passengers: lorenzo clavecillas & annaliza clavecillas

thank you and more power!
my email add: annaliza_murillo@hotmail.com
pls contact: 09989770093

santhelene bacay   (22 August 2018 12:45 PM)


i keep calling in your number since morning but sad to say i cant contact any hotline in your office.
Our problem was one of or companion in september 27 , 2018 flight with booking no#OE2JHG was pergnant
and her due date was also this coming september 2018. so were planning to transfer her ticket. Can we do that? what was
the thing we need to pass so that we can still avail her slot. Her name was MARY JOIANNE DAGOHOY.
kindly help us to resove this issue

Raul V. Chico   (21 August 2018 10:38 AM)

Check our flight status schedule august 22, 2018 w/booking reference: CGUY6K. Pls thanks

Juresa Balbuena   (18 August 2018 7:14 AM)

Hello.... why my booking flight for today already cancelled.. and reschedule again without knowing as early as much as possible... from todays booking flight August.18'2018 then resched to August 21 2018.... and then i found a new schedule 1 day early bfore the said reschedule booking flight, because i need to go back in philippines early.. why do u need to reschedule the flight without knowing your client 2 days bfore...

myrna   (16 August 2018 12:03 PM)

hi , i have a confirmed ticket, my question is, why is mother who is senior citizen, is different from us, it states as, this is not a boarding pass yet, did i make mistake in booking to her,

Mildred   (08 August 2018 4:45 PM)

what is the best no. i can call to be able to talk with your staff regarding my query, the no. 7020 888 is not helpful.

Imelda Bobadilla   (21 July 2018 6:17 AM)

Ask q lng po. Nag avail po ako ng flight with 20kg na baggage then nag additional allowance ako ng 40kg. So my baggage has a total of 60kg. Pero ang nakalagay sa receipt ko sa baggage details ay 40kg lng. What happen po

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