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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number

Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:
Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?
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ang commit ko lang hindi po ma contact yung landline niyo po
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I want to rebook my both flights(Cebu-Manila / Manila-Cebu). But I only permitted to rebook my flight (CEBU-MANILA)

My Booking REF# ZCRW2V

I want to rebook the folliwng

Cebu-Manila : from Dec 1 to Nov 21
Manila-Cebu : from Dec 5 to Nov 27
John Flores [Entry]

Is it possible to transfer my reservation to another person?

This is my booking details:


Passenger name
John Flores
Confirmation number
Veronica [Entry]


is it necessary a PCR test for fly from Cebu to Siargao? or with a complete vaccination is enough?
Lilian A. Dayanghirang [Entry]

It's been a week now since I emailed about my request for a full refund. You have said that I still have 15,403 that will expire at the end of April 2022. I made MyCebyPac acct but the travel fund was not found. I've already decided to withdraw and get a full refund under my name LILIAN APAS DAYANGHIRANG. Preferred bank is Robinson Davao Branch (Davao Cybergate). You provided me with this Customer Care Reference No. 6570699 - [ref:_00D6FFAZV._500A714Uq3:ref last April 9, 2022.. Hope to hear your feedback as soon as possible as the expiration of my fund is almost over and it makes me worry.
avrille04281993@gmail.com [Entry]

I cant retrieve my Official Receipts, It alway says that " Invalid query parameter key" Can you retrieve it for me instead? Thanks
jeffry anes [Entry]

my mother's connecting flights has some conflicting and overlapping schedule. Kindly check.

Aurora Bara
April 12
Tacloban to Manila
12:50pm TO 2:15pm

Manila to Zamboanga
2:10pm TO 4:00pm
Chai Canalin [Entry]

you cancelled our flight and divert to unacceptable schedule.
I want to reschedule and no one to contact, because it says there that i should settle my balance first before i can resched??? WHY?
Aimee Ng [Entry]

i can't seem to speak with an agent, if you call the number above, you get an IVR referring you to the Cahrlie bot, and yout the runaround without getting help. maybe it's time to seek Tulfo's help

i would like to ask if i will book from manila to cagayan de oro balikan same day dec 27 2021 ,,my slot ba po? or alanganin ang balikan same day?

maam pwede bang mag request ng scan copy ng boarding pass butuan - manila last oct 20, 2021 flight 5j790 para lang po sa reimbursement namin.
john dittman [Entry]

why is it when i try to sign in to use my travel fund i am not allowed to get in. when i change password it tells me it is not strong enough. since when is that an issue. what a piece id shit website. what happened to the old one that i had no problems with> i need to get to manila and i cant access to my account.
Vincent Francis Nicolas BRUNNER [Entry]


I cannot retrieve my bookings nor manage my bookings. Every time I try, I get the following reply:

"The booking that you are trying to retrieve does not exist or requires the GetGo member to login."

I habe tried with my GetGo login, but to no avail.
It is necessary for me to use this feature in order to fill out the form foe domestic travel which is a government requirement.
Pls help me, if necessary with a new link. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Thank you for quick reply,
RGDS, Vincent Brunner
nena fermilan [Entry]

paki correct naman po ng Passengers

nasa Ticket po kasi ANGELBERT FERMILAN


Edwin Schaff [Entry]

My booking number is GIF4UQ. My Manila to naga flt was changed to 21august, I still have a flt from NAGA to Manila on 26 October. I want a refund for the MNL to Naga flt BUT I still want to keep the 26October flight. I was afraid to ask for refund on the web site because I dont want BOTH cancelled.. I want to keep the NAGA to Manila part. I found other transportation from Manila to NAGA. I only need the 26october flight.
Jennifer Luna [Entry]

I would like to check how to use my travel fund. I saw on google that it expires in a year but in my cebu pacific account, it says 2 years. So which is which? How do I use it?

I cant cancel my flight your system website is suck already a month still no response? ano cebupac galaw galaw baka ma stroke lakas nyo mag promote ng flight nyo regarding concern palpak.
Ria Talamor Ame [Entry]

Dear Cebu Pacific,

I booked a ticket for my cousin last year(January 1, 2020). Due to current situation she cannot travel That's why she asked for a refund of the said ticket. Herewith is the details;

Valentina Pasilaban
April 7, 2020 5J15 Dubai-Manila
April 8, 2020 5J455

May 21, 2020 5J458 Iloilo - Manila
May 21,2020 5J14 Manila - Dubai

Looking forward to refund the said ticket fare as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Aprilyn Bandian [Entry]

Seeking assistance po to our refund until now wala pa.thanks

10 months na refund until now wala pa
Charlie A. Dela fuente [Entry]

Question?: Barangay Health Certificate to Travel / Medical Clearance Certificate are the same?

Good day! JUST WANT TO ASK IF how i can convert my cancelled flight to travel fund?please send me a steps or hotline no.thanks
Evinezer Aranges [Entry]

I''ve already book for my sister but and paid it at Seven Eleven convenient store but till now there's no feedback about the flight please Help.

Hello Sir/Maam,

I would like to know latest requirement needed upon boarding, My flight schedule is on December 05,2020 3:25 in the moring. Please let me know.

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