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Bankruptcy - A Blessing in Disguise

Bankruptcy - A Blessing in Disguise
"""If you are experiencing a dire financial circumstance, you are in illustrious company. You are in excellent company, as hundreds of thousands of millionaires have also experienced bankruptcy before making the necessary life changes to attract prosperity. What you are currently experiencing may be the impetus for you to become a millionaire.

Now, many individuals appear to believe that a recession is occurring. But you are only ever at the mercy of a circumstance in your life if you have not yet realized (or have forgotten) your own autonomy. And if you are'subject' to something, it serves as your 'ruler'.

This statement may be startling to some. How can we disregard the economic downturn? Your response explains why you are affected by the recession in the first instance! Now, regardless of your current situation and feelings, remember that it is merely a circumstance that can be altered in the blink of an eye through a shift in perspective.

Consider an example. Numerous individuals appear to be susceptible to the notion that there is a recession. But according to universal laws, you are only ever at the mercy of a circumstance in your life if you have not yet realized (or have forgotten) your own power.

Money is impartial in every way. It is solely a form of communication and a trading system. Notes, currencies, and digits have no value in and of themselves. But money is reflective enough to reflect back every prejudice and irrational thought you can generate.

Money has no opinion about you, but if you have one about it, you can count on a response! The only method to improve one's financial situation is to alter one's 'default position' regarding money. After the inner task has been completed, the outer manifestations must change. So as to facilitate both interior and outer change, here are some tried-and-true techniques for acquiring a 'default position' that will help you feel better about money. The only way to increase your bank account balance is to feel better about money.

1 Ask for assistance.

If you are filing for bankruptcy or contemplating doing so, your situation cannot get any worse. Things can only improve. There is now a great art to requesting for assistance. Complaining and moaning about our financial 'lot' will only worsen your circumstances. Borrowing from others puts relationships to the proof. The challenge is determining how and where to seek out for assistance at the precise moment of need. The alternatives include:

- intuition or divine guidance

- best companions or spouses

- the bank president

- professional consultants

- a guide or instructor

- a support community

- Internet-based sources of information

Each option has advantages, and evaluating all of them will likely provide a balanced perspective. It is helpful to have multiple perspectives, so long as we remember that these are merely the ""opinions"" of others and not a replacement for our own internal compass.

Having a ""half-full"" outlook. No matter how much you have, you must focus on what you do have rather than what you don't.

Even in a situation of overdraft or debt, if you persistently perceive how much you have paid off and consider your options, new opportunities will present themselves as a result of your insistence on viewing the glass as half-full.

This is also a process of tallying blessings with laser-like precision. When you can manage your finances with detachment and maintain your desires' visions, you will be in the genuine flow of manifestation opportunities.

Eliminate the phrase 'I can't afford it' from your vocabulary.

Every word we utter reveals something about our interior state. However, it is not inherently accurate because we frequently contradict ourselves. It is common to state one thing while acting differently. When confronted with the dilemma of purchasing something they want but cannot afford, a common response is ""I cannot afford it."" Then, they spend a great deal more money on something else, employing a different line of reasoning.

Your situation will not improve until you accept responsibility for your financial decisions and recognize that every expense is merely an expression of your current priorities.

Changing your relationship with money necessitates a shift in how you feel and speak about it. As long as you maintain the ""poor me"" narrative and speak of dearth and restriction, you will remain a victim.

You can desire, visualize, and contemplate indefinitely, but if your default response is ""I can't afford it"" or ""there isn't enough,"" you are torturing yourself with conflict. One part of you desperately desires it, while another confirms its impossibility. It's not surprising that this kind of operation causes chaos.

Changing 'I can't afford it' to 'This is not my priority at the present' allows you to regain control over your situation.

Stop using credit until you can handle it.

Nobody enjoys hearing about or discussing debt, but it is necessary to reset our financial default position to ""healthy and thriving."" It helps if you're with your best companion, who has possibly experienced the same thing and has your best interests in mind. With a best companion, you are never embarrassed or judged.

I had to jump through the financial hoops multiple times before I fully understood the ramifications. To my credit (pun intended), I realized very early in my life that the price of certain items, such as new cars, houses, and luxuries, was disproportionate to the amount of money I (and everyone else) could reasonably earn; I was paid a small to average amount for my services. It did not compute (another oxymoron!)

Having determined this, I determined that I would not submit myself to 50 years of servitude in order to acquire one thousand tons of masonry and mortar.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with borrowing. The act of assisting another and receiving payment in return is an act of simple exchanging, an exchange. Similar to other forms of exchange, a commodity has a price. It is only fair if both parties agree, so it is beneficial to assume responsibility for mortgages, loans, credits, and transactions where we are uncertain of the costs. The problem facing society is the pervasive practice of borrowing for consumption of objects whose appeal diminishes almost immediately after purchase!

At this time, we do not wish to elaborate on the historical or cultural origins of this practice, which has gotten so many people into trouble. However, we have identified one pattern that is shared by many. It is financing based solely on optimism. Now, I am confident that we have all experienced spending on impulse when our logic convinces us that our optimism will prevail. In other words, speculating money, 'hoping' that things will work out, that is gambling.

- we'll receive a surplus

- that our business income will likely grow to fund it

- that we will find cost savings elsewhere

Numerous individuals on the path to mastering the laws of attraction have fallen victim to this procedure. The belief that by visualizing, meditating, or feeling positive, money will magically appear to cover what has been spent or will be spent.

Believe me we've done this too! People's tales of following a process and asserting they just knew the money would be available to buy a new blue Mercedes and whipping out their credit card served as inspiration. Some individuals are indeed adept at fulfilling their desires in this manner, but we believe that encouraging others to believe they can do so is downright dangerous.

Stopping borrowing is the only method to reduce debt.

Selling assets to pay off costly loans is another option (which, depending on the currency used, may save you thousands of dollars over time).

The other is to do what many find difficult, which is to spend less than you earn. Yes, if this raises red flags, it's because you know it's true. It is a form of self-sabotage to disregard a warning sign when we are aware that it is harmful.

To borrow money while maintaining a positive outlook requires a mastery of your mentality and vibrations.

Deal directly with financial institutions. Avoidance is a means of evading accountability. Bank managers and bailiffs may not be sympathetic to your plight, but they are also human beings with their own problems at home, so do not give them excessive power over you. Contact those you owe money to and devise a plan to repay them in manageable quantities. Once it has been resolved, you can forget about it and refocus on developing wealth.

Get what you require without using money. There are countless ways to live a satisfying existence without money.

- trade your talents and services, such as bread for wood or babysitting for computer assistance.

- recyclable

- secondhand stores and markets

- any second hand item

- locate gratis items on the Internet!

Nothing is more valuable than mental tranquility, so give up some material possessions. Have a garage sale. Make your own food, bread, and pastries from scratch, using only fresh ingredients.

If you want to reduce genuinely unnecessary expenditures, consider cutting back on magazines, cigarettes, and other harmful products. Even cosmetics can be created at home. Making items by hand is creative and enjoyable; you can transform it into a business. Anything can be turned into an enterprise! We each possess unique abilities and knowledge. Everyone has access to the internet, and creating a website is free. Information is freely available. To generate additional sources of income, only a few hours per day (at no cost) are required.

If necessary, go bankrupt! Insolvency is a tremendous relief. It is an opportunity to make significant changes that will restore balance to your life. Being destitute is not a death sentence! Family, colleagues, and support networks are always available to guide and advise. So many successful achievers have torched their bridges in order to pursue their ardent ambitions. Burning bridges is a method of telling yourself, ""I must succeed immediately!""

Insolvency is an excellent chance to

- beginning from inception

- eliminate concerns

- release the cargo

- determine your true life goals

- sense the situation's contrast pushing you towards intense desire.

Remember that all the information necessary for success and wealth already exists. There are excellent classics, such as Think and Grow Rich and the Science of Getting Rich, and new classics in every corner of the internet. Millionaire courses, e publications. You are not responsible for bankruptcy, but it is your 'default' and you can alter it immediately. Please see the link below for a free 30-day e-course that can assist you.""

" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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