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Best Money changer with highest foreign currency (forex) rate

If you are in the Philippines and are earning foreign currencies such as dollars, pounds, yen, etc., chances are you might searching for the best money changer with highest foreign currency (forex) rate in the Philippines. There are lots of forex centers out there but haven't you considered going to the one with the highest forex rate? I know you want to earn more value or more money from your hard-earned dollars. Let me give you a useful tip.
Money Changer of Forex Currencies

Some of the forex centers in the Philippines are the banks, Western Union, MLhuillier, or the typical money-changer centers. But which of them offered the highest foreign currency rate? My answer: MLhuillier.

Many OFW's and online entrepreneurs are changing their US dollars to MLhuillier. It offers 30 to 50 cents higher dollar-peso rate compared to other typical money changers.

How big is the value you can gain if you change your dollars in MLhuillier compared to other forex centers? Let me explain further by giving an example. John, Peter, and Paul have US$ 1,000 each. They want to change their dollars into pesos. John goes to Western Union with 44.00 pesos per 1 dollar rate. Peter goes to a typical money changer with 44.20 pesos per 1 dollar rate. And Paul goes to MLhuillier with 44.50 pesos per 1 dollar rate. How much will they receive from the respective forex centers? Here it is:
  • John will receive PhP 44,000.00 from Western Union.
  • Peter will receive PhP 44,200 from a typcial money changer.
  • Paul will receive PhP 44,500 from MLhuillier.
As you can see, who gets the highest value?
Paul gets the highest value of his dollars in MLhuillier.

How much can be gained from MLhuillier if you change your US$ 1,000 into pesos compared to other money changers? A whooping PhP 500.00 that can be used to buy a birthday cake for a special someone. Isn't that big?

Do you know other forex centers which you think offers the highest rates? Share to us in the comments below.

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jaysam   (19 August 2017 10:11 PM)
i have 100 dirhams LYD coins..

jaysam   (19 August 2017 10:10 PM)
do you changes LYD libya coincs?

Leyn   (20 October 2016 9:51 AM)
I have 60 bahamian dollar do you change it in pesos?

Richard mamatan   (03 August 2016 9:20 PM)
Hi Im Richard mamatan and I want to change my 100 bahrain coin and 1000 Jordan coin fill, and how much that in peso all in all?

jeff   (15 October 2015 12:14 PM)
hi, i have 5000 brl real can you change this into peso?

thank you

allan   (12 April 2015 10:07 PM)
hi... i have 250,000 turkeys lira, can you change it to ph peso?

Jakemae Lluch   (22 January 2015 12:47 PM)
hello im mae lluch,i have 10,000 cedis a bank of ghana,can u exvhange this money in a pesos?? pls call or text me 09351359379 coz i i want to know thank you.