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Chapter 13 bankruptcy or loan modification for home preservation?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy or loan modification for home preservation?
"""Obtaining protection from foreclosure is neither simple nor quick. In Missouri, you typically have around 21 days after receiving a notice of foreclosure to make a decision about your residence. While you may have more time to avoid foreclosure in Illinois, there are no guarantees. If you've conducted any amount of investigation, you've likely identified two potential solutions: Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Missouri and Illinois, or Loan Modification. So, which is superior?

Loan Modification has changed for the worse over the past year. A year or two ago, I might have suggested a loan modification for those in a temporary situation, such as a job change or a minor medical emergency that temporarily altered their budget. In light of the recent housing crisis and the poor performance of loan modification, I am unsure whether I would recommend it in any circumstance. Even the largest lender in the United States has granted only 4% of requests, leaving the remaining 96% to contend for themselves.

Generally, you must be behind on your mortgage payments before you can qualify for the program. This has caused individuals to intentionally fall behind on their mortgage payments in order to qualify. Since the modification request queue is so long, people are frequently so far behind by the time they are informed that their mortgage cannot be modified that it is impossible to catch up.

In Missouri and Illinois, Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides homeowners with an enduring debt solution. Contrary to appearances, many life events are not temporary and are actually the shortest route to accumulating overwhelming debt. Even a seemingly minor adjustment to your budget can lead to an insurmountable debt burden. You may be unable to escape debt unless you discover a solution that permanently manages your debt.

A bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis or Wentzville, Missouri, can help you reorganize your debt, save your home, and get back on your feet. Bankruptcy is a very powerful federal law that forces your creditors to take less money over a longer period of time and prevents them from harassing your family by phone and threatening to seize your home and vehicle.

Not certain that bankruptcy is your best option? Receive free information such as blogs, articles, bankruptcy FAQs, and even free books from reputable local attorneys. You have a better chance of saving your property if you examine your options frequently and immediately.""

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