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Consultation on Bankruptcy - What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Consultation on Bankruptcy - What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney
"""Being in debt is distressing enough without having to reveal your innermost thoughts to a complete stranger. However, this is precisely what you must do to ensure the success of your initial bankruptcy consultation. There is, in general, a pattern to the initial consultation, despite the fact that different attorneys handle matters differently.

If you're meeting with a bankruptcy attorney who believes in delivering information to clients rather than simply churning through consultations, the initial bankruptcy consultation will likely consist of the following steps:

Filling Out Forms: Your attorney will require you to provide identifying information such as your name, address, and other identifiers. This is necessary so that your attorney can confirm your eligibility to file for bankruptcy and determine where your case can be lodged.

In addition, you will typically be asked to complete a brief questionnaire (in my office, we use a 6-page document consisting primarily of Yes/No checkboxes) to give the attorney a general idea of your obligations and assets. This will assist in guiding the conversation with the attorney.

Some law firms will have you meet with a paralegal or case processor, while others will have you meet with the attorney directly. If you are meeting with a paralegal or case processor, you will likely give over documents so they can be organized in preparation for your meeting with the attorney.

Meeting With The Lawyer The paralegal or case processor is not permitted by law to give you legal advice; therefore, these offices are managed by attorneys. If your initial bankruptcy consultation does not include a personal meeting with the attorney, you should promptly turn away and never look back.

Reviewing Your Situation And Evaluating Your Options: This is when the attorney dissects your problem and determines your best and worst options for making things better. This is your opportunity to pose questions and seek clarification on the responses. Take as much time as you need; it's your life, so you should feel at ease.

Making The Decision To Resolve Your Bill Concerns: Now is the moment of truth - do you want to get out of debt, or will you continue down the rabbit hole? Do you want to take charge of your life, or do you wish to continue dodging phone calls and collection letters?

If you want to resolve your debt issues and bankruptcy is an option for you, you will need to review the retainer agreement with your attorney. Before you sign, ensure you comprehend the fee structure and what he or she will and will not do for you; this is your life, and you must safeguard it.

Ask inquiries, read the entire document, and assume nothing. After hiring a lawyer and committing to a life without delinquent debts, you can rest assured that you've done the right thing for yourself and your future.

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