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Eliminate Credit Card Debt Legally - Prevent Bankruptcy and Get Rid of Bad Debts

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Legally - Prevent Bankruptcy and Get Rid of Bad Debts
"The manner in which my creditors treated me left me feeling despondent. I sought a method for legally eliminating credit card debt. A friend informed me that bankruptcy is the only legal method to eliminate credit card debt. He informed me that by filing for bankruptcy, I can eliminate massive quantities of debt without paying a dime. According to him, the creditors will learn a lesson for pressing me so hard, as they would gain nothing if I declared bankruptcy.Later, I informed a financial advisor that I was considering declaring bankruptcy to legally eliminate credit card debt. The advisor informed me that although this option may appear to be very effective, if I choose it, my future will be jeopardized. He informed me that I would no longer be eligible for loans, as creditors refrain from extending credit to those with a poor credit history. He even informed me that my bankruptcy will continue to negatively impact my credit rating for the next decade. He added that even if I was able to obtain a loan, I would be required to pay enormous quantities of interest and be given very little time to repay the loan.He even warned me that filing for bankruptcy would make it difficult for me to find employment. His last recommendation was to pursue liability settlement to legally eradicate credit card debt. According to him, debt settlement is a legal means of resolving liability issues by eliminating the borrowed amount. Accordingly, I was required to negotiate with my creditors and seek a reduction in the amount of the loan that must be repaid. The amount of my loan was reduced by 70% as a result of my negotiations, and the remaining 30% were repaid to the creditor very easily, as I was given more time to repay the loan and the interest rates were low.Using this method, I was liberated from a massive quantity of debt. Now I am living a happy existence with my family, and I am better able to solve any problems I encounter. Unquestionably, liability resolution is the most effective method for resolving debt issues. If you want to resolve your debt problem, you should choose this alternative over declaring bankruptcy.
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