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Legally and Morally Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy, Consider a Debt Settlement

Legally and Morally Eliminate Credit Card Debt - Avoid Filing for Bankruptcy, Consider a Debt Settlement
"""As I'm sure you're aware, bankruptcy shouldn't be used to obtain debt relief; it should only be used as a last resort. Nonetheless, you may be confronted with a depleted bank account, an answering machine flooded with calls from debt collectors, and a mountain of bills, as well as a substantial amount of tension. At this juncture, it may appear that you are prepared for the final option. Please note, however, that you do have additional options. Debt settlement is one of the options that you should consider. If you are unfamiliar with this method of debt relief, it is time to learn more about it because it is an excellent alternative to filing for bankruptcy.

Here is what you should know about this effective debt relief method:

Settlement does not absolve you of your debts, but it reduces what you owe significantly. Your creditors are worked with or negotiated with until they agree to compromise for a lesser amount than what you owe. Many individuals similar to you receive debt reductions of approximately 50 percent.

Since the amount you owe is greatly reduced by this debt relief procedure, it will take you less time to become debt-free. Suppose it would have taken you two years to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt; now that you owe approximately $5,000, it should only take you about a year to pay it off.

Since you are not paying all of your expenses in full, your credit score will be slightly impacted. Regarding this effect, you could experience a lower credit score for one to two years. This is the most significant disadvantage of settlement, but you are encouraged to contrast it with bankruptcy. Remember that bankruptcy can have a seven to ten year impact on your credit score!

If you elect for settlement, it will be easier for you to regain your financial footing and obtain financing in the midst of an emergency. As stated previously, this debt relief procedure reduces your debt, but you still owe a small portion. Future lenders will consider the fact that you have paid some of your obligations when deciding whether to approve your loan applications.

In conclusion, it is essential to remember that bankruptcy is not the only method to obtain debt relief. Therefore, if you are serious about putting your finances in order, you should contact a debt relief network immediately.""

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