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Individual Voluntary Arrangement Application

Individual Voluntary Arrangement Application
"""An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a legally binding agreement between a debtor and their creditors in which the debtor pledges to pay an affordable monthly amount into the IVA in order to pay off their debts. The monthly contribution to the Individual Voluntary Arrangement is determined by the debtor's income and expenses. To petition for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, a debtor must meet several stringent requirements, including:
The debtor must owe over £15,000 in unsecured obligations to at least three creditors.
The debtor or their spouse must have a steady source of income derived from consistent employment.
If the debtor is a homeowner, his mortgage payments will be considered an expense.
If the debtor's personal circumstances alter during the IVA, the Insolvency Practitioner will submit a revised offer to the creditors on the debtor's behalf.
Once creditors have consented to the terms of the Insolvency Practitioner's proposal, an IVA goes into effect. When the proposition is submitted to the creditors' vote during the creditors' meeting, it is approved. The IVA is approved if more than 75% of the creditors in value vote (in person or by proxy) in favor of the proposal. Nevertheless, if any of those voting are associates (business associates, friends, or family), a second count is conducted in which fifty percent of non-associated creditors must vote in favor of the IVA proposal for it to be approved.If the debtor's personal circumstances change, a revised proposal must be submitted to creditors for their vote and approval. After acceptance of the Individual Voluntary Agreement, all fees and interest rates are suspended.If the debtor is unable to make their monthly payments, it is highly likely that they will declare bankruptcy if new terms cannot be negotiated to continue the IVA. An IVA and bankruptcy are not mutually exclusive, however. After having been declared insolvent, a person may propose an Individual Voluntary Agreement. In addition, if an arrangement is reached after bankruptcy, the debtor may petition the court to annul the Bankruptcy Order. Then, appointing an Official Receiver to oversee the arrangement becomes conceivable. This form of agreement is known as a Fast Track Voluntary Arrangement and is only appropriate in specific circumstances.""

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