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Information on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy That Can Save You Money

Information on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy That Can Save You Money
"Despite the fact that some economists and government officials are beginning to declare the end of the recession that began more than two years ago, millions of Americans continue to experience personal economic hardship that seems to contradict these optimistic estimates. In fact, the number of personal and business bankruptcies filed in the United States in 2009 increased by thirty-two percent from the previous year, reaching nearly 1.5 million.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can save you money, provide relief from creditors, and give you the fresh start you need if you are one of the tens of millions of Americans who are still struggling to keep up with mounting debt and diminishing financial stability prospects.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the most common form of bankruptcy, can save you money while preserving the majority of your assets. Through this process, the majority of individuals find that almost all of their assets are exempt from creditors, and those few assets that are not exempt are sold by a trustee, whose proceeds are then used to pay off your various creditors in accordance with a legally defined priority standard. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to retain the majority, if not all, of your personal property.

You can save money through its system of exemptions, but you may be skeptical of the process like many Americans. In most instances, this skepticism stems from a lack of comprehension regarding the intent of Chapter 7 filings. This form of filing is intended to provide individuals - both single and married - and businesses with a fresh start. Because bankruptcy is intended to facilitate such fresh starts, the law recognizes that the process has a greater chance of success if the filer retains his or her residence, vehicle, and means of subsistence. In this case, the legal system has learned through experience that starting over with few or no assets is unlikely to result in success.

Personal income is another area where Chapter 7 bankruptcy can save you money. Once the bankruptcy procedure is initiated, you are permitted to keep all of your wages, as they are legally protected from creditors. Even your IRA and other retirement plans may be exempt if their total value is less than one million dollars. While you save overall, it is important to note that certain types of debt, including alimony and child support, various liens and taxes, and student loans, are not dischargeable in this form of bankruptcy.

It is equally essential to recognize that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not imply a free fresh start. It can take years to restore your credit and overall financial reputation after filing for bankruptcy. However, if you have exhausted all other options to restructure and discharge your outstanding debts and continue to sink deeper into financial chaos, it is comforting to know that Chapter 7 bankruptcy can save you money and allow you to start over with the majority of your current assets.""

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