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Informed individuals can easily turn lemons into lemonade in the face of bankruptcy and credit card debt.

Informed individuals can easily turn lemons into lemonade in the face of bankruptcy and credit card debt.
"""Many casualties of the Great Depression are unsure of what to do when faced with the possibility of bankruptcy and credit card debt. Both are detrimental to your financial well-being, so the best course of action is to do the inconceivable and turn this entire rotten mess into a refreshing glass of lemonade or fine wine, whichever you prefer.

Bankruptcy is a wonderful way to eliminate credit card debts, but it leaves a terrible taste in your mouth and casts a long-lasting shadow over your financial life. Because you have been reduced to a financial misfit and shunned by society, potential employers and banks may not even allow you to establish a bank account.

Massive credit card debt can have the same effect on your life as if lowly debt collectors dragged you out of your financial coffin and began meticulously probing you for gold teeth, ear rings, empty wallets, or anything of value you may have left to support their vulture lifestyle, including ripping out your financial heart.

Yes, it appears you're in a major financial disaster, but don't forget this: if you're feeling like a pile of financial compost, you're just preparing for a new life and a fresh start. You only need sugar to make lemonade or to remove your shoes and prepare for some old-fashioned barefoot grape crushing, which will leave bankruptcy attorneys and collectors with an uncertain financial future.

If you eradicate card companies and debt collectors through natural means, there will be no reason to declare bankruptcy for credit card debt. If you can watch a cartoon, you can surely return to a time of financial purity, such as when you sold lemonade for five cents per glass.

Yes, you undoubtedly believe it is impossible for a cartoon to perform a miracle in your life. However, if you search your favorite search engine for ""FTC debt video"" and watch the cartoon multiple times, you may begin to believe in miracles!

Your query is, if eliminating credit card debt is so simple, why doesn't everyone do it? Here is the response to your excellent query. In 1966, when credit cards were virtually nonexistent, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was drafted. In 1898, bankruptcy arose for the first time, but it did not become widespread until 1978.

In 2005, banking lobbyists paid politicians to change the law so that you are forced to continue paying your credit card debt. However, the banking industry completely ignored the FTC law.

Therefore, until bankers pay politicians to modify the 1966 FTC law to exclude credit card debt, it is unquestionably a thousand times better than filing for bankruptcy. Timing is always indispensable. Make lemonade immediately, before it is too late. Enjoy your existence and have fun!""

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