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Lightening the Emotional Load

Lightening the Emotional Load
"Filing for bankruptcy can be emotionally taxing for anyone. Largely because it is a socially or personally unpleasant circumstance. It can be distressing to continually observe unpaid bills piling up. It is aggravating when creditors call at odd hours and leave messages at every conceivable location. In light of the current economic climate and the aftermath of the recession, the number of individuals declaring bankruptcy is high and does not appear to be declining. Despite the social stigma associated with it, declaring bankruptcy may be the wisest decision you have made thus far.

One of the consequences of coping with bankruptcy is having to inform your family. It can be even more daunting if you have shielded them from the family's financial problems up until that point. You will need to deliver the news in a manner that minimizes the trauma that is often associated with it.

There is no perfect method to deliver bad news to family, but there are ways to soften the blow. Initially, if you have not already done so, include your spouse in the discussion. Many individuals conceal information from their immediate family out of humiliation. In a situation such as this, however, it is necessary to break the news to the rest of the family with caution. Having a companion by your side is beneficial. It assists in alleviating the emotional burden associated with bankruptcy.

Consult a competent bankruptcy attorney to assist you and your family in determining the optimal course of action. You must be aware that declaring bankruptcy affects one's credit rating. However, this is a transient problem. Depending on the scope of your petition, you may receive either a discharge or a satisfactory repayment plan. Inform your family of these options to help them understand that you are not on the verge of a catastrophe, but have encountered a roadblock.

Being as honest as necessary with your family is the best way to proceed. Discuss with the children and invite them to ask you questions. This will set their minds at ease. Insist on the need for a minor lifestyle adjustment and reassure them that this is only a temporary phase. With younger children, you may not encounter many problems, but with older children, you may encounter resentment and wrath. Especially if members are having difficulty adapting, family therapy would be a good idea.""

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