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Post-Bankruptcy Advice

Post-Bankruptcy Advice
"""The bankruptcy process can be an excellent debt relief tool."" However, its use should be prudent. That is to say, once you have achieved financial independence, you should take to heart the lessons you've learned along the way.

Your Financial Future

Although most bankruptcies are not caused solely by frivolous spending, the reality is that many of us could benefit from assistance in learning to better manage our finances. In fact, having adequate savings and a budget can prevent debt issues during times of financial hardship. The training acquired in a credit counseling course is one of the most valuable aspects of the bankruptcy process. Once your debts are eliminated, it is your responsibility to put these skills to use.

Create a budget after evaluating your necessary expenses. It is essential that your budget account for all spending categories, including entertainment, food, and apparel. If you do not establish a budget for things like dining out, purchasing Starbucks, and going to the movies, it will be simple to overspend in these small areas. You should also include a category for any current or prospective debt accounts in your budget. These payments are, after all, an essential expense.

Secondly, increase your savings. The majority of individuals have less than $5,000 in their savings accounts. When the unexpected occurs, this amount is never sufficient to cover expenses. A decent rule of thumb is to have at least three to six months' worth of essential living expenses saved. This buffer can prevent you from missing payments or starving while you work to resolve your financial difficulties.

Once you have developed more effective money management skills, it may be appropriate to apply for new credit. However, credit should now be utilized as a tool for reestablishing a positive credit history, not for spending convenience. Knowing the difference between good debt and poor debt is crucial. Good debt is debt that benefits you by improving your credit score. This can be accomplished by maintaining your balance below 40 percent of your available credit. Carrying a balance of greater than 40 percent can be detrimental to your credit score, thereby hindering your post-bankruptcy objectives. After bankruptcy, timely payments and credit game perseverance are also essential to your financial success. Do not take out numerous credit lines until you have successfully maintained payments on at least one or two lines for six to twelve months.""

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