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Why You Should Consider Bankruptcy Alternatives

Why You Should Consider Bankruptcy Alternatives
"""According to a preliminary report by the administrative office of the United States courts, a number of Americans """"climbed"""" the bankruptcy ladder in September 2007. The September report marks a new high point in the law's post-reform era. It brings to mind the words of a former U.S. senator, who once stated, """"America is in the midst of a bankruptcy crisis."" Today, this is the actuality. The question is therefore not why do they declare bankruptcy. That would not only fail to address the issue, but would also leave some individuals more despondent and resigned to failure. The query should be what alternatives and substitutes are available. Exists any of these? Indeed there is! There are alternatives, and they are readily accessible to anyone who desires them. At this juncture, it is sufficient to note that this article in no way constitutes legal advice. Consequently, you pursue a substitute.

Bankruptcy does not eradicate all debt.

It is no longer ""business as usual,"" but if you embrace the negotiation strategy, you can reduce your debt by 60%. Prior to October 2005, the process was relatively simple, quick, and a person could readily discharge his debt obligations. ""Get out of debt quickly and easily"" was the slogan in attorney advertisements. However, the reformed law placed a heavy emphasis on paying back creditors. Thus, in the most common type of bankruptcy (chapter 7) you may be required to surrender valuable items to the court for the benefit of your creditors. Other non-exempt items include bank accounts, jewelry, recreational boats, stock investments, and so on.

A professional debt negotiator is strongly recommended for the insolvent to avoid this outcome. And, if you qualify for these benefits, your debt could be reduced by up to 60% in no time. This negotiator confers with your creditors and presents them with a repayment plan based on the percentage they are willing to reduce. The majority of creditors embrace this strategy because they understand that if you declare bankruptcy, they may lose everything you owe them. In addition, when a consumer declares bankruptcy, creditors can only collect amounts owed to them at an added cost. In the majority of instances, they will need to employ a variety of collection techniques and spend a portion of the amount owed on legal fees. Therefore, creditors with foresight always embrace negotiation. Through this method, they can collect the remaining item without incurring any additional fees.

One reason you should hire debt negotiators instead of doing it yourself is that debt negotiators frequently represent thousands of consumers whose combined debt exceeds billions of dollars. Due to this, creditors consistently find their proposal irresistible. They are well aware of how much they can recover by granting the request of the negotiator. Thus, you can legally discharge your debt through negotiation. No loan, no personal bankruptcy!

A bankruptcy may follow you throughout your existence.

It may permanently tarnish your financial profiles, which is another reason why you should pursue an alternative. When applying for credit, are you not frequently asked if you have ever filed bankruptcy? Why do they inquire? How would you respond? Can you possibly avoid the truth by providing the incorrect response? Be cautious! That would be a federal offense of the highest severity. In reality, bankruptcy will damage your finances because it has a long-lasting effect on your credit rating. In some instances, erasure could take up to two decades.

Alternatives to individual bankruptcy are the greatest option, according to all available data. Are you confident that if you are declared insolvent today, you will not be in the same situation tomorrow? How many times do you believe it is possible to declare bankruptcy in a lifetime? In addition to the fact that United States law supports bankruptcy, it has grave consequences for others. It also requires moral rectitude. Why? At the time of purchase, application for a mortgage loan, application for a vehicle loan, and application for credit cards, the general consensus is that I will pay. It goes without saying that this is a personal opinion and not a generalization. The moral obligation to repay one's debts is the most important reason why one should pursue means to do so. This is my clearest justification. What do you think? Seeking alternatives to it demonstrates honesty, fidelity, and affection.""

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