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How to speed-up Globe Wireless Internet the fastest way?...

Globe offers different wireless internet services such as Tattoo Sonic, Tatto 4G Flash, Tattoo 4G Superstick, Tattoo Wimax, Tatto DSL, and among others. If you are a subscriber of these wireless services offered by Globe, you might encounter recurring internet connection problems, slow or run-and-stop internet connection. You might pay Globe's 1mpbs internet speed but what you get is only 100kbps to 500kpbs. You don't get the kind of service that you pay for. In other words, wireless internet connections can freak you up. That's fairly normal for wireless internet connections even with other telecom companies such as SMART or SUN.
Speed up your Globe wireless internet connection

To calm you down with your disgust in Globe's or others' wireless internet connections, let me give you the main reason why do  wireless connections are too damn slow. Wireless internet connections is slow because its data signal travels on space or air. If you have a windy environment or have tall trees surrounding your wireless internet device, you should not be surprised why your internet connection is too slow or stops frequently. Your internet signal has been blocked by these elements of nature. That's the main reason why your Globe wireless internet connection freaks you out.

So, you might want to ask, "How can I speed-up my Globe Wireless Internet the fastest way?" or "How can I make the speed of my internet connection stable?". Here's a very simple solution of your problem:


Why do you need Globe's wired internet connection? Because wired internet connection is more stable and has faster speed than the wireless internet connection. In wired internet connection, data signals travel through wires or cables directly to your modem. You will be more satisfied with Globe's wired internet connection (fast and stable) unless rats gnawed or bit your wires.

Satisfy your internet experience with Globes' wired internet connection. It brings more value of your money. You get what you pay for!

Are you currently experiencing slow internet speed with Globe? What are your ways in speeding-up your internet speed?

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Crahay Lucien [Entry]

I get both connection fix line and wireless from globe but both are the same trouble loose os internet connection each 30 or 40 minutes! Customers services very bad only apologize from 5 years and in my area NO CHOICE as major providers have shared the distribution in Cebu Island to fix prices without concurence! Specialy in Remote place
Marc [Entry]

and i thought this was something of help for wireless users. -,-
Very3x slow globe! [Entry]

We pay 2mbps but is very very slow ... Globe is a liar dont ever do connect in globe guys !! im warning you, dont waste your money ...
JSbilat [Entry]

Globe really piss me off, come on guys stop using globe it only make your head f*** up, every day the internet crash plus I plan for 1mb but WTF! download speed is 30kbs?? globe are you f*** gay? in PLDT 1mb=100kbs, f*** off globe owner your only s*** your f*** d***, why don't you go home and k*** your grandma
neajdor [Entry]

I aagree the shittest advice of all the advice we've seen we need some actions .... you want us to fuck off the wireless connections.
urfli [Entry]

You know, this is the shi***ttiest advised i ever found in the net. I was expecting that you will give us some alternative advise on how to improve our speed like improvising an antenna or some changes of settings. But you gave us an advertisement.Its just like saying that we wasted our money for buying wireless connections.