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uCoz: My Best Website Builder

As a newbie, searching for ways on how to build a website was not easy. I invested a lot of research on how to create a website, where to get a domain, how to develop a website and how to promote it. I did a lot of tests. I tried using those popular website builders available in the internet. Some of them are:
  • blogspot.com
  • wordpress.com
  • webs.com
  • weebly.com
  • wix.com
  • sites.google.com
  • and other not so popular website builders...
I found out that among these top website builders, only one stands out as the best and the easiest website builder. It's uCoz. Why? Let me share to you my story.

In the Beginning

In early 2010, I didn't know how to create a website. I also didn't know HTML, CSS, Javascript and other website codes. Before I became a dedicated web developer, I was like a nomad - wandering from website builder to website builder. After I used one website builder, I jumped to another website builder. I tried so many website builders but I wasn't satisfied using them. I'm still searching for a better one.

One day, I encountered using uCoz. I couldn't forget my first impression in using it. The first time I logged-in to the Control Panel of my first uCoz website, I was so happy. I saw a lot of modules and great features.

uCoz Site Modules

Site modules are different sections of a uCoz website that have unique functions. Each can be customized according to your need.

uCoz site modules
This is a screenshot inside the Control Panel of a uCoz website.

Name it, uCoz has it all. I did some tests to all this modules. I tried them all and it fascinated me how uCoz built a complete package of services that a new web developer needed.

When I want to create a classified ads, I can use its Ad Board module. If I want to create a blog, I can use its Publisher or Blog module. And if I want to create a file directory, I can use the File Catalog module.

Here are my own highlights of how each module works:
  1. Users. This is where I manage my site users/members. I can send emails and private messages to selected or to all my subscribers. I can create groups and site permissions from each group where members of a certain group have exclusive privileges than other group. There are more other features with this module I enjoy.
  2. Page Editor. This is the basic page creator where I can create certain pages such as Site Info, About Us, Contact Us, etc.
  3. Site News. I can create news update of the site here.
  4. Forum. Like any other forum, this where my site members communicate.
  5. Publisher. I recommend this for bloggers. This is where I can create blogs or articles.
  6. File Catalog. Want to create downloadable files (games, movies, softwares, music, ebooks, etc.)? You can create those stuff with this module.
  7. Site Catalog. Want to create a website directory? You can use this module.
  8. Ad Board. You can use this for making a Classified Ads website.
  9. Blog. I also recommend this for blogging.
  10. Photo Albums. You can create a wondeful photo gallery with this module.
  11. Online Games. Do you love online games? Use this module to fully entertain your young users.
  12. Guestbook. Let your site guests say something with this module.
  13. FAQ. For creating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), this module can help you.
  14. Site Search. Search anything in the website by using this module. You can customized it by searching in only one module or in all modules of the website.
  15. Tests. Questions and quizzes can make users more engaged or active. This module can do that.
  16. Tag Board. Also called chat box where you can chat instantly with other site users.
  17. Email Forms. Excellent module for receiving emails from site users.
  18. Web Polls.  Want to vote for someone or something? This module can work for you.
  19. Statistics. This is where I always monitor my site traffic, keywords used by my site users in searching from search engines. This is a fantastic way to monitor the growth of my website.
  20. E-shop. Want to sell online automatically through online payment gateways such as Paypal? This module can serve you.
  21. Video. This a newly created module in uCoz. This module is recommended for making a video gallery. You can upload or embed videos.
Each module have other great features that I haven't told. Space is not enough to tell all of them. I activated and used all these modules. So, I get more than I pay for if I compare uCoz to other website builders out there.

I saw their collection of cool website templates. They're awesome. You can even customized these templates to your own desire.

You can even create your own website templates. Here are my top 3 uCoz websites I like:


uCoz website 1


uCoz website 2


uCoz website 3


Cost and Features of uCoz Basic Package

And when I saw the prices of their services, WOW! Unbelievable! Very affordable. You can even get your own domain for free from uCoz Basic Package worth only $37.08 a year or $3.09 a month. Having many excellent features, modules and templates, where would you find any other website builder which offer lower than that price? Nothing. uCoz saves me a lot of money.

uCoz truly fulfilled my satisfaction. That was the time that I should stick using uCoz and nothing else. I never hesitated to buy their service through Paypal. The buying process is automatically done. For example, once you buy a one (1) year subscription and your payment is confirmed, the features and services you pay for will be automatically activated on your website. Within five minutes, you can now have your own website up and running.

Comparison of Website Builders I Used

This is my own comparison and ranking of the top website builders I used. I consider not only the cost but also the features of each. The more features, the better.

RankWebsite BuilderStart-up Cost and Main Features
(my best choice)
$37.08/year - uCoz Basic Package

This package includes:
  • 21 super-powerful website modules
  • free domain
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • +800MB disk space (it increases every time someone visits the website)
  • hosting - 99% uptime
  • Free Technical Support
  • over 200 awesome website templates
  • Upload files through FTP
  • I can extend more capabilities of my website due to its highly flexible scripts, codes and the implementation of PHP.
  • Web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, File Hosting, and PHP can be customized in uCoz. Customization of such web programming languages are very limited in other website builders.
  • A uCoz website can be accessed through mobile phones, android devices, ipads and other computer tablets.
2blogspot.com$10/year for the domain

  • only 1 website module (Publisher module)
  • has very limited features; only 500 characters per blog description and 100 blogs per account.
  • inclusive of domain (powered by Godaddy)
  • if I activate Google Adsense to my blogspot account, Google will deduct a certain amount from my total earnings.
  • Good for newbies but it gets me bored in the long-term because of very limited features.
  • I cannot set my website to greater heights.
3wordpress.com$99/year Wordpress Value Bundle

  • Publisher module
  • has Videopress (Video module)
  • free domain
  • 10GB disk space
  • $99 starting cost is super-expensive and has very limited features compared to uCoz
4webs.com$44.96/year for Starter Premium Package
  • has Site Builder that creates pages
  • 5GB bandwidth
  • 400MB disk space
  • has Photo Gallery and Online Store modules but has no excellent features compared to uCoz
5weebly.com$47.88/year for the Pro Plan and $39.95/year for the domain

  • Starting cost is super-expensive, a total of $87.83.
  • No great features compared to uCoz
6wix.com$48.96/year for the Connect Domain (Most Basic) Package

  • with domain connection
  • hosting
  • 500MB disk space
  • 500MB bandwidth
  • template
7sites.google.comFree but has very limited features:
  • no own domain registration
  • 100MB disk space
  • 1GB banwidth per day
  • cannot upload files through FTP

Developing a uCoz Website

In regards to developing a uCoz website, many of you might say, "Like any other website builder, it's difficult to create a website using uCoz especially if you have few knowledge about HTML and CSS".

I say to you, you don't need to worry a lot about HTML or CSS. Yes, it is required that you need sufficient knowledge about these website languages but you don't need to be a professional web developer to create a website in uCoz.

uCoz has a built-in WYSIWYG website editor. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. Here's a screenshot of a uCoz WYSIWYG website editor below:

uCoz wysiwyg editor

This editor really helps me a lot in developing my website. This is also where I started to learn HTML and CSS. 

uCoz has a drag and drop feature that increases the development of my website. I don't need to go to the codes. I can just drag one element of my website to its other sections.

uCoz drag and drop feature

I've been doing a lot of trial and error in learning. Only uCoz provides me the best avenue to learn website development.

Client Support from uCoz Team

I know that a newbie like me can make a lot of mistakes in creating a website. At the start, I was surprised everytime I saw my website design just broke apart. So in times like that, I went to uCoz forum (forum.ucoz.com) and seek help.

Every time I need help, they immediately do something about my problem. I didn't experience any neglect from uCoz Team in times I need their help. I love to mention Sunny and Paradox who are always there to help me and all uCoz users. I say to you that they love to help. They even help me with little custom codings and I also try to cheer them up everytime they solve my problems.

I also get help from other uCoz users such as Animorph, hell, Elliott and other users in the forum. We help each other to improve our websites and our community in uCoz.

If I got a technical problem and needs special attention, I seek help from the Technical Support Team. I can send a message to them by going to the Control Panel > Help > Technical Support.

uCoz Technical Support Team

The Future of uCoz

uCoz is constantly developing their system and adding modules that benefits its users. You can learn more of these amazing features if you use them.

With its innovative features and dedicated team, I think most people will choose uCoz to be their website builder in the near future.

Other Excellent Features of a uCoz website

Since uCoz implements the use of PHP and API, I can now make exciting scripts on my website such as:
  • using PHP script to log-in in a uCoz website through Facebook
  • using PHP script to sell site currency to pay for various services in the site
  • inserting excel spreadsheets
  • ability to add friends between site users
  • subscription to a mailing list
  • and many more...
The possibilities are endless. That's why I pick uCoz as my best website builder. And this year, uCoz celebrates its 7th year anniversary. So from the bottom of my heart, I greet uCoz Happy 7th Anniversary and to all uCoz staff!

If you want to create a website in uCoz, just click the link of the image below.

uCoz front page

What do you think of uCoz compared to other website builders?

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