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Essay: Everybody Is Special or Unique

Here's an essay about personal/individual differences entitled "Everybody Is Special" written by Katrina S. Sinconiegue.

Everybody is Special
by Katrina S. Sinconiegue

Our differences fuel the flame of life. Ignite it. Rejoice.

Twilight rushed forward, encasing the world into one dark veiled silhouette. The piercing humidity drape the pale moonlight. Dusk cut through the silence.

Deep below the heavens, lay a little girl. In her worn-out shorts and grey t-shirt, she lazed next to a middle-aged man, who I could only best describe as her father. Together, they listened to the faint whisper of the glistening crescent moon.

You must be itching to know who the little girl was. So, I'll give you a hint.

She was someone who healed my rumbling and shattered heart, only to wind up pounding it by her drastic loss. She was my friend; my goddess. She was the one who shed light to my uncertain path; the one who stood up for me, despite her defenseless. My hero, now becomes a corpse inside a streaming wooden coffin.

But I have one more stint left; one more secret left unfold. Though no matter how much you exert to flip world upside-down, you'll end up knowing the truth. The fact is that she was a special child- the hideous and painful reality. It is the absurdity of the thought that she was different from the rest of us all this time.

But know this. She patched up my broken heart. She become my ally - the only person in the world who ever leant her shoulder to me. She was my princess.

As her champion, I vowed to protect her, protect her kind. Understand them, the way she thrived to understand me because for some reason I cannot discern. I know that deep in the abyssal plains of our hearts, everybody is unique.

This is my wishful thinking. Everybody is special.

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