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Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Number

One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Sun Cellular delivers excellent mobile services to its subscribers. To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below.
To receive immediate help:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.
For Sun Postpaid Elite Plan:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 888
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8888
For Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 333
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-333
You can also reach Sun Cellular through its fax number (02) 696-7134.

Do you have any problems with your Sun Cellular subscription?

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Total comments : 339
christine mae morales   (18 January 2018 11:57 AM)
Hello Sun Cellular,
Why is it that I can't make any outgoing calls even if I still have load, I can only send and receive sms and call. What happened? Please Help. Here's my number 09438070603

shannen   (15 January 2018 1:20 AM)
Hello Sun Cellular! I have a new sim. I can receive texts but other people cannot call me. I also cannot receive my load. Here's my number, 09231790609.

Richel Racho   (12 January 2018 1:03 AM)
Please help me activate my sim card i can't recieve text and even reload my sim... Here's my number 09336100611.Thank you!

Sheryl   (09 January 2018 3:21 PM)
This is Sheryl, the sun prepaid user. I have been loading a "combo 20" with free FB data for years. But, more than a month today I've noticed that the "free data" package on your promo is no longer active? 09430576967

Daryl P.   (15 December 2017 7:26 AM)
Please help me activate my sim card i can recieve text and call but i can't call and even reload my sim... Here's my number 09438293505

Glez   (28 November 2017 3:37 PM)
Ilang days na ako nag aanatay na bumalik yung signal ko halos 3days na ako di nakakapagtxt sa customer dahil lang sa text blast ko na di pala pwede nang tuloy tuloy,Nakakalungkot kasi unli sabay di pala pwede yung ganon tska company phone to natural na may ganong mga text please paki active na po yung no ko eto09333991141

Danny L. Cong-o   (26 November 2017 3:08 PM)
requesting for activation mobile number 09257465228

ace ermita   (17 November 2017 7:52 PM)
hi i'm ace ermita a prepaid user of yours i load at 10th of november for bdata 70 send at 247 and i did receive it went thru however i received a message saying you have an outage from 10th to 15th of november so waited for it to beresolve however it's already 17th of november and i still experiencing no connectivity for internet my number is 09436238059 hope you'll response as soon as possible your hotline didin;t help at all because it keeps on asking me what's my service request number and i don't know how to get it. its been a week and i don't know when it will be resolve please give updates or resolution please thank you.

Dusty Llanos   (08 November 2017 10:06 PM)
hello Sun..kindly activate my number because it cannot be loaded and cannot access the internet also...thank you

Ronald Rey T. Turno   (31 October 2017 11:33 PM)
Please activate my number now 09325145337

EVA DEL MUNDO   (25 October 2017 2:08 PM)
good day.please activate my number 09255963854 hinde makapag out going call and text nabayaran naman ang billing.

Ailene   (23 October 2017 2:07 PM)
please activate my number.

Rhea   (17 October 2017 11:10 AM)
Activate my number plssss 09335141300

sarce   (11 October 2017 7:18 PM)
Do you have problem with your signal particularly in Talisay City, Cebu Province. Since late this afternoon I cant call or send text messages. My phone has been silent since then, have not received any calls or text messages.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

CHRIZEL   (11 October 2017 3:15 PM)
Good day!
Can you please activate my account? I cannot receive load but can receive incoming text messages and incoming call.
Thank you.

renato lisud   (28 August 2017 9:05 PM)
Please activate my sim 0923-429-3835, I use it on my card and since there is poor or no signal on our place in nasugbu batangas I was unable to load it regularly.

nemesis enforcer   (26 July 2017 1:29 PM)
Hi good afternoon mula pa kaninang umaga walang call and text ang cellphone ko ano po nangyari sa site nyo...please paki ayos naman po agad.....salamat sa hotline busy na lang lagi mapa 8000 or 8888....

medz   (26 July 2017 1:20 PM)
good day!!

Paki-ayos naman yung signal site ng prepaid and postpaid subcribers. kaninang umaga pa kami hindi makapag-text at makatwag. bakit ganyan. ? at hindi kau nag notice ns may sira site naun,

kanina pa kami natawag sa hotline ninyo pero walang sumsagot!!

thank you

Yolly   (26 July 2017 11:58 AM)
Hey!!!!!!! Please act on the problem. Since this morning, I can't call, I can't text, and this is an important transaction. Even your customer Service hot line, I'm waiting for somebody to answer my call. I've been on the phone, listening to your garbled voice message for more than an hour now. You don't even have any advise on the maintenance problem. But, when subscriber have a past due account even for only half month, you just cut lines without information. What kind of service you have now????? How can I recommend your network to my friends and relatives! Please act on this immediately.

Ma. Luisa S. Tanedo   (26 July 2017 11:49 AM)
what happen to sun network, i can't sent text messages?

aice   (26 July 2017 11:15 AM)
Please advise naman po kung may problem ang network

Lailanie Adviento   (26 July 2017 10:40 AM)

Mary Jane Tiu   (26 July 2017 9:37 AM)
Good day po!

Please let me know why my mobile data isn't working and why can't i send messages. Whenever I go to sim toolkit it says, "connection or MMI code error"? Thank you.

Gerardo O. Belen   (26 July 2017 9:36 AM)
We are experience difficulties sending text, Sun and TM location Calumpit. We are here in Calumpit Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, monitoring tropical depression Gorio and possible flooding/over flow of pampanga river we are given update to our Chairman MDRRMC for advisory, however, we cannot send text.....Thank you.

Gerald M. Lagatoc   (26 July 2017 9:19 AM)
Hi Sir/Madam,

Good day.

Could you please let me know if what will happen to sun network. I have encountered problem to my number. (09229035656).

1. I can't call to other network even in Sun.
2. I received a text but my text revert back to me and couldn't send.
3. My mobile data is not working.
4. The Sun Customer service didn't answer my call. (395-8888).
Thanks in advance I appreciated your immediate response and action.


Rachel Romero   (26 July 2017 9:08 AM)
Same here. Kaninang 6am pa ako nagtatry na makapag send ng message at call pero until now ang nalabas lang COULD NOT SEND MESSAGE TO SUNCELL ERROR 38

aice   (26 July 2017 9:05 AM)
My sim do have a signal but i cannot receive nor send texts and calls. There was also an error appearing " Can't send message with SUN error 38". I try calling my friends number for me to know if this is an error for the whole sun subscribers but their sim was working. I really needed this to be fixed.

Thank you.

eizel catabay   (26 July 2017 8:51 AM)
what happen to sun??? can't call or evenly send my messages!!!

Jay Angelo eplo   (26 July 2017 8:29 AM)
Why can't I call.. I really badly need to call for business purposes. Signal please.....

Lory   (26 July 2017 7:53 AM)
Ano po nangyari sa sun bakit hinde ako makatawag

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