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How to Unlock Your Locked SSS Account?

You might tried to log-in many times to your SSS account in www.sss.gov.ph but failed. It might be due to incorrect user id or incorrect password. You might forgot the password. After many wrong attempts, your SSS account got locked. So, you're now worried on how to unlock your locked SSS account. Here are three options you can choose:
Unlock Locked SSS Account

Option 1

The fastest way to unlock your SSS account is to go to SSS office and request for unlocking or resetting your locked SSS account. Please don't forget to bring your SSS ID or UMID. If you don't have those ID's, bring any valid ID's and a your SSS number. A valid id is required for identity verification.

Option 2

Another option is to call SSS Customer Service and request for unlocking your SSS account. Just prepare your SSS number before calling. The customer service representative will create a report for you. Please be patient when calling SSS customer service because the hotline is always busy. Keep on calling until a representative will answer your call. After they created your report, your password will be reset within 24-hours and a temporary password will be generated by the system and will be sent to your email. So, check your email regularly.

Option 3

Another way to unlock your SSS account is to email SSS Customer Service. But with this option, it may take several days before your request will be done. And you need to scan your valid ID's or your SSS ID/UMID and attach it to your email. You can send a message to the following SSS customer service email addresses: You might think, "How will I send a message to SSS email address? What message will I send?".

Here's a format or sample message you can copy that you may send to SSS email:

To: [email protected]

Subject: Request to Unlock my Locked SSS Online Account


I'm Dominador S. Dalisay. My SSS online account at sss.gov.ph has been locked due to many failed attempts. May I request to unlock or reset my account. My SSS details are:

  • Full Name: Dominador S. Dalisay
  • Birthdate: 01/04/1969
  • SSS Number: 02-1234567-8
Attached below is a scanned copy of my valid ID (any of the following: Driver's License, Voter's ID, Postal ID, SSS ID, UMID, PhilHealth ID, etc.)

I'm waiting for your immediate response.

Best regards,

Dominador S. Dalisay

Suggestions/Recommendations to SSS
  • SSS should implement a temporary (24-hour) locked-in of SSS account. After 24 hours, the locked SSS accounts should be accessible again. This is like the lock-in feature of some major banks in the Philippines. If you get locked to your online banking account today, you can log-in or access it again tomorrow. Hassle-free isn't it?
Do you like for SSS to implement an automatic 24-hour locked-in locked SSS accounts? Or do you have any other problem in logging-in or accessing your SSS online account?

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Total comments : 6
Gener   (30 June 2017 10:20 AM)

SSS Trunkline No. (632) 920-6401

melinda Eleazar   (19 June 2017 7:47 PM)
yes I agree to the recommendation of 24 hour lock in period or might as we can have like security questions, alternative email, those kinds of security methods that other social media utilize.

Ella   (31 March 2017 1:33 PM)
Thanks for the helping us. It works for me. I send thru e-mail today and they response about an hour. =)

HisFinalBlade   (29 March 2017 12:17 PM)
In less than 24 hours, they sent me an email with my new account details. Now I can access my account again! Kudos to their fast service. :) :) :)

HisFinalBlade   (28 March 2017 1:02 PM)
UPDATE for resetting the locked account

Called up their hotline and they advised to do the following:

Send email to: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]
Subject: Call Center

Request for Resetting Online Account

SSS #:
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Mother's Maiden Name:
Home Address:

Attach a scanned image of your UMID or SSS ID

Sabi sa akin, mga 1-2 days daw bago ma-reset. If after 2 days wala pa rin, just call their hotline for follow-up (920-6446 to 55). Kailangan nga lang maging persistent dahil laging busy ang number nila. Naupod nga ata yung flash and redial button sa phone ko lol. Hope this information is helpful to others. :)

Georgina Lalaine Antang   (24 February 2017 10:20 AM)
Please help me on unlocking my SSS account. Thank you!