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Philippines Top 10 Products Exports 2011


Accounting for 71.2 percent of the aggregate export revenue in the first semester of 2011, receipts from the top ten exports totaled to $17.632 billion, posting a 1.5 percent negative growth from $17.903 billion during the first semester in 2010 (Table 2).
Philippines Top Product Exports 2011

Electronic Products continued to be the top earner for the first semester of 2011 with 51.1 percent of the total exports or a decline of 10.8 percent from $14.173 billion to $12.638 billion in the first semester of 2011.

Articles of Apparel and Clothing Accessories followed with a share of 3.7 percent and an aggregate receipt of $917.00 million or 13.6 percent higher than the 2010 first semester’s value of $807.48 million.

Woodcrafts and Furniture ranked third with a share of 3.4 percent, posting an increase of 67.8 percent to $849.50 million from $506.35 million in the first semester of 2010.

Coconut oil, also with share of 3.4 percent, ranked fourth with export receipts of $848.29 million or 48.2 percent higher from the 2010 first semester value of $572.23 million.

Cathodes & Sections of Cathodes, of Refined Copper contributing 2.6 percent of the total export receipts, was the PH’s fifth top export in the first semester of 2011 with sales amounting to $634.84 million, reflecting an increase of 69.9 percent from $373.73 million during the first semester of 2010.

Rounding up the list of top ten exports for the first semester in 2011 were Ignition Wiring Sets and Other Wiring Sets Used in Vehicles, Aircrafts and Ships (consist only of electrical wiring harness for motor vehicles) with an export value of $472.65 million, down by 7.1 percent; Petroleum Products, worth $415.51 million, grew by 224.0 percent and registered the highest annual growth among the top exports; Metal Components, $375.79 million, slightly shrank by 0.7 percent; Other Products Manufactured from Materials Imported on Consignment Basis, worth $249.96 million or a decrease of 20.8 percent; and Bananas (Fresh) with proceeds billed at $230.26 million, gained by 66.2 percent from $138.55 million in the first semester of 2010.

Source:  National Statistics Office / Manila, Philippines

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