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2nd Ano Ang Kwento Mo Contest Mechanics

Here the mechanics of the 2nd Ano Ang Kwento Mo Contest.
2nd Ano ang Kwento Mo

I.    Objectives
  1. To engage teachers and students to generate local content using community mapping techniques and information and communication technology OCT).
  2. To promote ICT integration in basic education through curriculum-based topic categories, and to encourage teachers and students to use local content in curriculum applications
  3. To develop students' skills in research, writing, leadership, teamwork, and technology.
  4. To encourage schools to build relationships with other schools and groups within their local communities, and to rouse students' community awareness

II.    Eligibility
  • Ano ang Kwento Mo is open to bonafide teachers and students from ALL public and private secondary schools nationwide.
  • A school may register and complete as many entries as preferred, provided each entry is qualified under any of the contest topic categories (see section V).
*For SSP Partners and Online Associates (secondary schools), they are required to submit at least one (1) contest entry to either Ano ang Kwento Mo or Learning Challenge. Participating schools shall be awarded points for School Mo Panalo. Points system is as follows:

Submission of at least one (1) valid contest entry
School with at least one (1) shortlisted entry
School with at least one (1) entry which qualified as finalist
DVD Player with educational DVDs
  • Points are non-cumulative so the points for the highest position will be awarded.
  • Points shall be awarded per school, not per school team. Points received will not depend on the number of entries. (Ex. If your school have more than one (1) shortlisted entry, your school gets a total of 20 points only.)

III. DPSA School Team
A. "Doon Po Sa Amin" (DPSA) School Team
A DPSA School Team is composed of:
  1. Adviser- may be a School Head (Principal, Asst. Principal, school administration official) or a Head Teacher who will provide guidance and practical assistance to the DPSA School Team
  2. Moderator- may be a member of the school faculty or an SSP ICT Coordinator who will provide community mapping and DPSA trainings to the DPSA School Team. Moderator will register the DPSA School Team in the DPSA Contest. Only one moderator is allowed per team
  3. Teacher Coach/es - a bona fide full-time subject teacher who will provide administration, management, and facilitation of the activities/assignments/tasks of the members of the school team. A maximum of three (3) teacher coaches are allowed per team.
B.    A school team may submit more than one (1) entry.

C.    The video collection may be in the form of any of the following:
  • Demonstration video
  • Documentary
  • Short film/movie
  • Animated film

Topic: Popular native dish

Video collection
  1. A video clip showing how the native dish is prepared (demonstration video)
  2. A video clip showing the Student Group conducting an interview with the local chef (documentary video)
  3. A video clip showing the locals and visitors while they eat the native dish (documentary)
  4. A short film produced by the student group that reenacts the history of the native dish (Short film/movie)
  5. An animation showing the nutritional values of the native dish (Animated film)
*For reference, you may view last year's Ano ang Kwento Mo entries in Doon Po Sa Amin website (www.doonposaamin.ph). Select "Smart Reveals Winners of 2010 DPSA Contests" under the "news" tab or go to: http://www.doonposaamin.ph/news/2010DPSAAwardees.htm.

V. Topic Categories

A Student Group, headed by its Teacher Coach, can submit an entry/entries from any of the following categories:
1.    Arts and Culture
Showcase your community's arts, crafts, traditions, myths, folklore, and customs.
2.    History and Society
Where did your town get its name and what are the major historical events in your city? Who are the famous people in your locality? Feature your town's rich history and/or social development.
3.    Travel and Cuisine
Be a virtual travel ambassador and present the must-see places and must-try native delicacies in your place.
4.    Environment and Disaster Preparedness
What is the most disastrous calamity that hit your community? Which place in your town or province has the greenest surrounding? What are the natural resources from which your community benefits?
X. Awards and Prizes

Major Awards
Grand Champion (1)
PhP30,000 for student group

Best in Category (4)
PhP10,000 for student group
Minor Awards
Best in Video Blog Site Design and Layout
PhP5,000 for student group

Best in Team Collaboration
PhP5,000 for student

Best in ICT integration
PhP5,000 for student group

Best in Community Involvement
PhP5,000 for student group

XI.    Reminders
Schools that will be joining more than one DPSA contest should not use the same subject/topic for their contest entries. If a school still submits entries of similar topic to more than one DPSA contest, only one entry will be accepted.
XII.   Communications

For more information/inquiries, you may reach us at:

Doon Po Sa Amin / Smart Schools Program Team
PSDC Building, Magallanes corner Real Streets, 1002 Intramuros, Manila

Website: www.doonposaamin.ph
Email: avj.javier@gmail.com; cc: smartschools@smart.com.ph
Phone: (+632) 527-7749
Mobile: 0920-9181371
Fax: (+632) 527-3743


In behalf of the school, I hereby endorse the abovementioned Student Groups and entries for the Doon Po Sa Amin "Ano ang Kwento Mo" Contest and certify that the members of the School Team are bona fide teachers and students of the school.

Name of Principal           


Date Signed               

Form accomplished by:

Signature over Printed Name


Date Accomplished

Date Submitted

Note: Should any member of the School Team (Adviser/Moderator/Coach/Student) withdraw his/her participation on the contest and/or should any Focus Study/Story be discontinued for whatever reason, please immediately notify the Smart Schools Program to update your school's registration. Thank you.

Please send the completed forms on or before August 30, 2011 via fax, email, or post to:

Doon Po Sa Amin / Smart Schools Program Secretariat
PSDC Building, Magallanes corner Real Streets, 1002 Intramuros, Manila

Website: www.doonposaamin.ph
Email: avj.javier@gmail.com; cc: smartschools@smart.com.ph Phone: (+632) 527-7749
Mobile: 0920-9181371
Fax: (+632) 527-3743

Please notify us via email or phone if any form has been faxed or sent via post/courier.

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