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NQESH 2013 Results

The Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) announces the Results of the 2012 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) which was simultaneously administered across the country on January 20, 2013.

NQESH 2013 Results

The Department of Education (DepEd) extends its congratulations to the following Top Ten placers (List of Top 10 Passers of Principal Exam):

 NameRegionPercentile Rank 
 Judith D. BacligII  99.99
 William Roderick R. FallorinIII 99.97
 Ma. Criselda G. Ocang I 99.94
 Rogelio P. De Guzman I 99.92
 Elvis M. Nacional I 99.92
 Nerissa R. Lomeda NCR 99.92
 Rommel O. Casabar I 99.90
 Lani F. Anito XII 99.90
 Carina C. Untalasco I 99.85
 Mary Grace A. Flores I 99.82
 Bernardo Cristino P. Altamira IV-A 99.82

The Cut-Off score of the 2012 NQESH is placed at Percentile 90 based on the total standard scores obtained by the examinees in all performance domains covered by the examination.

How many have passed the 2012 NQESH Exam?

Of the total 14,567 test takers in the 2012 NQESH, a total of 1,454 examinees met the Cut-Off score of Percentile 90.

The results contains the following information:
  1. Complete name of the examinee;
  2. Region;
  3. Raw score;
  4. Standard score;
  5. Total raw and standard scores; and
  6. Percentile rank

Complete List of NQESH Passers 2013

Below is the list of all examinees of all regions and their results. Take note of the OVERALL and PR column. Only those who got the score of 90 (Percentile Rank or PR) and above have passed the exam. And on the last column of the table is the region. Be sure to see which region you belong for easier search. Just browse the horizontal and vertical scrollbars for navigation.

To all passers, CONGRATULATIONS! It seems that you may like this video below:

The 2012 NQESH contained a total of 270 items which were equitably spread across the nine performance domains of school heads, to include:
  1. School Leadership;
  2. Instructional Leadership;
  3. Creating a Student-Centered Learning Climate;
  4. Professional Human Resource Development;
  5. Parent Involvement and Building Community;
  6. School Management and Daily Operations;
  7. Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity;
  8. English Language Proficiency; and
  9. Reading Comprehension.
Requests for re-checking of examination papers shall not be entertained.

Moreover, applications for additional points attributable to the Veteran's Value Point Privilege for daughters and sons of duly recognized war veterans shall not apply.

For further inquiries, all concerned may contact Mr. Antonio G. Ordovez, Jr., National Project Manager, National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP), DepEd Central Office at telephone no.: (02) 635-4796 or Ms. Lolet Escandor, Regional Coordinator at telephone nos.: (02) 633-9455 or (02) 635-4796.

Congratulations to all NQESH Passers!

Are you one of the passers? How do you feel that you've passed the exam?

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VALUELINE MKTG. CORP.   (23 December 2013 5:36 PM) [Entry]

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ICTU MARAWI   (20 September 2013 12:33 PM) [Entry]

Good Afternoon,

Where can we get the application form for the NQUESH Exam this coming November 2013. Our teachers are all interested to attend. Thanks and more power.
king   (19 September 2013 10:32 PM) [Entry]

New Review Schedule Details for Principal's Test:

Makati City:
Starts on September 21, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Makati City DepEd Division Office

Metro Manila:
Starts on October 12, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Quezon City (Still Looking for a place for final venue)

Tagbilaran Bohol:
Starts on September 28, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Arabelle Suites Hotel @ New Calceta, Upper Cogon, Tagbilaran City

Pangasinan 2nd Batch:
Starts on October 5, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Ariel & Fe Resort & Restaurant @ Brgy. Tambac, Bayambang Pangasinan

for more details, please contact:

Nielke "king" A. Garcia
Proprietor / Manager
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VAL JOVERO   (04 September 2013 12:50 PM) [Entry]

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ramela   (25 June 2013 3:54 PM) [Entry]

I am a sped teacher for 5 years.do I have the chance to take neap exam?is there any neap guidelines for sped teacher who would qualify to take the exam?
norm   (20 April 2013 8:57 AM) [Entry]

wer po mkita ang result ng ARMM?
jirehshek   (03 April 2013 10:23 PM) [Entry]

no wonder hindi pumasa ung mga nagsasabing mataas ang passing score at unreachable kasi simple statistics hindi nila maintindihan...percentile rank po ang pinaguusapan dito...kaya top 10% lang ang kinukuha as qualifier. kung maraming magagaling na kumuha ng test sa batch chances are hindi makuluha ang mababa ang score. but even if your score is low basta low din ang karamihan, you can still qualify if you belong to the top 10%...gets nyo? kaya sa susunod na test isama nyo na sa prayer nyo na hindi gaanong magagaling ang kukuha ng test para malaki pa ang chance mo
regina d. sarmiento   (01 April 2013 4:09 PM) [Entry]

Sir edgar vicente. Based on what i've read, ONly 1454 passed the test. Test takers nationwide is 14,567.
regina d. sarmiento   (01 April 2013 4:07 PM) [Entry]

God's plan is really the best. He has His own time table. This is one of His many ways of teaching us to become patient. Thanks God.
philip   (01 April 2013 3:57 PM) [Entry]

I didnt make it..but i would like to CONGRATULATE everyone who made it!...
Carlson L. Maquiling   (31 March 2013 1:00 PM) [Entry]

Thanks GOD! I passed it. Glory to God in the highest....Thy will be done...!
odessapukias   (30 March 2013 3:17 PM) [Entry]

kindly send me also the result of the nqesh. Thanks po. Di ko mpo adown load.
admin   (30 March 2013 3:28 PM) [Entry]

odessapukias, there's a download link below the file. Just click that link. And tell me if the link is broken or working.
Carmen Langamin   (29 March 2013 9:35 AM) [Entry]

JAMES BONGCAWIL   (28 March 2013 12:02 PM) [Entry]

hajar usman   (28 March 2013 11:09 AM) [Entry]

what about the nquesh passers result for ARMM, 2012?
glenn   (28 March 2013 8:27 AM) [Entry]

I did it! Thanks God
Congratulations to other passers...
Eduardo isles   (28 March 2013 7:02 AM) [Entry]

nasaan po ang complete resulot ng 2013 nqesh and neap sa region IV a pakisend po
admin   (28 March 2013 7:39 AM) [Entry]

Eduardo Isles, just browse the pages in the above article. The Region IV results starts from page 109.
Emerzen L.Echavez   (27 March 2013 9:15 PM) [Entry]

Thank you so much Lord for this blessing. I didn't expect I could pass this test. But thy will be done!
virginia relucio taberna   (27 March 2013 7:08 PM) [Entry]

Thanks GOD! I passed the exam!
John   (27 March 2013 3:24 PM) [Entry]

Does that mean all the names on the list passed the exam???
admin   (27 March 2013 5:17 PM) [Entry]

John, no. Only those who got the score of 90 (Percentile Rank or PR) and above have passed the exam.
admin   (27 March 2013 2:49 PM) [Entry]

Results has now been officially published and released!
james   (27 March 2013 2:18 PM) [Entry]

San po ba makikita ung results? hindi ako inip, pero erpat ko inip na inip na
admin   (27 March 2013 2:35 PM) [Entry]

james, results will be posted in the above article. Please be patient and wait for the file to be finished and completed.
jaimelita b. hernandez   (27 March 2013 1:49 PM) [Entry]

pede po b pakisend s email add ko result ng 2013 qualifying exam. thanks po
Kenji Espanol   (27 March 2013 1:37 PM) [Entry]

can you send me the full list of the passers? asap? thanx a lot :)
Joseph M. Padua   (27 March 2013 1:32 PM) [Entry]

please send in my e-mail the complete list of examinee who passed the NQESH 2012. thanks
Darwin J. Mangunay   (27 March 2013 11:54 AM) [Entry]

Congratulations to the passers
rogelio c. drapiza   (27 March 2013 11:48 AM) [Entry]

puwede po ba malaman kung nakapasa ako, pki send naman ako ng complete list
edgar vicente   (27 March 2013 11:02 AM) [Entry]

Kindly send me the result of the exam, thanks. I'm h
oping that i'm one of the 14,567 who passed the test.
edgar p. navarro   (27 March 2013 10:17 AM) [Entry]

Hope na ako ang isa sa mga nakapasa this NQESH 2012....
edgar p. navarro   (27 March 2013 10:14 AM) [Entry]

Good Morning!!!! Please send me an email about the result of the 2012 NQESH results, Thanks!!!!!
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