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Policies & Guidelines for the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education at the Basic Education Level 2012-2013 (3)...

This is the continuation (Part 3) of Policies & Guidelines for the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education at the Basic Education Level 2012-2013.



A. Falsification of data or information in any of the program forms and related attachments

B. Padding and/or inclusion of "ghost students" in the list of grantees. This refers to the following:
1. Grantees listed as being enrolled in a specific school campus or unit but who are actually attending classes in a different school campus or unit

2. Grantees listed as "enrolled" but who have not been attending classes on or before June 30

3. Grantees double-listed under the ESC program

C. Charging grantees in excess of the school's tuition and other standard and non-standard fees

D. Non-reimbursement or undue delay in the reimbursement of tuition and other fees advanced by grantees after the school has been paid by DepEd

E. A dropout rate of more than 7% of total grantees in a given school year except for reasons due to force majeure (e.g. calamities, armed conflict)

F. Refusal to release transfer credentials to grantees who opt to transfer to other schools

G. Requiring transferring grantees to pay for unattended school years

H. Schools with unresolved ownership disputes filed in court.

I. Schools unduly withholding TSS payments to qualified licensed teachers
Schools found to be in violation of any of the above, by among others, the monitoring activities of DepEd and field audits of FAPE, shall be reported to the RPCom for investigation and the levying of appropriate sanctions that may include the filing of charges against responsible school officials. A report on the violations and action taken by the RPCom shall be furnished the DepEd and FAPE Central Offices.

A. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF DepEd. In general, the DepEd Central Office shall ensure the smooth and efficient implementation of the program through the following:

1. Prescribe the necessary policies and directives for ESC and TSS programs to its field offices and other parties concerned

2. Determine the grant requirements of the Program, and ensure that the annual, as well as long-term funding requirements are provided for in DepEd's annual budget

3. Expedite the payments to participating ESC schools with complete billing documents, including payments due FAPE

4. Conduct monitoring and evaluation activities and report to appropriate authorities, the performance of the program and of the program stakeholders, e.g., FAPE, the participating private schools, and the DepEd field units, including other concerns

5. Provide FAPE with access to data, documents and other information that are pertinent to the program, such as the status reports on the release of grants to participating schools, and the BETS

6. Organize a quality management team at the Division level chaired by the Superintendent, that shall assist participating schools monitor their performance, and be accountable for participating schools' compliance with program policies and guidelines

7. Organize at the regional level the Regional Program Committee (RPCom) whose functions shall be as follows:

a. Oversee public and private participating secondary schools' compliance with the general guidelines and policies of the GASTPE Program.

b. Review, compile, sign and forward schools' Billing Statements to FAPE in Manila.

c. Resolve problems that may occur and recommend measures to improve the implementation of the program.

8. The composition of the RPCom shall be as follows:

a. DepEd Regional Director as Chair

b. FAPE Regional Program Director as Co-Chair

c. One Division Schools Superintendent as Member representing the Divisions in the region

d. DepEd Regional Chief of Secondary Education as Member

e. DepEd Regional Planning Officer as Member

f. FAPE Regional Program Coordinator as Member
B. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES OF FAPE. In general, FAPE shall have the following responsibilities upon DepEd's instructions:

1. Conduct orientation conferences on program policies, guidelines, procedures, etc. for the RPCom, the Division Offices concerned, participating schools, and other concerned entities and individuals.

2. Conduct continuous certification of ESC participating schools as quality assurance of service providers.

3. Evaluate and process the program forms of each participating school, including the required supporting documents, in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the program.

4. Submit to DepEd the processed ESC forms and supporting documents, for processing of payment.

5. Formulate, manage and conduct teacher and administrator training programs in accordance with DepEd's training priorities to support and ensure the delivery of quality educational services by participating private schools.

6. Undertake research and evaluation studies on the program in accordance with DepEd's research agenda.

7. Undertake, in aid of policy recommendation and standard setting, field audits of participating private schools to validate the veracity of information contained in the program forms and supporting documents submitted for processing by FAPE that serve as basis for payment of individual school grants. Recommendations on appropriate action regarding violations of program policies are expected to be made.

8. Maintain a database in accordance with the program requirements, as well as provide DepEd complete data on the ESC program.

9. Submit to DepEd program reports on a quarterly basis, or as often as necessary, including annual reports and liquidation of expenses incurred in the conduct of teacher and administrator trainings and research and evaluation program.

C. To assist FAPE in the discharge of its functions, the FAPE Regional Program Director assisted by a Regional Program Coordinator shall be engaged to provide technical and administrative support in the overall management of the programs at the regional and school levels.

1. The FAPE Regional Program Director is expected to address/respond to the specific needs of participating schools in their mission of improving student learning. The functions of the FAPE Regional Program Director shall be as follows:

a. Manage the day-to-day implementation of the programs in accordance with Program Guidelines and coordinate its efforts with members of the Regional Program Committee (RPCom).

b. Provide advisory, guidance and assistance to the participating schools in the
proper accomplishment of Program Forms and supporting documents

c. Receive and undertake first level review of the completeness and accuracy of
the documents submitted by the participating schools.

d. Forward to FAPE in Manila the completed Program Forms after signing of the schools' billing statements by the RPCom.

e. Assess participating schools' compliance with Program Implementing Guidelines and Procedures; verify existence of grantees through field audits of schools undertaken jointly with the RPCom; and report to the RPCom violations found for appropriate action.

f. Submit field audit and program implementation reports to the FAPE National Secretariat and the RPCom.

g. Based on the specific needs of school administrators, teachers, and grantees in the region, the FAPE National Secretariat, through its Regional Program Coordinators, shall organize workshops, training programs, and coaching and mentoring activities.


1. Inquiries regarding GASTPE at the DepEd may be sent to the following contact numbers and addresses:

Office of Planning Service 
Telephone Number: (02) 633-7216 and 638-8634 
Email Address: ppdopsdeped@gmail.com

Bureau of Secondary Education 
Telephone Number: (02) 633-7242 and 636-5173 
Email Address: lolitaandrada@yahoo.com

Accounting Division
Telephone Number: (02) 633-7961 and 633-7233
Email Address: ma.teresa.guledew@gmail.com

2. The FAPE may be reached at the following contact numbers and address:

Fund for Assistance to Private Education (Central Office - Makati) 
Telephone Number: (02) 892-1466 and 894-2475
Website: www.peac-fape.org.ph

Policies & Guidelines for the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education at the Basic Education Level 2012-2013 (Part 1)


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