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How Google Ranks My Latest Article Post

I've posted a latest article here entitled "Dolphy Burial Live Streaming Video". I created this article due to the rising demand of searching the latest updates about Dolphy. Dolphy is a veteran actor and "King of Comedy" in the Philippines. He died on July 10, 2012 and scheduled for burial today. That was why a lot of people were searching for latest updates about his burial. An hour after writing the article, I searched "Dolphy" in Google because I wanted to know how Google ranks my latest article post. And this was what I discovered about Google that made me more in love with it.
Take note: Dolphy is a very competitive word in Google and Dolphy as a person is very popular. There are about 6.1 million results if you search "Dolphy" in Google. Given these facts, it's very hard to rank in the first page of Google with that word.

But I was surprised to what I discovered. When I searched "Dolphy" in Google, my "Dolphy Burial Live Streaming Video" article ranked at the 3rd position of the first page. See pictures below:

How Google Ranks My Latest Article Post

Did you see the Dolphy Burial Live Streaming Video above? I couldn't believe how my latest article post ranked in the first page of Google. Obviously, Wikipedia articles actually ranked in the first and second position. We cannot deny the fact that Wikipedia is a more reliable and the most-sought reference in the internet.

In this case, Google actually gives you the freshest information you want. Every minute and every second, Google bots crawls and scouring the web to find the latest information about the term you are searching. This is very evident when I searched "Dolphy" again in Google. My Dolphy Burial Live Streaming Video article didn't rank in the first page of Google anymore. See the snapshot below:

How Google Ranks My Article Post 2

You can see in the Google results, the "Dolphy laid to rest" article created by coolbuster.net replaced my article's position. If you search "Dolphy" in Google right now, you can find a different result. Google ranks Wikipedia so well and will show you the latest and relevant results in the 3rd position and above.

As what Google does, it will give you the freshest info about the term you've search.

Do you love Google as a search engine? How are your articles rank in the first page of Google?

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