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What are the Biggest Transitions in a Person's Life?

Life brings us a lot of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are positive and other times, these are negative. They both give huge impact in our lives that motivates us or depresses us in life.

Whatever life brings you, you should make yourself strong, persistent, and have a positive and upward outlook in life. We only live once. Enjoy each moment come what may.

I've collected here and personally created some of the biggest transitions of a person's life. Most of these transitions can be found nowhere in the internet. These are based on my readings and life experiences.

I hope you will gain more insights and lessons in life as you face each major transitions in life.
Biggest Transitions in Person's Life
  1. Your parents are separated when you are young
  2. Family transfers home
  3. You are separated from parents at a young age.
  4. Your mother or father getting an affair o being married with another partner.
  5. Serious Health Issues
  6. Accidents
  7. Studying in a new school
  8. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend relationship
  9. Getting married
  10. Having a baby
  11. Your child is getting seriously sick
  12. You divorce or annul with your wife or husband
  13. Buying a house
  14. Getting a new job
  15. Getting a new boss
  16. Loss of a love one, pet, job or anything very important
  17. Retirement
  18. Selling a house
  19. Changing a job or career
  20. Having a new wife or husband
  21. Starting a business
  22. Changing a business
  23. Having legal issues
  24. Having a dispute with siblings, neighbors, etc.
  25. Changing a belief or religion
  26. You are betrayed by your parents
  27. You are betrayed by your siblings
  28. You are betrayed by your friend or bestfriend or co-worker
  29. You separate yourself from your family or hometown
  30. Acquiring new skill
  31. Getting popular in public or media
  32. Getting rich or super ultra-rich
  33. Winning a lotto
  34. Your child is being kidnapped
  35. Your brother or sister is being kidnapped
  36. Your house is burning
  37. Your family has been massacred
  38. Your love one has been raped.
  39. You are getting robbed.

Remember, life is like a wave which has a lower and an upper peaks (point). These lower and upper peaks are the biggest transitions or major events in your life.

You will be surprised when those major events will happen in your life.

It's up to you how will you handle each major transitions of your life.

Remember, keep calm and stay positive no matter what.

Each event will give you important lessons in life.

Be brave and stay humble. Because you will not know what type of life that nature will really give you.

If you know other important big transitions in life, please let us know in the comments below. We will add them together with your name in the article above.

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