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How to Install CD-R King Solar Charger Controller (50 amperes)?

To date CD-R King's 50-ampere Solar Charger Controller might be the best controller or might be the most affordable solar charger controller available in the Philippines. Installing the CD-R King Solar Charger Controller (50 amperes) is so easy. You can even install it without reading the manual. But to be safe and for your controller to work at its best, please follow the procedures below:
Here's a picture of the CD-R King Solar Charger Controller:

CD-R King Best Solar Charger Controller

Here's a diagram of a solar-power system set-up with Solar Charger Controller at the middle:

How to install solar charger controller
Picture: how to install solar charger controller?

1.  Prepare needed tools and cables. Tools such as star screw or flat screw drivers, pliers, cables connecting:
  • Solar Panel to the Solar Charger Controller,
  • Solar Charger Controller to the Battery
  • Solar Charger Controller to Load
It is recommended to use the right cables with current density <4mm² that is conductive to reducing the line voltage drop. Recommended cable is 50A 16mm² diameter.

Check whether the installation site is in compliance with the required safety guidelines. Please avoid the damp, dusty, flammable place where there are explosives or corrosive gases.

2.  Install the controller into a fixed vertical plane. In order to ensure a good thermal control conditions, please set aside each 10cm below the controller space.

3.  Connect the Solar Panel, Solar Charger Controller, Battery and Load according to polarity. Strictly observe same polarity as seen in the photo/diagram above.

4.  Put the temperature sensor at the upper-left part of the controller.

5.  If you have a remote monitoring and control function, please insert one end of the communication wire on the upper-right part of the controller (communication port). Connect the other end of the wire to the host computer.

Take note: If you connect to different polarity (positive to negative or negative to positive) of the battery, although the controller will not be damaged, but the load equipments will be affected or may be damaged.

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