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What's the Size of Bond Paper in Pixels in Photoshop?

If you say bond paper, is it long or short bond paper (US letter size)? Is it an A4-size bond paper?

If you're using a Microsoft Word, the default unit of measurement used for the document size are inches and millimeters.
So you're confused on what's their equivalent sizes in pixels in photoshop.

Actually, in photoshop, the equivalent pixels of the inches may vary according to the resolution.

The higher the resolution, the higher pixels required in a particular bond paper size.

Let's determine the size in pixels of the different bond paper sizes in photoshop:

Size of Bond Paper in Pixels in Photoshop

To make it easier for you, let's use the Photoshop's preset size which is the U.S Paper.

If you're creating a new photoshop document, set the Preset to U.S. Paper. To do this, open your Photoshop and go to File menu and click New.

Photoshop File Menu

Photoshop US Paper Size

You can see the US Paper preset and the size which is Letter (short bond paper). The letter size is set as 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

You can easily convert that into pixels by changing the inches into pixels. And bang! It will show the equivalent pixel size.

If you want to use a Legal size (8.5 inches x 14 inches), just change the size into Legal.

If you want to use the Long Bond Paper size (8.5 inches x 13 inches), just change the height into 13 inches.

Here are the equivalent of inches in pixels of the different bond paper sizes using 300 pixels/inch resolution (the default US Paper preset).

Bond Paper Sizes and their Equivalent Sizes in Pixels in Photoshop

> US Letter Size or Short Bond Paper (8.5 inches x 11 inches):
  • 2550 pixels (width)
  • 3300 pixels (height)
> US Legal Size (8.5 inches x 14 inches):
  • 2550 pixels (width)
  • 4200 pixels (height)
> Long Bond Paper size (8.5 inches x 13 inches):
  • 2550 pixels (width)
  • 3900 pixels (height)
> A4 size (8.27 inches x 11.69 inches):
  • 2481 pixels (width)
  • 3507 pixels (height)
> A3 size (11.693 inches x 16.535 inches):
  • 3508 pixels (width)
  • 4961 pixels (height)
> A5 size (5.827 inches x 8.268 inches):
  • 1748 pixels (width)
  • 2480 pixels (height)
> A6 size (4.134 inches x 5.827 inches):
  • 1240 pixels (width)
  • 1748 pixels (height)
Do you want more bond paper sizes to be converted into pixels? Just tell us in the comment below.

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