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5 Tricks (Cheat) Used by PISONET Customers & Tips How to Fix or Stop Them

I own a PISONET internet cafe. PISONET became the common word used to refer to coin-operated computers.

The first model units of PISONET computers are those computers having only one coin slot which can be only inserted with ₱1.
Modern coin slots such as Universal Coin Slots can now accept ₱1, ₱5, and ₱10.

Most of my customers are teenagers and kids. For many years of operating a PISONET internet cafe, I discovered these tricks (cheats) they use in order to use the Pisonet computer for FREE.

These tricks target the COIN SLOT. They do some TINKERING in the coin slot to run or increase the time.

I will enumerate these TRICKS and suggest some tips to fix and stop those tricks (cheats).

Pisonet Tricks Cheat Hack

1. Coconut Leaf Stick or "Walis Tingting" Trick

Pisonet Trick Cheat Hack

Do you see how the "walis tingting" (coconut leaf stick) is attached to the coin (₱5).

On the other hand, some cheaters use the "walis tingting" only (without a coin). The color green "walis tingting" can do the trick because of its flexibility to pass through down to the sensor. Unlike the color brown "walis tingting" which can break easily.

How to Fix This?
  • Do not attach the sensor in the coin slot. Remove the sensor and attach it separately from the coin slot. You can use plywood to attach the sensor separately. This is what I did. I'm using a plywood. Cut some portion of the plywood for the coin to pass through.
  • You can use this type of coin slot (S-type coin slot) which is shown below (Tip: Do not attach the sensor in the coin slot as suggested above).:
Pisonet Coin Slot
S-type Coin Slot
(This is called S-
type because of the S-shape of the coin's pathway)
  • You can use Universal Coin Slot which is shown below:
Universal Coin Slot (accepts 3 types of coins: 1peso 5peso & 10peso)

2. Coin in a String Trick

The coin is attached to the string (tiny string). Others are making a tiny hole in the coin just to tie the string to it.

How to Fix This?
  • The same procedure in the 1st trick.

3. Inserting 25cent in the Coin Slot

If the tiny brass metal plate (barrier) of your S-type coin slot is removed or not bended properly, the 25cent will go through down to the sensor. Thus, it will run (increase) the time when the sensor detects it.

A cheater customer can insert this 25cent in the 1peso coin slot or 5-peso coin slot.

How to Fix This?
  • When you're using the S-type coin slot, make sure you bend the tiny brass metal in the coin slot that it appears to protrude and block the coin's pathway. In this way, the tiny brass metal will slow down the coin or it will push away those smaller coins so that those smaller coins will not go through down to the sensor.

4. Inserting ₱ 1 coin in the ₱ 5 coin slot (of the S-type Coin Slot)

Some customers will insert ₱ 1 coin in the ₱ 5 coin slot (of the S-type coin slot). If the tiny brass metal plate has been removed or has not been properly bent to block or push away smaller coins, the smaller coins such as ₱1 coin can pass through to the sensor.

How to Fix This?
  • You should not remove the brass metal plate (barrier). Bend it properly and do some tests by inserting several ₱1 coins.

5. Ringing Cellphone Trick

Other customers use certain types of cellphone to run (increase) the time. They use Nokia 3310 or Nokia 1100 models. They will put those phones near the timer or coin slot and they will call that phone. And the phone will ring. The ringing phone will emit radio waves that can alter the sensor's infrared signal.

How to Fix This?
  • Use new version of timer. Don't use the old version of timer.
  • Use the Universal Coin Slot. The ringing phone can never disturb the mechanism inside the Universal Coin Slot.
If you have questions or ideas regarding these tricks, just tell us in the comment below. - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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ezekiel [Entry]

i want one
Clayr [Entry]

If I only have 4 units of pisonet, do I still have to get a barangay permit for me to start the business?
Rol [Entry]

sir may masa suggest po kayo na universal coin slot.yung allan kasi madali masira 3 months palang palitin na agad
tessa [Entry]

brad unsaon pag separate sa sensor sa timer ? naa ka video para ma follow nako?
francis jay [Entry]

brad, kanang dukdukon ang coinslot para mu-time, unsa may paagi?
panda [Entry]

What about if you insert 2peso .. It gives 60mins