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Banco De Oro (BDO) Email Address

Communicating with the clients is essential to improve the quality of customer service. Aside from contacting through phone, you can reach Banco de Oro (BDO) at their email address.

Banco De Oro (BDO) created several email addressess to serve the growing number of clients. They are:
  • CALLCENTER@bdo.com.ph - for general concerns
  • Mybdo-InternetBanking@bdo.com.ph - for internet banking concerns
  • hrmd@bdo.com.ph
  • irandcorplan@bdo.com.ph
When you need the help of BDO, just sent a message to those email addresses.

Do you have any concern or problems with Banco De Oro (BDO)?
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63 RHEALYN JOY GARBINO   (10 November 2017 3:23 AM)
Hello good day. I have done transaction from BDO ATM last Wednesday (11/08/17) around 6:52 in the evening but i haven`t got the money, also the balance has been deducted from my account.

62 kitchie diancin   (06 September 2017 8:06 AM)

I would like to ask if what address of BDO I could send my documents for applying my BDO online Banking in order to activate.

I've received I call from your representative, asking some questions and instructing me to send all the necessary documents like photo copy of valid, and passbook or atm plus my Enrollment reference number form which have my signatures.

Appreciate your prompt response so I can send as soon as possible.

Thank you and have pleasant day .

Best regards,
Applicant (Kitchie Diancin)
Reference Number: OE-20170901-566240

61 Jose C. Florento   (15 August 2017 10:20 AM)
I just received my statement of account dated July 30, 2017. Kindly give me the details of your charge "Globe billspay Taguig Ph" for P5,000 posted 07/25/17, transaction date, 07/21/17.

Jose C. Florento
Card No. 4183-5901-9082-5100
30 Times St., West Triangle
Quezon City

60 Faith Tajolosa Catablan   (20 July 2017 11:09 AM)
I just want to inquire the acct number associated with my card.
Card Number: 5210690247220414

59 Flordeliza baniaga molina   (29 March 2017 6:13 PM)
Ma'am or sir magandang araw po. Ako po ay nasa kuwait at ng padala po ako ng 50,000 mahigitnung lingo, March 26,2017. Amo ko po ang ng hulog pero yung apilyedo ko Imber na MOLINA nagging MILONA. Hang gang ngayon for verification pa rin. Ano po ang gagawin ko. Pumunta na ang amo ko kung saan sya naghulog.

I'm waiting for your reply. Thanks

58 Jomen Mendoza   (12 March 2017 3:08 AM)
Good morning BDO have a blessed Sunday. Im jomen mendoza in Saudi arabia,years ago i registered online banking to inquire my balance transaction in my kabayan Savings account,but after my vacation few months ago,when i come back here in saudi arabia,probably i forgot my password and also my number in saudi that im using to registered has already change and also the display says that account is lock thanks

your quickly response is highly appreciated thanks very much

57 alvin transfiguracion   (09 March 2017 7:27 AM)

Na locked out po ang BDO online account po, at hindi ko na po alam na email address ang nailagay ko po sa pag sign-up ko po, pwede nyo po ba ako matulungan? please kailangan ko lang po talaga ma online banking kasi napakalayo po ng ATM Machine po.

Salamat Po.

56 Joy Roto   (21 February 2017 10:07 AM)
Good morning sir/madam,

Gusto ko lang po malaman maam/sir kong bakit di ako makapag log in sa bdo online banking ko it says na invalid daw ang user id at pasword ko eh un naman talga ang pasword at ID ko.tapos nong nilologin ko sya ulit kasi nagtaka ako bakit diako makapag log in ay diko na po mabuksan dahil naka lock napo daw account ko....
Please po nasa ibang bansa ako kaya diko po maountahan ang banko nyo po
Hope po malinawan nyo ako sa problema kong ito...
Thank you so much po...

Note:naka LOCKED napo ngaun ang account ko...
Please help me to generate po...

55 Allyssa Mae Cerillo   (21 January 2017 10:20 AM)
Good day Mam/sir,
I'm Allyssa Mae Cerillo i avail a cash card last january 7,2017, i came back last january 14,2017 to claim the card but the teller said that the card can't be claim yet maybe i can go back after a week ma i ask ou when can i claim my card.
Thank You!

54 Rosebella D. Rubio   (21 December 2016 11:16 PM)
Dear SIR / MADAM :






53 Greatho Matias   (20 December 2016 5:11 AM)
Thanks and God bless you all

52 Greatho Matias   (20 December 2016 5:09 AM)
And also my credit card number 5194630227211769

51 Greatho Matias   (20 December 2016 5:08 AM)
Can u confirm my bdo account number 004493306125 for my online banking propose.

50 Arlene   (12 December 2016 2:53 PM)
Hi I'm here at Bahrain,how many time I try to make enrolle online banking sa BDO Meron po kasi akong kabayan savings account but I fill up all and correct nman,pero Hindi tlga Ako mka gawa eh..I need to check my account asap..Pls!thanks!!Have a good day!!

49 Ryan Lumanog   (20 November 2016 11:08 AM)
I'm sending to your callcenter@bdo.com.ph it's said that it is incorrect may I know the right email
Address plz thanks

48 john michael gomez   (14 November 2016 9:22 PM)
good pm, sir/ma'am, i have done transaction from BDO ATM last Thursday (11/10/16) around 11am but i haven`t got money.but balance has been deducted from my account..

47 lyle   (09 October 2016 7:07 AM)
Good morning Sir/Mam! Tanong ko lang po kung anong mangyayari kung hindi ko ipadeliver ang credit card? May babayaran ba ako o ipacancel ko na lang? Sana matugunan niyo ang tanong kong ito. Salamat po

46 rene umilde gepanaga   (20 September 2016 3:15 PM)
good pm,,sir/mam,,tanong ko lang po tungkol po sa aking bdo account naka account lock or hindi ako maka login or update sa aking hinulog na pera,,paano ko open ulit?

45 rene umilde gepanaga   (20 September 2016 3:11 PM)
good pm,,sir/mam,,tanong ko lang po sa aking bdo account naka account lock po sya hindi ako maka login or update yung hulog ko,,paano ko po open ulit?

44 Ricky P. Sasis   (27 August 2016 9:40 AM)
Paano ko mate terminate Ang credit card ko, at Kong magkano nalang Ang balance....

43 Jaline C. Diwa   (01 August 2016 11:33 AM)
Good Day! I would like to know why my credit application was declined with reference number 6640567.

42 hi   (06 July 2016 5:03 PM)
Hello. I have online banking in BDO, an I am currently in China. I want to transfer money but it requires an SMS code. I couldn't receive the code since I left it in Philippines, and do not know if it is still working. Can I change my number?

41 Josephine   (29 June 2016 5:22 AM)
Hello Sir/ Madam,
I am interested applying for the standard master card, i am now in Switzerland but first week of july i'll be in the Philippines...im hoping that theres a bdo staff who can help me for the application,and when it is approved i personally will pick up the card if possible. Thanks so much and looking forward for an immediate reply and action.

Best regards,

40 Marife gutlay   (28 June 2016 3:00 PM)
Good afternoon sir ma'am,tanong ko lang po kung magkano po ang down kapag mag open account po ng pasbook po?ano po ang mga requirements po kapag mag open account. Thank you po

39 Kristine   (03 June 2016 0:05 AM)
Good evening Sir/Madam;

Hope this statement find you all well.I just want to know if there is a way to find out about the statement of account of my daughter..Also is it possible to take the statement of aacount 2 years ago?

38 sarrah jane mendiola   (06 April 2016 11:24 AM)
I would like to cut my bdo amex card.. because i cannot pay it anymore.. due to some family financial and health problems.. since 3 years ago its difficult for me to pay my outstanding balance.... until now im hardly looking money just to pay my balances... i have no job and my husband is seriously sick, i have 2 young kids depending on me..we only seeking help to our immediate family... im asking for an amnesty program about this matter.. i would like to pay my remaining balance with out interest in installment.. please help me saving may family....

37 archiel magallanes   (22 March 2016 6:35 PM)
i would like to verify if 4.40$ was paid to hash coin

36 Divina A. Pascual   (05 January 2016 12:49 PM)
I have applied for a BDO Installment Card last week and on the same week i also receive a phone call from one of the staff however, i did not get all the instructions with regards to the documents to be submitted because it was choppy then so i requested for a text message so could get all but instead i was promissed to receive an email from the bank but up to this time no email yet. Please help e facilitate my application. Thank you.


35 Cris dave caballes   (19 December 2015 8:00 AM)
i lost my atm card, do you have chat support ?

34 Glynebel natura   (09 November 2015 8:34 PM)
Hello,i have a problem in my online account its lock,i want to unlock can you help me please.i can't open it.

33 Hilda arroyo   (29 October 2015 9:44 PM)
Hello.good day..i am an ofw from taiwan.i would to ask how can my husband widraw the remittance that i sent to my bdo account if the atm is blocked?

32 Hilda arroyo   (29 October 2015 9:00 PM)
Good day...i am hilda here from taiwan,i would like to ask how can my husband withdraw the remittance that i sent to my bdo account if the atm was blocked.

31 DAVID QUITAY BUELLA JR.   (24 October 2015 1:25 AM)

30 Lanie villafuerte   (20 September 2015 11:37 AM)
Hello good afternoon I just want to ask what's the reason why bdo deactivated the account ? Thank you and godbless

29 orlando valencia castro   (15 September 2015 7:51 AM)
To Call center Incharge

Please find attached as per your request in compliance for my additional supplementary Credit card.

Please be guided accordingly.

orlando castro

28 jonas Templo   (02 September 2015 1:23 AM)
My credit visa Card was unblocked today because i forgot the one time security pin. kindly restor it again and please give the OTP through my email address because i am not using the SMS anymore, or i would allow my wife to transact in order to restore and unblocked my Card and get the OTP. thanks

27 roberto germo peligro   (26 August 2015 11:01 PM)
hello maam,im roberto g. peligro i will follow-up about my personal loan,what the status?thanks...

26 Aristotle E. Reyes   (26 August 2015 11:21 AM)
Follwowing is an email from BDO Representative:
Dear Mr. Reyes:

Thank you for your email.

We regret for the confusion.

Based on record, your credit card application was cancelled by the system
due to some information was not provided in the application. With this
reason, we advise our clients to re-apply immediately.

However, since you are currently based overseas, we suggest you to apply
again upon your return.

Thank you and good day.

Jonette Tolentino

Me Reply
Second clear failure on your part if that is the case.

That is clearly to be notified to your Bank Personnel if the application form was not fully accomplished by the applicant, Isn't right? I am ready to provide all necessary information asked of me; however, upon review of the bank personnel at the time of my actual application, he/she must have advised me that the form was not yet completely filled out.

This is disappointing! Anything I do seems futile. You have my bank deposit by the way.


25 lizai   (19 August 2015 12:40 PM)
hello.. I ask some question why my application credit card declined? please fix the answer i have an savings account in bdo almost 1year. some one called me up and she say she is from bdo main office she ask me if willing me to avail a credit card and i say yes!! but what happened the result is declined..anyway thank you hope she did not call me to say if ilike a credit card..declined result...

24 Sher-an hitutuwa   (05 August 2015 8:02 AM)
Hi admin,hope you can help my concern regarding my savings last year 2013.i open my savings account last july 2013.2months before my flight bound to kuwait.DECEMBER 23,2013 I save my accout quivalent of 5,335php.and thats my last savings didnt save anymore,my atm and passbook i bring here in kuwait i cant berify and double check with it.i just want to know if this my savings last year stil activate? I pretty worried if this my savings wil takin lost.please give me details thank u wait your respond.feel free to messege me at my facebook attouch on top.

23 Lourdes Sumabong Dugenio   (19 June 2015 1:52 AM)
Hello maam..could you help me what will i do to my balance inquire because if i log in the said valid user id or pasword? Im hoping that soon it will be okey...thanks

22 Loida   (20 May 2015 9:56 PM)
If I change my Pin Today, can I withdraw at the same day?

21 mel   (07 May 2015 9:30 PM)
hello i need some advice i have account in bdo how can i close my credit card not account only credit card please kindly help me what is the procedure to close my credit card only NOT MY ACCOUNT.

I hope you can help me

Thank you very much

20 cymmer ivan alde   (16 April 2015 3:12 PM)
I am Cymmer Ivan s. Alde. Son of Mr.Emiliano Mana-ay Alde.I am requesting for information about my father's saving account.he died last November 27 2009.I have all the requirements including his death and birth certificate and my birth certificate.the courier told me about the letter but he didn't gave to me because it was confidential account of Mr.Emiliano m. Alde. please help me about my father's account and this is my cellphone number 09217150610

19 ariane legaspi   (03 January 2015 6:19 PM)
What if i accidentally withdrawed my maintaining balance? What should i do? Would my account still work even some of my maintaining amount was withdrawed??? I need an accurate response. If you don't mind. Thanks.

18 daine   (06 June 2014 5:46 PM)
what was the requirements if we are going to open a savings account in corporation?

17 Norberto E. Decena   (10 March 2014 1:21 AM)
I deposit money in my account, but during encoding the bank encoded wrong spelling of my last name, Delena it should be Decena, but the account number is correct, Is there any problem that might be encountered?

16 Rachel joy Dalanon   (12 February 2014 4:58 PM)
regarding for my bdo shop more card,before i can check may status payment and balance thour internet website,but recently i cannot access and it says invalid could you help for this one becouse iam out of the country and iam always check only in the website,here is may acct no. 5125710607868117.

Looking forward to your assitant as soon as possible, Thank you...

15 rheim v saulo   (30 December 2013 1:05 PM)
How can I enroll in online banking. I'm abroad. I filled out an application form. From what I understand, I need to submit this form to the branch office. But I'm not there in the Philippines. I cannot access my BDO Kabayan savings account

14 pamela concepcion   (02 December 2013 11:06 AM)
i would like to inquire about my new BDO credit card. It was not delivered to my new address since i already transferred and the cusotmer service told me that it was returned to your office. how will i be able to get it back?

13 pamela concepcion   (02 December 2013 11:02 AM)
i would just like to inquire how will i get my new BDO credit card because the messenger was not able to deliver it to my address since i already transferrred and the customer service told me that it was returned to your office. please reply to my e mail address .

12 Marilou B. Villareal   (18 October 2013 12:50 PM)
18-October 2013


May i follow up the replacement of my BDO ShopMore Credit Card as a defective card due to microchips as soon as possible.It happened twice that same problem encountered my card not honor.

Kindly give us feedback regarding this.

11 harry Zarsuela Uy   (18 October 2013 12:35 PM)
good day! please check my credit card account. there is a transaction which is fraud. Airasia_Z2 WYZ96Z date 9-14-2013 amount 15,881.60 reference no: 507429411. thank you

10 joseph guerro   (13 August 2013 2:11 AM)
I need you to call me, so I can reset my pass word. I can't do it online myself.
Phone number:082 321 7847
0939 5159 183
0919 9207 297
Joseph Guerro

9 Ma. Editha M. Dy   (15 June 2013 8:53 PM)
i just want to check if my BDO account is still activated its almost a year and a half now that i did not do any transactions. Kindly give a response as soon as you read my query. I will be grateful if you can HELP me. Thank You.

8 Alicia C. Orozco   (07 June 2013 6:01 PM)
I would like to check my account's latest transaction. Please send me a message in my e-mail or send me an email address of BDO. Thank you

7 tess refugio   (24 April 2013 11:28 AM)
good morning sir/madaam. I want to ask. Can I submit the filled-out form here in Kuwait then my mother will be carrying this in order to open an account under my name. Its hard to open here a bank book acount.im waiting for ur reply

6 Jovelyn Sapmaz   (23 March 2013 0:20 AM)
Good day!
Can I open a bank account even if I'm outside the Philippines? Do you allow online application? Or can I request my sister/brother to process my application there in the Philippines?

5 monaliza bonde   (19 March 2013 3:21 AM)
May I know how much is my savings account balance. I'm here in Kuwait and the're no BDO branch here. I deposit every month to my BDO account. My account number: 002661119988...thanks.

4 Troy CYril B. Acosta   (10 March 2013 2:45 PM)
just want to know about my credit card billing month of March 2013

3 Troy CYril B. Acosta   (10 March 2013 2:43 PM)
I just to inquire my credit card statement of account for the month of March 2013

2 stephanie   (13 December 2012 8:21 PM)
I recently opened a remittance account on August in Manila. I want to have regular savings account. I'm now here in Europe, how and how can I inquire my account balance? Thank you.

1 stephanie   (13 December 2012 8:14 PM)
hello my remittance account ako panu ako inquire balance through online dito ako denmark,europe