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BDO Maintaining Balance Penalty

One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Banco de Oro (BDO) is running a lending business, a business that needs constant flow of money coming in. They're in the banking sector which needs a large amount of money deposited in order to sustain its lending business. This is where the penalty or service charge of falling below the maintaining balance is coming in.

You should regularly monitor your Banco de Oro (BDO) account and make sure you do not fall below its maintaining balance so that you can avoid its penalty or charge. Maintaining balance is computed by monthly average daily balance.

What is the penalty if your BDO account falls below its maintaining balance?

It depends on the type of your account. You should know the type of your account and its required maintaining balance.

Here's a complete list of types of BDO Accounts that has corresponding penalty or service charge if falling below its maintaining balance:

Type of AccountMinimum Maintaining BalanceService Charge for Falling Below Maintaining Balance
Peso Passbook Savings Account (with or without ATM)Php 5,000Php 300
Peso ATM (without passbook)Php 2,000Php 300
Optimum Peso Savings Account - PersonalPhp 30,000Php 300
Optimum Peso Savings Account - CorporatePhp 50,000Php 300
Junior Savers ClubPhp 100Php 300
Club 60 PesoPhp 5,000Php 300
Direct Deposit Peso Savings AccountPhp 0 (no maintaining balance)none
Power Teens ClubPhp 2,000Php 300
Peso Checking AccountPhp 5,000Php 300
Smart Checking Account - PersonalPhp 15,000Php 300
Smart Checking Account - commercialPhp 25,000Php 300
Automatic Transfer Facility - PersonalPhp 25,000Php 300
Automatic Transfer Facility - CommercialPhp 50,000Php 300
Dollar Savings AccountUSD 200USD 5
Club 60 DollarUSD 200USD 5
Direct Deposit Dollar Savings AccountUSD0.00none
Euro Savings AccountEUR 500EUR 5
Yen Savings AccountJPY 50,000JPY 500
GBP Savings AccountGBP 200GBP 1
Canadian Dollar Savings AccountCAD 1,000CAD 5
Hongkong Dollar Savings AccountHKD 500HKD 5
Australian Dollar Savings AccountAUD 200AUD 5
Singapore Dollar Savings AccountSGD 200SGD 5
Chinese Yuan Savings AccountCNY 2,500CNY 30

Did you experience being penalized or charged for falling below maintaining balance in BDO? Tell us in the comment below.
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Total comments: 73
73 pre   (05 February 2018 9:32 AM)
Ask k lang po sana.. Confused kasi ako.. Kakaopn k lng ng junior savers account para sa baby ko. Gusto k lang malamn ifpwede k bng i withdraw ung money from the passbok.. Besidw sa name ng baby pangalan k dn kasi nklagay sa passbook niya? Slamat po sa sasagot

72 Che   (04 February 2018 9:21 AM)
Now ko lang na notice yang service charge na Php300. At pansin ko, one time na chinarge ng BDO for Nov, Dec 2017 and Jan 2018. 6 yrs na ako sa kanila, at hndi bumababa sa maintaining balance ang nasa account. In-email ko sila with screen shots ng online banking account ko. Ngayon lang sila nag ganyan. Ano sasabihin nila, tumaas na ang maintaning balance? Sana nagbibigay sila ng notice di ba. Haaay BDO, PhP900 ang binawas niyo sa account ko. Hindi napupulot yan sa kalsada. Nakaka lungkot

71 Bella   (27 November 2017 6:46 PM)
Nung nag open ng account ko sa BDO sabi 5000 lng maintaining balance ko tapos nagulat ako 7 months na pala sila ng charge sa akin ng 300 pesos, nagtaning ako kanina sa teller bakit ganun , sagot niya sa akin 2014 dw since ng start mg change yung mantaining balance ko ng 10,000 peso, wla mn lng notice? Ganun agad?

70 anne   (02 August 2017 3:47 PM)
bakit ako nagkapenalty e ang account ko e peso passbook savings at balance ko 8000 pa. 5000 lang ang maintaining

69 Jenrae M. Tayag   (01 August 2017 12:49 PM)
Hi, i still didn't maintain my balance in 2 consecutive months. Will my account be deducted 300 pesos every month even though i maintain my balance?

68 Princess Aira B. Dela Cruz   (28 July 2017 12:01 PM)
Good day mam/sir,
I have a 2000 pesos minimum balance in my atm debit card but last few months i withdraw it all,what will happen to my account?hoping you answer Thank you!!

67 AMIEL IAN DOMINGO   (02 July 2017 9:25 AM)
hi i wonder why i was deducted 300? but i dont have nothing to maintain in my account. please help . thank you.

66 Fidelberto ocio   (14 June 2017 3:47 AM)
Opo ,kung ang maintaining balance ay bawas na at naubos sa pagkaltas ng penalty magkano naman kaya ang buwanang penalty nito?

65 Luis S. Dantis   (03 June 2017 7:24 AM)
Good morning!Bakit po nagkaltas ng 300 ang bank,nag maintain naman ako monthly ng maintaining balance ko.May cut off po ba para i maintain ang balance?Please Reply,thankyou!

64 MERRY JOY INSULAR   (10 May 2017 4:16 PM)
Gud day mam/sir,
I have a 2000 pesos minimum balance in my atm debit card but last year i withdraw it all,what will happen to my account?hoping you answer Thank you!!

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/banking/bdo_maintaining_balance_penalty/13-1-0-6812#ixzz4gfL3Imbd

63 Jordan   (20 April 2017 11:54 PM)
Tanong ko lang po kung kailan ba yung BDO nag co-compute ng peso atm account(without passbook).. halimbawa may 2000 ako sa account ko tapos nag withdraw ako bukas ng 2000 kailan ako makakakuha ng penalty?

62 Geoffrey Jameson R. Bitong   (10 April 2017 6:41 AM)
gud am.mgkano penalty KO if ever mabawasan KO did holywik ung below DA maintaining balance.ibalik KO dn agd

61 Rochelle V. RApsing   (29 March 2017 2:33 PM)
Good Day!

Tanong ko lang po kung kilan ba yung BDO nag co-compute ng penalty sa passbook account, kasi po twice na akong na penalty ng 300 pesos. I just want to know kung kailan para at least makapag deposit na ako agad before yung cut-off nyu to avoid penalty and charges.

Hoping for your answer.

Thank you.

60 Roldan   (19 March 2017 10:07 PM)
Gud day mam/sir,
I have a 2000 pesos minimum balance in my atm debit card but last year i withdraw it all,what will happen to my account?hoping you answer Thank you

59 Roldan   (19 March 2017 10:05 PM)
Gud day mam/sir,
I have a 2000 pesos minimum balance in my atm debit card but last year i withdraw it all,what will happen to my account?hoping you answer Thank you!!

58 Roldan   (19 March 2017 9:57 PM)
Hello Good Day
Can i ask pag na zero na ba maintining balance 300 po ba charge?? At hindi na ba tutubo yan habang di ko pa na dedepositan ulit??

Thank you po sa Sagot

57 alex   (21 February 2017 7:40 PM)

Can i get the total remaining balance, minimum or in below minimum when i decided to permanently close the account?

Thank You,

56 krisellcadalin   (29 November 2016 7:31 PM)
hi.. if nabawasan po ng 2thousand ang bdo savings ko na 10,000 maintaining. how. much po penalty? every day po ba charge non?? pls reply..

55 kathrina benavidez   (17 October 2016 5:28 PM)
is the penalty of falling below the maintaining balance is penalized daily or counted as 300 pesos daily?
if not how comes that when my account falls in 500 pesos remaining and when i deposited 2000 after 5 days, i checked my account but it was only 920.36 pesos remaining instead of 2200 if we're going to deduct the 300 penalty. Can you explain this.

54 Beatriz llamas   (17 October 2016 2:02 PM)
Hi, if i fall from my mainataining balance for only a week, will it still be deducted the 300 peso penalty? Even if i deposit again and complete the maintaing balance of 10000 before the end of the month

53 Jhulz   (03 September 2016 5:58 PM)
Gud day mam/sir,
I have a 2000 pesos minimum balance in my atm debit card but last year i withdraw it all,what will happen to my account?hoping your kindly answer.thanks!

52 Rolly T. Baroy   (01 September 2016 9:14 AM)

Good Day BDO!

May I ask if how much is the initial deposit and the maintaining balance of ATM account (Savings)...

Thank you very much please send the answer to my email....

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Rolly T. Baroy

51 Jamie alversado   (30 July 2016 1:46 PM)
Mine has more than 5k balance how come i still got charge 300 php?

50 Melanie Church   (11 June 2016 12:27 PM)
Hi there,

BDO Kabayan Savings Account is not in the list. I have one, and I got 3 charges of 300 php for 3 consecutive months. Kabayan Savings has no maintaining balance, how come??


49 Cybel Carlos Caballero   (08 June 2016 5:36 PM)
I'm really confused wether the savings account without passbook which is an Atm is already a mastercard or visa card? I'm really confused on how to avail a visa or mastercard? could someone please explain it to me? Thanks in advance!

48 Melanie guidote   (18 March 2016 11:28 AM)
Good day, my mother receive a letter from your office about my account there I have checking account in bdo Timog and the balance is 500 but charge of 300 I don't know how to close my account because I'm already live here in USA thank you Melanie Guidote

47 Kim   (04 March 2016 2:36 PM)
Good afternoon.

My mom has a BDO Peso Saving Account but it wasn't used for almost 4 years, on her last transaction it was shown that she still have P30,000 deposited in her account. Is there any possibility that the money is still withdrawable? And also, she has a ATM card. Is this still activated evn it wasn't used for 4 years? Hoping for your reply! Thank you.

46 Gerson V. Lorenzana   (23 February 2016 8:40 AM)
will my atm debit card be deactivated if i fall below its minimum maintaining balance?

45 Angelo L. Colmenares Jr   (31 January 2016 9:24 PM)

I am holding peso savings account with passbook my balance is above minimum already but everytym i send money in my account there is a 300pesos service charge generating system, I am just curios why like this because before no any deduction happening.

pls reply for further clarification

thank you

44 Rise   (21 January 2016 3:19 PM)
My acct. is optimum savings acct. passbook only. Is there deduction of 300 if i will withdraw below my maintaining balance today but i will deposit the same amount after a month?

43 Lai   (19 November 2015 1:06 PM)
is there a 300peso charge if i withdraw today of 1k then i will deposit 4k on november 24, 2015, 2k is my maintaining balance

42 john ezra ocampo   (13 November 2015 8:31 PM)
I have 2000 pesos mentaining balance in my bdo account.. then 300 pesos was deducted why is that???? please explain.. i am disappointed

41 Gleven faith   (01 November 2015 11:28 AM)
Good day,

I would like to ask if ever i withdraw my maintaining balance of 10.000 and i will return one week how much the penalty? Thanks much..

40 Floredie   (09 August 2015 5:46 PM)
I have 5100 maintaining balance in my savings account. But now i only have 4500. Why 600 deductions was made wherein in your list it should only be 300?

39 Andrei   (25 July 2015 9:55 AM)
same issue with June Paul can you please help us to answer it.. thanks in advance

38 amierose_quibuyen   (09 June 2015 4:18 PM)
i have 20,000 plus in my kabayan saving account i did not sent money in my account for less than 2 years why my account in kabayan savings is block? and when i try to send money last june 6 this year, the bank was rejected? pls explain this. thank you.

37 Reynan   (29 May 2015 12:15 PM)
I was penalized 600 pesos for 2month even if my balance is above 5,000. According to your list Peso Passbook Savings Account (with or without ATM) should have mainting balance of 500 or else you will be charged 300 pesos. Could you please explain this????? email me thank you.

36 June Paul   (11 April 2015 5:35 PM)
I only have 10,000 pesos left in my atm debit card(Peso Saving Account) . The teller said my maintaining balance is 10,000. But according to this chart 5,000 is the minimum, can i still withdraw? Will i have a penalty if i do? Pls answer asap

35 Ace Mendoza   (13 February 2015 4:29 PM)
Good day! I have a power teens account and 17 months ago I had no choice but to withdraw 1700 from the maintaining balance which is 2000php due to financial concern of mine and for the whole 17 months my account only contains 300php.I just wanna ask if the charge is only 300 pesos even if I wasn't able to deposit for that long period of time? I'm hoping for your answer. thank you. Cause I'm planning deposit again maybe next next week.

34 Faith isdeway   (06 August 2014 7:45 PM)
You'll only pay 300 when you want to activate it again. Am right ? :) Thanks in Advance.

33 Faith isdeway   (06 August 2014 7:43 PM)
I just want to clarify if I'm right?

I opened a BDO peso ATM without passbook last February 2014 and it was below maintenance during March. I withdraw some of it again , leaving 2oo pesos left on my account.. Then by now it's already zero right? So i just want to close it instead. There's nothing i have to do right , like filling up a closure form ..because it would be automatically closed as time goes by without a charge. ??

Then i would want to open another one if i had much money.

Please answer I'm bit confused. THANK YOU :)

32 Niña Sarah Reyes   (11 July 2014 9:33 AM)
I only have 10,000 pesos left in my atm debit card. The teller said my maintaining balance is 10,000. But according to this chart 5,000 is the minimum, can i still withdraw? Will i have a penalty if i do? Pls answer asap

31 Anonymously   (25 June 2014 5:20 PM)
Can I still withdraw if i only have USD200 from BDO Debit Card?

30 Ken Wong   (25 June 2014 5:10 PM)
Can I still withdraw from BDO Debit Card if I only have USD200 in the account, I'm planning to withdraw P5000, I tried but to withdraw P3000 just now but machine keep telling me "Insufficient Balance"

29 Lieart Baladad   (24 June 2014 2:44 AM)
I like BDO so much. even if i fell less than 1000 or 500 as my maintaining balance. still got my card activated...all i need is to pay 300 pesos and thats it... :)

28 Maria Peachy Ann J. FLores   (05 June 2014 3:04 PM)
Im planning to close my account in BDO anytime soon. When i first opened my account in BDO-Tanay, i wasnt informed of your penalty policy for the maintaining balance, the girl I spoke to didnt inform me anything about it. I wasnt aware of your penalty that time until recently. Ive been charged total of Php900 (3 times deduction of 300php). I was very disappointed with this policy. I will just stick with my other account from a different bank.

27 Annaliza Miranda   (29 May 2014 10:00 AM)
Please answer my question as soon as possible. Thank you.

26 Annaliza Miranda   (29 May 2014 9:59 AM)
Hi I have account in bdo with passbook and amt, I have available balance of 1000php.i never deposit money since 2012 and I Was planning to deposit money to my account.my question is my account is still active?

25 Himer   (13 May 2014 5:51 AM)
Hello.. My BDO account with passbook (5000 maintaining balance) got blocked because it has fallen out of its maintaining balance. I withdrew cash around 1-500 but my father deposited money so i think it got covered up. But my account still got blocked. Will it be permanently close? Thank you so much

24 saveme   (16 April 2014 9:44 PM)
Is the amount still the same today?

23 glad   (23 March 2014 7:13 PM)
me continuesly...pls answer...i need to know...thank you

22 glad   (23 March 2014 7:12 PM)
hi...i opened a passbook account in bdo for 5ooo this month and i used some of the money i took out 2500 today,if i cover up the money i took out and put back the 2500 to fix required deposit next month and put more they will still charge me,are they just gonna charge me 3oo in a month or they will charge you continuesly

21 Jorge   (10 March 2014 8:24 PM)
Hi, I would like to ask if and how is the computation / rules for charging from failure of maintaining balance.
For example, I did withdraw all my 2,000 peso maintaining balance for two weeks. How is that. THanks.

20 anj   (27 January 2014 11:54 AM)
hello.my atm peso account with no passbook has only 2k.is ist ok if i will withdraw it?

19 mitchell molejon   (03 November 2013 9:41 AM)
my bdo atm debit card balance is only 280 pesos and the bdo penalty is 300,bdo will going automatically closed my account?

18 Karen Buan   (10 October 2013 6:19 PM)
what if i want to withdraw my initial deposit of 5,000?

17 girl2013   (07 October 2013 10:06 AM)
why is it that the other banks if you open an account which is a personal they are just the same check number and the passbook number? the other question is, if you deposit a check in that checking account, can i still withdraw it?

16 kimbwy   (26 August 2013 1:20 PM)
Hi, I want to clarify the policies regarding penalty:

It takes one month (30 days) before you get penalized, right?
Before you get penalized, though, when you replenish your maintaining balance before the 30th day, you won't get penalized, correct?

Then how come, according to my transaction records as well as my personal written financial trackbook, I got penalized when I have replenished my maintaining balance last July 30th and haven't touched it until today, August 26th?

Is there any possible reason I should get penalized despite that?

15 mavrick   (19 August 2013 2:50 AM)
hi, what exactly the date is for the cut off in keeping the Maintaning balance, Is it end of the month, meaning if I am below Maintaining balance on the 29th, is it still okay. Should I only be charge after it reach the 30th or the end of the month. Tanks

13 Chang Maramot   (03 August 2013 11:19 AM)
With regards to Peso ATM (without passbook) account, is it possible to withdraw all my money balance even if there's a required minimum average daily balance of P2,000?

14 admin   (10 August 2013 2:53 PM)
Chang Maramot, yes.

12 bylon p. ofodeme   (26 July 2013 1:45 PM)
how long would it take for one to be penalize if below maintaining balance. is it as soon as u gone below maintaining balance or after some days?

11 RONALD SERRANO   (26 July 2013 10:30 AM)
good day...

I just wanted to ask if how would we know our balance, it seems that we're out of the country..we wanted to do online banking but the problem is, we need to activate the card in the machine...is the're any other option in order to do online banking...

9 Hudasmarko   (19 July 2013 10:21 PM)
I have a peso atm without passbook and I think I withdraw all my money on it and then I forgot to deposit again. I think I withdraw it feb this year and because I leave last March and went to US for four months I wasn't able to deposit, and 'til now I haven't deposit any money on my account. My question is, are they going to close my account automatically? Or are they going to charge me? Even though its empty?

10 admin   (21 July 2013 9:22 AM)
Hudasmarko, in you case, Metrobank will only charge you for falling below maintaining balance. They will not close your account.

8 Michael Evangelista   (03 July 2013 7:41 PM)
I've experience 3 times penalty of 300 pesos = 900 pesos.
I am not aware of the penalty, I just wanna ask if the 3x 300( for 3 months penalty = 900) cannot be back to my account.

I continue my account and add 5000 to avoid penalty the next month.

Please be remind that we open savings account for us to save our money and not to put all of it in penalty.

6 eleanor   (01 July 2013 1:04 PM)
Good Day!!

I just want to ask, if when should be the penalty deducted if ever my account falls its below maintaining balance.Is it daily? monthly? or yearly?. And can I still cover up it, so that it will not be totally close.

7 admin   (01 July 2013 5:35 PM)
eleanor, it's monthly. Yes you can still cover it up if your account is not dormant for more than 2 years.

4 admin   (25 June 2013 6:41 PM)
Paul E. Paredes III, what type of account did you open in BDO?

Just look at the type of account you've opened in the above article. As you can see, BDO will charge 300 pesos on the most accounts that falls below maintaining balance.

Your account will not be permanently closed as long as it has balance. BDO will only charge a corresponding service charge for you if your account falls below the required maintaining balance.

3 ENRICO T. DURAN   (30 March 2013 3:49 PM)
can i asked,coz my sister has a saving account and i went to BDO sta rosa last week they say that i need to deposit atlese 5000 and 300 for the charge atlese untill end of this month so it wont close.but i went there today unfortunately its holiday and close...do i desrve extesion for it??i really want to put money so it close...but its holiday...pls reply ASAP

2 john alfafara   (04 March 2013 10:22 PM)
my aunt has an account maybe its a Peso Passbook Savings Account with atm
then it has fallen below the maintaining balance . my dad sent my allowance through her account which is 12500.. but we check it its only 10500. 2k for penalty is it fair?

5 admin   (25 June 2013 6:44 PM)
john alfafara, maybe your aunt's BDO account might be falling below maintaining balance for several months. BDO charges 300pesos every month for an account that falls below maintaining balance.

1 paul reyes   (01 March 2013 5:17 PM)
i have a peso atm account without passbook, last january my balance was in a thousand range only so it ie understandable that id be deducted 300pesos from my account..but on feb21 i deposited 1500 so my balance became more than 2000 to be exact it was 2249 but after month end of february i was deducted again...is it really right? pls help me on this they said(bdo) that i did not meet that the average should be 2000/months so i wont be deducted...they never mention any average before i opened this account they just said that it should be more than or atleast maintain 2000