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BPI Jumpstart: Savings Account for 10 to 17-Year Old Kids

As a thoughtful and concerned parent, you might want to help your son or daughter build their savings for future needs and become money-wise. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) offers a type of account that caters for them, the BPI Jumpstart Savings Account. BPI Jumpstart is for persons below 18 years old or persons with age 10 to 17 years old. It is an ATM-savings account with special features that will help kids save with ease, protect their money, transact online banking and have fun.

BPI Jumpstart ATM Card
BPI Jumpstart ATM Card

Features of BPI Jumpstart Savings Account
  • It earns 0.250% interest rate (per year)
  • Use your Jumpstart ATM Card for shopping to over 8,200 BPI  Express Payment System stores
  • Use your Jumpstart account to reload your cellphone through its online banking facility anytime and anywhere
  • Avail great discounts and exclusive privileges when shopping to selected supermarkets, department stores or shops.
  • The parent can automatically transfer funds/money from their BPI account to their kid's BPI account through BPI online banking or mobile banking.
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Total comments : 9
mary   (16 October 2016 3:46 PM)
i ask your bank bpi apply eon ?

mary maiko conde   (16 October 2016 3:42 PM)
how much eon bank apply ?

Joselyn M. Caro   (23 April 2015 11:00 AM)
is Jumpstart saving can also be deposited same as easy savers using express deposit?

Cristina Acierto   (01 September 2014 10:26 AM)

nigga too turnt   (13 May 2014 11:10 PM)
how do you pay online with a bpi jumpstart

Bheceline Katigbak   (12 May 2014 12:12 PM)
I just wanted to asked if how much is the maintaining balance

Tria Mendoza   (24 August 2013 6:16 PM)
what are the requirements to avail the BPI Jumpstart?

mary ann a. belches   (05 July 2013 7:06 AM)
What are the requirements for the 4 to 6 years old......passbook account only.....can I open them an account without their school I.d?

guest26   (02 June 2013 3:09 AM)
Uhhmmm. Can I Use My Last 1000 Pesos In My Jumpstart?