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How to Check Account Balance of BDO Kabayan Savings Online
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No time to go to an ATM or to the bank? You can check the balance of your BDO Kabayan Savings account with a click of a mouse - through online banking. Follow the steps below:

Step 1

You must enroll your BDO Kabayan Savings Account to BDO online banking facility. This might help you: "How to Apply for Banco de Oro (BDO) Internet Online Banking".

Step 2

After successful enrollment, go to https://online.bdo.com.ph and log-in.

Step 3

Inside BDO's online banking facility, click the Check My Balance icon.

BDO account balance inquiry

Then, you will be redirected to a different page where you can view your Kabayan Savings Account balance.

Check BDO account balance

Checking your BDO Kabayan Savings Account online is free of charge.

Through BDO's online banking facility, you can pay your bills (electricity, phone, internet), buy phone e-load, transfer money to other accounts and many more any time, any where.

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29 Maria Lolita G.Espiritu   (17-April-2015 6:56 AM)
How to check my balance remittance?
Have expiration the kabayan savings account?

28 Luanne c.Lucerna   (07-April-2015 5:11 PM)
good after sir/mam i ask how can know that my account is still active please response me thank you..

27 Luanne c.Lucerna   (07-April-2015 5:09 PM)
My account no.3940610490

26 rollycalang   (01-March-2015 11:38 PM)
how to check my bdo balance remittance?

25 lynskie   (17-February-2015 4:07 AM)
how inquiry please help I need to check my balance

24 emer   (09-February-2015 10:18 PM)
emer r roberto,balances inquire

23 Kristine Zamboanga   (26-January-2015 12:45 PM)
How to check my bdo kabayan saving account.

22 pinky Tilingban   (29-December-2014 8:22 PM)
How to check my balance tru online

21 jmai   (23-December-2014 11:52 AM)
Check BDO Account Balance

20 Daisy D Tenoso   (26-September-2014 9:55 AM)
if I withraw all the balance it is still activate?and if it is how much the penalty?

19 emmy   (15-September-2014 3:59 AM)
How i can check my account online

18 Barairo Angelo   (27-June-2014 9:39 PM)
How to activate my atm here in the U.A.E. I cannot make a balance inquiry always appear in the machine is INVALID INSTITUTION?

17 Barairo Angelo   (27-June-2014 9:35 PM)
How to use my atm and to check my balance at ATM machine here in the U.A.E.

16 mamerto angeles ramirez   (17-June-2014 9:32 PM)
How i check my account balance in bdo

15 grgorio villanueva jr   (16-June-2014 2:01 PM)
PLS. Check my balance

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