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Metrobank ATM Card Requirements

Before you can enroll or apply for Metrobank ATM card, you need to secure first the following requirements because without them, your visit to Metrobank branch is useless. No requirements, your atm card application will be denied.

Requirements For Opening a Metrobank ATM Card
  • at least two (2) valid id: 1 photo-bearing ID and 1 supplementary ID or both photo-bearing IDs.
    • Sample Photo-bearing ID's:
      • Driver's License
  • 2 pcs 1" x 1" or 2" x 2" colored pictures (recent and formal pictures are recommended)
  • initial deposit (usually P2,000) but may vary according to bank's requirements and changes

That's it. You are now confident to go to a Metrobank branch to open an ATM Card.

Pictures of a Metrobank ATM Card

Metrobank ATM Card

Metrobank ATM Card back view

Metrobank ATM Card

Do you have any problem or concern in applying a Metrobank ATM Card?
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3 Eleonor Maximo   (22 May 2014 3:54 PM)
i wanna know if i can pass my requirement with initial deposit of two thousand because i will just use for my remitance purposes..please let me know if i can my requirement for METROBANK ATM CARD without initial deposit of two thousand pesos..thank you

2 jana   (07 September 2013 11:14 PM)
i just ask for how many months the atm card close if its out of money in it? and if closed , can i open it back again?
thank you.

1 jacky   (17 August 2013 4:39 PM)
can you please send me a list of required id's?