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Requirements in Opening or Applying a LandBank ATM Card
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You probably want to know the requirements needed to open or apply a LandBank ATM card. If you want to apply for an ATM Card and go to a LandBank branch without bringing those requirements, you're just wasting your time, money and effort because the bank requires you to bring the requirements. So take note of these requirements:

Requirements in Applying a LandBank ATM Card
  1. At least two (2) valid ID's
  2. 2pcs. 1x1 ID pictures
  3. 500 pesos initial deposit
To take a quick view of a Landbank ATM card, below is a picture of real Landbank ATM card:

LandBank ATM Card
Landbank ATM Card photo

If you want to open an ATM account as Single Proprietorship, these are the requirements:
  1. Business Certificate/Registration with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
  2. Original Application for Registration
  3. Two valid ID's of authorized signatory/ies
Do you have any concerns with your Landbank ATM Card?

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50 Mara   (30-October-2015 12:39 PM)
Hi. My friend told me i need a barangay clearance in getting an atm card. Can i still get or apply for an atm card with a student id, nso birth cert and passport only? and a 500 initial deposit?
I'm only a student. I need the card for online payment thanks hope for your immediate response.

49 Jasmin almerol   (24-September-2015 9:24 AM)
I just want to know if i can open an atm account and what sloud be the requirements?can i just go to your office and apply for it and pay not even asking what income do i have?

48 jahara   (01-September-2015 2:08 PM)
good afternoon. can i apply for ATM CARD if i only have NSO birth certificate and Alumni ID? thank you.

47 Porsha Angway   (25-August-2015 2:46 PM)
Sir/ma'am..I'm just a student and I only have 1 valid I.D which is the Student's I.D.
Can't you give us a consideration??
Thank you very much,and I hope you can answer my question as soon as possible.

46 Eliza Malinao   (24-August-2015 3:50 PM)
How can I open an account? Where I am going to deposit? Is there any branches near in Manila that I can inquire and ask?

45 liezette   (10-August-2015 8:43 AM)
Can the overseas worker may apply ATM online? How?

44 Richard L. Torio Jr.   (06-August-2015 11:21 AM)
Hi, i want have a account but the problem is im a student and my I.D is just only a school I.D. How can i apply if i don't have another I.D. Can you help me please

43 jamil A panontongan   (25-July-2015 8:45 AM)
i need my card who to apply

42 sean yeshuah tanay benjamin   (22-July-2015 4:17 PM)
How can I open an ATM card in a retirement

41 Angela Guico   (09-July-2015 8:22 AM)
Hi im just 17 and a working student how can i open account ? What are the requirements?

40 pankaj sharma   (07-July-2015 0:48 AM)
i need this card.

39 Maricris Cuadra   (18-June-2015 12:11 PM)
Hi, good day I just want to ask what kind of valid I.d I only have sss, b.I.r passport

Thank you.

38 jeizel lancian   (16-June-2015 6:24 AM)
hello, i just wanted to ask if I can use my voter's ID if i apply for ATM card, because I only have student's Id and my voter's Id. and, I also wanted to ask if the Landbank of Carcar city Cebu branch will be opening on saturdays.

37 marj lascuña   (11-June-2015 9:32 AM)
Can i use my voter's ID to apply atm card? If don't have any ID. Can we use our NSO bith certificate? Please help.

36 william   (03-June-2015 2:00 AM)
yesterday.my wife going to landbank phil.baclaran branch.he want to open or applying atm card.why he ask passport and nso.my wife dont go other country,.why like that

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