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Requirements in Opening or Applying a LandBank ATM Card

You probably want to know the requirements needed to open or apply a LandBank ATM card. If you want to apply for an ATM Card and go to a LandBank branch without bringing those requirements, you're just wasting your time, money and effort because the bank requires you to bring the requirements. So take note of these requirements:

Requirements in Applying a LandBank ATM Card
  1. At least two (2) valid ID's
  2. 2pcs. 1x1 ID pictures
  3. 500 pesos initial deposit
To take a quick view of a Landbank ATM card, below is a picture of real Landbank ATM card:
The new LandBank ATM Card
New LandBank ATM Card

Old LandBank ATM Card
LandBank ATM Card
Landbank ATM Card photo
If you want to open an ATM account as Single Proprietorship, these are the requirements:
  1. Business Certificate/Registration with Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
  2. Original Application for Registration
  3. Two valid ID's of authorized signatory/ies
Do you have any concern with your Landbank ATM Card?
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87 johnriel asucan pagas   (22 November 2017 3:26 AM)
Mag apply po open atm account i have TIN ID,NSO,DRIVER LISENCE,NBI clearance,Postal id barangay clearance and 500 initial deposit and 3000 for deposit

86 Gregner Amporias   (10 August 2017 7:24 PM)
Pwede po ba Philhealth at NBI clearance ang gagamit for two valid ID?

85 Jonalyn calacat   (31 July 2017 9:59 AM)
Hai po good day ask ko lang po if OK po yung baranggay I'd po?

84 Jonalyn calacat   (31 July 2017 9:56 AM)
Hai po good day ask ko LNG f OK po yung brgy I'd po?

83 Jerson gamit   (28 July 2017 6:08 AM)
Good,morning po mag tatanong lang ako sana pag mag open ako nang ATM account isa lang ang ID ko pwede ba ang NSO ko

82 Leo Basbas Jr.   (25 July 2017 9:43 AM)
I want to apply for ATM card but my problem is I only have one (1) valid ID as of now. I have voters ID. Is it possible that I can open an account?

81 Frence Grande   (10 July 2017 7:30 AM)
Good day po. Ang initial deposit po ba ay pweding more than 500 po? At kapag nag apply po makukuha po ba agad ang CARD?


80 PinKate   (30 June 2017 11:23 AM)
I currently have philhealth id only. Can I use NBI clearance as one of the ID?

79 Meah Grace Dotdot   (15 June 2017 3:43 PM)
Good day po. I would just like to ask if TIN number is required in applying for a Landbank account? And if you don't have a TIN number yet, what are the alternatives to be used or will it be okay if I'll apply with no TIN number at all. Because I don't have a TIN number yet, but it is still on process tho but I really need to have an account now for government work purposes. Hoping for your response.
Thank you so much.

78 Rocha calimlim   (18 May 2017 9:56 PM)
Gusto ko magpa time deposit panu po? May i know the advantages and details please...
Thank you

77 Airon santillana   (20 April 2017 3:21 PM)
Ano po ba ang requirements to open account but not employed.

76 steve   (04 April 2017 8:43 PM)
pag nag apply po ba makukuha din agad???

75 Jhonaliza Gabor Mangubat   (12 January 2017 9:10 AM)
Paano po kapag na kamali yung TIN No. po na nailigay? Ma-aari po ba itong ma Change po? Thank You Po.

74 MARY   (01 January 2017 2:15 PM)
tanong ko lang po pwede ko po bang gamitin ang COR at school id ko para sa valid id's?
at tska po kailangan po ba talaga ang barangay clearance kapag mag open ka ng new account?

thank you po hope you will response..

73 Danilo Lobitana Delima   (27 November 2016 8:07 AM)
Magandang araw po sir and ma'am .Tanong kolang po Kong ang initial deposit po ay 500 paren po ba ngayong taong 2016.at ilang araw po ba makukuha ang ATM card.kung sakali po!

Salamat po.

From ;Danilo Lobitana Delima las pinas

72 vince reyes   (22 October 2016 4:55 PM)
how about for student initial deposit for opening bank account

71 abegail baltar   (04 October 2016 0:36 AM)
Good eve.gosto ko po mag apply ng saving account.Paano po ako makakapag apply?

70 Ramero Baquir   (13 September 2016 5:33 PM)
Is it okay i will have one valid ID? Like Students ID.

69 Michael   (09 September 2016 8:10 AM)
Sir/Ma'am:what if kung nasa saudi yung mag pa open account at wala syang mapasa na requirements for proprietor at ako lang po mag pa open pwedi po ba yun?

68 Rolandobenosa   (30 August 2016 4:19 PM)
Sir paano po mag open account online.?

66 Ferlyn Flores Villieran   (09 August 2016 7:41 PM)
Pwede ko po ba magamit ang atm savings account ko matagal na po kasing hindi nahulugan ng pera at wala na din pong naiwan gusto ko po sana siyang hulugan ulit andto po ako ngaun sa dubai...

67 admin   (10 August 2016 8:47 AM)
Ferlyn, before you deposit an amount to your LandBank account, please try to contact LandBank Customer Service first to inquire about the status of your account. Is it dormant (inactive) for 2 years? If it's only dormant for one year, then, your account is most likely active.

65 sean   (28 July 2016 10:22 AM)
Sir/ma'am: I only have one valid i.d.
pwede po ba yon?

64 wena   (19 July 2016 7:10 AM)
Valid IDs include SSS ID, GSIS ID, Driver’s License, Company ID (present), School ID, Passport, TIN ID, Postal ID, Phil Health ID, Marriage Contract (original copy), Major Credit Card, Membership Card of well-known associations and clubs, HMO ID, Senior Citizens Card.

63 Allan Pacquiao Edem   (22 June 2016 12:27 PM)
Sir & Ma'am
I'm willing to apply ATM Card

62 airolene   (30 May 2016 9:46 AM)
can i use landbank atm card to transact money if somene send from abroad?

61 airolene   (30 May 2016 9:44 AM)
Good day!Can i use landbank atm card to transact money if someone send money from abroad?

60 niki   (16 May 2016 11:28 PM)
Hello sir/ma'am. I would like to open a regular ATM account but as of the moment I don't have any valid ID. My student's ID just expired this month and my voter's ID is still in process. Are there any alternatives I could use for the ID in order for me to open an account just like clearances or certificates? Thank you.

59 niki   (16 May 2016 11:23 PM)
Hello. I don't have any valid ID as of the moment. My student's ID just expired this month and my voter's ID is still in process, are there alternatives for the ID's as required. Can I use other proofs like clearances or certificates?

58 may   (18 April 2016 2:17 PM)
I would like to open a regular account. I have all these requirements you posted on sight

Requirements in Applying a LandBank ATM Card:
At least two (2) valid ID's
2pcs. 1x1 ID pictures
500 pesos initial deposit

however, in Cebu branch, particularly in Escario, they required me to present proof of billing, if not under our name, I need to present barangay clearance. We are not registered voters in Cebu so we cant claim barangay clerance, what options can you give me? Is it possible for me to present instead the bill from our office (I'm currently working in a government agency) and get certification from our supervisor? he certified he have used same option before when he applied for ATM card? Hoping for your immediate response on this matter

57 galleto,jona   (16 April 2016 12:55 PM)
can i use only one valid id to apply?

56 conrado hablan   (03 April 2016 8:58 PM)
no other requirement's sir only At least two (2) valid ID's
2pcs. 1x1 ID pictures
500 pesos initial deposit

How about NBI or other??
Have a nice day

55 ivy dee albag   (03 March 2016 7:40 PM)
Good am sir/maa.
I want to open atm account but I only have 1 id,but I have birthcertifacate, nbi clearance..i have an sss but I don't have yet my id its still in process for my id.

54 Alma Clair H.Pigoh   (02 March 2016 10:30 AM)
Good am. I only have 1 ID and its only my voters id will u you still accept that?

53 josete   (09 February 2016 8:53 AM)
good morning. Barangay clearance, xerox of my birth certificate and passport will you accept my requirements for LandBank atm card. ?
My school id was expired last 2015 so that i just use the barangay clearance.

52 Yaweh Lady E.Mencias   (13 January 2016 3:17 PM)
What if i don't have ids, will you accept legal documents like nso birth certs, police clearance with photo and nbi clearance?

51 Riza Sierra   (25 December 2015 7:26 PM)
Hi my husband want to change his atm card how much shoul we pay for nee atm card? And for holiday december 26 atm machine still operate?

50 Mara   (30 October 2015 12:39 PM)
Hi. My friend told me i need a barangay clearance in getting an atm card. Can i still get or apply for an atm card with a student id, nso birth cert and passport only? and a 500 initial deposit?
I'm only a student. I need the card for online payment thanks hope for your immediate response.

49 Jasmin almerol   (24 September 2015 9:24 AM)
I just want to know if i can open an atm account and what sloud be the requirements?can i just go to your office and apply for it and pay not even asking what income do i have?

48 jahara   (01 September 2015 2:08 PM)
good afternoon. can i apply for ATM CARD if i only have NSO birth certificate and Alumni ID? thank you.

47 Porsha Angway   (25 August 2015 2:46 PM)
Sir/ma'am..I'm just a student and I only have 1 valid I.D which is the Student's I.D.
Can't you give us a consideration??
Thank you very much,and I hope you can answer my question as soon as possible.

46 Eliza Malinao   (24 August 2015 3:50 PM)
How can I open an account? Where I am going to deposit? Is there any branches near in Manila that I can inquire and ask?

45 liezette   (10 August 2015 8:43 AM)
Can the overseas worker may apply ATM online? How?

44 Richard L. Torio Jr.   (06 August 2015 11:21 AM)
Hi, i want have a account but the problem is im a student and my I.D is just only a school I.D. How can i apply if i don't have another I.D. Can you help me please

43 jamil A panontongan   (25 July 2015 8:45 AM)
i need my card who to apply

42 sean yeshuah tanay benjamin   (22 July 2015 4:17 PM)
How can I open an ATM card in a retirement

41 Angela Guico   (09 July 2015 8:22 AM)
Hi im just 17 and a working student how can i open account ? What are the requirements?

40 pankaj sharma   (07 July 2015 0:48 AM)
i need this card.

39 Maricris Cuadra   (18 June 2015 12:11 PM)
Hi, good day I just want to ask what kind of valid I.d I only have sss, b.I.r passport

Thank you.

38 jeizel lancian   (16 June 2015 6:24 AM)
hello, i just wanted to ask if I can use my voter's ID if i apply for ATM card, because I only have student's Id and my voter's Id. and, I also wanted to ask if the Landbank of Carcar city Cebu branch will be opening on saturdays.

37 marj lascuña   (11 June 2015 9:32 AM)
Can i use my voter's ID to apply atm card? If don't have any ID. Can we use our NSO bith certificate? Please help.

36 william   (03 June 2015 2:00 AM)
yesterday.my wife going to landbank phil.baclaran branch.he want to open or applying atm card.why he ask passport and nso.my wife dont go other country,.why like that

35 arnold   (03 June 2015 0:56 AM)
why i cannot send my money to my account number from VIA LBC TO LANDBANK

34 Elma Dalompines   (22 May 2015 9:14 AM)
May 22,2015

Dear Sir,

Can we apply online the Landbank ATM card?

Thank you,
Elma Dalompines

33 kazelyn b. balla   (08 May 2015 5:38 PM)
Do you have a savings account for student ? if yes, what are the requirements and how much is the fee? i hope you reply me asap. Thank you.

32 Jonny Domalaon   (05 May 2015 6:37 PM)
HOW can I apply for an ATM Account?
Any requirements or process?
I am only a student.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you and best regard.


31 diosa marcaida   (28 April 2015 2:09 PM)
can i use my student id and a brgy. clearance for applying in a atm card, and how many days it will take to have the card? thanks

30 YAng Obingayan   (23 February 2015 2:33 PM)
Hi can i use my company id and the philhealth id if i want to open the the atm ?

29 zaiga harsh   (09 February 2015 1:07 PM)
Hello and good day!

I would like to open a savings account with ATM in your bank.
But the problem is that i dont have any valid IDs except with Police Clerance and Brgy. Clearance/certification that i have. Would you consider this a valid and acceptable requirements in opening an account?

I will wait for your reply. Thank you.


28 Rosario Rodriguez Caporal   (06 November 2014 6:30 AM)
Sir/ Madam:

God Morning! I want to open an ATM Card how much i pay for the initial deposit. This ATM card is possibly use for my Pag Ibig loan or not?
Thank you for your kindness. God Bless!

Rosario R. Caporal

27 Ate At Kuya Tagapagtangol   (13 October 2014 4:35 PM)
how to open atm card for military special enlistment?

26 Joan Pearl Kito   (15 September 2014 8:09 AM)
I am a student and I want to apply for an atm Card. Can I use my school ID and my NSO certificate ?

25 Nerolee Tgs   (09 September 2014 8:29 PM)
sir i only have 1 valid id (postal id) can i use birth certificate or nbi clearance to open an account?thankyou

24 marj lascuña   (06 August 2014 7:27 AM)
I only have 1 valid ID. A voters ID. Can i use NSO birth certificate?

23 Jovanie Tanglao Borja   (05 August 2014 10:15 AM)
Gud am I have 2valid IDmy TIN andPHILHEALTH ID It is ok for applying ATMCard?

22 Gibson Siamoc   (23 June 2014 11:59 AM)
sir is it okay to use Voters certification as an ID? My voters ID was stolen few days ago. Thnx

21 Maria Theresa G Juan   (19 June 2014 9:41 PM)
Sir can i apply Landbank atm account thru online because i am an ofw here in Turkey. My husband was a former soldier and was died last year. Landbank atm account is one of my requirements for the processing of my pension

20 joshua anton   (04 June 2014 11:58 AM)
Sir can i use photocopy birth certificate?sir?

19 Christine Genova   (28 March 2014 11:11 AM)
How about if I only have 1 valid ID? Could I still possibly get an ATM card? How about for initial deposit? Is it necessary to have 500? isn't it 100?

18 Jaime C. Cachapero Jr.   (10 March 2014 4:45 PM)
Im looking for a data entry job

17 ferdinand   (05 March 2014 10:36 AM)
hi sir i want to open a acount how much i pay in card i use only in pag ibig loan cause i can not loan when have no a card of your company

15 Precious   (28 February 2014 12:38 PM)
Im a college student and What if i only have 1 Valid ID? Can i still apply??

16 admin   (03 March 2014 2:20 PM)
Precious, a Bank need another ID (supplementary ID) for identity verification purposes. Since you're a student, you can easily get a Barangay Clearance or Police Clearance.

14 mevielyn asuncion   (13 February 2014 9:06 AM)
can i use my fathers surname on the card instead of using my husband surname?

13 admin   (11 February 2014 1:45 PM)
helen bernil, 7 to 10 banking days. And yes, your name will be embossed/printed on the atm card.

11 Derick   (01 February 2014 6:30 PM)
can i use voter's i.d and philhealth i.d?is it 2x2 pic or 1x1?

12 admin   (06 February 2014 11:18 AM)
Derick, yes.

9 leah   (11 January 2014 1:01 PM)
how much the maintaning balance when I open atm

10 admin   (14 January 2014 8:29 AM)
leah, maintaining balance of LandBank ATM is Php500.

7 Shervee   (08 January 2014 6:49 PM)
hi, what if I am a college student what are the additional requirements needed?

8 admin   (09 January 2014 10:20 AM)
Shervee, you can use the following id's:

  • school ID
  • Baranggay Clearance
  • NSO birth certificate
  • Postal ID
  • etc.

5 Melanie   (19 December 2013 11:36 AM)
hi, can I register online?The initial deposit will follow once I go to the city.

6 admin   (20 December 2013 12:34 PM)
Melanie, no. You should personally visit any Landbank branch to apply or open an account. Don't forget to bring the needed requirements.

4 janis   (28 July 2013 9:41 AM)
hi.. can i use the atm in claiming payments thru paypal..?

3 jellica marquez   (25 July 2013 3:57 PM)
what are the requirements that i need to submit in order to replace my cash card? can i also do it online so i dont need personally go the the bank?

2 jellica marquez   (25 July 2013 3:56 PM)
what are the requirements that i need to submit to replace my cash card? can i also do it online so i dont need personally go the the bank?

1 Princess Lhee Obien   (18 May 2013 8:50 PM)
hi, just want to ask if I could use my voter's certification, baranggay certification or police clearance in opening an account, for atm land bank ofcourse along with 2pcs. of 2x2 I.D. picture and 500pesos? How much will be the interest in saving? Thank you...