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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:

Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?
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379 Ohnioo   (25-June-2016 7:44 AM)
Please help me to reset my password,I cannot open my get go account

378 Antonia Ruth Macatangay   (24-June-2016 11:29 PM)
I just booked a ticket now supposedly for my mother now, i erroneously put my surname. we have the same first name. the locator number is EB189G. Please change the passengers name to Antonia Rodriguez

377 marilyn gemora   (14-June-2016 12:09 PM)
I bought ticket yesterday but my mother can not continue going so i decided to cancel the ticket book for fri.Booking ref no. N9DTRC it is non refundable the ticket office said but i haven't fully aware cause i did not brought my eyeglasses . My mom is 82 y/o and has kidney failure I sen t the medical abstract to main@spiticketexpress.com and spi_main@yahoo.com I b ought it at your ticket office at starmall alabang site

376 Antonia Gutierrez   (11-June-2016 8:05 AM)
Yesterday i bought a ticket. I gave all my details and the payement was going through... But then the page went to home and i didnt recieve any confirmartion. But the payment is on pending in the balance of my card.
Do i have the ticket ir not?
Plese answer ASAP!

375 jessica labanan   (10-June-2016 1:02 PM)
How much is the terminal fee for international flights? For example korea-manila or korea-cebu

374 joy   (29-May-2016 9:29 AM)
can you please check this name anthony dickson if is in your airlines today.I need to be sure.

373 Brigitte Asgapo   (26-May-2016 7:38 PM)
I wouldl like to correct the error, I have book my aunt and the DOB was not correct instead of Dec 13, 1971, I mistakenly put May 24,1971.So what will I do then?

372 Lea   (21-May-2016 3:51 PM)
I tried booking, all information are filled and when I clicked ''Find'' it gave me blank/white/empty page, I waited and I think it lasts forever on that blank page. I tried it again and again and it still the same issue until I gave up. I don't know if your promo guys are true and yet you don't have good Customer Service.

371 rubie   (20-May-2016 3:08 PM)
good day, I would like to ask on how to check our rebooking schedule date and time?

370 ELNIE   (19-May-2016 4:19 PM)
i tried online booking until the payment section. after typing the details of credit card, some fields in red boxes were asked to be filled up. however, the drop down menu doesnt appear, nor can i type in the required boxes. this problem causes me worry because all pertinent details about the card were input already.

369 Kristy C. Dellava   (18-May-2016 9:53 AM)
Dear Sir/ Madam:
Hi! Hello! I would like to ask you if what department is Miss Juvelyn Sagun because I have something to ask her about our dilivery man. She give me her cellphone # but she did not answer my call. I ask the delivery man if what airport is he, he told me that he was in teminal 3. So please give me the telephone number of Miss Juvelyn Sagun department area. Hoping your response.

368 Mr Chong   (17-May-2016 1:54 PM)
Hi, I wanted to upgrade the baggage allowance to 30 kg from S'pore to Manila but somehow it was upgraded for the Manila to S'pore leg. Tried calling the customer call centre and they told me nothing can be done to change it to the S'pore to Manila leg unless I pay again for the upgrade! I don't believe nothing can be done as the system is dead but we human being is alive and hence I really hope a solution can be provided by your company. Thks in advance for your help!

367 Gina Dumpit   (17-May-2016 7:09 AM)

366 Yi Yun   (16-May-2016 11:43 AM)
My maid supposed to come back today as flight details 16/5/16 from tuguegarao 12.55h.
Booking ref no : RYITMM
Can i check whether she already check in or not
please advise.tq

365 Rowena calixtro   (14-May-2016 7:48 AM)
I would like to confirm my cousin flight is on May 15 2015 7:55am her name is jenny ann olalo and jomar olalo
I book this flight through online 5j 620 from Thailand to.manila and they haven't gave or send the ticket yet on my email..I just want to confirm if this is confirm or if theyre name is on the system already?I'm still worried if the ticketing office are scam..please advice me soon as possible lens thank you and gave me the correct details please of the flight.thank looking forward for your reply

364 Ivy Daquipil   (10-May-2016 11:56 AM)
My flight is on May 12, 2016 from Davao to Cebu with a confirmed reference #XEEHSD.
Upon checking, i found out that our names appeared in your system is incorrect.
May i ask you to change or correct our names to avoid hassle.
Below are the correct names.
Ivy Daquipil
Andresa Brando

Hope to hear your response soonest.

363 Hueo H. Toibio   (25-April-2016 3:15 PM)
Please give me details on how to claim my travel voucher, aside from calling you customer service. Since, I am here in Palawan, do you have any office here for me to visit and claim it.
Thank you for you prompt reply.

362 ian dello oporto   (25-April-2016 1:02 PM)
good day! how to retrieve my previous travel? I lost all my booking ref. and confirmation number... will u send me my itinerary including my confirmation number? thank you

361 Jonathan luc   (22-April-2016 5:30 PM)
My flight is delayed as of right now and I have another flight to catch to Cebu from you guys, and I have nobody to contact !

360 Ace Tolentino   (13-April-2016 2:47 AM)
Am so dissapointed,because you didn't advice us regarding the time of boarding.departure time is 3:10pm flight 5J 455 manila to iloilo tuesday april 12,2016. You should inform your client if they have to arrive at the airport early.this is so inconvientient.and now we need to book again.Please be responsible regarding this matter.

359 Lucky M. Obejera   (11-April-2016 3:01 PM)
Hi this Lucky Obejera i just wanna ask a copy of my receipt i traveled last january 6 2016 from manila to macau with flight number 5J362 . i forgot my confirmation number. Can u send me a copy of my receipt

358 Marita Arceo   (03-April-2016 7:50 AM)
We are booked to Busan (Flight 5J 184), leaving 4pm April 4, 2016, however my 2 companions names have wrong spelling - Hanz Daniel Tulabut should be Hanz Daeniel Tulabut and Alviela Dayrit should be Alviela Jireh Dayrit. Kindly correct and adjust to avoid hassle, thanks and more power.

357 Ms Solidad Karuppan   (31-March-2016 6:36 PM)
I have a confirmed return ticket from KLIA to Manila on April 19th,2016. I would like to add on additional 20kg bag. Can you let me know the price and if you are able to help me confirm this add on baggage thru your agency?

356 Liza Ladao   (26-March-2016 12:04 PM)
can you send the email add were i can send the passport and affidavit of change. name of my client. Thanks

355 Elda Bucud   (25-March-2016 2:47 PM)

Can a photocopy birth certificate be presented as identification for a 4yr old child?

Pls reply asap. Thanks

354 Anthony Tendido   (17-March-2016 11:32 PM)
d morning, this is Marichu Tendido,  an OFW from dubai. Today, March 17, 2016, my husband and I went back here in the Philippines to be reunited with my family. It just so happen that the time we arrived in Bacolod, we cannot locate our baggage. We asked one of the staff from your company about our baggages; where is it? and where can we find it? We were expecting that our baggages is already here in Bacolod because it was sealed with a Transer sticker, meaning, it will directly be sent here in Bacolod. But your staff told us that we can claim our baggages after three days, and if the baggages will not arrive here, it means, our baggage are being taken cared by the Custom personnel. And he asked for the key of baggages kase daw bubuksan yan ng custom. Huminde ako siyempre kase baka may mawala. Besides It was already scanned from Dubai Until here in the Philippines and there are no foundings of any suspicious items. So why would they Hold it? Nag bayad kame ng maayos at binayaran namin lahat ng nga fees. We are expecting our baggage tomorrow, since all of our clothes and all the pasalubongs are there. We are hoping for your immediate action. Thank you very much.

353 LUCELE PASINAG   (16-March-2016 11:39 AM)
Hi all,

I booked a round trip from General SAntos City to Manila, Flight 5J992 . For Manila to General Santos City Iwasn't able to get the flight details.(November 27-30) I paid thru Internet Banking: Bancnet Online with my debit card (Land bank) and the system just drop down without showing any details of the ticket but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket and I checked my email I did not receive my ticket confirmation also. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation? Please email me asap. thank you

I called to call center but no one answer my call!

Please contact us as soon as possible because I very concerned

352 andrey   (15-March-2016 8:52 AM)
GOOD MORNING.. we will be travelling this thursday, i am with my son and daughter, unfortunately the birth certificate of my daughter, which is still 7 years old was misplaced.. can i use her school id instead? thanks

351 michael   (14-March-2016 8:39 AM)
I had to go hospital and did not pickup my luggage yesterday, where do I reclaim it? flight no.5J118 hong kong airport.

350 Retchel Jagocoy   (11-March-2016 2:00 AM)
Good morning
I need help now because my surname in the itinerary is Jagonoy which is incorrect.i found out when u confirm that my booking is already booked...Jagocoy is my correct spelling of my surname..it is a roundtrip tickets from manila to bacolod...vice versa..hoping for your reaponse...

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