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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:

Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?

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272 Jennifer Discipulo   (24-July-2015 10:33 PM)
Hi..i need to rebook my husband's flight..so icalled your customer service using touch card with my smrtphone..but then the operator always says "sorry,we did not search the number you are calling."
OMg,i need to rebook it on july 26,but up to this moment,i cannot reach your call center...pano na to..pls...hope to hear from you asap!

271 Regine   (24-July-2015 11:07 AM)
Good Day!

We, the 4th year BS Tourism Management students of De La Salle Lipa are currently taking Tourism Research, Methods and Techniques course. We are asking permission to conduct a survey for our research study entitled "Personal and Situational Factors Relating to In-Flight Service Quality of Cebu Pacific Air." As a partial requirement in our study, we need to know the personal factors such as age, gender, occupation, monthly income, purpose of travel and frequency of travel. The study also includes the passenger's perceptions of in-flight service quality offered by Cebu Pacific Air.

We went in your office last July 03, 2015 and we already have the approval of Cebu Pacific Air regarding this matter but we forgot to ask a note as a proof that you have apporved us. In this regard, we are asking your good office to kindly send us a note or letter that you already approved us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

For more questions, you may contact either Ms. Mary Grace Ailo at 09276147123 or Ms. Marielle Oliva at 09173188324. You may likewise email us at roncal.rc@dlsl.edu.ph

In St. La Salle,

Mary Grace Asilo
Jane Kimberly Mae Bade
Marielle D. Oliva
Regine C. Roncal

270 Jennifer   (20-July-2015 5:04 PM)

Good day.

I booked a ticket for my friend named aileen medrano for riyadh-manila last june 29,2015 but I nor she did not received any email stating for the booking no.& itinerary of her flight..but its already deducted from my credit limit the amount of her ticket which is 1125.55sr. This is the 1st time that is happening to me.i always get my tcket if im going vacation to philippines through online.how come this is happening now?.please I need your answer asap

Thank you

269 Arthur Cabautan   (15-July-2015 7:52 AM)

I want to upgrade my 20 kilos to 40 kilos Baggage.

If it is possible, Only from Sydney to Manila - I want to Change my 20 to 40 Kilos Baggage.


Please let me know how will I do it my Upagrad Baggage.
On August 16, 2015 is my Flight

268 Fhinlyn Abing   (07-July-2015 4:00 PM)

We are going to Manila along with my 2 years and 11 months baby (first time for my baby to ride an airplane). What would be the source as Valid ID for her? Will birth certificate or NSO will do? Do I need to bring mine too?

267 Marita Chong   (07-July-2015 5:51 AM)
hello I booked a ticket for me and husband yesterday July 6,2015 for flight FEBRUARY 6,2016 RETURN FEBRUARY 15 2016 and Paid the ticket over the counter ON BDO BANKING. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER BUT I HAVEN'T GET IT YET I AM WORRIED IF MY EMAIL IS WRONG OR WHAT PLEASE CHECK AND SEND THE CONFIRMATION ON THIS EMAIL smayeth@gmail.com . Thank you!

266 Eden Grace Galeos   (05-July-2015 9:20 AM)
Hi! I accidentally closed my window and couldnt retreive my itinerary after I refreshed it. Is there anyway I can retrieve it? It says there I need the confirmation number. May I ask how to retrieve my confirmation number again?

265 laarni oliveros   (05-July-2015 8:30 AM)
Good day. I have a question can refund my ticket aftr i have been offloaded last april. I was finished with the immigration less than an hour before my departure time i tried to call cebu pacific hotline as soon as i went outside the cheking area but all that answers me are voicemail directinge to nowhere.i lose hope then.but i just read an article that theres a chance i can have a refund.hoping for your response.thank you.

264 G A MORRISON   (01-July-2015 4:30 AM)

I have been in touch with my bank and the payment for the second ticket has definitely been taken from my account. The aurthorisation code for the transation is 231899. I require the flight ticket emailing to me as a matter of urgency as my mother-in-law NAOMI MAMON needs to travel this coming saturday 4th of June and I cannot afford to wait seven days for a reply as this will go past the 4th of June.


Graham Morrison

Thank you for sending your feedback!

We will use the details you have provided to check on what caused this incident. Please note your case number CEB-19722-0615 as you may use this to monitor your case.

Please give us seven (7) working days to get back to you.

Thank you!

Guest Relations
Cebu Pacific Air

Hi.I have purchased a Cebu Pacific return ticket for my mother-in-law, NAOMI MAMON Iloilo before I purchased PORTIA ANN PENALVER's return ticket.I am worried why you havent sent me her itinerary and confirmation as well as receipt.I will be awaiting for your reply ASAP.

Thank you,
Graham Morrison

263 Leah Afan   (28-June-2015 8:27 PM)
Booked a flight next month but my passport will expire on november 2015 not knowing that my passport should be more than 6months upon travel.

Can i transfer my flight to others? How much is the penalty charges?

Thank you!

262 Peter Bernhard Moeller   (25-June-2015 8:55 AM)
good morning,

today afternoon I go from PPC to Cebu only with handcarry baggage. Is it allowed to brinf my electric shaver in my handcarry baggage?
Thank you very much for your answer
with best regards
Peter Bernhard Moeller

261 Glenda Fabregas   (20-June-2015 12:06 PM)
Any idea what's Cebu Pacific's cargo dept. contact number is? They gave me a phone number when I called the customer service but been calling it for quite some time and no one answers the phone. Thanks

260 April Joy   (13-June-2015 11:31 AM)
I still don't have my confirmation number for my flight with booking reference number 123419192502. Kindly send me a copy of it. Thank you

259 Mary ann   (10-June-2015 11:27 PM)
Good day

Do you have any office near in mandaluyong because I want to rebook my ticket thank you

258 Adelino Manching Jr.   (07-June-2015 7:25 AM)
Good Morning,

This is Adelino S. Manching Jr. I just arrived in Manila last night safe and sound. However, I forgot my laptop in your aircraft. My flight yesterday is 5J 570. The schedule of its departure is 5:45pm but due to some reasons, it was delayed so we departed at around 6:15pm at Mactan-Cebu Airport. I just want to ask how will I able to claim my laptop? Please help me I really need it as soon as possible because all my files were there and I have some files to be submitted especially within this week.

Thank you and God bless you all!

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