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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
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Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:

Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?

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221 Mariavilla Cabus Velasco • 9:09 PM, 21-February-2015
Helow i just want to as in my ticket my flight. Is Feb 27; 2015 my ticket have a problem because im going to dipolog but my ticket going to manila im her nw in manila i need your respond thanks respond me in my email velascoanabell@ yahoo.com
220 Malou Ramirez • 8:14 PM, 21-February-2015
hi i had a booking yesterday i forgot to get the confirmation number how can i get it. i want to pay it today.this is my mail add malouramirez9@gmail.com..hope you can help me..thanks
219 Tyra Reign • 12:26 PM, 20-February-2015
i had a booking yesterday and i already paid it thru lbc but when i check my email i cant see my itenerary.. thanks
gandatyrareing@yahoo.com this is my email acct pls do help me.. flight shcedule id feb25, 2015
218 Frenzy Tajores • 1:48 PM, 19-February-2015
Hi good day. I just want to know how to change the name of the passenger and the birthday date. I do online booking last feb 17, 2015. And may i also know your contact number at the U.S.A. TTHANKS I REALLY NEED YOUR URGENT ANSWER. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR ANSWER TO MY QUESTION IN THIS EMAIL ACCOUNT. frenzy_tajores@yahoo.com . thank you
217 Jhen Lanuevo • 5:46 AM, 19-February-2015
hello...i just want to ask about the ticket of Mr.Jeffrey Amistoso...we have the itinerary receipt but dont have any amount that is stated here.where do i can check this because my boss want to check...thank you...pls response soon...
216 Diun Silang • 2:51 PM, 18-February-2015
My Family and I booked this coming April 10th, I wanted to Re- book/Change Flight but there's no more Flight available up to 1st quarter 2016. What happened? I called this hotline and said It was confirmed flight but I doubt it. I don't want to risk this situation going to the airport, everything are settled then it will be just gone.. no emails, or calls that my flight is cancelled or what. And for the record, How and where I can refund this Paid ticket if ever?
215 Ro-an Moreno • 2:22 PM, 06-February-2015
We booked two tickets but we only receive one official reciept. Kindly assist me with my other reference number 05021502685775 Flight Details Manila to Davao February 14, 2015 we already paid the ticket via BDO.
214 Clyde Deypalan • 9:41 AM, 04-February-2015
Carlos miguel oliveros & glenda lucido:
I have encountered the same inconvenice with you. If you have received the travelsure email from Malayan insurance, your confirmation code is written at the heading after the phrase COL/locator. Then go to manage booking> view itenirary> And fill in info at option number 4. Please do check.
213 Michele Panis • 5:35 AM, 04-February-2015
i want to know if what was the minimum kilos for the luggage and hand carry bag for the flight dammam to manila?pls reply
212 Glenda Lucido • 11:29 AM, 02-February-2015
I want to know why i still dont receive email for my confirmation number and iterinary after i pay. Please reply at glenda.lucido@yahoo.com
211 Angelo Carlosmiguel Oliveros • 1:11 AM, 30-January-2015
I want to know why I still don't receive any email about my ticket after I pay please reply me carissa.oliveros@yahoo.com
210 Xieich Navarro • 11:37 PM, 25-January-2015
i want tO ask what happEn tO cebu pacific flight going to hongkong which the departure time is 6:30pm yesterday? my mom worried a lot because my brother still not contacting us after his flight...please reply
209 Teresita Galang-Malonzo Talamisan • 11:45 AM, 23-January-2015
We are senior citizens ages 66 and 63. We plan to go to davao frm mnl April 10, 2015 at 10 a.m. then depart frm davao april 12, 2015 at 4 pm. Pls book us with your best deals. We will pay cash. My mobile is 09399225803. You may respond via terrytala@yahoo.com . Thanks.
208 Mar Joon Ramas Obfenda • 8:58 PM, 22-January-2015
Pls help me i booked cebu pac roundtrip cebu-caticlan-cebu on april 23-27 2015 but i didnt received confirmation number and e mail as well but my payment has been captured when i inquired my balance, pls reply me thru my e add. doc_joonex@yahoo.com
207 Criselda Alabat • 1:04 PM, 21-January-2015
I booked three, but you only sent me one official reciept. Where's the two? I hope you answer my question ASAP. I immediatly need to know. Thanks. Just send me the answer. Criseldaalabat@yahoo.com
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