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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number
Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:

Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?
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363 Hueo H. Toibio   (25-April-2016 3:15 PM)
Please give me details on how to claim my travel voucher, aside from calling you customer service. Since, I am here in Palawan, do you have any office here for me to visit and claim it.
Thank you for you prompt reply.

362 ian dello oporto   (25-April-2016 1:02 PM)
good day! how to retrieve my previous travel? I lost all my booking ref. and confirmation number... will u send me my itinerary including my confirmation number? thank you

361 Jonathan luc   (22-April-2016 5:30 PM)
My flight is delayed as of right now and I have another flight to catch to Cebu from you guys, and I have nobody to contact !

360 Ace Tolentino   (13-April-2016 2:47 AM)
Am so dissapointed,because you didn't advice us regarding the time of boarding.departure time is 3:10pm flight 5J 455 manila to iloilo tuesday april 12,2016. You should inform your client if they have to arrive at the airport early.this is so inconvientient.and now we need to book again.Please be responsible regarding this matter.

359 Lucky M. Obejera   (11-April-2016 3:01 PM)
Hi this Lucky Obejera i just wanna ask a copy of my receipt i traveled last january 6 2016 from manila to macau with flight number 5J362 . i forgot my confirmation number. Can u send me a copy of my receipt

358 Marita Arceo   (03-April-2016 7:50 AM)
We are booked to Busan (Flight 5J 184), leaving 4pm April 4, 2016, however my 2 companions names have wrong spelling - Hanz Daniel Tulabut should be Hanz Daeniel Tulabut and Alviela Dayrit should be Alviela Jireh Dayrit. Kindly correct and adjust to avoid hassle, thanks and more power.

357 Ms Solidad Karuppan   (31-March-2016 6:36 PM)
I have a confirmed return ticket from KLIA to Manila on April 19th,2016. I would like to add on additional 20kg bag. Can you let me know the price and if you are able to help me confirm this add on baggage thru your agency?

356 Liza Ladao   (26-March-2016 12:04 PM)
can you send the email add were i can send the passport and affidavit of change. name of my client. Thanks

355 Elda Bucud   (25-March-2016 2:47 PM)

Can a photocopy birth certificate be presented as identification for a 4yr old child?

Pls reply asap. Thanks

354 Anthony Tendido   (17-March-2016 11:32 PM)
d morning, this is Marichu Tendido,  an OFW from dubai. Today, March 17, 2016, my husband and I went back here in the Philippines to be reunited with my family. It just so happen that the time we arrived in Bacolod, we cannot locate our baggage. We asked one of the staff from your company about our baggages; where is it? and where can we find it? We were expecting that our baggages is already here in Bacolod because it was sealed with a Transer sticker, meaning, it will directly be sent here in Bacolod. But your staff told us that we can claim our baggages after three days, and if the baggages will not arrive here, it means, our baggage are being taken cared by the Custom personnel. And he asked for the key of baggages kase daw bubuksan yan ng custom. Huminde ako siyempre kase baka may mawala. Besides It was already scanned from Dubai Until here in the Philippines and there are no foundings of any suspicious items. So why would they Hold it? Nag bayad kame ng maayos at binayaran namin lahat ng nga fees. We are expecting our baggage tomorrow, since all of our clothes and all the pasalubongs are there. We are hoping for your immediate action. Thank you very much.

353 LUCELE PASINAG   (16-March-2016 11:39 AM)
Hi all,

I booked a round trip from General SAntos City to Manila, Flight 5J992 . For Manila to General Santos City Iwasn't able to get the flight details.(November 27-30) I paid thru Internet Banking: Bancnet Online with my debit card (Land bank) and the system just drop down without showing any details of the ticket but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket and I checked my email I did not receive my ticket confirmation also. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation? Please email me asap. thank you

I called to call center but no one answer my call!

Please contact us as soon as possible because I very concerned

352 andrey   (15-March-2016 8:52 AM)
GOOD MORNING.. we will be travelling this thursday, i am with my son and daughter, unfortunately the birth certificate of my daughter, which is still 7 years old was misplaced.. can i use her school id instead? thanks

351 michael   (14-March-2016 8:39 AM)
I had to go hospital and did not pickup my luggage yesterday, where do I reclaim it? flight no.5J118 hong kong airport.

350 Retchel Jagocoy   (11-March-2016 2:00 AM)
Good morning
I need help now because my surname in the itinerary is Jagonoy which is incorrect.i found out when u confirm that my booking is already booked...Jagocoy is my correct spelling of my surname..it is a roundtrip tickets from manila to bacolod...vice versa..hoping for your reaponse...

349 Ocir   (09-March-2016 10:00 PM)
Hi Cebu Pacific,
Good evening!

Why your web check in online not working? i try it yesterday, until the now but it can't open.
What's the problem of your website can you please advise your customer thru internet.

your customer

348 oscar   (09-March-2016 8:49 PM)
good evening! i would just like to ask if i can present my mom's ticket via text confirmation from the travel agency? pls reply asap because the flight is later at 5:30 am. thanks.

347 arrayamon   (09-March-2016 3:04 PM)
Hi all,

I booked round trip from Manila to Sydney, Flight 5J39 and 5J40 (Aug 04-10, 2016) I paid Internet Banking: Bancnet Online with my debit card (RCBC) and the system was shown error and freeze without shown any details the ticket but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket and I checked my email I did not receive my ticket confirmation also. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation?

I called to call center but no one answer my call!

Please contact us as soon as possible because I very concerned

Thank you.

346 Janice M. Gulatera   (09-March-2016 12:22 PM)
This is to call the attention of Cebu pacific office regarding my unclaimed baggage. This happened yesterday, March 8,2016, flight itinerary 5J 505 Tuguegarao-Manila and 5J 931 Manila- Bangkok.
My suitcase contained perishable foods, clothes and medicines. I was about to give the foods as "pasalubong" for my sisters and some friends in Bangkok. Without further ado, it is understandable that those foods perished now and can no longer be eaten. This is the sole responsibility now of the airline. I fervently hope that cebu pacific will be responsible enough to pay/refund all damaged foods not to include of course the burden it gave to me. My suitcase was not claimed /taken from the claimer counter because the airline failed to include it in the plane for reasons i do not know until now.
Thank you and please do not ignore this problem.

345 ELEANOR TIBLANI   (08-March-2016 1:17 PM)
Please send my reference no. ASAP for me to pay immediately to the payment center. thank you.

344 ELEANOR TIBLANI   (08-March-2016 1:08 PM)
I booked general santos city to manila, August 26-30 ,2016 but wasn't successful, the page told me to contact airlines' so i i need to have the reference no. for my payment because i select to pay the 24hrs payment center. Please send me the reference no. Thank you.

343 Lovely   (08-March-2016 9:14 AM)
I talked to Cebu Pacific customer service officer yesterday regarding change flights. She gave me a reference number and the amount that I have to pay ( penalties ) but the line suddenly disappeared. Today, I'm trying to contact Cebu Pacific but no officer is available. I also check Cebu Pacific website but your system is currently down. I just wanted to know if the account given to me will serve as my reference if I will pay it now. Please do advise.

342 Warren   (02-March-2016 2:46 PM)
We have a current booking with your airline (Flight 5J637). We are scheduled to depart MNL to PPA on 3/29/16 and return on 4/1/16.

We are in the PI for business and may have to cancel this flight. Is there a means to get a refund for the cancellation, or is the process to use the Travel Fund as per the Fare Rules? Again - we will be in the PI for business and will not be able to coordinate use of the Travel Fund within the 90 day period.

Any help in regards to a full refund (less applicable fees) is greatly appreciated. Please respond in kind to my e-mail.

341 Ramir   (01-March-2016 10:58 PM)
I booked a one way trip from Manila to Legazpi, Albay with my debit card and it wasn't successful, The page told me to pay the ticket using bancnet online system but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation?

340 Catherine David   (24-February-2016 1:57 PM)
Dear Sir/madam;

i just booked our flight to HK today. Unfortunately, the name I booked is Catherine David instead of Catherine Javier. The name in my passport is Javier. Please help me change the info to my ticket to avoid problems in my flight. My booking no. is Y4PHRR booked on Feb 24, 2016. Please repli in my email. Thank you for your kind consideration. Sincerely yours,
Catherine Javier David

339 Rosanna   (22-February-2016 11:02 PM)
I will be flying from USA to Manila then to Iloilo, do I need to pay extra for my baggage that I have from an international flight?

338 marres garol   (19-February-2016 7:54 PM)
dear sir/madam:
i would like to inform you that my online booking reflected a double billing in my visa card. My transaction date was last January 3,2016 for my flight to manila-davao-manila with departure date on February 21,2016. I have already informed my credit card bank and they say Cebu Pacific should give them corrections on the matter. I hope you can settle this problem before my departure date. Thank you.

marres garol

337 Leah Bareiss   (19-February-2016 12:36 PM)
Hi,i booked tommorow for Dubai-Manila, Flight number 5J7945.
I WANT TO UPGRADE MY LUGGAGE, but the problem is-i dont find my booking which is PNR Code ZETZSQ in the customer's Log in.
Leah Bareiss

336 Lady Dawn Magbanua   (16-February-2016 9:41 AM)
is powerbank a prohibited item to put in the baggage? can it be hand carried?

335 Marlon S. Formilles   (14-February-2016 8:06 AM)
Please advise flight status of booking ref. No. FGNC9E From surigao to cebu today 1:50pm flight.

334 abigail   (09-February-2016 5:21 PM)
We booked a domestic flight from CDO to Cebu and the itinerary indicates that the flight is on FEB 10 at 5:00 pm, but when I checked again the itinerary online the flight time was changed to 7:10 pm. Which time should I follow?? thanks

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