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Cebu Pacific Customer Service | Hotline Phone Number

Cebu Pacific loves to hear from you! If you want to book a flight, ask for inquiries, concerns, problems or make some feedbacks and suggestions, you can call Cebu Pacific Customer Service Phone Number below:

Local Phone Numbers:
  • (02) 702-0888 (Manila Office)
  • (032) 230-8888 (Cebu Office)
Overseas Phone Numbers:
  • +852-397-33800 (Hong Kong Office)
  • +65-315-80808 (Singapore Office)
  • +612-9119-2956​ (Australia Office)
For your Group Bookings call:
  • +632-2905241 to 42
  • +632-8027163

Do you any concerns with Cebu Pacific?
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530 MERYGLYN B. ROA   (28 April 2017 8:55 AM)
Good day,
I would like to confirm if what time of departure the flight number 5G229 date April 30, 2017 flight Cebu to Puerto Princesa City.

Thank you and god bless

529 Sabrina Luz Flores   (28 April 2017 8:43 AM)
Hi! I was worried because my cousin booked my name incomplete for an International flight, Please advise what to do. I cant afford to buy another plane ticket.


528 Jonas   (27 April 2017 9:25 AM)
Do you arrange connecting flights? We want to avoid the hassle of getting our luggage to get to our next flight.

527 Maribel Castro   (26 April 2017 8:20 PM)
Good evening I booked a flight yesterday i want to confirm all the details i submit including my full name and passport # etc if its correct.how can i view it?thank you

526 Rodezza Mae Vicente   (26 April 2017 4:47 PM)

We have a flight po kase on April 29 in the morning going to Manila, is there an advisory about flight cancellation? due to ASEAN summit? PLease respond so we can arrange our schedule asap. Thank you!

525 Jonna Bigata   (26 April 2017 9:45 AM)
is there a flight on April 28, 2017 in the evening from legazpi to manila?

524 Rose Ann Tarrosa   (25 April 2017 10:08 AM)
please pakisend naman na po sa email add ko ang itenerary ticket ko. need na po mprocess papers ko for re-exit.ticket nalang po inaantay. ilang araw na po ako nagaantay. ubos na load ko sa kakalong distance sa service center.
P.S. dont post my message all i want is to send you my itenerary ticket.thaks.

523 DANA CASTILLO PUNELAS   (24 April 2017 7:07 PM)
I would like to inquire about my itinerary receipt. My previous email address, danapunelas@yahoo.com is not functional anymore and I cannot recover my itinerary receipt/ details. Please send my booking details/ itinerary receipt to dcpunelas@up.edu.ph. My reference number is 113205353611. Payment was through Cebuana Lhuillier/ paid on March 8, 2017. Thank you so much!

522 Jessica T. Trivinio   (22 April 2017 9:12 PM)
I would just like to inquire with regards to my booking..Just around 5 pm today I book a flight for my husband but unfortunately his email is not functional anymore..I was not able to get the details of the flight..Please try to check if my husband was included in the list..ROLANDO A. TRIVINIO.. Thanks in advance

521 Sheila marie a.villar   (21 April 2017 6:22 PM)
Hi!Good Noon!

Just to inquire how much for 3adults to cagayan de oro,1way ticket,travelling starting April 25 to April 28,2017.please give me the cheapest flight on this dates.no return ticket.

Thanks so much!

520 Jane Fabula   (21 April 2017 9:15 AM)

I am trying to check us in via web check in but our flight booking reference number cannot be checked in. However when I checked in other booking reference number in the same flight, I was able to do it.

Please respond to this inquiry, as soon as possible I was calling the hotline but nobody is picking up. I am in Davao now, flight going to Manila is at 12:45 and it is 10:13 already.

Salamat po sa tutugon.

519 m.p.melis   (21 April 2017 9:13 AM)
i was have just confirmed my booking when the page went blank... how will i know my itinerary?

518 CHE REYES   (21 April 2017 8:39 AM)
i am trying to pay for my son's flight with reference number 231507151212
it showed status: closed
what does this mean?
please email me at cheyes09@gmail.com
i only have 10 minutes to confirm payment

517 Glenda Catarman   (20 April 2017 7:55 PM)
Just want to confirm my flight for tomorrow DG6225 MNL-MPH 21Apr2017
Is it departing on time at 0605am?
I've been trying to call your hotline 7020888 but Im just on queue for 10mins and it automatically dropped.
As of this writing, Im still waiting for a live person to answer me.
Kindly help. Thanks

516 MUSICA101080   (20 April 2017 6:05 PM)
good day! im on validating payment process already then nag hang na. can you please help me verify if ok na ang booking ko?

515 Jefferson Gonzaga   (19 April 2017 9:02 AM)
Good day. I forgot my booking reference number to proceed to the payment method. How can i get it? Thank you!

514 Beth   (18 April 2017 7:12 AM)
Tanong ko lang po bakit hindi ako maka book ng online sa ngayon?

513 mae paulen belera   (16 April 2017 10:33 AM)
good day! tanong ko lang po kung pwede irebook ang flight kong oras na 4:25am just this day.

512 ma. gladys babon delos reyes   (14 April 2017 11:16 AM)
I booked ticket for 3 people(2 adult & 1 child) from tacloban city going to manila on April 20,2017 and i paid thru ADCB Visa(Abu Dhabi) but unfortunatelt i didn't receive itenirary ticket.Please send it to my email ASAP. Thank you.

511 Jenna Rose Aluyen   (12 April 2017 7:18 AM)
Good day! I booked a ticket for 4 people going to Bangkok from Manila and paid for it thru BDO yesterday(04/11/17).Unfortunately, I didn't receive our itinerary yet.Please send it to my email.ASAP!Thank you very much!

510 Max Southcott   (10 April 2017 8:41 AM)
Hi there yesterday I travel from Manila to Kuala Lumpur with the Cebu airlines, I left my Rayban sunglasses on the plain. Flight number was 5j501. Could please let me know if someone of the staff have found it? Thanks

509 Maylyn Amaranto   (10 April 2017 8:18 AM)
Good morning....
Saan po ba pwede magbayad ng prepaid baggage dito sa Singapore at ano po yong need na ibigay na reference para sa pagbayad

508 Carlito Bernales   (09 April 2017 11:42 PM)
Good day po Sir/Maam,
Nag book ako online (Apr.09 2017) but after the payment done wala ng page sa net or reply sa email ko..pero nag bawas na sa credit card ko and try calling this number 0063322308888/006327020888 pero laging busy ubos na load pls.....

507 Lukas Bunat   (09 April 2017 9:08 PM)
Hi, I just booked my flight from Taipei to Manila on 15 July 2017. After paying for the ticket, only a white screen has shown. The payment has been made (my bank has sent the money) already. Can you please send me the itinerarywith booking code) since I haven't received anything so far. Thank you Lukas Bunat

506 Jennifer Coles   (09 April 2017 8:19 PM)
Hi, I just booked a flight with you and wasn't sent an itinerary or booking confirmation. Can you please confirm my booking and send me my itinerary as the payment for the flight has already been taken out of my account.

505 Lorna Rosal   (09 April 2017 5:53 PM)
i was already charged but i don't have yet my itinerary receipt. please send it to my email ASAP. thank you so much.

504 maricris c. baua   (09 April 2017 3:04 PM)
please send my itinerary receipt..already deducted but the receipt didnt confirm yet..

503 Brian Gill   (07 April 2017 9:05 PM)
I booked 3 flights on 2/4/17. One of thesae flights has been charged for twice. Could you please refund the additional £159.91 to my credit card
Brian Gill

502 Julia Zwijns   (05 April 2017 9:06 PM)
Dear sir/madam,

On 21th March I booked my flight on your website. Unfortunately I saw
that the price of the ticket: €140.21 two times is declared from my credit
card. Can you please book €140.21 back on my bank number?

Best regards,

Julia Zwijns

501 Sharonn May Mesina   (05 April 2017 5:22 AM)
Nagpa book ako kahapon at hindi ko na save ang reference number ko para mabayaran ko na sa bayad center mamaya

500 Kathy Jane Eltanal   (04 April 2017 8:07 AM)
Good day . Nag pa book po ako kahapun through online with the use of metrobank On payment , successful po yung payment worry kulang until now wala parin po akung confirmation / virification at itinerary which i need to show sa airport bukas napo kasi flight ko please help me po. Salamat.

499 Ritchelle concepcion   (03 April 2017 9:05 PM)
Good day! Gusto ko irebook yong flight ko pero bakit nag change ng price pag iclick ko yong date ng flight from 1,878.88 nagiging 3,054.88 na. Eto flight reference no. Ko advdrq bound manila to cebu, sana matulungan nyo ako. Salamat

498 ana   (31 March 2017 5:46 AM)
Hi Bakit sinasabi sa advertisement niyo na pwede papalitan yung name ng passenger, bakit nung nag inquire ako sabi ng customer service na nakasagot, hinde daw pwede. Ano ba ang totoo?

497 Leonila Barbacena   (28 March 2017 7:14 AM)
Good day.
May I know how to change a name (with error in the letter) in the booking itinerary? My friend whom i booked for flight 5J 326 on April 1, 2017 Legzpi to Manila, with booking reference V8QINV should have CANTAR as family name, not CANTOR. Please send reply through my email lbbarbacena@yahoo.com.
thank you

496 Leonila Barbacena   (27 March 2017 9:09 PM)
May I request for a change of name from Maria Charlene Cantor to Maria Charlene CANTAR. Booking reference V8QINV, flight 5J 326, Legazpi to Manila, 12:10 on April 1, 2017.
Thank you very much.

495 Melanie Riego de Dios   (26 March 2017 8:57 PM)
Where can i call regarding my flight schedule?

494 marife m. nucum   (25 March 2017 3:31 PM)
where can i make a follow regarding my ticket refund? My agent told me that the release willbe on March 15, 2017, but as of this time no refund was made

493 Lailani Esmedilla   (24 March 2017 10:18 AM)
Good day.
I have my flight schedule dubai to manila on Mar 30, 2017.
I availed the 40kgs baggage. I heard promo for free baggage of 25kgs, can i avail it? Just want tomaeke sure if this promo is still available.

Thank you.

492 Sheila ann flores   (22 March 2017 12:24 PM)
Nag pa book ako ngayon nagyon lang... creadit card processing payment na lng...ngayon m bwasan n kmi ng 37k pero wla booking ref.or iterinary.... pano ko po mllman yung booking ref.ko

491 MARCHIE   (21 March 2017 9:35 AM)
Goodmorning po,

meron po akong concern nagbayad ako ng ticket under the booking number 20031700225201 with the amount of 15,256.21 under the name of MERCILYN SUFRIR.

ngayon po hindi npo nag confirm yong ticket.

please I need a response. thank you

490 Alvin   (18 March 2017 6:12 PM)
Tanong kopo kung sasakay ako nang erplano at may dala ako manok may kaukulan bayad ba sa manok? Kung meron magkano naman?

489 Alvin   (18 March 2017 6:11 PM)
Good day ask ko lang kung may bayad ang manok sa plane

488 May Jay Lamparas   (14 March 2017 4:15 PM)
good day ma'am and sir, ask lang po napabook ako ngayon manila to cotabato ang flight ko, march 22, 2017 10:35am departure, 12:20 arrival. ngkamali po kasi ako sa email account ko ang inilagay ko kasi yung dati kung account na di ko na alam ang password nuh. dapat po kasi sa bago kung account na lamparasmayjay07@gmail.com jan ko sana dapat i send. tapos po nakabayad na ako sa cebuaana llhulier need ko kasi ang ticket. please naman po tulugan nyo ako. maraming salamat po.

487 IRENE MASANGA DOMING   (14 March 2017 12:53 PM)
3) MLA/NAGA - DATE SCHEDULE: 3/24/2017
3) NAGA/MLA - DATE SCHEDULE: 3/25/2017
7) CDO/MLA - DATE SCHEDULE: 4/22/2017

486 erika   (13 March 2017 9:05 PM)
Hi. I just want to ask if my flight details or so whatever will be greatly affected if by chance I submitted wrong phone number while booking my flight. Hoping for a fast reply. Thanks!

485 Shan de leon   (13 March 2017 11:15 AM)
Good day po! Need pa po ba ng dswd travel clearance kun ang anak q is 14 and 17 years old? Kasama nman po aq sa byahe nila.

484 David Palmer   (11 March 2017 10:53 PM)
Every time I try to order airline tickets, the computer kicks me back to the payment screen. Can you confirm for me if my attempt to book two tickets, one for myself and one for Emily Dahildahil round trip from Manila to Bacolod on March 23, 2017 on Flight 5J487 and returning on April 5 on Flight 5J486 has been properly reserved? My confirmation number is 142884485. Would you also make sure that the flights have not been booked more than once? Thank you. You may contact me via email or by text at 1-989-423-3720.

483 Lelenia dotollo   (11 March 2017 9:41 AM)
Good morning!! Paano ba mag add ons ng baggage . Nag punta aq SA manage booking bakit pag I click ko ang continue lumabas ang you entered information in both 1and option 2. Tapos mayron pa sabi please fill out all fields within one group only . Anu po ba ang kailangan pa Na lahat ng dapat fill upan ginawa ko naman .. hirap pa maka contact SA Hotline ninyo .. salamat po .

482 laurie laroche   (09 March 2017 7:58 PM)
we try to book a ticket of fly at the phone with you but my phone stop because i dont have more minut. It was the flight number 5J896 (it was a connecting fly). I give my credit card number and everything but i dont receive email so i dont know if the transaction was complete. Can you help me please?

481 wilma bucanhao   (08 March 2017 7:22 AM)
hi ,magandang umaga po gusto ko po malaman bakit ang luggage ng asawa ko hindi pwede daw sa plane.pinapalitan dahil malaki daw, ang timbang lang naman ay 8.5 kilos. papuntang cebu po siya connecting flight from cebu to manila ,manila to riyadh.yung bag na gamit niya yun din po yung ginamit niya pag uwi november 30 2016 pabalik january 26 2017. hindi namin lubos maiisip dahil hndi naman siya lumagpas sa maximum free baggage at sempre international flight po yun alangan man magdala lang ng handy bag? sa laguindingan airport po siya nagmula at doon din po pinaiwan ang luggage niya

480 jelyn   (07 March 2017 7:20 AM)
good day.
gusto ko lang mag-ask kung ano pong gagawin kung sakaling mali ang naenter na gender sa ticket? male ang nailagay instead of female.
ngayon lang kasi namin nacheck yong ticket.
please notify us, as soon as possible. so we can make possible adjusment. thank you.

PS email me.

479 angie   (06 March 2017 2:25 PM)
goodpm.ask ko lang po kung paano ma refund ung money na ngpabook kame this march, 09 2016. then may emergency nangyari namatay lola ko. then nagkuha nlng ako ng bago ticket MANILA TO ZAMBO nung FEB.23. PARA SA FLIGHT NYA SA FEB. 25.. UNG TICKET PO PARA SA AUNTIE KO.. PAANO UNG TICKET NA PINABOOK NAMIN AT FOR MARCH? POSSIBLE NMAN MARIFUND NMIN UNG MONEY.DB?????

478 jun alton muyco   (02 March 2017 9:50 AM)
i would like to ask for someone from cebu pacific to call me regarding my cancellation of flight. please
landline 4601162 or 09162877749

477 Tatsuo Fujihara   (01 March 2017 9:22 AM)
hi this is fujihara tatsuo ZBJCGM booking date feb 10 2017 flight no. 5J571 departure march 8, 2017 wednesday 5:55pm this is no problem but my return is my problem. i pay 20kg for baggage,meal ,and seat i want to cancel it can u return my money for this ? sorry i dont know how to speak english very well because im japanese

476 juliet   (28 February 2017 9:25 PM)
pi just want to clarify my booking yesterday around 2330 hrs,with reference no.121436053231 with details Ms. Evangeline tagalog,flight schedule is on april 1, 2017..
after paying the said booking i view the itinerary and saw booking status "CLOSED" ,ive checked my email love_tagalog@yahoo.com and found no email or noticed from cebu pacific.. i just want to clarify the status of my booking,,please email me,thank you

475 KITIKOON KAEWKUNGWAL   (28 February 2017 7:48 PM)
Dear cebu pacifificair customer service

my name is Kitikoon Kaewkungwal

I am travel from bangkok to manila with flight 5j932 on 28/02/2017 00.40

May be I have lost my mobile iphone 5
Could you check for me please,

My seat is 27A


Thanks you and please feed back

Sent from Outlook Mobile

474 ARNEL   (24 February 2017 6:35 PM)
i booked a flight bound for manila -iloilo-manila, departure date May 6 and return trip may 13. my question is about my two companions who are a senior citizen and person with disability, both of them are entitled for 20% discount accorded to them by law, when i paid the airfare, said 20% discount was not deducted, how can we avail the said discount, please kindly informed me through my email what the steps i should take. thank you

473 bernardino   (24 February 2017 3:32 PM)
Sir/ Mam,

I cannot log-in on my ceb account. pls help me retrieve my password. ty

472 dennis wardrip   (23 February 2017 4:47 PM)
why is my cell number not updated,? i was trying to book a flight none of my information was there. Address old cell number, credit card information all gone why did you change your system, just flew last month and no problems booking a flight now cant do it on line because you are using my old cell from 8 months back

thank you DennisWardrip

471 Abegail Banaga   (22 February 2017 11:56 AM)
Dear Sir/Maam

Magandang umaga, this is Abegail Banaga and i have a problem about my ticket flight. Cebupacific change my international flight doha to manila. Supposed to be march 3 moved to march 4. And i have a flight cebupacific domestic manila to davao march 4 in the early morning. That's why i want to inform you to change my flight too in my domestic. March 6 at 9:30 am. Thank you and God Bless to us!

470 mary cris annaguey   (22 February 2017 11:11 AM)
hello! can my husbands flight be re-routed to Davao-Manila with the same date? this is his flight reference number I9VM2M. Hoping for positive response.

469 Clariza Aniag   (21 February 2017 1:29 PM)
Hello Good day,

Regarding po ito sa flight po namin manila-palawan, yung nag-book po samin nakalimutan niya po yung e-mail niya na ginamit para sa pagbobook, February 21, 2017 po ang alam naming flight today po sana yun when we check online nakita po namin na nacancelled po ang flight namin ng February 21 2017 naging February 22 2017 na po, may I ask if I can request our Itenerary for tommorow's flight po here's the Booking reference : D67DRY.

Thank you!

468 Cleotilde Servigon   (21 February 2017 8:16 AM)
Good morning po, nag add on check in baggage for 15 kilos yesterday for February 26, 2017 departure from Caticlan to Manila. Kaso po di ko pa nabayaran, kasi na select ko po iyong PILIPAY. Pwede bang bayaran ko na lang yun sa airport sa February 26, 2017. My booking reference number is D71CGV. Thank you.

467 Agnes   (20 February 2017 9:47 AM)
Good day! This is Agnes from EuroAsia Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and I would like to ask regarding your receipt. Before, after the booking, an itinerary and receipt were sent automatically thru emails. But for now just the itinerary itself. We, of course, needed the receipt for our Accounting filing. Kindly provide me the receipt for this reference number, I6Z78Y. Thank you and I will be waiting for any of your feedback and immediate response on this matter.

466 angeline   (20 February 2017 9:38 AM)
hello CEBU PACIFIC, can I have your other contact number here in manila i have some questions regarding our flight on February 22, 2017 it's hard to reach you to your Customer service hotline.

465 Leah Ngotiaoco   (19 February 2017 5:29 AM)
May i inquire if our flight from Naga to Manila is not cancelled? Flight no DG 6114. Our reference booking no is GDCTFD. Thank you.

464 ma. cecilia allic   (17 February 2017 4:11 PM)
hi nagpabook po ako ng ticket mali po yung last name . bali nalagay po MA. CECILIA,MA.CECILIA pwede pa ba palitan? please reply in my cecilallic1211@gmail.com

463 Clemente Costillas   (17 February 2017 10:24 AM)
Hi Cebu Pacific,

Can i have your other contact number here in manila because it's hard to reach your customer service i am waiting too long and try many times calling for almost 1 hour but your machine operator was always take an ads only i didn't talk to the personal customer service regarding your changes of my flight schedule.Please acknowledge my request.
Thank you,

462 romuald   (16 February 2017 2:16 PM)
good day!

can i ask assistance about my flight this coming February 28, 2017 from General Santos City to Manila, because i need to leave early in the Gensan, how can i change the time of my flight?

thank you!

461 ANJENELLE LAZARO   (14 February 2017 10:12 AM)
I cant view my itinerary due to typo error during booking, the email should be "anjlazaro@icloud.com" i inputted "anjlazaro@icloud.con" how can i retrieve my itinerary ticket? with reference number 021309193021

460 Bianca Anne Laraya   (14 February 2017 7:38 AM)
Can you please give me a contact number for your customer service which I can access right now. This is a very urgent matter. Thank you!

459 ednajd   (13 February 2017 2:46 AM)
Good morning cebu pacific!
Nagbook po ako ng manila to cotabato kahapon po ng past 10pm po ng gabi,using my Unified product and services mobile application.Manila to Cotabato,10:35am po ang departure at 12:20 po ang arival.Nagkulang po ako ng isang letter sa name po ng passenger,Datu jap vladmir instead of Datu jap vladimir, please help po kasi mamaya na po ang flight po nila,february 13,2017. Kindly send me a new itinerary reciept with correct spelling of his name(DATU JAP VLADIMIR) at ednajuyad@gmail.com


458 HECTOR M. PEREZ   (13 February 2017 0:49 AM)
I book for my mother from Dubai to Manila thru an online facility. Booking Reference is BF162K however the surname printed from her itinerary was her middle name. It has to be changed for her surname which is PEREZ. How to change this? Thanks

457 peter paul   (11 February 2017 2:51 PM)
booking date, today.. reference number is 12021700493843 and amount is 4,653.60.. travel details , round trip from bacolod to davao viceversa. flight schedule is july 25 and return date august 1 2017.. upon paying through bdo and bayad centers reference number or amount is invalid..need help

456 Rogelio Samonte   (11 February 2017 12:07 PM)
Regarding our change of schedule, how come you changed our flight schedule without any explanation? Our flight was not cancelled so why do we have to change our flight to an earlier flight?

455 Sol   (10 February 2017 6:54 PM)
Hi i made my booking a little error...instead of Mr,naging Mrs....paano ba.ma correct??pls

454 Concha   (08 February 2017 8:00 PM)
Rufino Jr. Esmil Concha
Booking Details
Tuguegarao (5J507) at 2.20 pm to Manila
Seat 15 F

Dear Sirs,

yesterday I booked the flight, but with a little mistake
in the Booking Details.
The mikstake is in the name. The name is correct
CONCHA and NOT Cloncha.
Please send me a new Itinerary Receipt wiht the right
name - thank you and sorry for my bad english.


453 Jerameh Rasgo   (08 February 2017 8:38 AM)
Good day! I would like to have my itinerary for my last booking dated February 07, 2017. Details are as follows: Booking reference #08021700186248 for flight 5j413 kalibo to cebu on Feb.22, 2017. I have not yet received confirmation yet. I already filled up the data to have my itinerary but it says verification failed.

452 CESSOT   (07 February 2017 9:38 PM)
good afternoon, i just buy another ticket to my girlfriend who is : Risadel Maonpid BLAS.
She fly from Davao to Manila on 23d march ... from manila to Tagbilaran on 27th march .... from Tagbilaran to Manila on +th april ................ and i made a mistake on her first name on the flight back to Davao on 11th april : I register Risela Maonpid BLAS . instead Risadel Maonpid BLAS.
Is it important ? what do you think ? do you have to correct the first name ?
Thanks a lot for yr answer.
Jacques Cessot

451 jennifer german   (03 February 2017 12:41 PM)
Good afternoon.tanong ko lng po paanu po pwedeng gawin kung birth date ko mali i mean yung year lng nman po yung mali sa details ng booking. anu po pwedeng gawin?

450 mark   (03 February 2017 12:21 PM)
I flew from Davao-Manila-Dubai. Arrived Dubai 21/1/2017. Until now, my baggage is still not found! Cebu Pac, answer and provide me update!

449 Jem Andaya   (03 February 2017 5:41 AM)
Hi cebu pacific! I booked a flight to Davao using my Cebu Pac mobile app.. unfortunately upon booking registered names are not complete in details. Please help me fix this as it may result a problem to my travel soon. And I already paid the tickets. Please reply

448 Kenneth   (02 February 2017 8:04 PM)
Hi I want ask if it is possible to re schedule a flight and how much it will cost for the fee? I have a flight going to boracay on April 28 and I need to move it to the 30th due to conflict schedule. Thanks

447 teresa samoro   (02 February 2017 1:58 PM)
hello mam/sir. ask ko lang po paanu magrebook ng ticket online, i book my ticket online also and pay it on paymemt center. hope i can get as soon as possible the answer of my concerned. thank you.

446 Rufina C Fiducia   (28 January 2017 10:25 AM)
I am iquiring

445 eufronio   (28 January 2017 9:14 AM)
naiwan ko po back pack ko sa eroplano, cno ponyong888 a pwede tawagan at what number? thanks

444 ronilo mondia   (25 January 2017 10:01 AM)
paano ko magamit ang travel fund ko mag purchase sana ako ngayon ng ticket

443 Rose Ann Bringas   (13 January 2017 3:16 PM)
Hi I have a question what if my passport will expire on JUNE 2017 and i have a HONGKONG TRIP this coming FEBRUARY 6, is it okay or not? as per IMMIGRATION there is no problem with them as long as its just a HONGKONG & MACAU TRIP. kindly advise me immediatley.

442 joanne   (13 January 2017 9:31 AM)
The Singapore customer hotline doesn't work. After I hear the very long pre-recorded message in chinese and english ,and when i select 3 to speak to a customer service office the line gets cut off. this happened 10 times!

441 joanne   (13 January 2017 9:30 AM)
I have chicken allergies and cannot change the meal. Why does it not allow to remove the chicken which has already been preselected?

440 Albert O. Santos   (12 January 2017 7:16 PM)
Please send me a complete copy of her itinerary booking ref.D6GGRY to see their allowed baggage and handcary

439 Albert O. Santos   (12 January 2017 7:13 PM)
I have concern about my wife ticket issuie in hongkong going to manila booking ref. D6GGRY the question how many kilos allowed for baggage and for handcarry. In the ticket no reminders how many kilos.
Pls. Send to my email to advice her.

438 Erry Lorenzo   (12 January 2017 5:55 AM)
Dear Cebu Pacific,
Concern ko lang yung security ng website nyo. I already settled my booking November 12,2016. And yesterday (January 8,2017) I was about to print my itenirary ticket I saw I have amount due around 3,700pesos. For ad ons,which I didn't make.No one knows about my booking reference.I called on your hotline,sabi ng nakausap ko,someone did it last January 4,2017 at 11pm.how come?and kapag hindi ko sya binayadan hindi ko magagamit yung ticket ko.willing akong bayadan yun kahit hindi ako gumawa.but please give me a NEW BOOKING reference.Dahil baka mamaya bigla naman marebook yung flight ko!someone not on my part did that ad ons.Sana lang meron kayong security questions,hindi lang basta booking reference,and atleast send email or text message if someone was trying to access our bookings.

437 merasol toria   (09 January 2017 3:42 PM)
Hello poh ask lang if ok, birth certificate pag claim ng ticket thank you

436 glendale b. nadal   (09 January 2017 10:03 AM)
to whom it may concern,
paki send po ung flight details ni Michelle Condas.. from Davao City to Manila.. Flight no. 5J980. 10:05pm departure time 11:55pm arrival..bukas na kc ang flight nya po...

435 JINKY ROSE ANTONIO   (09 January 2017 9:26 AM)
How can we get the refund for the cancelled booking made last November 25,2016 and the payment was thru credit card?Booking reference number was MIRHXE.Thank you.

434 rhea alera   (06 January 2017 7:58 AM)
to whom it may concern.
may I request for certification that I have Checked in last December 22, 2016 Manila to Davao flight 5J951. thank you.

433 Li Ka ka   (04 January 2017 8:22 PM)
Dear cebu Pacific team
I have purchase round trip ticket via cebu Pacific website from the period 17/1/2017 to 23/1/2017 ( I don't remember actual return day is 22/1/2017 or 23/1/2017) unfortunately, I have lost my notebook so that I lost the flight detail as well as itinerary receipt. the full settlement is completed by visa card no.4058038016724406, total amount HKD1283.5,under the name Li Ka Ka, travel name is Marife Nisperos Soverano . booking email by ruth0818@yahoo.com, please kindly sent me back the booking detail and literary to the above email. many thanks

432 Erlinda   (03 January 2017 2:35 PM)
Hi, nag book po aki kanninang umaga ng flight from cebu to tacloban sa jan 9, pero yung na check ko na yung itinerary reciept ko jan 17 yung na book.. Are there any other ways para ma rebook ko sya sa 9 ng walang additional charges. Panay kasi error at soon to expire lumalabas sa page na ginagamit ko. Really really need your help po..thankyou

431 Jongho Lee   (01 January 2017 2:32 PM)
Hoy, i think na double payment lang yun, so kaya e cacancle ung isa. Eh ngayun sabihin nyo due to the penalties. Pera yan pinaghirapan, so dapat mag refund kayo!!!!

430 Christy Joy Eusebio   (27 December 2016 11:19 AM)
My flight yesterday was cancelled 5J450 Iloilo to Manila, I want to rebook it to another date.

429 Dominic Aberia   (27 December 2016 7:26 AM)
how to retrieve booking reference?

428 Aquiles F. Cañizares   (26 December 2016 4:09 AM)
my flight today was cancelled 5j554 cebu to manila, if I will re booked it to another date, do i have to pay for an addtional charge?

427 Jennifer jalop   (15 December 2016 7:04 PM)
Hi.nag book online po kc ako.nakalimutan ko po save ang confirmation no.or reference no.
Panu ko po ulit makukuha reference para mabayaran ko s bayad center

426 renalyn cabaya   (15 December 2016 11:07 AM)
Hi good morning....ask ko lng po if pwede pang e refund yong ticket mag change flight sana ako e kaso mahal magpa-rebooking e...at pano ba ang process ! thanks

425 glen bitancor   (07 December 2016 9:55 AM)
please help me to book a flight, pag sa payment na kasi nag error then it appears please contact the airlines..

424 rose cosico   (05 December 2016 1:52 PM)
Itatanong ko lang kung Flight 5J268 sa Dec 9 kung allowed magbyahe ng alagang aso?
Marami pong salamat

423 Mary Grace Lasay   (29 November 2016 9:45 PM)
Why is the manage booking online is always on error? I want to add baggage online but it won't progress.

422 Chona enojo   (28 November 2016 11:13 PM)
Hello po, paki tulungan naman po ako sa flight ko. Kasi po naka limutan ng madam ko na I accept o I confirm na okay lng po yong new schedule of time ng flight ko. Paki tulungan nman po ako kasi sa huwebes ng madaling araw of december 1 na po yong flight ko. Maraming slamat po.

421 ROY C CADAY   (14 November 2016 1:21 PM)
Good pm po!

Itanong ko lang sana po kung pwede ba maka travel from cagayan de oro city to manila ang anak ko na 8 years old na mag-isa lang? Susunduin ko naman sa NAI airport.

420 Rose Ann nery   (12 November 2016 6:04 AM)
Ask ko lng reference no.to my flight going Zamboanga from manila departure Dec. 12,2016.nadelete ko kc ung email tnx

419 carmela ababao   (09 November 2016 9:01 PM)
good pm, i would just like to ask that in cases where you cancell a particular flight schedule, so you let the passenger choose what time they wanted to transfer their flight schedule or you (cebu pacific) automatically give the new flight schedule without the passenger's approval first? Thank you

418 JUNMAR TIMPIATURA   (08 November 2016 1:43 AM)
hy po ito po c junmar timpiatura gusto ko pong iforward ang luggage dito sa dubai. because i didnt push through may flight that time i already check in. may booking reference number is. SCFD4G COMPLETE name of the passenger is JUNMAR MACASAOL TIMPIATURA Flight number 5J015 august 17 from dubai to manila. color of may bag is all black, medium may punit malapit sa zipper pwi yun sya eh hand carey ang bag ko pls po thank you

417 Kert Roxas   (27 October 2016 6:29 AM)

416 arnel oliva   (26 October 2016 7:34 PM)
how much po ang fare cebu pacific on DEC.19 balik ng DEC.28 roundtrip?

415 Danna Vel Joy Bugtong   (24 October 2016 4:32 PM)
Pakicheck na lang po ng booking payment ko ang reference ng flight ko ito po 233626261205.. din ang reference ng cebuana po ito naman BP504231024160014 yan po ang flight ko po sa november 7 po 4:40

414 Danna Vel Joy Bugtong   (24 October 2016 4:29 PM)
Paki check na lang po ang booking ko ang reference no nito ay 233626261205.. thank you po

413 Danna Vel Joy Bugtong   (24 October 2016 4:28 PM)
Nag book po ako at nabayaran ko na sa Cebuana, pero wala pong dumating na confirmation.

412 Jessie hernandez   (24 October 2016 7:49 AM)
I will be rebooking my flight together with 3 more person and 1 infant..the rebooking fee cost around 9200..is the infant included on the rebooking fee or just for 4 person only

411 mara teresa villejo   (20 October 2016 4:35 AM)
nag pabook online po ako bakit po nag error? diko po macontinue please po paki check thank you.

410 Maria Theresa J. Francisco   (17 October 2016 3:32 PM)
hello, I have been trying to call the Cebu Pacific hotline since Saturday evening upon receiving their message on the cancellation of my flight but until now no answer from their office. Is there a charge in calling their hotlines since my phone line was cut due to many times of trying to call their office. I would like to rebook the flight since they only given us until Oct 21 to give feedback.

409 Arjay Montejo   (16 October 2016 7:31 PM)
Kailan babalik ang flight?

408 Arjay Montejo   (16 October 2016 7:29 PM)

407 Jeff   (13 October 2016 9:25 AM)
Nag-online booking ako pero bakit hindi gumagana sa pagpili ng payment center nyo?

406 MARCHIE   (09 October 2016 9:28 AM)
hi good morning gusto ko lang itanung nagbook ako ng ticket ang name MARQUIÑO wrong po ang lalabas please write english name only. so change ko po ng N ung Ñ naging MARQUINO nlang po....OK LANG PO BA YON?????

405 Cherry Onteveros   (03 October 2016 5:46 PM)
Me and my brother are on the same ticket of cebu Pacific and my brother has extended but has not cancelled his flight. I just want to ask if I can use his baggage allowance even he does not board on plane?

404 menchi tingal   (22 September 2016 8:31 AM)
aside sa posted ninyong customer service number , may iba pa po bang contact number kayo kasi si ma contact laging line busy.

403 Rubian Trias   (13 September 2016 10:46 AM)
Good morning / evening Sir/madam I have a problem in log in my email at your website to get a ticket the dialogue that pop up" You've exceeded the maximum allowable login attempts. Please reset your password." can you help me to reset my password and how to reset it? Thank you.

402 maricel b.calivara   (10 September 2016 9:26 AM)
Promo fare sept.15 2016

401 cecil go   (09 September 2016 4:52 PM)
magkano poh davao to cebu sept.15,2016

400 Marlon cruz delos santos   (06 September 2016 7:31 PM)
Good morning / evening sir madam can i asked a question how many allowance baggage this confirmation ticket number..Q52NQB. pleased answer..thank you..

399 Ma. Asuncion G. Rafael   (06 September 2016 6:21 AM)
I made a wrong booking schedule today for my sister, how can i change the travel date from Ja. 09, 2017 to jan. 14, 2017, Davao to Zamboanga.
the same promo fare as indicated on list of published fare rate.

398 daisy vargas   (04 September 2016 10:50 PM)

397 Joven Glen S. Garmino   (03 September 2016 1:57 AM)
Good Day,

Matanong ko lang po, magkano po ba ang cost when I book a flight from General Santos to Manila and Manila to General Santos?

I am planning to travel Sept 30th and be back to General Santos Oct. 3rd (maybe at night).

Please advise. Thank you

396 Jen   (01 September 2016 12:02 PM)
I already booked the ticket, but the name was not correct. I will correct - the minor name change. How is the procedure? Thank you.

395 ma jean g benito   (31 August 2016 7:47 AM)
i would like to request for the flight i booked which you have cancelled, it is Flight 5J 321 5:10 am and Flight 5J 322 6:45 am.

the ticket is not under the name of my brother but im the one who book and will pay for it.

can you please help me with this. it is you who have cancelled the flight.

thank you

394 Jay   (30 August 2016 10:46 AM)
My passport is already expired and will book my flight to Kota Kinabalu on October 21st to 25th. I have a scheduled renewal on the 27th of September. Can I still book the flight and just renew my passport by then?

393 Maria Toledano Navarro   (25 August 2016 6:12 AM)
I flight with Cebu Pacific on the 09/08/16 from Cebu to Manila (Flight Number 5J566, Booking reference number: QDF9YG). The flight was meant to take off at 14.10 and land in Manila at 15.35. Unfortunately, due to air congestion and bad weather it was delayed. We took off at 16.10 and finally landed in Manila at 18.15. Because of this I lost my flight connection Manila – London with Etihad and therefore rebooked a new flight with the cost of almost 500 pounds.

In order to claim that substantial amount of money to my travel insurance I would be very pleased if you could send me as soon as posible a statement regarding the delay of this flight.

Many thanks,

With kinds regards,

Maria Toledano Navarro

392 Evangeline G. Gabe   (22 August 2016 4:43 PM)
Dear Customer Service,

My flight was canceled last night, 21Aug (confirmation no M8E6VF Mla -Cebu - 5J 587). The Ground crew gave as a card on how to get /redeem the voucher for Free Flight . I have followed the instruction but no linked was provided in the itinerary.. Pls advise on how to redeem the flight

Thank you,
Evangeline G. Gabe (with alternate email add evangeline.gabe@fluor.com)

391 Erna nonsol   (17 August 2016 11:10 AM)
Hi po i just wanted to know what the update for my baggage?until i didn't receive any update from you....Erna A.Nonsol flight air (boracay caticlan to manila DG 6246 AUGUST 12 2016 16:20 BAGGAGE NO.DG476866.......

390 Rina Dimaculangan   (16 August 2016 8:16 PM)
Hi,just want to ask what terminal in Naia will be our flight to davao tomorrow. With Flight #5J955. Will it be at terminal 3? Thank you.

389 Kimberly Tal   (10 August 2016 10:03 PM)
Magkano po bayad sa dagdag na baggage Per kilo?

388 Kimberly Tal   (10 August 2016 10:02 PM)
Ask ko lang po hanggang ilang kilo po pwede sa hand carry?

387 Kimberly Tal   (10 August 2016 9:59 PM)
Good evening po ask lang po hanggang ilang kilo po puwede sa hand carry? At kung puwede po mag pa baggage kung magkano po dagdag na bayad per kilo? Please reply lang po sa email ko salamat..

386 Dattatray Fere   (07 August 2016 10:39 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I the undersigned is taken the flight from Cagayan to Manila on 28th July 2016 (flight 5J 396) but i did not recived the invoice copy of this flight
i request to send immediately the invoice copy on " dattatrayfere@yahoo.co.in "
as it is required for my office

RegardsDattatray G. Fere

385 MARIO AGUIPO JR   (02 August 2016 2:56 PM)

384 Kristel Gorgonio   (26 July 2016 3:56 PM)
Good Afternoon Po!
Tanong lang po sana kung magkano pamsahe ang alis sa December 27,2016 ang balik ay January 2,2017.

Sana po ma update niyo po ako.Salamat po

383 ANN CHRISTIE HILADO   (15 July 2016 7:38 AM)
I just booked a ticket yesterday supposedly for my uncle, now i erroneously put him as a Senior Citizen because he is already 65 years old but i didnt know that he dont have a senior i.d because he was settling at the US. the locator number is S7D9FI. Can it be change into adult? or is it ok we he cannot show a senior id during check-in? any advice please...

382 stella rivera   (10 July 2016 7:56 PM)
i was offloaded last july 04,2016... i have 2 luggage check in on that day,but eventually they only give me one luggage and the other one they said still locating it..it took it already for 6days now...still locating? how come? i check in my luggage at the same day and at the same time..but the other one was lost...until now no update no call from cebupacific

381 reyn   (05 July 2016 5:23 PM)
hi i Didnt recieve my itinerary ticket in my email.what can i do?

380 donnabel villanueva   (28 June 2016 4:41 PM)
hand carried bag you allow is only one with maximum weight of 5kg, does my personal bag with my personal belongings such as documents, phones, etc. will be considered also as hand carried bag.?

379 Ohnioo   (25 June 2016 7:44 AM)
Please help me to reset my password,I cannot open my get go account

378 Antonia Ruth Macatangay   (24 June 2016 11:29 PM)
I just booked a ticket now supposedly for my mother now, i erroneously put my surname. we have the same first name. the locator number is EB189G. Please change the passengers name to Antonia Rodriguez

377 marilyn gemora   (14 June 2016 12:09 PM)
I bought ticket yesterday but my mother can not continue going so i decided to cancel the ticket book for fri.Booking ref no. N9DTRC it is non refundable the ticket office said but i haven't fully aware cause i did not brought my eyeglasses . My mom is 82 y/o and has kidney failure I sen t the medical abstract to main@spiticketexpress.com and spi_main@yahoo.com I b ought it at your ticket office at starmall alabang site

376 Antonia Gutierrez   (11 June 2016 8:05 AM)
Yesterday i bought a ticket. I gave all my details and the payement was going through... But then the page went to home and i didnt recieve any confirmartion. But the payment is on pending in the balance of my card.
Do i have the ticket ir not?
Plese answer ASAP!

375 jessica labanan   (10 June 2016 1:02 PM)
How much is the terminal fee for international flights? For example korea-manila or korea-cebu

374 joy   (29 May 2016 9:29 AM)
can you please check this name anthony dickson if is in your airlines today.I need to be sure.

373 Brigitte Asgapo   (26 May 2016 7:38 PM)
I wouldl like to correct the error, I have book my aunt and the DOB was not correct instead of Dec 13, 1971, I mistakenly put May 24,1971.So what will I do then?

372 Lea   (21 May 2016 3:51 PM)
I tried booking, all information are filled and when I clicked ''Find'' it gave me blank/white/empty page, I waited and I think it lasts forever on that blank page. I tried it again and again and it still the same issue until I gave up. I don't know if your promo guys are true and yet you don't have good Customer Service.

371 rubie   (20 May 2016 3:08 PM)
good day, I would like to ask on how to check our rebooking schedule date and time?

370 ELNIE   (19 May 2016 4:19 PM)
i tried online booking until the payment section. after typing the details of credit card, some fields in red boxes were asked to be filled up. however, the drop down menu doesnt appear, nor can i type in the required boxes. this problem causes me worry because all pertinent details about the card were input already.

369 Kristy C. Dellava   (18 May 2016 9:53 AM)
Dear Sir/ Madam:
Hi! Hello! I would like to ask you if what department is Miss Juvelyn Sagun because I have something to ask her about our dilivery man. She give me her cellphone # but she did not answer my call. I ask the delivery man if what airport is he, he told me that he was in teminal 3. So please give me the telephone number of Miss Juvelyn Sagun department area. Hoping your response.

368 Mr Chong   (17 May 2016 1:54 PM)
Hi, I wanted to upgrade the baggage allowance to 30 kg from S'pore to Manila but somehow it was upgraded for the Manila to S'pore leg. Tried calling the customer call centre and they told me nothing can be done to change it to the S'pore to Manila leg unless I pay again for the upgrade! I don't believe nothing can be done as the system is dead but we human being is alive and hence I really hope a solution can be provided by your company. Thks in advance for your help!

367 Gina Dumpit   (17 May 2016 7:09 AM)

366 Yi Yun   (16 May 2016 11:43 AM)
My maid supposed to come back today as flight details 16/5/16 from tuguegarao 12.55h.
Booking ref no : RYITMM
Can i check whether she already check in or not
please advise.tq

365 Rowena calixtro   (14 May 2016 7:48 AM)
I would like to confirm my cousin flight is on May 15 2015 7:55am her name is jenny ann olalo and jomar olalo
I book this flight through online 5j 620 from Thailand to.manila and they haven't gave or send the ticket yet on my email..I just want to confirm if this is confirm or if theyre name is on the system already?I'm still worried if the ticketing office are scam..please advice me soon as possible lens thank you and gave me the correct details please of the flight.thank looking forward for your reply

364 Ivy Daquipil   (10 May 2016 11:56 AM)
My flight is on May 12, 2016 from Davao to Cebu with a confirmed reference #XEEHSD.
Upon checking, i found out that our names appeared in your system is incorrect.
May i ask you to change or correct our names to avoid hassle.
Below are the correct names.
Ivy Daquipil
Andresa Brando

Hope to hear your response soonest.

363 Hueo H. Toibio   (25 April 2016 3:15 PM)
Please give me details on how to claim my travel voucher, aside from calling you customer service. Since, I am here in Palawan, do you have any office here for me to visit and claim it.
Thank you for you prompt reply.

362 ian dello oporto   (25 April 2016 1:02 PM)
good day! how to retrieve my previous travel? I lost all my booking ref. and confirmation number... will u send me my itinerary including my confirmation number? thank you

361 Jonathan luc   (22 April 2016 5:30 PM)
My flight is delayed as of right now and I have another flight to catch to Cebu from you guys, and I have nobody to contact !

360 Ace Tolentino   (13 April 2016 2:47 AM)
Am so dissapointed,because you didn't advice us regarding the time of boarding.departure time is 3:10pm flight 5J 455 manila to iloilo tuesday april 12,2016. You should inform your client if they have to arrive at the airport early.this is so inconvientient.and now we need to book again.Please be responsible regarding this matter.

359 Lucky M. Obejera   (11 April 2016 3:01 PM)
Hi this Lucky Obejera i just wanna ask a copy of my receipt i traveled last january 6 2016 from manila to macau with flight number 5J362 . i forgot my confirmation number. Can u send me a copy of my receipt

358 Marita Arceo   (03 April 2016 7:50 AM)
We are booked to Busan (Flight 5J 184), leaving 4pm April 4, 2016, however my 2 companions names have wrong spelling - Hanz Daniel Tulabut should be Hanz Daeniel Tulabut and Alviela Dayrit should be Alviela Jireh Dayrit. Kindly correct and adjust to avoid hassle, thanks and more power.

357 Ms Solidad Karuppan   (31 March 2016 6:36 PM)
I have a confirmed return ticket from KLIA to Manila on April 19th,2016. I would like to add on additional 20kg bag. Can you let me know the price and if you are able to help me confirm this add on baggage thru your agency?

356 Liza Ladao   (26 March 2016 12:04 PM)
can you send the email add were i can send the passport and affidavit of change. name of my client. Thanks

355 Elda Bucud   (25 March 2016 2:47 PM)

Can a photocopy birth certificate be presented as identification for a 4yr old child?

Pls reply asap. Thanks

354 Anthony Tendido   (17 March 2016 11:32 PM)
d morning, this is Marichu Tendido,  an OFW from dubai. Today, March 17, 2016, my husband and I went back here in the Philippines to be reunited with my family. It just so happen that the time we arrived in Bacolod, we cannot locate our baggage. We asked one of the staff from your company about our baggages; where is it? and where can we find it? We were expecting that our baggages is already here in Bacolod because it was sealed with a Transer sticker, meaning, it will directly be sent here in Bacolod. But your staff told us that we can claim our baggages after three days, and if the baggages will not arrive here, it means, our baggage are being taken cared by the Custom personnel. And he asked for the key of baggages kase daw bubuksan yan ng custom. Huminde ako siyempre kase baka may mawala. Besides It was already scanned from Dubai Until here in the Philippines and there are no foundings of any suspicious items. So why would they Hold it? Nag bayad kame ng maayos at binayaran namin lahat ng nga fees. We are expecting our baggage tomorrow, since all of our clothes and all the pasalubongs are there. We are hoping for your immediate action. Thank you very much.

353 LUCELE PASINAG   (16 March 2016 11:39 AM)
Hi all,

I booked a round trip from General SAntos City to Manila, Flight 5J992 . For Manila to General Santos City Iwasn't able to get the flight details.(November 27-30) I paid thru Internet Banking: Bancnet Online with my debit card (Land bank) and the system just drop down without showing any details of the ticket but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket and I checked my email I did not receive my ticket confirmation also. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation? Please email me asap. thank you

I called to call center but no one answer my call!

Please contact us as soon as possible because I very concerned

352 andrey   (15 March 2016 8:52 AM)
GOOD MORNING.. we will be travelling this thursday, i am with my son and daughter, unfortunately the birth certificate of my daughter, which is still 7 years old was misplaced.. can i use her school id instead? thanks

351 michael   (14 March 2016 8:39 AM)
I had to go hospital and did not pickup my luggage yesterday, where do I reclaim it? flight no.5J118 hong kong airport.

350 Retchel Jagocoy   (11 March 2016 2:00 AM)
Good morning
I need help now because my surname in the itinerary is Jagonoy which is incorrect.i found out when u confirm that my booking is already booked...Jagocoy is my correct spelling of my surname..it is a roundtrip tickets from manila to bacolod...vice versa..hoping for your reaponse...

349 Ocir   (09 March 2016 10:00 PM)
Hi Cebu Pacific,
Good evening!

Why your web check in online not working? i try it yesterday, until the now but it can't open.
What's the problem of your website can you please advise your customer thru internet.

your customer

348 oscar   (09 March 2016 8:49 PM)
good evening! i would just like to ask if i can present my mom's ticket via text confirmation from the travel agency? pls reply asap because the flight is later at 5:30 am. thanks.

347 arrayamon   (09 March 2016 3:04 PM)
Hi all,

I booked round trip from Manila to Sydney, Flight 5J39 and 5J40 (Aug 04-10, 2016) I paid Internet Banking: Bancnet Online with my debit card (RCBC) and the system was shown error and freeze without shown any details the ticket but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket and I checked my email I did not receive my ticket confirmation also. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation?

I called to call center but no one answer my call!

Please contact us as soon as possible because I very concerned

Thank you.

346 Janice M. Gulatera   (09 March 2016 12:22 PM)
This is to call the attention of Cebu pacific office regarding my unclaimed baggage. This happened yesterday, March 8,2016, flight itinerary 5J 505 Tuguegarao-Manila and 5J 931 Manila- Bangkok.
My suitcase contained perishable foods, clothes and medicines. I was about to give the foods as "pasalubong" for my sisters and some friends in Bangkok. Without further ado, it is understandable that those foods perished now and can no longer be eaten. This is the sole responsibility now of the airline. I fervently hope that cebu pacific will be responsible enough to pay/refund all damaged foods not to include of course the burden it gave to me. My suitcase was not claimed /taken from the claimer counter because the airline failed to include it in the plane for reasons i do not know until now.
Thank you and please do not ignore this problem.

345 ELEANOR TIBLANI   (08 March 2016 1:17 PM)
Please send my reference no. ASAP for me to pay immediately to the payment center. thank you.

344 ELEANOR TIBLANI   (08 March 2016 1:08 PM)
I booked general santos city to manila, August 26-30 ,2016 but wasn't successful, the page told me to contact airlines' so i i need to have the reference no. for my payment because i select to pay the 24hrs payment center. Please send me the reference no. Thank you.

343 Lovely   (08 March 2016 9:14 AM)
I talked to Cebu Pacific customer service officer yesterday regarding change flights. She gave me a reference number and the amount that I have to pay ( penalties ) but the line suddenly disappeared. Today, I'm trying to contact Cebu Pacific but no officer is available. I also check Cebu Pacific website but your system is currently down. I just wanted to know if the account given to me will serve as my reference if I will pay it now. Please do advise.

342 Warren   (02 March 2016 2:46 PM)
We have a current booking with your airline (Flight 5J637). We are scheduled to depart MNL to PPA on 3/29/16 and return on 4/1/16.

We are in the PI for business and may have to cancel this flight. Is there a means to get a refund for the cancellation, or is the process to use the Travel Fund as per the Fare Rules? Again - we will be in the PI for business and will not be able to coordinate use of the Travel Fund within the 90 day period.

Any help in regards to a full refund (less applicable fees) is greatly appreciated. Please respond in kind to my e-mail.

341 Ramir   (01 March 2016 10:58 PM)
I booked a one way trip from Manila to Legazpi, Albay with my debit card and it wasn't successful, The page told me to pay the ticket using bancnet online system but when i checked my balance it has deducted the exact amount of the ticket. What should I do? Are you guys going to send me my e-ticket confirmation?

340 Catherine David   (24 February 2016 1:57 PM)
Dear Sir/madam;

i just booked our flight to HK today. Unfortunately, the name I booked is Catherine David instead of Catherine Javier. The name in my passport is Javier. Please help me change the info to my ticket to avoid problems in my flight. My booking no. is Y4PHRR booked on Feb 24, 2016. Please repli in my email. Thank you for your kind consideration. Sincerely yours,
Catherine Javier David

339 Rosanna   (22 February 2016 11:02 PM)
I will be flying from USA to Manila then to Iloilo, do I need to pay extra for my baggage that I have from an international flight?

338 marres garol   (19 February 2016 7:54 PM)
dear sir/madam:
i would like to inform you that my online booking reflected a double billing in my visa card. My transaction date was last January 3,2016 for my flight to manila-davao-manila with departure date on February 21,2016. I have already informed my credit card bank and they say Cebu Pacific should give them corrections on the matter. I hope you can settle this problem before my departure date. Thank you.

marres garol

337 Leah Bareiss   (19 February 2016 12:36 PM)
Hi,i booked tommorow for Dubai-Manila, Flight number 5J7945.
I WANT TO UPGRADE MY LUGGAGE, but the problem is-i dont find my booking which is PNR Code ZETZSQ in the customer's Log in.
Leah Bareiss

336 Lady Dawn Magbanua   (16 February 2016 9:41 AM)
is powerbank a prohibited item to put in the baggage? can it be hand carried?

335 Marlon S. Formilles   (14 February 2016 8:06 AM)
Please advise flight status of booking ref. No. FGNC9E From surigao to cebu today 1:50pm flight.

334 abigail   (09 February 2016 5:21 PM)
We booked a domestic flight from CDO to Cebu and the itinerary indicates that the flight is on FEB 10 at 5:00 pm, but when I checked again the itinerary online the flight time was changed to 7:10 pm. Which time should I follow?? thanks

333 may   (03 February 2016 6:27 AM)
hi good morning

last night we pay our ticket at 7/11 we booked 2 flight wich is domestic and internation.. but we only got the confirmation for the domestic, how about our confirmation for the internation? please kindly help us how what to do regarding this matter.. thank you

332 Jessica bobiles   (30 January 2016 6:00 AM)
Good day. I book my flight on feb 1 leg to manila. I paid it in 7 eleven but til now i not yet get my email itenerary or any confirmation number of my ticket.

331 Chris Pili   (18 January 2016 1:17 PM)
An email was sent to me from CEB web checkin telling me that I can check-in online now since our flight is on Wednesday, January 21. After following the instructions, no notification was sent to me and I couldn't find/print our boarding pass.

here's our flight reference number W97SFC.

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