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PLDT S. Castillo Tanauan City Office Branch | Telephone Number
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PLDT S. Castillo Tanauan City Office, Philippines

Office/Branch Address
, S. Castillo, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines 

Telephone Number

(6343) 778-1100 / 1010 / 3000 

Cellphone Number

Fax Number

Office Store Hours

Email Address

Products/Services Offered
Telecommunications, Phone and Mobile Services, Internet Services

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Total comments: 2
2 Pao Pao • 1:58 PM, 02-August-2014
and sorry i have forgotten the telephone number is (043) 784-0127
1 Pao Pao • 1:57 PM, 02-August-2014
please fix our internet connection. its been like.. 4 weeks.... already that we don't have a stable internet connection.... and today is so frustrating, i think every 30mins the connection will drop.. and im trying to call the 172 hotline and its always congested.. i've been calling atleast from 9am today... and still no answer so i hope this might help...

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