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Talk 'N Text Customer Service | Hotline Number
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If you are having problems with using Talk 'N Text services, you can contact its customer service phone number.

Just call this in your phone: *888 or *777.

Or you can also contact Talk 'N Text hotline number: (02) 888-1111.

Other telephone numbers you can contact for help:
  • (02) 511-4105
  • (02) 511-2643
  • (02) 511-3803
Fax numbers:
  • (02) 511-2286
  • (02) 511-3222
Did you find any trouble contacting the numbers above? Just post your problems and concerns below in the comment.

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573 lyza bettina   (27-April-2015 7:39 AM)
i am having trouble sending message, my talk and text sim card have a 30 sms balance. how can i retrieve sending message to other smart user??

572 blank   (26-April-2015 9:37 PM)
Hey! Why can't i even make a call? The operator says that i don't have enough balance but i'm registered to T20. Please fix this! Waste of time! And also waste of money!

571 Jocelyn Jumangit   (26-April-2015 7:46 PM)
I can't use may 60 load this it's always say I don't have enough balance what should I do please help me or ealse return my load

570 Mary Ann Malla   (25-April-2015 10:18 AM)
good day i just want to ask how i activate my mobile internet using my samsung s4 phone i try to get internet using talk and text load but i failed how can activate my data connection can you help me thank you very much

569 Jo-an   (25-April-2015 10:11 AM)
Hello Talk'N Text,



568 Cyrine Calagos   (24-April-2015 10:44 PM)
Please help. My problem is the same as the others. I cant use the call promo I availed. I cant register to promos sent to 4445. I cant call with asterisk, and if I dial the 11-digit no. alone, it says I dont have enough balance. I cant call from the katok registered for me by my friend. It all started this April.

I cant change my number cuz this is the number registered by so many important agency and documents. Plsss help

567 Cy   (24-April-2015 10:36 PM)
Whats happening to tnt now???!! I cant avail the promo I wanted to. So I decided to avail another. And all those promos dont require anymore asterisk when dialing. And I cant call to the katok registered for me by my friend!!!

566 jen   (23-April-2015 12:54 PM)
I can't call using KATOK10 the operator says I don't have enough balance to make the call when I check my balance I have 27 pesos load it happened to me last sat and now can you please fix this or just give my load back I keep on calling your hotline through phone but your not answering and I can't call using my phone the operator keep saying that I don't have a load when in fact I have.

565 Eric   (22-April-2015 10:40 PM)
Hello , i would like to ask why i can't use my load
i can't even register or text .. fix it please .. thanks .
by the way i loaded my number twice this day that's why
i request for assistance ..

564 Efraim   (21-April-2015 7:36 PM)
What are big disappointed to this network nowadays ha?!!! I can't call even regular loads, and i cant't register!! Please!! Give BACK our WASTED LOAD, Fix it now! Before we demand a case for you!!

563 Jealhene Alano   (21-April-2015 8:38 AM)
I just load 30 and using your promo unli call and text TOT30 valid in 2 days yesterday about 10 pm when I check my balance 0 balance please help me I have emergency call I'm not rich thank you

562 jeazelle   (20-April-2015 11:30 AM)
I cant call using the katok10 service, the operator say "wrong number, but it is not wrong kindly help me

561 Seirene   (18-April-2015 6:22 PM)
goodevening. it's been a month now that I can't register to any promo. I always get sms saying "Sorry incorrect keyword bla bla" though I check it a million times and even searched tnt website to be sure. I cant register to any unli promos and I don't know why. Why is that? Please reply before I switch to other network.

560 rhea   (18-April-2015 10:32 AM)
Last April 16 I loaded 30.00 and received it but when I am going to send text messages I can't sent it so I checked my balance and it is only 0.50.

Today, April 18, I again loaded 30.00. But when I checked my balance it is again 4.50.

I think it is already unfair on my part that I keep on loading but cannot even enjoy the load. It is just a waste of money.

559 Nica   (17-April-2015 10:21 PM)
Good evening . Just want to ask .. I registered T20 tonight. I can send messages but I cant call anyone . The operator would tell that I do not have enough balance when I already have ., It is a little bit unfair dont you think . Your subscribers are already feeling annoyed by your inconvenience and other flaws . Thankyou

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