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Talk 'N Text Customer Service | Hotline Number
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If you are having problems with using Talk 'N Text services, you can contact its customer service phone number.

Just call this in your phone: *888 or *777.

Or you can also contact Talk 'N Text hotline number: (02) 888-1111.

Other telephone numbers you can contact for help:
  • (02) 511-4105
  • (02) 511-2643
  • (02) 511-3803
Fax numbers:
  • (02) 511-2286
  • (02) 511-3222
Did you find any trouble contacting the numbers above? Just post your problems and concerns below in the comment.

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739 emily   (24-November-2015 11:29 AM)
I cant receive messages on my phone starting this morning..my signals were on and off and I can't even view my and inquire my load balance..please I really really need help regarding this matter immediately..I'm waiting for an important call...help please...thank you in advance...

738 jether morales   (23-November-2015 10:54 AM)
I can't call using my TNT number the operator always saying that I don't have enough balance to make this call.but I have already load.answer pls and i have already recieve A confirmation TEXT that iam REGISTERD at UNLITALK AND UNLITEXT 20--pls smart answer my question please

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737 Elena ynah   (20-November-2015 7:03 PM)
I can't call using my TNT number the operator always saying that I don't have enough balance to make this call.but I have already load.answer pls

736 Jenny   (19-November-2015 8:46 PM)
Good pm sir/mam! Why I can't receive text messages on my talk 'n text sim card? And also when they dial my number, it says that I'm unattended and out of coverage area? Please fix it. I can't receive since last night. I really need your help. Thank you so much!

735 grace   (19-November-2015 7:48 AM)
I cant call using my tnt sim. this my number 09090207905 the operator kept on saying that i dont have enough balance to make a call even i have load.

734 Assdddaddaswzsx   (18-November-2015 5:24 PM)
I registered to gu30 but i coudlnt make a call to a non-eleven digit number. (02)8xxxxxx. Why?

733 nana   (16-November-2015 6:24 PM)
why my one friend cant recieve my txt but others can recieve it ?

732 donnarose   (16-November-2015 2:36 PM)
Good Day!


This is to request from your good office to deactivate/block this number 09072839588. I was lost this two years ago, but i dialed it yesterday and it was ringing. I hope you will do my request.

Thank you and i hope for your consideration and cooperation.



731 nikka jane gordula   (15-November-2015 4:30 PM)
09104996677 this is my number and i have some problem about receiving message and incoming call , and automatically consume my balance.please! i urgently needed a response regarding to this problem.

730 arceli   (13-November-2015 8:36 PM)
hi my sim # is always invalid call even though you have load.. customer service is keep on saying that you do not have enough load pls reload...only here in surigao...here's my number 09075070188 ...please help us to fix the problem..

729 Ron   (12-November-2015 10:43 AM)
My phone was stolen.., please block this no. Immediately.., 09120158837

728 ester villanueva   (05-November-2015 1:10 PM)
hi my phone no..is invalid since 3 days ago..they cant call me back or send me message.. please try to help me.. here is my no.. 09309750747 even your customer service cant reach..please try to fix your network..thank you..

727 Leonisa P. Salcedo   (04-November-2015 10:41 AM)
Why is it my phone number is invalid when my husband called me from UAE? it happened since saturday morning it was always invalid when he tried to call me. Please help. Thank you.

726 Manylle Gabionza   (02-November-2015 3:59 PM)
Hey. I have a full signal but I can't send messages and I also have load. Sometimes the signal comes off and on and off and on. Whats happening on my sim? I am subscribed to a unli one month. Please fix immediatly. I have important errands too.

725 shucks   (31-October-2015 12:31 PM)
my gosh! I was trying to contact your customer service but when i tried it using my phone it keeps giving me instructions on how to download internet browser. HELLO! is there any customer service for you guys? I just need walk through to my APN settings or whatever. geez

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