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Talk 'N Text Customer Service | Hotline Number
If you are having problems with using Talk 'N Text services, you can contact its customer service phone number.

Just call this in your phone: *888 or *777.

Or you can also contact Talk 'N Text hotline number: (02) 888-1111.

Other telephone numbers you can contact for help:
  • (02) 511-4105
  • (02) 511-2643
  • (02) 511-3803
Fax numbers:
  • (02) 511-2286
  • (02) 511-3222
Did you find any trouble contacting the numbers above? Just post your problems and concerns below in the comment.
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Total comments: 896
896 jilian damian   (23-May-2016 8:45 PM)
Hi goodevening I cant make a call. I do register unlimited call and text .kindly fix it please.
here is my number 09505541531 please fix it now

895 abigael cabacas   (23-May-2016 12:53 PM)
Di ako makatawag kahit may load ako pati yung hotline ng tnt di ko din matawagan puro not enough balance please fix din tnt

894 vangie   (21-May-2016 7:23 AM)
dati po nagagamit ko ang EDAY send to 4545 ngayon po hindi na ano po ang gagawin ko para magamit ko ulit

893 Aira   (20-May-2016 11:25 PM)
Nagload ako 300 na card then i registered UTP150 successful ang registration after 5days nawala na remaining 150 load ko!!! Ibalik nyo load ko!!!! Fix this!!

892 Erajoy Cordovis   (20-May-2016 10:56 PM)
Why did it always said that i dont have enough balance when calling even if i have my unlicall and i do have a 20pesos balance?

891 Dranreb   (20-May-2016 3:10 PM)
Hi Talk n Text, I can't text even with my balance, and if I check my balance inquiry it says please try again. It has been 2 days now, please help me solving this.
my number is 09462049519 quezon province, Zip Code 4327

890 paul   (20-May-2016 0:28 AM)
another error.Icant call. Wasted money.Its emergency and yet didnt fix it.Unli call and text. But CAN'T CALL. please fix it.I have important transactions TO DO!

889 Jeffrey   (18-May-2016 6:49 PM)
ang hirap po maka send lalo na pag gabi na
nasa Bicol po ako
Barangay Tagas
Municipality of Daraga
Province of Albay
Zip Code 4501

cp number

888 myralyn*   (18-May-2016 2:48 PM)
for the last 2 weeks even though i have enough load still i can't make outside calls from any of my contacts, the reply was always like" you don't have enough balance to make this call". and like my husband he can't contact my number. i would just like to know if there any problem? if the problem is my sim or what?? if there is any solution to fix this problem? because in case of emergency i can't make call to ask for a help.

887 paul   (17-May-2016 10:25 PM)
Hi goodevening I cant make a call. I do register unlimited call and text .kindly fix it please. Here is my number.09095719430 ty and Godbless

886 ivy joy talabor   (17-May-2016 2:43 PM)
No internet access. My location is Cupang Muntinlupa City. Paki ayos po.

885 IVY JOY   (17-May-2016 2:24 PM)
I can't access on data connection. May ON50 Registration pa po ako. Please fix naman ASAP. Location ko po ay CUPANG Muntinlupa. I called on your Toll Free hotlines with Refereence Numbers 720164237 and 720117135. Thank you

884 lovewin   (17-May-2016 11:33 AM)
this is my number please fix still can't connect 09104925446

883 lovewin   (17-May-2016 11:32 AM)
i register with SURFMAX50 but i still can't connect. i encountered this issue several times please fix i almost spent a lot of load. i really don't satisfied in this kind of issue

882 ruby   (17-May-2016 10:53 AM)
i cant connect to your promos on COC10 for three days .. ?

881 Rey Martin   (17-May-2016 10:06 AM)
Hello tnt,

I am using tnt for a while because of the promo AM15 to play my android phone game. But now I'm encountering a problem regarding to the internet connection. I already registered to the promo (still AM15) but I my sim received nothing. I have tried everything to solve my problem but it still the same. Actually It happen to me twice just now. The first one happen on may 9 2016. I got my promo registered but I received no internet. The next day when I noticed that the internet is active again so I thought it is just the system failure or something. Now it is happening again. I just registered my promo last night exact date and time: 05/16 07:41 pm and until now I don't have any internet connection to play my COC. Come on men. Do your job. Adhere the problem don't just read the comments. Here's my number: 09488501239. You can check my record. I hope you have a record of what promo I am using right now. If not please don't call me. You are all lies if you do.

I hope you can fix this soon. Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.

880 ahl   (17-May-2016 5:15 AM)
Why can't i make a call?! Please fix it i have a lot of person to call and its very important! This is my number 09070414162 please fix it immediately. Thankyou

879 Jenz626   (15-May-2016 6:49 PM)

when I started using your service. I use to avail on your promo for UAT15. I have my sim loaded with P30 so that everytime I consume the P15 for the promo there no hard time for me to reload again til my 2nd avail of the promo. But what I've notice, everytime I were to use my 2nd P15 there's no load in my balance. Everytime I were to register for the promo, it would response "insufficient balance". I just ignored this thing. Now, this day I loaded again regular 15. The load got in. But surprisingly when I registered for the UAT15, I got this message "insufficient balance". Your system keeps on stealing load from my number. how is that? any explanation on this. I transfered to TNT simply cut my expenses my load budget, but my expectation is ruined. I hope you can attend to my concern....thank you!

878 Jayson   (15-May-2016 0:29 AM)
Goodeve everytime i reload,i have already registered to a promo i would just like to ask why can't I call eventhough I have a free 60mins from TNT and Can you please fix this immediately. Thank you 09078546336

877 shane   (14-May-2016 9:39 AM)

I received a text message yesterday (5/13/16) of a promo. please see message below, as much as I want to screenshot the message, attachments are not available.


May FREE jollibee 1pc chickenjoy+drink ka pag nag-register sa UA300. P300 for 30 days. TEXT UA300 to 4545. U'll get a bCODE at ipakita sa Jollibee stores. DTI6811

I registered immediately after I received the message. I waited for 24 hours yet I still haven't received my bCODE, that promo has a DTI permit if I won't be receiving any response regarding my concern on monday I will send an email to DTI on tuesday to address my concern. I know it's just a small promo, but I just wanted to claim what was promised by your network.

Looking forward to your response on this.

Thank you!

876 Jhoy   (12-May-2016 7:23 PM)
I cant make a call eventhough my number is registered to one of your promos. Please fix this my number is. 09090104615

875 John Laurel   (12-May-2016 7:23 PM)
good eve i just registered to a promo a while ago and after successful registration it wont work. i check my balance and the promo is still there but it says i must register to a said promo. is there a maintenance on your system or problem with my sim card or my number?. my number is 09090531270. thank you

874 John Laurel   (12-May-2016 7:15 PM)
good eve. why I cant connect to the internet today. its been said that i must register to a internet promo. but i just register a while a ago. is there any maintenance or problem with my sim card? please help thank you

873 Keith Seno Villanueva   (11-May-2016 8:15 PM)
i have a problem in deactivating my roaming sim or roaming OFF. and everytime i send a ROAM OFF to 333, the reply from TNT was always like this "There is a problem with your account. Please contact the call center before making another call. Thank you." Please help. What call center number to call?

872 Ronnie Vargas   (11-May-2016 4:36 PM)
Why can't i make a call?! Please fix it i have a lot of person to call and its very important! This is my number 09503808986 please fix it immediately. Thankyou

871 ching   (10-May-2016 2:48 PM)
Good day!!
Just want to ask why is it i can't call eventhough i have my unlicall and regular load. Can you please fix this problem immediately.09098814628 thank you

870 ching   (10-May-2016 1:50 PM)
Good day.
I just want to ask why is it i can't call since yesterday until today eventhough i have my unlicall and regular load.please fix this problem.09098814628 thank you

869 Junemarie Arroza   (05-May-2016 8:54 PM)
Good eve, i would just like to ask why can't I call eventhough I have a free 100mins from TNT and i have also more than a hundred regular load. Can you please fix this immediately. Thank you. This is my number 09099624933

868 JOHNNY S. CORRALES   (03-May-2016 2:52 PM)
My phone got lost a few minutes ago. How could I possibly secure my number not to be used for evil purposes?

867 Arlyn Quimpo   (02-May-2016 3:31 PM)
Good day, i cant make a call eventhough my number is registered to unlicall and unlitxT(T20) pls fix this number 09108550912, this is the 2nd time trouble, i have an emergency!!..

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