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Talk 'N Text Customer Service | Hotline Number
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If you are having problems with using Talk 'N Text services, you can contact its customer service phone number.

Just call this in your phone: *888 or *777.

Or you can also contact Talk 'N Text hotline number: (02) 888-1111.

Other telephone numbers you can contact for help:
  • (02) 511-4105
  • (02) 511-2643
  • (02) 511-3803
Fax numbers:
  • (02) 511-2286
  • (02) 511-3222
Did you find any trouble contacting the numbers above? Just post your problems and concerns below in the comment.

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616 Rj Yante Marinas   (27-May-2015 9:42 AM)
please naman po pkibalik nman ung load ko..nag paregister ako ng T15 pag tatawag nman ako gamit ang *4547 binabawasan nyo nman ung regular load ko...pkibalik nman po ung load ko..

615 sharn balgoa   (26-May-2015 5:55 PM)
Whenever I register .. you say it's always service unavailable .. whenever I call even if I have a load .. it always says that I do not have enough load
Please fix

614 Pamina Bendoy   (23-May-2015 2:06 PM)
I registered UA10 this 1:45pm..my gosh what happen...you got my load...i dont have enough balance..please come back my load...

613 Carmela   (23-May-2015 12:13 PM)
How can I reactivate my old talk n text simcard? It is very important and I need some texts there but there is no network when I inserted the sim. I didn't used it for 2 years.

612 Joanna Borromeo   (23-May-2015 7:03 AM)
how can i remove banned by my number .. talk in text always wasting my time!

611 Kay Monton   (23-May-2015 2:30 AM)
I cannot send messages to some of my contacts, its says error sending.

610 Analiza Argales   (22-May-2015 7:37 PM)
I registered T20 this 9 am. in the morning but now i can't avail the unlicall just keep on saying not enough balance.

609 Bea   (22-May-2015 6:03 PM)
I dont understand why can we no longer call using *4400 (UTNT15) after how many calls, as a matter of fact, we have still purchased and currently registered on the promo? What happened Champion Sim TNT? Answer this problem ASAP!

608 Maria Kaizer   (21-May-2015 5:29 PM)
Let me avail the call promo.. here's my number 09077622660. give action or I'll report you guys.

607 Maria Kaizer   (21-May-2015 5:27 PM)
I've register on your promo T20 then I can avail the text promo but not the call promo, if Im trying to call it says that I don't have a load balance. Just give back my load orelse let me avail the call promo. here's my number 09077622660. I need to use the call bucket. Fix these. Even your costumer service hotlines doesn't responds. Im just a student and I don't have work to earn money in order you guys just steel and don't give the right buckets.

606 anne dilao   (19-May-2015 7:04 PM)
its my first ever time to have trouble here i have registered in T20 then i have regular load i thought that directing call is okay because i have tried it now my question is why isnt it i cant call if i am registered in T20 waste of money. can you fix these?

605 Ricky Dulay   (19-May-2015 9:51 AM)
Your customer hotline numbers are useless. Since yesterday, I' ve been trying to load the prepaid card I bought but as of this time ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY. What going on TNT???

604 amy dialino   (18-May-2015 10:09 PM)
can you please give back my load i cant use your promo but after i check my balance there is no load balance then i load again for 30pesos repeat the process to avail the promo but i cant send my message again.,can you please fix these problem and give back load.,thank you!

603 Guerrero John   (18-May-2015 10:09 PM)
you know what i don't have a lot of money to spend in load .. why you people keeps on steeling my load i just what to call my love ones ... this week i have spend about 200 pesos . just to call my love ones .. but why i cant call my love ones . please give me back my load.. i only earn 250 pesos per day and i have to work 8 hours to have that money .. please give justice .. please refund my load . i have registered unlimited calls . please trace my transaction . and give back what is been lost . here is my number 09072382384 . thank you

602 dominique   (16-May-2015 9:54 PM)
why i can't register my load in GU15??

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