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Talk 'N Text Customer Service | Hotline Number
If you are having problems with using Talk 'N Text services, you can contact its customer service phone number.

Just call this in your phone: *888 or *777.

Or you can also contact Talk 'N Text hotline number: (02) 888-1111.

Other telephone numbers you can contact for help:
  • (02) 511-4105
  • (02) 511-2643
  • (02) 511-3803
Fax numbers:
  • (02) 511-2286
  • (02) 511-3222
Did you find any trouble contacting the numbers above? Just post your problems and concerns below in the comment.
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798 Rhoanne   (06-February-2016 8:55 AM)
My receiver cant receive any of my messges to him his number 09179299799 and my talk n text number is 09127502631

797 Kim Albert Amolat   (03-February-2016 7:25 PM)
can you please block this number 09494814081 ..he keeps sending text messages to my mom using chikka and also calling and disturbing my mom everyday.. he also threaten us that he will kill us..although we don't know him..

796 Jayfrey Siblang Legaspi   (31-January-2016 5:38 PM)
why i can not use to call while still registered to a promo,

795 gideon   (30-January-2016 4:17 PM)
why our data on tnt is always E- error it almost two weeks can you check the signal here in lucban quezon

794 sernan llanes   (28-January-2016 2:26 AM)
I can't send any messages since 1:00 am, even if i'm registered at Gaantxt 10. The operator says "message not sent, try it later" how was that? i'm not able to send important messages, my load can't be used. please help me on my problem, i'm able to receive text messages but unable to send. Thank you in advance, here is my number 09480668607

793 April Joy   (27-January-2016 8:17 PM)
This is just a new sim card. I tried to call the numbers above just to activate my new sim but it doesn't even help me.The call will be ended by nothing.Then whenever I send a msg to the sim numbers it will just say that "Invalid keyword" or "There is a problem with your account" what will I do?I can't even send a msg to anyone and can't check my balance too.My number is 09306724894 please fix this.

792 Johnny Corrales (Pangasinan)   (26-January-2016 7:11 PM)
I can't send any message since this morning, even if I am into UnliText Promo and having Regular Load. Could you please attend to my queery. Thanks. I need to vote till tomorrow for my niece's pageant text votes

791 Ivy Joy Talabor   (24-January-2016 9:37 PM)
Hi I am registered at ON50 and my data connection doesn't work at all. Please fix your connection here on Pasig City. Thank you my number is 09482429867 . I have noticed slowness in sending my texts too. Please fix it

790 Maychael Petilla   (24-January-2016 9:32 PM)
Hi. I cant call & text at the same time but i have my laod . And i cant also check my balance . can you fix this ? 09486502198

789 Jamellah Ambia   (14-January-2016 5:51 PM)
hey. i cant text but i can call .. what's happening .. ?? i really need text for sometin important it's been 3Days now.. im unli at 6days ...please lang po fix the problem.. ito po num ko ... 09487243467 .. P10 unli ko ..

788 vergara   (13-January-2016 8:55 PM)
my number is 09468431574

787 vergara   (13-January-2016 8:54 PM)
why cant my number register to any talk n text promos??its pissing me off

786 Dhymarie Angela   (13-January-2016 5:25 AM)
I can call but I can't send a message, I still have load. 09303536905, P10 registration.

785 reymalyn cellshop   (12-January-2016 4:03 PM)
good morning. i cannot send messages but i have a load. please fix this thank you. heres my mobile number 09090640073

784 Cris Pangasinan   (12-January-2016 3:28 PM)
I can't make any calls for a week now. With a regular load or even within a promo. Kindly please fix it. 09501815769. thanks

783 Cris Pangasinan   (12-January-2016 3:23 PM)
Can't make any calls for a week now. Even with a regular or within a promo. Kindly please fix it. 09501815769. Thanks

782 Alex Ann Bulacan   (12-January-2016 9:35 AM)
Good day!
We would like to partner with your company on our upcoming event this February. We believe that your company would be a big help for us in facilitating this event for our student community here at LPU.

I can send our proposal and some details thru email.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Best Regards,

LPU Dance Troupe Events Manager

781 rei   (10-January-2016 5:27 PM)
i cannot send messages. what's wrong with your signal? my number is 09125034628

780 frhea marie serra   (06-January-2016 7:05 AM)
good morning. i cannot send messages but i have a load. please fix this thank you. heres my mobile number 09072519994

779 Mar   (05-January-2016 5:57 PM)
Hi. I've been loading my SIM Regular 15 so I can register it to Unli Text for 2 days. But, whenever I register it, it always says that there's no service even if I have. I've been loading 15 pesos and register it for 2 consecutive days yet the reply is still the same. Please fix immediately.

778 please   (05-January-2016 5:41 PM)
Hey could you please bring me back my load that you get, please can I refund it ? This is my number 09501658736. Pleasssee give me back my load :-(

777 jayvie abadejos   (02-January-2016 11:19 PM)
hello tnt gustoko po sana makaenter sa network nio pero hindi ako mkapasaok sa mms/gprs/3g nio tinitext ko po ung no. gamit ang free text but ung sim connect nio ay may sinasav n "set" tapos isend dau po sa 211 my balance po ako na 1peso tapos po hindi parin po ako mkapasok tapos po my n 4wrd po sakin na magpunta dau po ako sa www.samart.com.ph/connect eh hindi ko po alam ung san ako mg tatanong. sana matulungan nio po ako eto po ang no. ko 09501220824 salamat po

776 joenilyn macale   (02-January-2016 4:35 PM)
Hi..I load unlicall and text but why i cant call please fixed this my number is 09468134064

775 joenilyn macale   (02-January-2016 4:33 PM)
Hi.. I load unlicall and text 20 but why i cant call plz fixed this my number is 09468134064

774 Ivy Joy Talabor   (01-January-2016 3:15 PM)
Hi, I've been using ON50 for data connection, however I have noticed that upon going home here in Iloilo, my data connection gets slower. I am living in Jaro Iloilo, and would like to request for immediate response on fixing the data/internet signal in this location.

773 vince   (31-December-2015 5:05 PM)
kindly load that to my phone number please . 0930-191-9194

Thank you

772 vince   (31-December-2015 5:02 PM)
I cant Reload this card on my phone kindly help me PIN 22386 8186 21269

Thank you

771 elizafrancisco   (30-December-2015 12:20 PM)
why should i do when my sms is barred tnt network

770 Mary ann   (29-December-2015 10:03 AM)
SR: 674192019 concern reported last Nov 14 regarding Load Reversal Request and was promised 72 hrs to got this resolved but until now the Refund was not yet been credited. Done alot of follow up CallBacks but the same info and promised by the representative was provided. I HOPE THAT SMART WILL CARE TO RESOLVE THIS ASAP! THANKS

769 Mary ann   (29-December-2015 9:56 AM)
My concern was reported last November of this year 2015, this is regarding my request for Load Reversal, since there was a System Enhancement happened on my location while I'm having an active Promo Subscription for UNLI20 or 1 DAY UNLI DATA and to the UNLI CALL AND TEXT 20 for 1 day last Nov 14 2015, I wasnt able to use it until it expires my Registration. I contacted Smart Hotline and talked to a rep about my report and was advised and promise a Load reversal then I was given an SR#674192019 as my reference # and this rep provided me a timeframe of 72 hrs, so I waited for 72 hrs to get it resolved but nothing happen so I contacted Smart Hotline again to followup and I got the same information from the rep that my every contact will be noted to my Sr #. Last Dec 22 I received a notification from smart that my concern about the SR had been processed and the adjustment into my account balance has been made, so I did check my balance immediately but the credit that I was expecting has'nt been processed. On that same day I contacted Smart hotline again to asked and the rep told me as my transaction history was concern that the credit was not yet been made, so that rep noted again my contact for that day and promise me that this will be resolved asap, until today dated Dec 28 2015 the credit is not yet been processed so I contacted Smart hotline again to follow and just have the same info that I got from my previous contact. I'm looking forward that Smart will look in to this if they really Cares. Thanks;-(

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