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Talk 'N Text Customer Service | Hotline Number
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If you are having problems with using Talk 'N Text services, you can contact its customer service phone number.

Just call this in your phone: *888 or *777.

Or you can also contact Talk 'N Text hotline number: (02) 888-1111.

Other telephone numbers you can contact for help:
  • (02) 511-4105
  • (02) 511-2643
  • (02) 511-3803
Fax numbers:
  • (02) 511-2286
  • (02) 511-3222
Did you find any trouble contacting the numbers above? Just post your problems and concerns below in the comment.

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506 Jedlery Diocson • 2:42 AM, 18-February-2015
i am registered ut10 but my message is sending failed can fix you fix it this is my #09128774739
505 Jedlery Diocson • 0:49 AM, 18-February-2015
i registered ut10 and i have amount of balance of 5.00 why my amount is going to zero when i supposed to be unlimited then my message have sending failed please fix it..my #09128774739
504 Renz Baltazar Sarabia • 1:37 PM, 13-February-2015
I am registered in TRI30 but I can't send message this is my #09302477749..
503 Graciee Combo-Latorre • 9:34 AM, 09-February-2015
good day..hindi poh ako maka reg sa U150 may problema poh ba?
502 Rodjie D Ortiguerra • 8:31 PM, 06-February-2015
i am registered in katok15 . network failure appering that is why i cant call ? please fix it thanks..
501 Camille Lonogan Malateo • 10:57 AM, 03-February-2015
Good day i can't send messages and buddy balance is saying please try again when in fact i just loaded 30 php i tried to call and it rings meaning i have received the load but why cant i send messages please help thanks this is my number 09487979347
500 Jerline Mercado • 9:55 AM, 03-February-2015
499 Anonymously • 8:43 AM, 02-February-2015
I hope you can fix it asap
498 Yem Ka Wa • 8:38 AM, 02-February-2015
I can't use my call..i have regular load and i am also register at T20..plx fix it. Your customer number was always rejectng my call
This is my no. 09093801801
497 Glenly Guevarra Mista • 1:58 AM, 31-January-2015
how can i received a message again in my roaming number. because the last time i receive message was january 15, 2015.. then after that i did not receive any message... kindly update me how?
this is my roaming no. 09078998131... kindly activate it,... so that i can receive a message
496 lem • 9:18 PM, 28-January-2015
Hi, i need help,i can't call using TRINET300 ,it is always busy. What should i do? Thank you!
495 Hanayori Thea Adrineda • 8:31 AM, 27-January-2015
i cant use my free facebook on my smart phone using the combo TP20..can you please register my no.to use my free facebook.. 09077948215 thanks
494 Cem Palavino • 7:26 PM, 25-January-2015
I cant call using T20..fixed it now..
493 Cem Palavino • 7:22 PM, 25-January-2015
I cant call,and always service is unavailable at this time,i cant use my unli call..
492 Althea Margaret Celebre • 8:23 PM, 24-January-2015
Can't call using T20 i just register
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