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National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) 2012

The Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) shall administer simultaneously the 2012 National Qualifying Examination for School Heads (NQESH) on November 11, 2012.

Update: Results of NQESH 2012 is posted at "NQESH 2013 Results"

The 2012 NQESH is open to all aspirants for Principal I position and all applicants under the Reclassification of School Heads Position (RSHP) as required under DepEd Order No. 97, s. 2011 entitled "Revised Guidelines on the Allocation and Reclassification of School Head Positions."

The examination shall serve as a mechanism for selecting competent school heads in the public basic education sector who will perform their functions upon assumption to duty. The aspirant must have an experience of at least five (5) years in the aggregate as head teacher, teacher-in-charge, master teacher and teacher III, consistent with DepED Memorandum No. 140, s. 2009 entitled "Corrigendum to DepED Memorandum No. 97, s. 2009 (2009 National Qualifying Examination for Principals)."

The NQESH will cover the following dimensions of school leadership:
  1. School Leadership;
  2. Instructional Leadership;
  3. Creating A Learning Climate;
  4. Professional Human Resource Development;
  5. Parent Involvement and Building Communities;
  6. School Management and Daily Operations;
  7. Personal Integrity and Interpersonal Sensitivity;
  8. English Language Proficiency; and
  9. Reading Comprehension.
The time allocation for the examination shall be three (3) hours and fifteen (15) minutes.

The following are the deadlines and guidelines in the filing and processing of application forms:
  1. The deadline for filing the application form at the respective division offices (DOs) shall be on or before October 11, 2012;
  2. All regional offices (ROs) shall submit the list of applicants to the NEAP Central Office on or before October 15, 2012 through depedneap central@yahoo.com;
  3. The ROs are advised to send or farm out the template of the application form to the DOs for reproduction;
  4. All aspirants shall secure a copy of the application form from their respective DOs and file the same at the DO where the application form has been secured;
  5. The DOs shall be responsible in processing the application forms to determine the qualifications and eligibility of the aspirants who will take the 2012 NQESH; and
  6. There shall be no extension of the deadline of filing of application forms at the DOs as well as the transmittal of the list of examinees to the NEAP Central Office (CO).
The amount of registration fees, collections and guidelines in the transfer of funds to NEAP CO are as follows:
  1. The registration fee is placed at Eight Hundred Fifty Pesos (PhP850.00) to defray various costs relative to the administration of the examination, e.g. production of scannable test booklets, automated generation and processing of the results, airfreight and handling fees of scannable test booklets, communications, transportation expenses of examination teams from NEAP CO, honoraria of all staff from CO, ROs, DOs, involved in the pre-post work and actual conduct of the examination, development and production of Examiners Manual, item writers workshop, certificates of rating, supplies and materials, administration and management cost, among others;
  2. The registration fees shall be collected by the NEAP Personnel in the Regional Testing Competency Assessment Unit/Regional Testing Center and each examinee shall be issued a corresponding official receipt by the collecting staff/ personnel from the Regional Center/ NEAP in the Region; and
  3. The total collection shall then be transferred by the Regional NEAP to the NEAP CO three (3) days after receipt of the Billing Statement from the latter. An official receipt will be issued by the NEAP CO upon submission of evidence of transfer of funds by the Regional NEAP.
The RDs shall designate a Regional Coordinator who will be responsible in overseeing and supervising the preparation and the actual administration of the examination at the regional level. The name of the Regional Coordinator-designate should be transmitted to the NEAP CO not later than August 4, 2012.

To ensure a smooth and orderly conduct of the 2012 NQESH, the NEAP CO shall conduct the National Planning Workshop and Orientation of Regional Coordinators to discuss the pre-work requirements and mechanics during the actual conduct of the examination related activities. The exact date and venue of the workshop and orientation will be announced through a DepEd Advisory to be issued by the NEAP CO.

The examination will be held on November 11, 2012 from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. simultaneously in the following testing centers:

RegionTesting CenterLocation
ILa Union National High SchoolSan Fernando City, La Union
IICagayan National High SchoolTuguegarao City
IIIAngeles Central Elementary SchoolSan Fernando, Angeles City
IV-APedro Guevara Central SchoolSta. Cruz, Laguna
IV-BPuerto Princesa National High SchoolPuerto Princesa City
VTabaco National High SchoolTabaco City
VIIloilo National High SchoolIloilo City
VIIAbellana National High SchoolCebu City
VIIILeyte National High SchoolTacloban City
IXZamboanga City High SchoolZamboanga City
XCagayan de Oro City High SchoolCagayan de Oro City
XIDavao City National High SchoolDavao City
XIIKoronadal National High SchoolKoronadal, South Cotabato
NCRSan Francisco High SchoolBago Bantay, Quezon City
CARBaguio City National High SchoolBaguio City
CaragaButuan City National High SchoolButuan City

All examinees from ARMM can file their application forms and can take the examination in the following ROs: IX, X, XI, and XII.

To ensure the smooth conduct and integrity of the examination, the NEAP CO personnel and staff have crafted the following guidelines for strict compliance of the Regional Testing Coordinators:
  1. assign only 24 examinees in every testing room;
  2. designate at least one (1) chief examiner;
  3. assign one (1) supervising examiner for every three (3) testing rooms;
  4. allocate one (1) examiner and one (1) proctor per test booklet distribution and retrieval;
  5. provide a secure spacious area for test booklet distribution and retrieval;
  6. assign one (1) roving general errand staff for every ten (10) testing rooms;
  7. provide medical staff and legal officer;
  8. ensure that all testing rooms are well lighted;
  9. avoid the use of children's desks as examination chairs; and
  10. refrain from selecting the testing rooms across or right beside a rest room, and laboratory rooms as testing rooms.
All staff who will be involved in the preparation and administration of the examination shall be tapped from the ROs, DOs, and NEAP CO.

For further inquiries, concerned officials, personnel and staff may contact any of the following:

Mr. Antonio G. Ordovez, Jr.
National Project Manager
National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP)
Mobile Phone No.: 09183367467

Mr. Eric Herrera
Resource Coordinator, NEAP
Telephone No.: (02) 635-4796
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266 kiko   (16 November 2017 4:07 PM)
good day!

i would like to inquire about the nqesh review. do you have a schedule review intended for december 7, 2017 exam? i am interested to enroll for it is my first time to take the exam. i am teaching in las pinas city.

thank you.
francisco gayrama corpin

265 RHOD   (13 September 2016 3:02 PM)
This coming November 16, 2016 will be my first time to take the NQESH, I do not have enough reviewer for the test. Please share copies of reviewer and send to my email address. Thank you so much and more power!!!

264 Chezca Kim   (29 August 2015 8:12 AM)
Good day! can I ask a copy of the NQESH reviwer?kindly sent it to my email Tagalogf@yahoo.com. thank you and God bless.

263 Chezca Kim   (29 August 2015 8:10 AM)
Good Day!!can ask for a copy of the NQESH reviewer??kindly sent to my email please. This is my email address: Tagalogf@yahoo.com. thank you very much

262 joy divine u. malupa   (20 June 2015 5:49 PM)
good day thank you for posting all the comments. May I have a copy of NQESH reviewer?please send to my email..
thanks and God bless you all!

261 cipriano cunado   (11 May 2015 4:08 PM)
Good day! may i ask a copy of NQESH reviewer? thanks and more power...here's my number 09071034181

260 JONISA   (07 May 2015 8:42 PM)
can i ask for NQUESH reviewer. thanks. text me at 09124811736.

259 Fe Antonette L. Dequina   (22 April 2015 8:07 PM)
can i have a copy of NQUESh reviewer pls.text me pls. on how to avail 09061247177.almost 1 month am looking for a reviewer,no result at all

258 Jorenda C. Binas   (21 April 2015 4:40 PM)
Can I have a copy of NQUESH reviewer..please email in my add...thanks..or you can text me 09174409069..

257 Rakhan E. Cerbito   (20 April 2015 11:24 AM)
Kindly furnish your copy for reviewer for principal examination. thank you and more power.

256 THELMA SERENO   (18 April 2015 1:49 PM)
Good day. Can I have a copy of the NQUESH reviewer. Thanks and May GOD bless u more

255 Gemvel Balbona   (12 April 2015 8:54 AM)
can i asked for a reviewer for principal exam and please do email it to me...THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND MORE POWER!!!

254 Mildred Oniot   (08 April 2015 3:50 PM)
Thank you for the author of this blog.kindly send us your NQESH REVIEWER in my email add..mildredoniot@gmail.com.

Thank you very much and God bless you

253 Irene Solico   (15 September 2014 9:46 AM)
Thank you for the author of this blog. It helps the future principal to pass the exam and excel it. Need an effective NQESH REVIEWER? text this 09307335353. Thank you.

252 enerine torillo   (13 June 2014 8:40 PM)



251 enerine torillo   (13 June 2014 8:39 PM)
pasend naman po sa email ko ng mga reviewer po sa principal exam? pls? enerinetorilo@yahoo.com.ph


250 melchor amorin   (16 May 2014 12:56 PM)
Please provide me a copy of NQESH Reviewers through my e-mail melchamorin@yahoo.com.
Thank you very much and God bless!!!!

249 Anjhally Tanggote   (10 May 2014 6:54 PM)
Good evening po. Saan po ang reviewer center nyo for nqesh specifically in CDO and Iligan City, Mindanao? Sad to say I'm not one of those lucky who passed the recent exam. I also read in some of the DepEd bloggers that there is a score swapping? How is that possible? Is that true?

One more thing po, can I request a copy of your nqesh reviewer so I may have something to study at home. You can email it at me if pag bbgyan nyo po requests ko.

Thanks and more power.

248 Joel Garcia   (09 May 2014 10:14 PM)
Hello, good day! Please e-mail me a NQESH revier in pdf format!. Thanks and more power!

247 Raymundo S. Poral   (29 December 2013 9:45 PM)
Good day..Pls provide me a copy of NQESH Reviewers.. Thank you and God bless...

246 Sabina Terencio   (27 December 2013 10:18 AM)
Please provide me a copy of NQESH Reviewers. Thank you!

245 Jocelyn Salac   (12 December 2013 2:07 PM)
Kindly provide me a copy of NQESH Reviewers. Thank you! Godspeed

244 Mary Ann B. Orencia   (09 November 2013 8:29 PM)
Please provide me a copy of NQESH Reviewer. Thank you.

243 Nimfa Asuque   (05 November 2013 9:28 PM)
Pls. provide me a copy of your NQESH reviewer. Thank you and God bless

242 Ofelia M. Del Mundo   (27 October 2013 5:47 PM)
Kindly share me the sample test items used in NQESH, your immediate response is highly appreciated thank you so much and GOD Bless always

240 lilian d perez   (14 October 2013 0:27 AM)
kindly help me to have a reviewer in nqesh

239 Alicia B. Ortega   (12 October 2013 3:37 PM)
Kindly email me a nqesh reviewer in pdf format. my email ad alice_b.ortega@yahoo.com. tnx and God bless

238 ERNESTO M. ALVA JR   (09 October 2013 1:28 AM)
please email me the nqesh reviewer in pdf format my email ad ernesto_alva2000@yahoo.com . god bless.

237 ERNESTO M. ALVA JR   (09 October 2013 1:26 AM)
please email me the nqesh reviewer in pdf format.

236 noemi saldivar   (28 September 2013 2:52 PM)
what if i want to take the exam but I'am not a teacher I'am a school librarian for 12 long years , i took the let examination last year and passed the exam. i'am now a license librarian and a license teacher

235 ERNESTO G. PUNLA   (21 September 2013 11:15 PM)
good evening my friend! kindly help me provide reviewer of principalship exam for this year. I don't have enough knowledge about the contents of that exam please help me by sending reviewer through my account. Thank you and God Bless!

234 king   (19 September 2013 12:10 PM)
Shining Vision Review Center, Event Management, Travel & Tours

New Review Schedule Details for Principal's Test:

Makati City:
Starts on September 21, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Makati City DepEd Division Office

Metro Manila:
Starts on October 12, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Quezon City (Still Looking for a place for final venue)

Tagbilaran Bohol:
Starts on September 28, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Arabelle Suites Hotel @ New Calceta, Upper Cogon, Tagbilaran City

Pangasinan 2nd Batch:
Starts on October 5, 2013 - December 1, 2013
Review Days: Saturday & Sunday;
Review Hours: 8am-5pm
Review Venue: Ariel & Fe Resort & Restaurant @ Brgy. Tambac, Bayambang Pangasinan

for more details, please contact:

Nielke "king" A. Garcia
Proprietor / Manager
110 Zone VI Bayambang, Pangasinan
09328-VISION / 09209644740 / 09119811035
(075) 632-0261
shining_vision@yahoo.com / king_garcia101@yahoo.com

241 Yusonlito   (27 October 2013 12:58 PM)
May review dn kayo sa Cebu.

233 Marilou P. Recto   (18 September 2013 9:16 PM)
good evening ! I'm an applicant for the position of school head and I want to know if there is an available reviewer for principal's exam . Can you please email me ? I know it will help me a lot as preparation for the test this coming december. Thank you in advance

232 ERNESTO M. ALVA JR   (17 September 2013 10:30 PM)
please email the reviewer (soft copy in pdf format) for NQESH.God bless you.

231 Noel R. Dauran   (04 September 2013 6:25 PM)
For reliable Reviewer for Principal you can log in: Teacher's Work: sample question for qualifying exam for principal or text at 09175088081.

230 richiecastro   (03 July 2013 3:19 PM)
Paano po b kami makakakuha ng certification of rating o katunayan n nakapasa po kami sa exam? Thanks po. Godbless!

228 Jean L. Danga   (30 June 2013 6:26 PM)
pasado po ba ang 72.91%?

229 admin   (01 July 2013 7:32 AM)
Jean L. Danga, no. Cut-off score is 90%.

227 Lucky   (26 June 2013 11:11 AM)
May I be informed po re:requirements to take the NQESH? Thanks.

226 king garcia   (01 May 2013 6:06 PM)
Visit our FB po for more details s gusto pong mgrview this 2013 NQESH Exam..We have a high percent of passing rate & we have two (2) National Top-notchers.. :)

225 leilani miranda   (01 May 2013 7:33 AM)
Can you pls send me a copy of the principal reviewer test. It will be a great help to me and my colleagues.

224 glenn tahanlangit   (23 April 2013 2:38 PM)
sori nagkamali email add ko....pls email me a reviewer in NQESH glenntahanlangit@gmail.com...tnx

223 glenn tahanlangit   (23 April 2013 2:37 PM)
pls email me a reviewer in NQESH glenntahanlangit@yahoo.com tnx

222 glenn tahanlangit   (23 April 2013 2:36 PM)
pls email me a reviewer in NQESH....tnx mr tahanlangit

221 Ma. Melanie L. Lapastora   (18 April 2013 1:16 PM)
send me results of region 6 nqesh

220 coolteacher28   (10 April 2013 10:49 PM)
Reliable Reviewer for Qualifying Exam for Principals is now updated to conformed with the latest exam. For more details you can text me with my cp. no. 09155407032 or visit coolteacher28.blogspot. com for sample questions.

219 jess   (09 April 2013 9:49 AM)
congratulations to the new future school heads... welcome to the world of WONDERS of WISDOM, and VARIETY of INNOVATIONS, INITIATIVES and TOLERANCE...

218 nonita caramoan patalinghug   (05 April 2013 6:18 PM)

217 passer   (05 April 2013 1:12 PM)
when will be the training for those who passed? please publish it ahead of time so that we can prepare. Last year, others were not able to attend the training because they received the memo very late.

216 neri   (03 April 2013 9:18 AM)
if you're hands-on to your job as school head, it's easy to pass the test. Those who are already heading a school but still didn't pass, review SBM, RA9155, Child protection policy. Good Luck for next NQESH.

215 Carlson L. Maquiling   (31 March 2013 12:57 PM)
Thanks GOD! I passed it! Glory to God in the highest....Thy will be done...!

214 virgilio ladringan   (31 March 2013 8:22 AM)
203/240 or 84.58% for top 1 and 153/240 or 63.75%. eh kung gawing 75% of correct answers ang ipapasa e di lalong nangunti ang passers.

213 virgilio ladringan   (31 March 2013 7:57 AM)
240 items lang pala yung total questions.

212 Reymund   (31 March 2013 5:07 AM)
I did not take any review class. I just read memorandums, deped orders, decs manual, and others from the department of education and luckily i passed the exam. To God be all the glory.

211 virgilio ladringan   (30 March 2013 9:51 PM)
The passing is not so high. Percentile rank po ang ginagamit. Kaya yung upper 10 percent po ang nakakapasa. Disregarded po doon ang number of correct answer.

TRy na lang po ulit.

213 Rizalina L. Guerrero (29-March-2013 11:32 AM)
Am one who took the test. But unluckily i didn't. The passing is so high. somewhat unreachable. Am willing to subscribe ant review materials if there. Hope to hear soon your reply. Thanks.

210 virgilio ladringan   (30 March 2013 9:44 PM)
203 correct answers out of 245 questions. or 82.85 percent of correct answers. for the topnotcher. for 90.15 has score of 153 correct out of 245 which is 62.44 percent of correct answers.

Percentile rank po ang pinaguusapan kaya 10 percent lang ang makakapasa. Kaya yung nakakuha ng 90.15 - 99.99 ang nakapasa.

Ano po ang dapat ikadismaya? Pag-aralan po ang dapat na comment.

192 michael (26-March-2013 8:22 PM)
dismayado ako sa NQESH 2012 result dahil marami ang nakakuha ng almost perfect. 99.99

parang may leakage na ipinamahagi lalo na sa mga top placers.

209 prosper   (29 March 2013 6:52 PM)
please email me how to avail it.. thanks in advance

208 prosper   (29 March 2013 6:44 PM)
please help me to pass the next exam..i am willing to avail any reliable review materials to help me pass the exam...

207 Rizalina L. Guerrero   (29 March 2013 11:42 AM)
Am interested to avail any review materials regarding the NQSEH in order to have a direction what to review in preparation for the next exam. Though it's my first time to take the said NQESH despite i didn't make it but i still believe i still have other chances. Hope to hear soon your reply. Thanks again... God Bless....

206 Rizalina L. Guerrero   (29 March 2013 11:32 AM)
Am one who took the test. But unluckily i didn't. The passing is so high. somewhat unreachable. Am willing to subscribe ant review materials if there. Hope to hear soon your reply. Thanks.

205 go   (28 March 2013 3:22 PM)
Hello Sir Noel,

Thanks to your reviewer as one of my materials. it helps me alot to hurdle the exam. i didn't make it on top but am overjoyed that i made it. thank you po.


204 Magas   (28 March 2013 11:42 AM)
Sa inyo po lahat na nag nanais magtake ng qualifying exam for principals.
Bumasa po kayo ng mga article about child frienly school and Mentoring sa
TEACHER'S Work/ www.coolteacher28.blogspot.com/

203 Magas   (28 March 2013 11:38 AM)
Gud morning Coolteacher28! Tnx a lot po 4 d reviewer! Pumasa po ako. Laking tulong po. Tnx! Mrs Magat

202 Ma.Teresa Catacata Neri   (28 March 2013 11:09 AM)
Good day po... Please send me the complete result of NQESH 2013. God bless

201 Ma.Teresa Catacata Neri   (28 March 2013 11:01 AM)
Please send me a complete list of the NQESH 2013.God Bless...

199 abigale bakidan   (28 March 2013 9:51 AM)
Good day NQUESH team,

Can you please send to me the nquesh 2013 result for region CAR only..


200 admin   (28 March 2013 10:01 AM)

198 marija   (27 March 2013 8:03 PM)
good evening. please email me the 2012- 2013 nquesh results. thank you.

197 julius rueda   (27 March 2013 6:45 PM)
everybody has been anticipating the results of the nqesh. hope last year's passers should already be deployed. they deserve to be given the opportunity to become school leader

195 Cristina Dela Cruz Sienda   (27 March 2013 6:02 PM)

196 admin   (27 March 2013 6:05 PM)
Cristina, 90 (PR or Percentile Rank)

194 Meinarda M. Montalban   (27 March 2013 5:34 PM)
Hello... Please send me the result of the 2012 NQESH. Thank you!

193 perfidia aquino   (27 March 2013 4:16 PM)
Congratulations dun sa 3 passers ng Santiago City, Cristina Batay-an, Joy Gabriel at Johnny Lalas.

192 Dolenor Golvio   (27 March 2013 3:05 PM)
na post na po ang full list of results passers and non passers, just posted this day. go to www.deped.gov.ph nasa NEWS then updates, then educators, then download nu po the whole results are listed by region. good luck!!!!!

191 don deleon   (27 March 2013 11:51 AM)
sana sabay sabay nalang i[post...nakakanerbyos tuloy...kailan ba talaga makikita complet list??

190 lenny   (27 March 2013 10:16 AM)
congrats po s lahat ng top ten nqesh passers

189 lenny   (27 March 2013 10:14 AM)
gud am po, please email me the complete list of the 2012-2013 nqesh results, tnx po.

188 happee   (27 March 2013 10:10 AM)
good day .please email me the 2012- 2013 nquesh results thanks.

187 mercy santiago   (26 March 2013 9:14 PM)
good evening...is is allowed for non-takers of the NQESH 2012-2013 to receive an email of the list of passers???if so, please email me the results...thank you

186 mercy santiago   (26 March 2013 9:12 PM)
good day...are non-takers of the exam allowed to receive an email of the list of passers of the NQESH 2012-2013? if so, please send me the data...thanks

185 michael   (26 March 2013 8:22 PM)
dismayado ako sa NQESH 2012 result dahil marami ang nakakuha ng almost perfect. 99.99

parang may leakage na ipinamahagi lalo na sa mga top placers.

184 noel dauran   (26 March 2013 8:16 PM)
meron na pong naka post nang top ten sa www.deped.gov.ph. Umabot around 15,ooo yong nagtake ng exam at ang nakapasa around 1500 lamang. Ang cutoff is 90%

183 Dolenor Golvio   (26 March 2013 7:15 PM)
i just saw the results of 2013 NQESH, in WWW.deped.gov.ph, its in issuances, then click memo, hope you'll be contented with what they just posted, good luck, congratulations to the top ten examinees

182 Dolenor Golvio   (26 March 2013 7:12 PM)
the 2013 NQESH are already posted on WWW.deped.gov.ph. Just click issuances then memos, only the top ten are posted, the complete list of passers is not posted yet, i just saw it, good luck takers, hope we pass.

181 Ma. Melanie L. Lapastora   (25 March 2013 10:18 PM)
gud evening, please send me the result of nqnesh 2012 thank you

180 patrick p. baet jr   (25 March 2013 9:40 PM)
good evening, would you please send me the result of the nqnesh 2012 at my email add, thank you and god bless

179 Evelyn P. Jose   (25 March 2013 7:48 PM)
when would you post the result. thanks!

178 Evelyn P. Jose   (25 March 2013 7:44 PM)
Good eve! please send / open internet of the result of NQESH 2012. Thanks

177 Renz Mark Mayangao   (21 March 2013 3:11 PM)
Good day..can you please send the result of the exam at my email? thank you and Godbless

176 uldarico Agregado,B. Jr.   (20 March 2013 11:14 AM)
gud day. its a matter of quiry lang po kung kaylan talaga ang result ng principal exam namin. last year madali lng. pls send us the result. thanks

175 virgilio ladringan   (16 March 2013 1:00 PM)
Marami po ang nag-aantay ng result. Possible na maipost po ang result up to mid of April. Pag release ng result yung mga makakapasa ay di rin agad mainstall as principal dahil sa election ban. July po makakaupo ang mga papalarin. Maging matiyaga na lang po sa pag-iintay. Nag-antay na rin lang naman.

174 squall leonhart   (14 March 2013 6:31 PM)
bakit po hindi na lang ipost gad para di namn po lahat maghintay.

173 nymfa damasco   (12 March 2013 9:13 PM)
please send the nqesh 2012 result to my email add. thanks... God bless

172 virgilio ladringan   (12 March 2013 6:08 AM)
Mam Imelda Bajada. Sa site po ng Deped.gov.ph officially i post ang result. Wait lang po kayo. Wala po ako access sa result. just giving the info. Read previous threads para po malinaw.

171 Imelda R. Bajada   (11 March 2013 10:05 PM)
sir Virgilio pwede po ba paki send result ng principals exam sa email ad ko po tnx po

170 Milagros S. Serafin   (11 March 2013 6:54 PM)
we expect good results.

169 Milagros S. Serafin   (11 March 2013 6:53 PM)
When will be the result
of the 2012 NQUESH? I just pray I and the rest could make it.

168 almaida tantung   (10 March 2013 6:23 PM)
gud pm, how about the takers from the ARMM, when will be the posting of their result?

167 ewandenton   (10 March 2013 4:58 PM)
percentile is different from percentage....so never say that 216 is the passing score or the 90th percentile......that will depend on the highest score of all the nqesh takers

166 NOEL   (09 March 2013 9:53 PM)
According to NEAP, the results of the 2012 NQESH will be released, hopefully, within this month. thank you po.

165 Marilyn J.Nequinto   (09 March 2013 8:33 PM)
sir sana gawin 20 o 25% percentile please......................... thanks God bless.

164 Rosalie A. Abanilla   (09 March 2013 11:05 AM)
Good Morning. When will be the result posted? I hope I passed this NQESH . Thanks and God Bless!

163 virgilio ladringan   (09 March 2013 5:25 AM)
For the information. It is percentile rank. Not the percentage of correct answers. The basis of passing is percentile rank. If you belong to the upper 10 percent you belong to the passers. So 10% of the takers are the passers and 90% will be the re-takers this 2013 if they still want to push with it.

162 josephine alguso   (08 March 2013 9:39 PM)
at least 90% po...that is 216

161 rodz   (08 March 2013 8:31 PM)
helo po sir...what is the cut off passing score to get.... out of 240 items?? tnx po!

160 perlita   (08 March 2013 3:56 PM)
when will be the result be posted

159 Cristina Dullas   (07 March 2013 10:47 PM)
please post a link for the NQESH 2013. Thanks. Lord, sna pumasa po kami.

158 virgilio ladringan   (06 March 2013 8:09 PM)
We will just wait for the results to be posted on www.deped.gov.ph. I actually dont have the result.

157 virgilio ladringan   (06 March 2013 8:04 PM)
Mr. Ricardo C. Alburo, "The aspirant must have an experience of at least five (5) years in the aggregate as head teacher, teacher-in-charge, master teacher and teacher III, consistent with DepED Memorandum No. 140, s. 2009 entitled "Corrigendum to DepED Memorandum No. 97, s. 2009 (2009 National Qualifying Examination for Principals)."

You dedicated your service to private schools then you aspire to serve with public schools. I think you have to go with step 1 until you get to the qualifying round.

156 leoveno   (06 March 2013 3:36 PM)
Thank you so much for the information about the 2012 results of NQESH Sir Virgilio Ladringan. I expect positive results and God bless you Sir!!!

155 william brian   (06 March 2013 2:06 PM)
pls sent to me result asap please

154 arjay   (06 March 2013 11:40 AM)
hello po sir virgilio ladringan,, pwd po pa email result

153 arjay   (06 March 2013 11:38 AM)
good morning po..... pwd po ba pa email result

151 virgilio ladringan   (06 March 2013 9:38 AM)
tapos na ang checking, me results na, subject for notation of Dep ED Secretary. depending on the availability of signatories. It will be posted maybe last week of march or first week of april

152 admin   (06 March 2013 10:29 AM)
Thanks for the update Sir Virgilio Ladringan.

150 josephine alguso   (05 March 2013 8:00 PM)
may results na po ba ang NQESH 2013? may i ask for a copy of it?

149 Ricardo C. Alburo   (05 March 2013 7:25 PM)
I am a licensed professional teacher. I have been teaching in a private tertiary school for more than 20 years and I been serving in the same school as a dean of liberal arts and dean of office of student affairs for more than 15 years. Having this job experience and being a professional licensed teacher, am I qualified to take Qualifying Examination for School Head and, eventually, serve as school head of public elementary or high school?

148 corazon d. salientes   (04 March 2013 7:06 PM)
please email me the result of the 2012 national qualifying exam for school head. hopefully i passed the exam with God's grace. thank you..

147 davidlee caballero   (03 March 2013 4:45 AM)
i am hoping to pass the NQESH.....need to pass it......whhahhahhaahha

146 prosper dayo   (01 March 2013 9:50 PM)
please post the neap 2012 result if available. malooy nalang ta.. hhehe.tanx

145 maricar c. guillen   (01 March 2013 2:02 PM)
I'm so excited to watch out for the result of NQESH 2013!!!

144 myrna m. legaspi   (25 February 2013 7:42 PM)
pls. update me if the result is already released,tnx

143 Marilyn J. Nequinto   (24 February 2013 9:09 PM)
Greeting in the name of our Lord, I just want to know when the result of NEAP or NQESH taken last Jan 20, 2013

142 charlone b. castro   (23 February 2013 3:46 PM)
kelan poang result?

141 perlita   (19 February 2013 9:29 PM)

140 leoveno   (19 February 2013 11:03 AM)
Is the results for 2012 NQESH conducted last Jan 20, 2013 available this time?Please have a post any updates.Thanks.

139 gerebeth   (18 February 2013 3:37 PM)
kindly give me the date of posting the principals exam result last Jan. 20, 2013.

138 gerebeth b. adion   (18 February 2013 3:22 PM)
kindly give me if when will be the release of the principals exam last jan. 20, 2013.

137 Ces   (17 February 2013 8:37 PM)
kindly update me of the results of 2012 NQESH pls.

136 leoveno   (16 February 2013 9:56 AM)
Is the results for 2012 NQESH conducted last Jan 20, 2013 available this time?Please have a post any updates.Thanks.

135 aima usman   (14 February 2013 7:15 PM)
when will be the the result be posted or announced/

134 aima usman   (14 February 2013 7:14 PM)
what happen to the result of NQESH, 2012?

133 Ma. Lucia B. Lavador   (13 February 2013 10:36 PM)
When will be the result of Principal's Exam, Thanks.

132 riza josue   (13 February 2013 8:40 PM)
When is the result of NEAP principal Exam?

131 prosper   (13 February 2013 6:33 AM)
when will be the result of 2012 exam..

130 lucas s. iballa   (12 February 2013 8:44 PM)

129 leoveno   (10 February 2013 9:36 PM)
Please may I know when will be the possible posting of the 2012 NQESH Results last Jan. 20, 2013?Thank you for the updates.

128 jeanette   (10 February 2013 3:40 PM)
when is the result of 2012 nqesh? 38691

127 RUTCHE D. SOLIS   (09 February 2013 2:20 PM)
When we are going to know the result of Principal Examination last January 20, 2013?

126 kingsherwin   (02 February 2013 7:59 AM)

125 lucas s. iballa   (31 January 2013 8:01 PM)
when will be the result? ask lang po ako...GOD bless us always....

124 Carmela B. Pagaling   (31 January 2013 11:51 AM)
Just want to know when is the publication of the results of the NQESH 2012.

123 myrna m. legaspi   (30 January 2013 4:51 PM)
kailan ho ang result ng principal test?

122 leilani rodriguez   (16 January 2013 9:26 PM)
i hope that neap will lower the passing rate to at least 75% or 80%

121 gen   (12 January 2013 1:13 PM)
I mean the nationwide test for principal test is tomorrow jan13, 2012??? Thanks again

120 gen   (12 January 2013 1:11 PM)
is the test tomorrow Jan13, 2012???? Thanks

119 Cindy   (10 January 2013 7:32 PM)
When is the result of the principal exam last month?

118 LOURIE   (10 January 2013 11:20 AM)
san po venue ng exam ng region 4-a

117 LOURIE   (10 January 2013 11:16 AM)
Good Day, anu po tlga schd ng exam po?tnx

116 marilou   (06 January 2013 3:37 PM)
good day po.ang nqesh po ay re scheduled to january 20,2013...good luck to all nqesh passers this january 20..wish that you all pass the test..

115 Eufemia M. De vera   (02 January 2013 8:14 PM)
Confirm ko lng po kung kailan ang sched nang NQESH Please send it to my email


114 kingsherwin   (02 January 2013 11:31 AM)
pakonfirm nga po kung January 20 or 6 po ang examination????PAIBA -IBA ANG SCHEDULE NINYO ...GRABE ANG NEAP....KAINIS

113 Jocelyn   (01 January 2013 5:57 PM)
Please send to my e-mail address the date and place of NQESH in region IV-A.. Can I also have a sample questionnaire/reviewer for the test? Thank you so much.

112 marilou sembran   (01 January 2013 11:44 AM)
please send to my email address the exact date of the examination

111 marilou sembran   (01 January 2013 11:42 AM)

110 coco samonte   (01 January 2013 11:12 AM)
maglabas po kayo ng bagong information kung nabago man po ito.. salamat..

109 coco samonte   (01 January 2013 11:10 AM)
bakit po ang location ng examination ng region 4a ay sa santa cruz laguna.. kala ko po nabago na ito sa rizal na.. saan po ba talaga? salamat :-)

108 nymfa   (31 December 2012 4:29 PM)
Sir, please e mail the exact date of NQESH to my account garnimdamasco@yahoo.com Thanks & God bless

107 Reymund B. Egar   (31 December 2012 11:09 AM)
kindly email me @ rey_egar20@yahoo.com for the exact date of the NQESH. tnx and God Bless

106 Reymund B. Egar   (31 December 2012 10:57 AM)
may i know the exact date of the NQESH

105 karen galope   (28 December 2012 8:39 PM)
as far as i know nqesh is re sched again jan 23,2013

104 johanna   (28 December 2012 12:57 PM)
sir noel how much po ang reviewer and how can I avail it? I'm from Cabanatuan City.

103 NOEL   (24 December 2012 1:47 PM)
I offer Reviewer for Qualifying Exam For Principals 100% it can really help you to pass the exam. If you are interested pls text me 09155407032

102 emmanuel r. villamante   (22 December 2012 3:48 PM)
how can i avail nqesh reviewer! wat is the exact date of exam!

101 leonardo dumago   (19 December 2012 7:38 PM)
regards to all aspirants. hope we bring home the bacon.

100 Marissa   (18 December 2012 4:47 PM)
Sana ibaba naman ng NEAP sa 75% percentile rank ang papasa ng NQESH Exam. subra kasing taas ang 90% percentile rank, please...

99 Marissa   (18 December 2012 4:43 PM)
Let us start reviewing now NQESH examination is past approaching, i hope ma ipasa kona ito ngayon, please help me to pray

98 bab   (16 December 2012 9:25 PM)
will there be extension of application for the 2012 NQESH since the testing date was moved?

97 VALUELINE MARKETING CORP.   (12 December 2012 8:07 PM)
We sell NQESH REVIEWER: cell nos.: 0917-717-5292 & 0919-991-3647...

96 Marissa   (12 December 2012 10:16 AM)
Please post the exact date of NQESH exam.. Sana makapasa na ako

95 Char   (09 December 2012 2:04 PM)
To All NQESH examinees our exam will be January 6, 2013.

94 anita aliperio   (08 December 2012 12:13 PM)
May i know the exact date of NQUESH exam?

93 bab   (07 December 2012 8:42 PM)
Since the exam is moved, some, including me, have already completed the 5 years requirement as TIC this Dec. 3, 2012. If the exam is moved to january 2012, will there be extension on the application period?

92 kowrie quolyn   (07 December 2012 2:17 PM)
how about this 2012? still no date for the new schedule of exam?

91 james   (06 December 2012 6:59 PM)
can i still apply for the NQESH????/

90 Lourdes b Namoca   (06 December 2012 7:32 AM)
Gud pm sir/mam! Ask Lang sana po namin if kelan ang schedule ng exam para maka pagprepare kami thanks po mam/sir.

89 leonora a. vitente   (05 December 2012 12:09 PM)

88 VALUELINE MARKETING CORP.   (03 December 2012 11:03 PM)
We sell NQESH REVIEWER: Our office address: No. 11 Arguelles St., Jaro, Iloilo City. Tel. Nos. 033-329-1406 & 033-508-1194; cell nos.: 0917-717-5292 & 0919-991-3647...

87 VALUELINE MARKETING CORP.   (03 December 2012 11:00 PM)
We sell NQESH REVIEWER for VISAYAS & MINDANAO AREAS: Our office address: No. 11 Arguelles St., Jaro, Iloilo City. Tel. Nos. 033-329-1406 & 033-508-1194; cell nos.: 0917-717-5292 & 0919-991-3647...

86 CIPRIANO B. DELA PACION   (03 December 2012 9:21 AM)
May I know the exact date of the NQESH exam

85 Char   (02 December 2012 9:47 AM)
According to my classmate who is now an ASDS in the Division City of Cauayan the NQESH Exam will be on January 06, 2013. That is the pronoucement of the NEAP director during his seminar in Manila last week. So, let's continue reviewing in preparation with our test. Hopefully, we will pass all. he he he.

84 manilyn   (01 December 2012 9:36 AM)
plz inform me for the next NQUESH exam for 2013

thank you....

83 marife   (01 December 2012 9:34 AM)
if the date Nov. 11 2012 date examntion for NQUEsh is postpone, kindly send the exact schedule of exam in my email add..


82 NOEL   (01 December 2012 6:27 AM)
if you want a reliable and parallel questions for qualifying exam for school heads kindly email me at coolteacher28@gmail.com or text me in my cp. no. 09155407032, 09175088081, 09462919351

81 NOEL   (01 December 2012 5:50 AM)
If you want a reviewer for qualifying exam for school head just text me in my cp. no. 09155407032

80 elmer   (29 November 2012 6:07 PM)
May I humbly know the exact date of the principal examination thank you and pls. text me in this no. 09281842580

79 mary jane i. allones   (28 November 2012 9:31 PM)
when will be the final date for NQESh in region Vi ? please post thank you

78 Charles   (28 November 2012 8:42 PM)
May I humbly know the schedule of principalship test. Kindly text me with my cp no. 09083688950. tnx.

77 flora alcantara   (28 November 2012 7:36 PM)
pls let me know the d exact date of sch head exam ty

76 flora alcantara   (28 November 2012 7:35 PM)
pls send me d exact date of the examination for school head pls ty

75 Maria Concepcion B. Juarez   (27 November 2012 9:39 PM)
may we know the exact schedule of NQESH, pls.

74 leonida hangdaan Canayan   (27 November 2012 6:25 PM)
we want to know the exact new sched of the NQESH. pls. send it ASAP. Tnx

73 Bernadette A. Golosino   (26 November 2012 9:06 AM)
Please inform us when will be the final schedule of the NEAP Exam.

72 mary joreda v. mangan   (24 November 2012 11:42 PM)
Since, the scheduled of NEAP Examination was postponed . I humbly ask for the new schedule. Please text me to this no. 09499211501. Thank you and More Power.

71 Charles M. Labog   (24 November 2012 2:10 PM)
May I also recommend from the NEAP that Master Teacher position should also have examination so that it will be fair also to the deserving one. because when they ranked they show certificates which are fabricated. it is not reliable so why not having examination starting next year. I hope this will give preferential attention. Thanks and God bless to all NEAP Employees.

70 mELINA d. pOTENCIANO   (23 November 2012 5:40 PM)
Pls inform me on the new schedule of the National Qualifying Exam for School heads.

69 Marites G. Ancheta   (23 November 2012 0:37 AM)
Good am. How can I avail of your reviewer? Kindly send me to my email address or you can text me at 09214519183. thanks

68 LIMA JARA LL. ANSAY   (22 November 2012 8:25 AM)
hi po....where can we get the application form?

67 amelita C. panelo   (21 November 2012 4:31 PM)
any news re new schedule of NQESH? as it was postpone last nov. 11?

66 myrna m. legaspi   (20 November 2012 9:20 PM)
gud day, may i know the exact date of the principal test, since it was postpone

65 Charles M. Labog   (17 November 2012 2:34 PM)
Kindly text me from the cp nos. that I gave. Thank you. I am from Isabela Province of Region 02. Charles M. Labog 09287010586/09083688950/09163721825

64 Charles M. Labog   (17 November 2012 6:24 AM)
let me know if when will be the schedule of NQESH exam. kindly send me info as soon as possible. How much is your reviewer?

63 Charles M. Labog   (17 November 2012 6:13 AM)
How can I avail NQESH reviewer. How much is the cost of this reviewer? Please send me a message thru my email account or you may call at my cp numbers 09287010586/09163721825.

62 VALUELINE MARKETING CORP.   (16 November 2012 10:13 PM)
We sell NQESH REVIEWER for VISAYAS & MINDANAO AREAS: Our office address: No. 11 Arguelles St., Jaro, Iloilo City. Tel. Nos. 033-329-1406 & 033-508-1194; cell nos.: 0917-717-5292 & 0919-991-3647...

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