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Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Number

One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Sun Cellular delivers excellent mobile services to its subscribers. To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below.

To receive immediate help:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.
For Sun Postpaid Elite Plan:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 888
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8888
For Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 333
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-333
You can also reach Sun Cellular through its fax number (02) 696-7134.

Do you have any problems with your Sun Cellular subscription?
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Total comments: 296
296 Anjie   (28 April 2017 11:08 AM)
Gud day po..paactivate naman po ng retailer sim ko na may # 09422508327..almost a week na po syang di makapag load kahit may balance pa po sya..thanks

295 nicole rivera   (26 April 2017 10:18 AM)
good day,
Magtatanong po sana ako kung bakit 'di ko mapa-loadan retailer sim ko kahit na-register ko na 'to?

294 jessah zafra   (22 April 2017 11:56 AM)
good day. I would like to ask if how can you help me about double loading. I am a retailer sim holder and someone buy me a load of TU200 i was able to send it but how come the confirmation was double with different transaction number. I lost 200 pesos in this transaction and my customer will not pay for the additional 200 pesos because it is not her fault daw. Please help it a great loss of me as a retailer. 200 pesos is a big amount. It is the sun sytems fault. How can you help me about that. Can you able to reverse it back to me. My retailer sim number is 09226068435. It just happened last night april 21, 2017. Transaction numbers of TU200 that was loaded to 09433127583 are 0421110721132217 and 0421201339161704. Please reply as soon as possilbe.

293 krishnamurthy   (13 April 2017 0:00 AM)
We in our surrounding have probelm with sun network we are unable to make and recieve calls ..

292 allan gammaru   (14 March 2017 8:18 AM)
pacheck naman sim ko di ako nakaka-send 1 week na pero nakakatanggap ako ng messages at tawag at nakakatawag din ako . Nagtataka ao bakit di ako nakaka-send. Nireset ko na din phon eko nilipat ko na din ng ibang phone pero ganun pa din please check ito # ko 09231780649

291 Jean   (05 March 2017 11:12 AM)
Please activate my sun sim.

290 bell   (03 March 2017 5:56 AM)
hi, why does i cant access my retailer sim 09438015635? please do immediate response.. has still load wallet funds left... please ACTIVATE MY SIM, i need it for my business..

289 Juna marapao   (18 February 2017 10:03 PM)
Hi, may problema ba ang network ng sun? Hindi kasi ako nakakareceive at hindi rin ako makapagtext at nagfafailed.

288 DAHLIA ESTRERA   (17 February 2017 8:18 AM)
Ang mobile number ko na locked sim at 09326289936. Please helf me to retrieve. Thanks

287 DAHLIA ESTRERA   (17 February 2017 8:17 AM)
Good Morning!

Na locked ko po and sim pak ko ka gabi, at mali ang na enter ko na PUK. Please help me to retrieve my password. Thank you

286 perlita   (09 February 2017 9:19 AM)
Baket po hindi ako makapagText or call? may exisitng load po ako register last Feb.05 TU200, kanina nakakareceive pa po ako ng message ngayon po totally wala na. pasuyo pakiayos agad gamit ko po ito sa trabaho ko. my number 09322880707


285 Chiel Rivera   (06 February 2017 2:40 PM)
please activate my sun cellular nr 09422218721

284 Mae   (03 February 2017 9:17 AM)
Please active my number 0923 495 7268. I need it now thank you

283 Mae   (03 February 2017 9:14 AM)
Please active my number 0923 495 7268. I need it now thank you

282 Krissi Marie Sanchez Prado   (31 January 2017 10:09 AM)
Good day Sir/Ma'am,
Please activate my mobile internet. My prepaid number is 09428701402. I requested NET and send to 2300 but I did not receive any confirmation. Please respond to my request. Thank you very much.

281 Myra   (24 January 2017 11:57 PM)
Please, kindly, activate my sun cellular number: 09434274295. Thank you.

280 Cristopher   (17 January 2017 8:20 AM)
my number is 09228416896, I would like to follow-up my three(3) units for the renewal of my plan.
Its already more than a month now.

279 Leo   (16 January 2017 8:12 AM)
Please activate my number 0922001501.cannot reload in loading station. Thanks

278 Melun   (09 January 2017 7:07 AM)
Please activate my number 09324849593. It always says operation failed please contact call center. I need it now.Thank you!

277 Rieka May   (07 January 2017 1:03 PM)
Pls activate my sun sim, 09426094568

276 Jessabel nardo   (06 January 2017 3:10 PM)
Pls activate my sun sim 09325302795

275 onesimo banaga   (04 January 2017 1:30 PM)
i wrote to sun about two or three years ago to change my billing address but I haven't received my billing as of now

274 christian   (26 December 2016 9:09 PM)
pwd po ba ang smart cellcard sa sun cellcard?

273 MIE MAESTRO   (19 December 2016 12:55 PM)
Please activate my number 09324849593. It always says operation failed please contact call center,i need it now.Thank you!

272 MIE MAESTRO   (19 December 2016 12:49 PM)
Please activate my number 09324849593. It always says operation failed please contact call center,i need it now.Thank you!

271 Teonel G. Cla-or   (18 December 2016 3:05 PM)
please activate my retailer sim 09432799072, i need it now, thank you.

270 aldrin   (16 December 2016 8:24 PM)
bakit po napakahina ng signal ninyo dito sa villamor pasay city.hanggang kailan ninyo ibabalik iyong dating signal.sana maibalik ninyo na iyong dating lakas ng signal dito sa villamor ,pasay city..

269 Maviel   (15 December 2016 12:25 PM)
Please activate my number 09327438102. It always says operation failed please contact call center,i need it now.Thank you!

268 tessrisos   (13 December 2016 9:03 PM)
how can I turn off my SIM card from roaming. I already texted ROAM OFF to 222 but it's still on.

267 Cres   (13 December 2016 11:15 AM)
Please activate my sun load wallet,4days na Hindi ko na nagamit,may load balance pa yun,09336319739

266 joecyl   (11 December 2016 9:12 PM)
Sun cellular activate my load wallet immediately its been 2 days now may load pa yon na malaki 4,235 naiiyak na ako...09225509756

265 TON   (10 December 2016 8:43 PM)
nawala din ang signal ng sim card ko 2 days na..mahina na nga signal tinuluyan pang nawala..pakigawan nman ng paraan. >:-(

264 Anne   (10 December 2016 12:36 PM)
What happen to my sim card, i have no signal for 3 days now, this is irresponsible, i dont know what's happening to your aystem but atleast you guys should notify us.

263 gladys   (09 December 2016 3:40 PM)
is there a problem at your cell sites or signal? because i cant use my data connection since yesterday , dated December 8, 2016. i loaded regular 200 then subscribed it for TU200, and since it has free data included to that promo, it seems that its useless for i cant use it. my signal goes like this (RIIIII) R- represents the signal instead of the logo sun, then the I-represents the signal. I also went to sun store at Sm Sta. mesa the lady in front desk told me that my signal in sun is in roaming ??? i should wait till the signal comes back. When will it be fixed? thank you.

262 Rochelle Chuaquico   (09 December 2016 1:06 PM)
2 days na nawala signal ko. kahit ilipat ko ng cellphone wala rin signal

261 casandra aboy   (09 December 2016 3:29 AM)
i have no signal since yesterday, can you fix it immediately..

260 Anneli salvador   (08 December 2016 6:18 PM)
Bakit bigla na lng nadeactivate sun express load wallet ko without any reason,may load pa naman 400plus..nawala tuloy ako kita.. Pwede reactivate naman 97714

259 ronnalyn bagtas   (21 November 2016 1:46 PM)
bakit po laging nawawalan nang signal dito,sa lugar namin lambakin marilao bulacan po.

258 Edgardo Gaspar   (19 November 2016 5:58 PM)
Good Evening,

Puede po bang magpa reactivate ng Sim ko, 09238962656, matagal ko na rin gamit ito, dami kong naipon na load, at naubos/nawala ang load, tas bigla na lang ala ng signal, puede po bang mapareactivate uli ito?...

Thank you very much...

257 Angel   (19 November 2016 1:46 PM)
Please activate my Sun Cellular phone # 09320940787. Thank you

256 alona z. enrique   (12 November 2016 6:52 PM)
pwede po bang paki email na lang yung bill ko kasi palaging late yung bill ko, ang problem pa bayad na dipa magamit yung service until now almost one week na akong bayad hanggang ngaun wala pa ring service eto po mobile number ko 09258859068 postpaid po ito. sobra pa yung binayaran ko paki check na rin po.

255 jeffrey caingles   (08 November 2016 10:12 AM)
good day,im 17 years user sun cellular prepaid with the number of 09339510948.my problem now,is my sim is no service/no signal at all.this number is very useful and important to me.from transaction of five banks.offices and to my cliat...is my number deactivated???if it is...can you activate so that i contanue patronize sun cellalur...my site now is now in ayala center cebu..business park cebu city..thank you

254 Neil Patrick Olivar   (23 October 2016 6:52 PM)
please refund my prepaid na ninakaw niyo sa akin!!!

253 Neil Patrick Olivar   (23 October 2016 6:50 PM)
bakit ang lakas nyu magnakaw ng load??? grabe naman kayu last load ko nga lang ninakaw nyu pa!!!!!

252 Marc Sibayan   (15 October 2016 11:45 PM)
My sun express loadwallet simcard suddenly got deactivated with no reason. How can i retrieve the remaining amount of 600 pesos that has been loaded to my simcard for selling?

251 mjoy   (14 October 2016 2:38 PM)
Hello Po. Good Afternoon. Paano po ma retrieve ulit yong sun phone number. nasira kasi po yong sim ko. Gusto ko same number pa rin. Please advise.
Thank you

250 james rivera   (13 October 2016 7:46 AM)
Please activate my no. 09229541596 it says "Sorry,Operation failed. please contact call center" I have postpaid plan so I rarely use it

249 clyde tabar   (23 September 2016 2:02 PM)
how can i unlock my locked sim card ? i dont know my PUK code

248 Jerome Cajipe   (22 September 2016 2:20 PM)
Hi po sun cellular. Bakit po nawala yung data connection ko? malakas naman signal dito kaso hindi na ako makaconnect sa internet. lahat ng APN sa APN sun list nasubukan ko na pero di pa rin ako nagkakaroon ng internet connection. Nagtry ako tumawag sa 200 pero ang sabi "theres a problem with your account, please contact your customer service representative. thank you" .paano ko macocontact yung CSR kung yan ang sinasabi. please pakiayos po yung internet connection ko. kahit anong gawin ko ayaw bumalik nung 3g/hspa+/2g. kahapon lang po nawala. eto po number ko 09333241743. sana po maibalik nyu ung internet connection ko. need na need ko lang talaga. salamat

247 Kishor Maharjan   (22 September 2016 9:17 AM)
Dear Sun Cellular;
Could you reactivate my sim? I extremely need it.

246 Kishor Maharjan   (22 September 2016 9:15 AM)
Dear Sun Cellular Customer Service;
Could you reactivate my prepaid sim? It is very important for me cause all important contact numbers are in it. My number is 09334192706.

245 retchelle bayot   (17 September 2016 3:08 PM)
hello tanong ko lang po bakit po na cut na ang plan ko ehhh sabi sa akin sa sun sm dasma necx month pa ako magbabayad ohhh bakit na cut na yung plan ko ginagamit ko pa naman sa business

244 retchelle bayot   (17 September 2016 3:06 PM)
hello magandang hapon tanong ko lang bakit na cut na po ang plan ko ehhh hndi pa nman yung cut off ko sabi skin ng custumer service sa sun sm dasma next month pa ako magbabayad na cut na agad

243 Jerico abrantes   (12 September 2016 4:49 PM)
Hi sir /mam
Dang hapon po ask kulang po kc ung sun sim ko po bigla nalang po nawala ng network po kahapon sept.11,2016 hanggang ngaun wala parin network at nakaregistered ako ng 5days CTC50 un..ito po ang # ko po 0932 554 58 46 pls pakiaayos naman po yan kc gamit ko sa bisnes ko maraming salammaayos po yan.

242 Edgar Sales   (11 September 2016 9:13 PM)
Good day.. Sun please reactivate my pre paid card I cant use it It said that it was lock.. how can I reactivate my card?? I cant use my pre paid load right now. I am hoping for fast response thanks.

241 reyner boquiron   (05 September 2016 9:58 AM)
Good day ma'am/sir ask ko lang po bakit laging nasusupend yung unlimited calls q. Sana d nalang kayo nag promo ng unlimited kung lagi naman suspended, kaya nga po ginamit ang service niyo para makatipid eh nagiging triple tuloy gastos kasi bili ulit ng sim at nagrere4gister ulit, pakiagapan po eto yung no. ng sun q 09424441619 :(

240 carina   (30 August 2016 3:20 PM)
Samsung galaxy j1 mini phone ko talks smart sim ko. Invalid network sim locked inserted nakalagay. Ano po dapat gawin?

239 mylah primavera   (07 August 2016 12:40 PM)
hi,,,sun na P-U-K po ang sim card ko puwede nyo ba ako ma help mabalik po ang # ko nawala na po kasi yong p-u-k code ko...almos 6years na ako gumagamit ng sun# ko..pls help me mabalik po..my # is 09239065645;thanks

238 Chance   (28 July 2016 8:19 PM)
Please do activate my sun mobile number 09321325581. I wasn't able to use it for 4 months and I think it has been deactivated. I badly need it right now. It will be highly appreciated if you could activate it again.
Thank you.

237 Noel Diapues   (27 July 2016 10:25 AM)
please help me. activate my sun sim. #09333529420 i badly need it.

236 Noel Diapues   (27 July 2016 8:12 AM)
Please activate my sun sim Number. 09333529420. I badly need it. because that number i registered in my employers gmail.

Please activate. thank you in advance.

235 michael albia   (20 July 2016 5:29 AM)
why should i do if my sim couldn't send a sms ? i have only problem for sending sms but for calling is available only texting is can't be .

need some help .

234 argie giango   (03 July 2016 4:26 PM)
I can't send a message even if i have signal and an unlimited text. Can you please help me ..

233 Joyce Concepcion Maranan   (28 June 2016 8:26 PM)
My mobile no. 09328510629 postpaid

232 Joyce Concepcion Maranan   (28 June 2016 8:23 PM)
Kindly please check my sun postpaid account. I dont have service since this morning. Im out of the country right now. Please activate it as soon as possible. Thank you very much

231 jayar   (23 June 2016 6:42 PM)
Please active my phone #09335404988

230 Jun   (13 June 2016 4:52 AM)
The Management,

When you dial 200 or 888 there is an answering machine that will reply to you saying check your number and dial again.

also i have a question ..is it normal to receive a text message from sun number even if you are not using it?
a scenario happened just last night when i was communicating with my wife the call was cut-off for some reason then while contacting her again a text message came to me from her saying "I'm driving" then after that i called up again and ask if she texted me that she is driving since i knew she is..Now shes planning not use sun or her mobile because she is scared,
Mind if you'll reply to these queries??

Thanks Much!

229 john champlain   (12 June 2016 12:33 PM)
hi can you give me the restriction code of IMEI 358262038955914 just send it to my email above listed...

228 maricar gonzales   (10 June 2016 3:26 PM)
hi good afternoon please deactivate my samsung j2 with sim card number 09257372796 and my simcard PUK number i dont know were i put and i dont remeber that i hope you will answer me soon as possible thank you

227 maricar gonzales   (10 June 2016 3:22 PM)
how to activate
po ng samsung j2 ko na sim card number 09257372796 kasi po na PUK siya then nawawala po yung lagayan ng simcard ko anu po bang pewde kong gawin thanks please reply asap

226 Hanson Yu   (10 June 2016 12:14 PM)
worst awful service ever

try emailing or calling the numbers on your website

dial 200? most phones are now touch phones. one just gets lost.

hope this wakes SOMEBODY up

225 Adrian Miguel Mendoza   (10 June 2016 7:49 AM)
Hi! Good Day!

I just want to know how my sun cellular number will have a signal again? It happened last night when the signal of my number has gone. Please help me to repair it, because up until now there is no signal and my clients are contacting me but there is no signal while my officemates sun cellular number has there signal. How does it happen that my number has no signal. Please explain it to me. Thanks.

By the way here is my sun cellular number: +639428142155, please help me to fix it. Thanks again.

224 darrren balila   (09 June 2016 9:06 PM)
Good Day..! I just want to ask how to reactivate my deactivated Sun Sim?.. Please answer..! I need it to use my FB Account again.! Please help me.. :(

223 Mary ann crodua   (01 June 2016 10:45 AM)
how to activate again my O+ SIM broadband this is my # 09320806900

222 Flordeliza B. Ruar   (30 May 2016 3:05 PM)
I cant reach any of your customer service representative to inform that i already settled my account today amounting to Php 1,512.75.
I am asking a favor from you for earlier re-connection.
Payment ref#BP-20160530-001557 via bancnet online.
Hope you can response immediately...
Thank you...

Flor Ruar
Tel#837-73-01 loc 230

221 sephfjaysophia   (24 May 2016 10:26 PM)
I accidentally deleted my sun message center,i cannot send any text messages. every time i try to call your hotline,the only voice message i received is "your call cannot completed this dial,please check the number and dial again "

220 Shena Cadampog   (23 May 2016 8:36 PM)
i receive a text from SUN CELLULAR that i won a phone (actual text)"Good news! Dahil pinalitan mo ang iyong settings, lalo nang lumakas ang Sun signal mo, may FREE PHONE ka pa! Abangan ang aming tawag w/in 24-48hrs for detailes!" i did not receive any call... i got the text on May 2 , i call on customer service that was true i have to claim my reward to makati but im her in cebu i cannot spend money going to manila... how can i get my reward not going to makati..... please help me im a retailer

219 maricel   (23 May 2016 9:39 AM)
my sun sim cant send messages,can't received message & can't call..can you help me this problem please...

218 MaryDel Farinas   (22 May 2016 8:15 AM)
suncellular representative called me friday morning 10:41am to inform that i am a winner of suncellular tab give away promo samsung galaxy note 8.0 because of registering egames 50 for almost past 3 months i am continuing to register that promo. she gave me my detail information where i live and also my name so i know it is not a scam! she using a num.+23958000 and i was convince.. she told me to bring valid i.d . when i was about to claim yesterday to my nearest sunshop they are looking for registry mail and told me to call sun hotline. when i talk to csr they dont know how to help me its been two days past but i didnt recieve any mail or text of my registry mail for that egame50 tablet promo. please help me my num is 09431625889

217 Jennifer Antolin   (20 May 2016 12:26 PM)
I would like to ask about the status of my application for plan 599 last May 8, 2016, this is my no. 09501634505, give me feedback about this.Thank you

216 Jennah Tuazon   (19 May 2016 7:28 PM)
Good day, can you please activate my sun number? I haven't used it for a long time but when I can still receive texts and calls though when I tried to reload the server says that my number doesn't exist - 09237353775

215 clarisa loquillano   (19 May 2016 2:16 PM)
hello...good day...

my account no. 0219600836 cel number:09258359280

please send my billing thru my email address for quick payment of bills... until now i still have not received any bills. hope you will accommodate my urgent request.

thank you.

214 Sallie   (17 May 2016 10:19 AM)
Follow-up, I have already my reference number: 718703716..its almost 4 days already after I placed my complaint! I cant use my idd card, I load 100.00 .. so disgusting already, thisnis already my second time that lost my idd load... fir gods sakem pls I need your action, ASAP! Thank you!

213 Charlotte   (16 May 2016 9:33 AM)
Please activate my sun simcard #09435350415 . I cant sent my text but i receive some message.

212 Charlotte   (16 May 2016 9:32 AM)
please activate my no. 09435350415. thanks

211 Jhon sumalinog   (04 May 2016 4:41 PM)
Kindly activate my sun number (09324492019) . I cant reload my prepaid sim, cant send message and cant make a call.

210 Jhon sumalinog   (04 May 2016 4:38 PM)
Please activate my sun simcard # 09324492019

209 mark herbie tabusares   (19 April 2016 10:11 AM)
how to fix error 797 in my sun broadband stick?

208 Cherrelyn Samillano   (07 April 2016 1:23 PM)
Hi. I was already paid since March 31,2016, but up to now my phone is still barred.I cannot make outgoing calls, text & cannot use other services of sun.Looking forward for your immediate feedback. Thank you!

207 Shean   (06 April 2016 2:25 PM)
Please activate my SUN SIMCARD

206 Romeo F. Joson   (01 April 2016 8:41 AM)
Please activate my SUN SIM Card number 0933-521-1553.
I have loaded P15 last Dec. 21, 2015 in Novaliches, Q.C. but it did not receive any load.
Please activate soon, so that I can buy load and use it again. Thank you.

205 Romeo F. Joson   (01 April 2016 8:35 AM)
Please activate my SUN SIM CARD No. 0933-521-1553.
Thank you.

204 Carissa Joy Bangis   (31 March 2016 2:43 PM)
Hi. Why is it that I can't make a call using my sun postpaid plan? It was already paid last March 30,2016 and whenever I try to do outgoing calls I can't call? Looking forward for your immediate feedback. Thank you!

203 rodel reyes   (29 March 2016 5:52 AM)
hi.. i paid my previous balance 3days ago. i called ur hotline to reconnect my line. the person i spoke with told me that he already process my request. need to wait for 6 hours. until now i cant still use my line. i tried to call your hotline but there's no operator to talk to. here's my number. 09258868621 looking forward to your immediate response to this matter. thank you

202 Ritchie   (27 March 2016 6:53 PM)
Please activate my 2 sun number 09222600043 and 09222600040

201 Wella Joy P. Sumogod   (19 March 2016 9:47 AM)
hi I just want to ask about the plan of Mr. Ednard Gil Elorde, why the plan number under his name can't contact anymore?

200 Crizza Mae Parantar   (08 March 2016 6:13 PM)
How to get my mobile number?i cant find it in my sim settings because it says its unknown

199 Rachelle Afaga   (02 March 2016 4:10 PM)
Good day.

Hello sir/mam im the one get bundle plan worth of 599 on February 17, 2016 they told me that the activation is 24hrs but my plan still not activate please can you help me to activate my plan mobile because until now i can't use my mobile...i already talk to the customer service thrice that i wait for another 48 hours..what kind of service is this...the girl said to me because no available for me...

198 Kin Tala Marasigan   (29 February 2016 4:44 PM)
Hi, good day. Can you please reactivate my number, 09329233628. I can accept text from my friends but they can't call me. And I just loaded it a while ago. And it says operation failed. I can't use my load. It's not been 120 days since I loaded it. So my sim is still functioning. Why can't I make phone call and text?

197 Mark Joebelle Celis   (16 February 2016 6:15 PM)
Good Afternoon Ma'am/Sir! I just want to ask regarding signal issue. I am a SUN user since last year, when I started using SUN, the signal was good,even in our house, office, store, but this past few months it seems that my SUN signal is weak, i don't know what happen, because in my cousin's SUN , the signal is good,where on the same place, but with me, its weak and worse NO SERVICE at all.And I don't receive any announcement that SUN is having a rough times regarding with their signal. is it has something to do with my phone settings? or with my chosen mobile networks? Please orient me with this. Please help me regarding this matter. thank you very much. God Bless.

196 Ressie John Penales   (06 February 2016 10:45 AM)
Hi I have a problem with my sun cellular sim. I can't make any call even though I'm registered to a promo and have enough load. Please help me solve this problem this is my number 09421827519.

195 Angela L. corpuz   (23 January 2016 10:11 AM)
Hi good day..i just want ask help for my mom's post paid,its already 1 week but still not activated...we avail this postpaid for some important thngs or reasons..so can you help us to solve this issue?.thanks...

194 Jemie Rasonabe   (20 January 2016 5:55 PM)
i have a problem with my account, can you please help me, i am very much disappointed with this, my bill is too big with my number 09328600566 as to the plan that i have, i am charged with international messages i was confused and dis appointed with this number 447537410250, what can i do with this? i always go to the sunshop to validate this, coz i really do not know why is this happening with my bill??? they have nothing to do with this, can you please help me, i am a loyal subscriber to suncellular if this still happening, i may have to cut my account. please help me.

193 Rosalyn Dubiao   (16 January 2016 2:40 PM)
Hell team,

Hoping you are having a great day.

May I request assistance with the postpaid/plan I have? Is there are period of time before it can activate? I cannot call or text anyone.

I applied the plan yesterday.


Can I also have the number as I forgot to ask for that.

Thanks team.

Hoping to have your assistance and response as soon as possible.

- Ros

192 ELPIDIO JR C EVANGELISTA   (14 January 2016 12:33 PM)
Good PM SUN Cellular Team,

I'm no longer using my Postpaid for more than a month now.
I'm about to settle my bills and have it terminated.
Please accept this as my formal termination request and please don't require me to have this settled at your office anymore.
I'm so busy and have so much work to do.

Mobile Postpaid account detail:
Account No.: 01711773981
Mobile No.: 0932-875-0748

Thank you so much.


191 Manuel G. Pulliedo   (03 January 2016 6:02 PM)
about 09327781405 blocked data please help

190 anne abergas   (31 December 2015 2:14 PM)
i don't have connection but i already paid my bills.. what is happening to sun cellular they're sending bills but i don't have signal..the sunshop baguio says that after 3 days my postpaid will be reconnected..

189 carrie   (31 December 2015 7:49 AM)
my number is 09422006654

188 carrie   (31 December 2015 7:48 AM)
good day ! my sun cellular sim keep on saying that there is problem with my account , maybe it is because i did not use it for already 2 years , i want to reactivate it and i dont know how to . please help me regarding this issue , thank you !

187 paolo codilla   (27 December 2015 2:08 PM)
Hay good day , regarding to the promos that I use , I load my cellphone P15, and I send that to UTA15 TO 247, but I can't register, it reply me that to subscribe blackberry service please text your keyword to 386, please help to register .....

186 Jong Calina   (26 December 2015 7:47 AM)
Kind activate my sim number (09231720862)

185 Jong Calina   (26 December 2015 7:43 AM)
Kindly activate my sun number (09231720862). I cant reload my prepaid sim, cant send message and cant make a call.

184 Fe Sindo Gonzaga   (20 December 2015 3:10 PM)
Hi Sir,

I would like to request regarding my plan bill that would be sent at my office if possible or please send to my email address: fexysindo@yahoo.comp.ph / feg@topdrawanimation.com Here's the address: Suite 601 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines. Because we removed to Central Bicutan, Taguig. Thank you.

183 RYAN JAY V. CONTEMPLO   (07 December 2015 1:24 PM)
good day..its been a week since i got mu plan 599 but the simcard for postpaid and sim for broadband is not yet activated??pls...fix it immediately thanks

182 chiyuto jerrel   (03 December 2015 5:51 PM)
i lost my phone this is my number 09222292002. i want to trace my phone and number for maps

181 eriel cantos, jr.   (30 November 2015 12:57 PM)
what happen to your network. I can't call or text for a week now!!!! I'm on CTU200 .... this is robbery!!!

180 may   (30 November 2015 7:50 AM)
Its been 5days but my phone sim is not yet activated how can I use the Sim of the phone if its not activated...plsssss activate my phone Sim now

179 MARY GRACE ILAGAN   (26 November 2015 3:08 PM)
Would like to follow up the Samsung tab 3V included in your promo 599, already one month and the tab is not yet available? Im really disappointed. Please give me feedback regarding on this matter. I avail the promo October 16 and until now (Nov.26) Im still waiting...Please.

178 Jennalyn Barandino   (26 November 2015 1:07 PM)
I really hate sun cellular this time because of one of your employee in Sun Cellular Shop at Lipa City Batangas (Robinson's) branch! He is very arrogant and do not know how to assist customers properly. His name is Jason (gay representative who does not want to give his full name). I asked for a sim replacement and activation for one of my subscriptions. It's been more than a month now and I am currently abroad. I asked my mother to make a follow up but instead of assisting my mom, he just said it is being fixed and called the next customer without having a closed conversation/deal with my mom. That is a customer mistreat! Know who you hire because someone like him ruins your image!

177 ziel   (20 November 2015 7:53 AM)
its been 5days you guys haven't activate my broadband , i bought it last monday in SM Megamall, what kind of service are you offering guys?, i expect this broadband would be activated after 24 to 48hrs, tried to call your customer service hotline but unfortunately its always busy! can you help me about this problem?

176 Rey Q. Beatisula   (19 November 2015 3:07 PM)
I have purchased broadband package of sun but for almost 9 days until now it is still inactivate, kindly respond

175 ELMA SAMUYA   (19 November 2015 8:31 AM)
Good day!I want to inquire if how much will I pay if I want to cut off my WiFi plan.Please send your reply to my Facebook account elma.orvillosamuya@facebook.com.Thank you very much and God Bless.

174 James Raiz   (18 November 2015 9:03 AM)
I'm really Disappointed to SUN CELLULAR. Please Send your info about Unli Expiration BEFORE the DATE! AS ALWAYS! AS USUAL!

173 Nelia Tolentino   (26 October 2015 12:44 PM)
please activate my PLAN NOW, I want you activate e may sun plan yesterday I bought a sun sim until this moment no activate happen what kind of your service is this? please activate my plan today thank you

172 thafny   (22 October 2015 5:32 PM)
Hi... I would like to complain. My newly loaded 60 pesos was gone after a few minutes. I send a code of a sun promo but it didn't respond instead it stole all my load.

171 ROWELYN SAQUIN   (20 October 2015 4:01 PM)

Would like to complain regarding poor customer service from a cashier in Sun Business Center at SM City Cebu. Every time I pay the company bills, she replies me sarcastically whenever I ask her. I supposed to complain her to the manager but I come to think of not doing it. I held on my temper not to rebut on her impolite answers. I only know her family name, Pasiolan.

I hope the management will put a suggestion box regarding their front liners.

170 ma. reina borlaza   (19 October 2015 2:28 PM)
Just got my wireless broadband yesterday and i cannot sign in to the device the password i provided is not being recognized by the unit.. how can i remedy this?

169 priya   (19 October 2015 11:56 AM)
I have a problem with your network

168 joven   (28 September 2015 9:43 AM)
i cant load my prepaid account.i never used it for 6 months now.i need help.thanks

167 maricel babasa   (23 September 2015 3:00 PM)
good day!i lost my sun broadband.what can i do?

166 Edison Buntag   (22 September 2015 5:24 PM)
Good evening!
I'm new user of your pocket wifi. I just brought it yesterday Sept, 21
can you pls. help me, because I don't know what to do. I'm not yet activated. The network is still in red. Wifi is connected but I can't access..
What I'm going to do?

165 stephen c. miranda   (21 September 2015 3:38 PM)
can i request if there are payables realting to my sun broadband subscription which was initially applied & approved last August 19,2015. Hope you can give your swift reply on this matter. Thank you

164 mark delos santos   (19 September 2015 9:53 AM)
good morning ma'am/sir
I want to remove my ring back tone , how can I remove it??? I deleted the text that you have send to me. I forgot the number and the code for me to deactivate my ring back.

163 Marie grace luancing-flores   (16 September 2015 9:22 PM)
Good pm! We recently applied new postpaid sun plan last sept 13 at marquee mall clark, angeles under the name of vince edward flores with acct no. 0209642476 plan 799, lenovo KRAFt unit 799 CTU trinet.
We were told at marquee mall that we just wait for 24-48 hrs for activation but still it's been 3 days and we have no network yet.
Hope for speedy service of sun .

162 sheila   (16 September 2015 12:26 PM)
i lost my broadband sim today septemer 16 2015,which i only received yesterday from plan approval what should i do?

161 mark j.delos santos   (14 September 2015 7:19 AM)
good morning I want to remove my ring back tone how can I remove it??? I deleted the text that you send. and I forgot the number and the code. thank you...

160 Jose Jojith L Perez   (09 September 2015 6:28 PM)
i paid my postpaid plan with accnt. no. 0180427392 last 07September2015 at 2:12 pm intended for my mobile number 09255113460 with total amount of P900.00 to reconnect my line but as of now it is totally DISCONNECTED, three days had passed i cannot use my postpaid plan, pls sun help cellular employee. thanks.

159 stephen m. tolentino   (09 September 2015 6:03 PM)
Hello sir/mam im the one get cellphone plan worth of 499 on sept 8,2015 they told me that the activation is 24hrs but my plan still not activate pls can u help mo to be activate my plan mobile bcoz until now i cant use my mobile...pls answer me

158 Nina amor   (06 September 2015 11:02 AM)
Hi i cant seem to make outgoing calls from my sun prepay sim card but i still can receive incoming calls and text. I cant even call the cust.service always gets an error that there is a problem on my acct. Pls.help thanks

157 Nicolas Tura   (29 August 2015 3:52 PM)
Just to inform your good office that I have applied for a postpaid plan to your business office at Mactan Gaisano Island Mall in Lapulapu City on August 25, 2015.
I have received the unit of plan 499 with initial cash out of P1,700.00 and with the instruction that the unit will be activated after 24 hours.
But sad to noted that until now August 29, 2015 the unit was not activated.
I hope you cand help me so that I can start using my sun postpaid plan.
Your immediate action regarding this matter will be certainly appreciated.

Nicolas A. Tura

156 arnold patalagsa   (28 August 2015 6:26 PM)
good evening,I still have no signal since I arrived yesterday at manila Aug 27,2015. please help me back my signal,ASAP. thank you.

155 jenefer pacana   (24 August 2015 6:24 PM)
Hi, good day, I need some support. The problem is I forgot the PUK code of my sun sim number.
I don't want to lose this sim. because I have a lot of contact in their, I used this sim card for almost 5 years. the mobile number is 09336018112,

154 jeliane fajardo   (22 August 2015 8:48 PM)
hello good evening my retailer sun sim card is sim rejected i bought it on august 9,2015 then in august 20,2015 i load it worth 800 but this morning august 22, the sim is rejected!!! Please help me to activate my retailer sim !! This is my number 09336547756....please help me!! I need it now to activate!!!!!

153 Majic Gempesaw   (21 August 2015 8:09 PM)
I still have no signal since i arrived at davao yesterday, aug. 20, 2015. Please help me how to get my signal back. Thank you.

152 jhoi   (18 August 2015 11:14 PM)
how my sim card activate again in roaming

151 jhoi   (18 August 2015 11:10 PM)
i want to activate my roaming sun number 09424561938 please help me i want the signal back..what should i do what number i will contact because im hete in hongkong.. thank you

150 Moris Joey A. Chua   (18 August 2015 11:47 AM)
My prepaid number 0922-7420200 cannot send SMS as well as voice call. After dialling all I got is a message "Not registered on network". What would be possible problem? Thanks

149 mhel   (17 August 2015 10:29 AM)
Hello. Im really worried about my old sim. I've been using it for many years and I want to keep this number. But this morning upon arrival in my ofice it has no signal anymore. When I woke up by 6:30 am it's still active and my sister received my message using this number but now its not active. I have tried it with my other celphones and its not working anymore. Can I still have my load and regain my old number?Thank you.

148 Roselle Danica Mier   (15 August 2015 8:45 AM)
Good day! I loaded a TU150 a week ago in my number 09224502966 , supposedly my load will expire by next month which is September. I was shocked this morning when I don't have any calls anymore nor to text a message! I got angry because my load lasted only for 1-2 weeks I guess. So please bring back my load! I have some important to communicate with! Hoping for your cooperation As soon as possible.

147 Cristian   (14 August 2015 11:01 AM)
Good Day!

Ipapa block po sana namin ang company sun simcard na ang number ay (0922-829-8263) kase nanakaw po ito.
Tumawag po ako sa hotline na ito:
To receive immediate help:
Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.

Pero sinasabe lang invalid ang number na na input ko.
ASAP po sana ma iblock ito kase ginagamit pa rin ng nagnakaw ang simcard.


146 Francis C. Ordonez   (12 August 2015 8:10 AM)
August 12, 2015.

Good day, this day @ 5am in the morning, i still have a strong sun network, i played COC and other internet games on my asus phone. At 8am, i saw an X mark on a signal network, it means NO SIGNAL, i restart my phone and still no signal. I turnoff my phone and get the sim card to clean, i put it again and turn it on. Unfortunately no signal again. I turn off again and get the sim card, to put in other phone (lenovo), still there's no signal. So i buy a globe sim card and there's a signal, it means that my asus phone is not the problem its my sun sim card.

Every month, i buy a load of TU200 and 1000pesos load for i999 mobile internet.
Kindly trace my number if it is activate or deactivate. I want my load back.

145 charina sampaga   (12 August 2015 7:24 AM)
Hi I just need some help! How can i activate My prepaid sun number 09239817601, I can recieve some calls but I can call it back and sending txt as well. And also every time I reload it doesn't recieve a load, they replied was "Subscriber not exist" what does it means?
Need your feedback please. ..

144 jessica Bingayan   (12 August 2015 2:39 AM)
good morning i just want to activate my sun prepaid number 09322523685. this number really important to me. but now i dont have any signal.i want to activate it again. help me please
thank you

143 Elve C. Carolino   (09 August 2015 12:44 PM)
Just want to ask ,because our sun number is not anymore active every time we load theres a reply your number was already barred, how can we re-activate our number?


Best Regards

142 Rey   (03 August 2015 10:57 AM)
Please block or deactivate this SUN Cellular number 09460361082 from unknown person that always sending profan or offensive word to my wife.

141 Jaime C. Dalnay Jr.   (31 July 2015 9:18 AM)
please remove my ringback tone at my sun cell.no. I didnt ask for it and it annoys me everytime a friend calling me ang saying i have a ringback tone. my no is 09420263617

140 merlyn   (28 July 2015 10:44 AM)
Hello I have loaded 59pesos of sun regular load. I tried to register at ctc50 but could not. How many times but it fails up to now. Please advise. Thank you and God bless.

139 annie   (27 July 2015 7:56 AM)
i buy a load worth 100 pesos for my sun broadband wireless prepaid,but i send a wrong key instead a regular load,i send in LITE100 was not avialable for my computer because this promos is avialable only in mobile phone.i want to get it back that 100 because im not consuming that load.please......reply now

138 jm   (23 July 2015 11:04 PM)
i am sun broadband prepaid wireless connection subscriber,recently my signal got down and can't perform any connection,like social media. before it happen i am so much satisfied about my connection but these fast few days i am having trouble with it. help please.. loosing so much money and time... hope to get reply ASAP.......

137 ghera   (23 July 2015 7:20 AM)
hi good day. i just want to ask, ive been calling sun hotline for how many days now but everytime i enter my mobile # they always say that my # is invalid. how come it is invalid when my sim is retailers sim?!

136 monching   (21 July 2015 11:21 PM)
how to open my simcard.because my sim card is rejected.09321512592

135 Bebe Cabunilas   (21 July 2015 6:11 PM)
How to change a password on my pocket WiFi? Sun broadband can't change a password... How could it be?

134 Bebe Cabunilas   (21 July 2015 6:09 PM)
How to change a password in pocket WiFi?

133 Mel   (03 July 2015 7:04 AM)
I'm not very happy that Sun doesn't have a prepaid sim replacement service. I lost my phone along with my prepaid sim and now I'd have to get a new sim with an entirely new number. I hope you'll have this service in the future but as of now, it's thumbs down for Sun.

132 kristine nantes   (01 July 2015 8:28 PM)
i want to block my sun postpaid number 09237368333 because it is stolen to me and my sim used in scam please help me...

131 MM   (25 June 2015 12:45 PM)
Good day. I am just concerned of the network service in our place. I am always subscribed in the Call and Text Unlimited promo but I am having a hard time enjoying the service because the network is always busy. There are also times that while dialing, the phrase "call ended" appears on my screen which means that I am not able to connect. Please fix the problem in the network because sometimes it causes inconvenience. Thank you.

130 Vanne   (22 June 2015 2:15 PM)
Hi! Good day Sun cellular! My sun retailer sim has a few problems. I registered it successfully but when I tried to change my pin. It says "pin is incorrect". But I wrote the old pin exactly. Please I need to fix this right away. Hoping for your immediate action.

129 Gemarie M. Vallega   (17 June 2015 6:27 PM)
Good evening! I am really frustated for the service your are giving. I have a concern since January with regards for the waiver of my two-month charges on my mobile postpaid plan due to non-usage of the phone because of the maintenance happen. But sadly,until now,there was no action taken with my request. I am asking for the status and feedback for my request and looking forward for your immediate response, My mobile number is 09255023817. Hoping for an urgent reply.thank you.

128 karenvaldemoro   (08 June 2015 11:59 AM)
hi ! I would like to ask . what will I do if I lost my sun plan simcard ? actually its my mom plan but im the one who's using it.. please reply thank you :)

127 karenvaldemoro   (08 June 2015 11:55 AM)
hi ! I would like to ask for a help . I lost my postpaid simcard a week a go . its my mom sun plan . please reply ! thankyou

126 mike gomez   (08 June 2015 7:24 AM)
i called sun hotline number 200 but when i want to hear the operator about my concern..
when i type my 11 digit postpaid plan the says your invalid number.. how to resolve this\

125 Gerald Weimer   (07 June 2015 8:28 AM)
Good morning Sir/Ma'am,
Since yesterday afternoon, I can't call, text or receive a message from my Sun SIM card, number 0932 1621091. It says unable to connect the Sun/Smart network. Kindly check my number and for this problem. I hope I can use it today Sunday again. Thank you in advance.

Gerald Weimer

124 elda m paz   (04 June 2015 12:35 PM)
Good afternoon just to ask a little help from your good office my simpack did not work since yesterday with # 09238994724 the problem is no signal available can't send or call to other number. Hoping for your immediate action. Thank yoi

123 Jessica Anderson   (02 June 2015 12:47 PM)
I got my sun plan 450 last January 2015,my problem is the phone is not working anymore we pay the half of the upfront fee already and then we got the phone from cebu, we inquire here in SUN Sorsogon if ever they can fix it but they refuse, they told us that sun does not have that phone (CMP500), my question is can we stop paying the postpaid subscription because we cannot use the phone anymore because it didnt work at all..and if not what service warranty we can get..?

122 grace   (02 June 2015 10:33 AM)
what to do with my sim?i can call but i cant send a message please help me on what to do with my sim

121 Jean   (01 June 2015 4:33 PM)

i just wanna ask why is it my sun sim was not able to received a load? im just trying to load 1day unli call & text 25. Im also trying balance inquiry and the replied was "sorry, operation failed. please contact the call center?" what happened to my sim?

120 Arniel   (21 May 2015 1:08 PM)
If I return the model of sun HUAWEI E5220, is the broadband be refundable?

119 Arniel   (21 May 2015 10:56 AM)
May I ask if the sun broadband mobile wifi be refundable? I buy the item last May 19,2015.

118 michael rivera   (14 May 2015 6:40 AM)
i am calling hotline number 200, then they have an option that i need to dial my postpaid number, when i enter my 11 digit number, they are tekking me that i enter an invalid number. But i always enter my right 11 digit number. Please help me

117 Ela Margarita de Leon   (11 May 2015 8:06 PM)
My sun number cant recieve load..what can i do i try all possible number to call sun cellular but it didnt work. it only says that please contact the customer service represantative but i dont know what the number to dial.i hope you can help me

116 eden   (28 April 2015 9:30 PM)
how can i retrieve my mpin password.i forgot it, how can i restore it to use my load retailers sim balance.

115 Maria Yoradyl   (26 April 2015 11:00 AM)
Hi there,I just want to know where I can pay my bill,im already in Australia and it is posible to terminate my contract because I lost the sim card.

Please do reply as soon as possible.

Thank you

114 ma. shirley c velasco   (23 April 2015 12:29 PM)
why i cant connect to fb while i have a load for internet.. please

113 Laila V. Santos   (23 April 2015 10:28 AM)
pending application

112 Laila V. Santos   (23 April 2015 10:26 AM)
Hi! i am applying SUN POSTPAID APPLICATION with Reference#620274179 and i am still waiting for your approval? i applied online last April 13, can you give us feedback..

Thanks and Regards,

111 iren   (14 April 2015 0:17 AM)
hi, i'm from davao city. and i just had loaded 200.00 so i could convert it to TU200. but unfortunately, suncellular sends me a text saying," you have entered an invalid product code".

110 Chelle   (13 April 2015 7:52 PM)
Good Evening

Hey! I can't call 200, it always says "You don't have any load to complete this transaction. Please load immediately to complete your account active"

109 Irene   (12 April 2015 10:42 AM)
Hi,i can receive a msg or call but i cannot bal. inqury.. when i dial the 200 hotline, operator says "there is a problem on my accout, pls. contact customer representative..
Pls. Help.

108 arturo ortiz   (03 April 2015 3:50 PM)
Gud day,pls.help i cant sent text message the problem.
my sim is company plan,location in batangas.
sim#09237149494.thanks po

107 Erwin   (03 April 2015 7:10 AM)
What can't I reach your hot line?

106 Erwin   (03 April 2015 7:09 AM)
I have the 3 day broadband card unlimited usage? and registered this, i after a day a cant use it anymore WHY? As stated I can use my unlimited internet up to April 4 2015.

105 Kyel Zach   (23 February 2015 11:51 AM)

104 Jerome Fabia   (20 December 2014 10:15 PM)
has anyone here get reply?

103 chris abasolo   (20 December 2014 9:11 AM)
Hello..can you help me because when i did not received the load when i loaded my number, then when i was trying to call your CSR it just says .. "there's a problem with your account please contact your CSR".. but then no CSR answering.. please help me

102 Tchen Ipapo   (17 November 2014 6:32 PM)
Please help I cannot call or text. I cannot contact to customer service

101 Rosanna B. Arbatin-Adano   (05 November 2014 12:07 PM)

100 YEnoh Atillo   (13 October 2014 12:23 PM)
hey,, pls help me. i can text and i can receive calls but i cant't call..

99 Laurie Lai Anne Estafia   (12 October 2014 7:37 PM)
i cant txt and call . please help me. no answering in costumer service , what happen? i have to use my c.p because i have important matters to do. i hope these will be solve ASAP. my # 09327625596

98 Laurie Lai Anne Estafia   (12 October 2014 7:34 PM)
i cant call and txt but i receive call and txt. no asnwering in costumer service . what happen.? i need your help now. please.. 09327625596

97 Vher Darole Baetiong   (12 October 2014 5:41 PM)
I Can't Call or text at this moment. >,< What Happen? Tss.

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