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Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Number
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One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Sun Cellular delivers excellent mobile services to its subscribers. To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below.

To receive immediate help:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.
For Sun Postpaid Elite Plan:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 888
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8888
For Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 333
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-333
You can also reach Sun Cellular through its fax number (02) 696-7134.

Do you have any problems with your Sun Cellular subscription?

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140 merlyn   (28-July-2015 10:44 AM)
Hello I have loaded 59pesos of sun regular load. I tried to register at ctc50 but could not. How many times but it fails up to now. Please advise. Thank you and God bless.

139 annie   (27-July-2015 7:56 AM)
i buy a load worth 100 pesos for my sun broadband wireless prepaid,but i send a wrong key instead a regular load,i send in LITE100 was not avialable for my computer because this promos is avialable only in mobile phone.i want to get it back that 100 because im not consuming that load.please......reply now

138 jm   (23-July-2015 11:04 PM)
i am sun broadband prepaid wireless connection subscriber,recently my signal got down and can't perform any connection,like social media. before it happen i am so much satisfied about my connection but these fast few days i am having trouble with it. help please.. loosing so much money and time... hope to get reply ASAP.......

137 ghera   (23-July-2015 7:20 AM)
hi good day. i just want to ask, ive been calling sun hotline for how many days now but everytime i enter my mobile # they always say that my # is invalid. how come it is invalid when my sim is retailers sim?!

136 monching   (21-July-2015 11:21 PM)
how to open my simcard.because my sim card is rejected.09321512592

135 Bebe Cabunilas   (21-July-2015 6:11 PM)
How to change a password on my pocket WiFi? Sun broadband can't change a password... How could it be?

134 Bebe Cabunilas   (21-July-2015 6:09 PM)
How to change a password in pocket WiFi?

133 Mel   (03-July-2015 7:04 AM)
I'm not very happy that Sun doesn't have a prepaid sim replacement service. I lost my phone along with my prepaid sim and now I'd have to get a new sim with an entirely new number. I hope you'll have this service in the future but as of now, it's thumbs down for Sun.

132 kristine nantes   (01-July-2015 8:28 PM)
i want to block my sun postpaid number 09237368333 because it is stolen to me and my sim used in scam please help me...

131 MM   (25-June-2015 12:45 PM)
Good day. I am just concerned of the network service in our place. I am always subscribed in the Call and Text Unlimited promo but I am having a hard time enjoying the service because the network is always busy. There are also times that while dialing, the phrase "call ended" appears on my screen which means that I am not able to connect. Please fix the problem in the network because sometimes it causes inconvenience. Thank you.

130 Vanne   (22-June-2015 2:15 PM)
Hi! Good day Sun cellular! My sun retailer sim has a few problems. I registered it successfully but when I tried to change my pin. It says "pin is incorrect". But I wrote the old pin exactly. Please I need to fix this right away. Hoping for your immediate action.

129 Gemarie M. Vallega   (17-June-2015 6:27 PM)
Good evening! I am really frustated for the service your are giving. I have a concern since January with regards for the waiver of my two-month charges on my mobile postpaid plan due to non-usage of the phone because of the maintenance happen. But sadly,until now,there was no action taken with my request. I am asking for the status and feedback for my request and looking forward for your immediate response, My mobile number is 09255023817. Hoping for an urgent reply.thank you.

128 karenvaldemoro   (08-June-2015 11:59 AM)
hi ! I would like to ask . what will I do if I lost my sun plan simcard ? actually its my mom plan but im the one who's using it.. please reply thank you :)

127 karenvaldemoro   (08-June-2015 11:55 AM)
hi ! I would like to ask for a help . I lost my postpaid simcard a week a go . its my mom sun plan . please reply ! thankyou

126 mike gomez   (08-June-2015 7:24 AM)
i called sun hotline number 200 but when i want to hear the operator about my concern..
when i type my 11 digit postpaid plan the says your invalid number.. how to resolve this\

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