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Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Number
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One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Sun Cellular delivers excellent mobile services to its subscribers. To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below.

To receive immediate help:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.
For Sun Postpaid Elite Plan:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 888
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8888
For Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 333
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-333
You can also reach Sun Cellular through its fax number (02) 696-7134.

Do you have any problems with your Sun Cellular subscription?

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157 Nicolas Tura   (29-August-2015 3:52 PM)
Just to inform your good office that I have applied for a postpaid plan to your business office at Mactan Gaisano Island Mall in Lapulapu City on August 25, 2015.
I have received the unit of plan 499 with initial cash out of P1,700.00 and with the instruction that the unit will be activated after 24 hours.
But sad to noted that until now August 29, 2015 the unit was not activated.
I hope you cand help me so that I can start using my sun postpaid plan.
Your immediate action regarding this matter will be certainly appreciated.

Nicolas A. Tura

156 arnold patalagsa   (28-August-2015 6:26 PM)
good evening,I still have no signal since I arrived yesterday at manila Aug 27,2015. please help me back my signal,ASAP. thank you.

155 jenefer pacana   (24-August-2015 6:24 PM)
Hi, good day, I need some support. The problem is I forgot the PUK code of my sun sim number.
I don't want to lose this sim. because I have a lot of contact in their, I used this sim card for almost 5 years. the mobile number is 09336018112,

154 jeliane fajardo   (22-August-2015 8:48 PM)
hello good evening my retailer sun sim card is sim rejected i bought it on august 9,2015 then in august 20,2015 i load it worth 800 but this morning august 22, the sim is rejected!!! Please help me to activate my retailer sim !! This is my number 09336547756....please help me!! I need it now to activate!!!!!

153 Majic Gempesaw   (21-August-2015 8:09 PM)
I still have no signal since i arrived at davao yesterday, aug. 20, 2015. Please help me how to get my signal back. Thank you.

152 jhoi   (18-August-2015 11:14 PM)
how my sim card activate again in roaming

151 jhoi   (18-August-2015 11:10 PM)
i want to activate my roaming sun number 09424561938 please help me i want the signal back..what should i do what number i will contact because im hete in hongkong.. thank you

150 Moris Joey A. Chua   (18-August-2015 11:47 AM)
My prepaid number 0922-7420200 cannot send SMS as well as voice call. After dialling all I got is a message "Not registered on network". What would be possible problem? Thanks

149 mhel   (17-August-2015 10:29 AM)
Hello. Im really worried about my old sim. I've been using it for many years and I want to keep this number. But this morning upon arrival in my ofice it has no signal anymore. When I woke up by 6:30 am it's still active and my sister received my message using this number but now its not active. I have tried it with my other celphones and its not working anymore. Can I still have my load and regain my old number?Thank you.

148 Roselle Danica Mier   (15-August-2015 8:45 AM)
Good day! I loaded a TU150 a week ago in my number 09224502966 , supposedly my load will expire by next month which is September. I was shocked this morning when I don't have any calls anymore nor to text a message! I got angry because my load lasted only for 1-2 weeks I guess. So please bring back my load! I have some important to communicate with! Hoping for your cooperation As soon as possible.

147 Cristian   (14-August-2015 11:01 AM)
Good Day!

Ipapa block po sana namin ang company sun simcard na ang number ay (0922-829-8263) kase nanakaw po ito.
Tumawag po ako sa hotline na ito:
To receive immediate help:
Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.

Pero sinasabe lang invalid ang number na na input ko.
ASAP po sana ma iblock ito kase ginagamit pa rin ng nagnakaw ang simcard.


146 Francis C. Ordonez   (12-August-2015 8:10 AM)
August 12, 2015.

Good day, this day @ 5am in the morning, i still have a strong sun network, i played COC and other internet games on my asus phone. At 8am, i saw an X mark on a signal network, it means NO SIGNAL, i restart my phone and still no signal. I turnoff my phone and get the sim card to clean, i put it again and turn it on. Unfortunately no signal again. I turn off again and get the sim card, to put in other phone (lenovo), still there's no signal. So i buy a globe sim card and there's a signal, it means that my asus phone is not the problem its my sun sim card.

Every month, i buy a load of TU200 and 1000pesos load for i999 mobile internet.
Kindly trace my number if it is activate or deactivate. I want my load back.

145 charina sampaga   (12-August-2015 7:24 AM)
Hi I just need some help! How can i activate My prepaid sun number 09239817601, I can recieve some calls but I can call it back and sending txt as well. And also every time I reload it doesn't recieve a load, they replied was "Subscriber not exist" what does it means?
Need your feedback please. ..

144 jessica Bingayan   (12-August-2015 2:39 AM)
good morning i just want to activate my sun prepaid number 09322523685. this number really important to me. but now i dont have any signal.i want to activate it again. help me please
thank you

143 Elve C. Carolino   (09-August-2015 12:44 PM)
Just want to ask ,because our sun number is not anymore active every time we load theres a reply your number was already barred, how can we re-activate our number?


Best Regards

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