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Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Number
One of the leading mobile telecommunications companies in the Philippines, Sun Cellular delivers excellent mobile services to its subscribers. To serve you better, whatever your problems or concerns with Sun Cellular, you can contact Sun Cellular Customer Service Hotline Numbers below.

To receive immediate help:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, you can call 200 for free.
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8000.
For Sun Postpaid Elite Plan:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 888
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-8888
For Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:
  • Using you Sun Cellular mobile phone, call 333
  • Using landline, call (02) 395-333
You can also reach Sun Cellular through its fax number (02) 696-7134.

Do you have any problems with your Sun Cellular subscription?
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Total comments: 209
209 mark herbie tabusares   (19-April-2016 10:11 AM)
how to fix error 797 in my sun broadband stick?

208 Cherrelyn Samillano   (07-April-2016 1:23 PM)
Hi. I was already paid since March 31,2016, but up to now my phone is still barred.I cannot make outgoing calls, text & cannot use other services of sun.Looking forward for your immediate feedback. Thank you!

207 Shean   (06-April-2016 2:25 PM)
Please activate my SUN SIMCARD

206 Romeo F. Joson   (01-April-2016 8:41 AM)
Please activate my SUN SIM Card number 0933-521-1553.
I have loaded P15 last Dec. 21, 2015 in Novaliches, Q.C. but it did not receive any load.
Please activate soon, so that I can buy load and use it again. Thank you.

205 Romeo F. Joson   (01-April-2016 8:35 AM)
Please activate my SUN SIM CARD No. 0933-521-1553.
Thank you.

204 Carissa Joy Bangis   (31-March-2016 2:43 PM)
Hi. Why is it that I can't make a call using my sun postpaid plan? It was already paid last March 30,2016 and whenever I try to do outgoing calls I can't call? Looking forward for your immediate feedback. Thank you!

203 rodel reyes   (29-March-2016 5:52 AM)
hi.. i paid my previous balance 3days ago. i called ur hotline to reconnect my line. the person i spoke with told me that he already process my request. need to wait for 6 hours. until now i cant still use my line. i tried to call your hotline but there's no operator to talk to. here's my number. 09258868621 looking forward to your immediate response to this matter. thank you

202 Ritchie   (27-March-2016 6:53 PM)
Please activate my 2 sun number 09222600043 and 09222600040

201 Wella Joy P. Sumogod   (19-March-2016 9:47 AM)
hi I just want to ask about the plan of Mr. Ednard Gil Elorde, why the plan number under his name can't contact anymore?

200 Crizza Mae Parantar   (08-March-2016 6:13 PM)
How to get my mobile number?i cant find it in my sim settings because it says its unknown

199 Rachelle Afaga   (02-March-2016 4:10 PM)
Good day.

Hello sir/mam im the one get bundle plan worth of 599 on February 17, 2016 they told me that the activation is 24hrs but my plan still not activate please can you help me to activate my plan mobile because until now i can't use my mobile...i already talk to the customer service thrice that i wait for another 48 hours..what kind of service is this...the girl said to me because no available for me...

198 Kin Tala Marasigan   (29-February-2016 4:44 PM)
Hi, good day. Can you please reactivate my number, 09329233628. I can accept text from my friends but they can't call me. And I just loaded it a while ago. And it says operation failed. I can't use my load. It's not been 120 days since I loaded it. So my sim is still functioning. Why can't I make phone call and text?

197 Mark Joebelle Celis   (16-February-2016 6:15 PM)
Good Afternoon Ma'am/Sir! I just want to ask regarding signal issue. I am a SUN user since last year, when I started using SUN, the signal was good,even in our house, office, store, but this past few months it seems that my SUN signal is weak, i don't know what happen, because in my cousin's SUN , the signal is good,where on the same place, but with me, its weak and worse NO SERVICE at all.And I don't receive any announcement that SUN is having a rough times regarding with their signal. is it has something to do with my phone settings? or with my chosen mobile networks? Please orient me with this. Please help me regarding this matter. thank you very much. God Bless.

196 Ressie John Penales   (06-February-2016 10:45 AM)
Hi I have a problem with my sun cellular sim. I can't make any call even though I'm registered to a promo and have enough load. Please help me solve this problem this is my number 09421827519.

195 Angela L. corpuz   (23-January-2016 10:11 AM)
Hi good day..i just want ask help for my mom's post paid,its already 1 week but still not activated...we avail this postpaid for some important thngs or reasons..so can you help us to solve this issue?.thanks...

194 Jemie Rasonabe   (20-January-2016 5:55 PM)
i have a problem with my account, can you please help me, i am very much disappointed with this, my bill is too big with my number 09328600566 as to the plan that i have, i am charged with international messages i was confused and dis appointed with this number 447537410250, what can i do with this? i always go to the sunshop to validate this, coz i really do not know why is this happening with my bill??? they have nothing to do with this, can you please help me, i am a loyal subscriber to suncellular if this still happening, i may have to cut my account. please help me.

193 Rosalyn Dubiao   (16-January-2016 2:40 PM)
Hell team,

Hoping you are having a great day.

May I request assistance with the postpaid/plan I have? Is there are period of time before it can activate? I cannot call or text anyone.

I applied the plan yesterday.


Can I also have the number as I forgot to ask for that.

Thanks team.

Hoping to have your assistance and response as soon as possible.

- Ros

192 ELPIDIO JR C EVANGELISTA   (14-January-2016 12:33 PM)
Good PM SUN Cellular Team,

I'm no longer using my Postpaid for more than a month now.
I'm about to settle my bills and have it terminated.
Please accept this as my formal termination request and please don't require me to have this settled at your office anymore.
I'm so busy and have so much work to do.

Mobile Postpaid account detail:
Account No.: 01711773981
Mobile No.: 0932-875-0748

Thank you so much.


191 Manuel G. Pulliedo   (03-January-2016 6:02 PM)
about 09327781405 blocked data please help

190 anne abergas   (31-December-2015 2:14 PM)
i don't have connection but i already paid my bills.. what is happening to sun cellular they're sending bills but i don't have signal..the sunshop baguio says that after 3 days my postpaid will be reconnected..

189 carrie   (31-December-2015 7:49 AM)
my number is 09422006654

188 carrie   (31-December-2015 7:48 AM)
good day ! my sun cellular sim keep on saying that there is problem with my account , maybe it is because i did not use it for already 2 years , i want to reactivate it and i dont know how to . please help me regarding this issue , thank you !

187 paolo codilla   (27-December-2015 2:08 PM)
Hay good day , regarding to the promos that I use , I load my cellphone P15, and I send that to UTA15 TO 247, but I can't register, it reply me that to subscribe blackberry service please text your keyword to 386, please help to register .....

186 Jong Calina   (26-December-2015 7:47 AM)
Kind activate my sim number (09231720862)

185 Jong Calina   (26-December-2015 7:43 AM)
Kindly activate my sun number (09231720862). I cant reload my prepaid sim, cant send message and cant make a call.

184 Fe Sindo Gonzaga   (20-December-2015 3:10 PM)
Hi Sir,

I would like to request regarding my plan bill that would be sent at my office if possible or please send to my email address: fexysindo@yahoo.comp.ph / feg@topdrawanimation.com Here's the address: Suite 601 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines. Because we removed to Central Bicutan, Taguig. Thank you.

183 RYAN JAY V. CONTEMPLO   (07-December-2015 1:24 PM)
good day..its been a week since i got mu plan 599 but the simcard for postpaid and sim for broadband is not yet activated??pls...fix it immediately thanks

182 chiyuto jerrel   (03-December-2015 5:51 PM)
i lost my phone this is my number 09222292002. i want to trace my phone and number for maps

181 eriel cantos, jr.   (30-November-2015 12:57 PM)
what happen to your network. I can't call or text for a week now!!!! I'm on CTU200 .... this is robbery!!!

180 may   (30-November-2015 7:50 AM)
Its been 5days but my phone sim is not yet activated how can I use the Sim of the phone if its not activated...plsssss activate my phone Sim now

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