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Can You Open a BDO Savings Account Online?

Online banking makes your life easier than before. You might already experience the convenience of online banking to your daily life. Anytime and anywhere, you can transact your banking needs. You can pay your bills online. You can transfer your funds to other person's account online. You can even load your mobile phone online. Using the online banking features of BDO (Banco de Oro) is amazing. So, you might be also interested if it's possible to open a BDO savings account online?

Can You Open a BDO Savings Account Online?

As of this date, BDO doesn't allow opening a savings account online. You need to go personally to a  BDO branch in order to open a savings account. The application forms and signature cards need to be signed personally.

This is what the BDO Customer Service Representative said:

"For security purposes, we require that a customer by physically present at the branch to sign the necessary account opening forms in the presence of a branch officer."

Here's a guide in opening a BDO savings account.

Do you want BDO to implement "Savings Account Online Application/Enrollment"?

Isn't it more convenient if you could just apply for a savings account online?

No more transportation fares. No more waiting in line.

You can even apply for a savings account at night 24/7 because it's online. Besides, you're busy working at daytime and you only have time to apply for a savings account at night.
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